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I'll be back as soon as conditions permit. In the meantime, if you have anything to say, please feel free...



Give me a holler when you fire back up. I thought your content worthwhile enough to have had it on RSS.

I am back

I am back, I am bad, and I am ugly. You sir, are correct: The World Trade Center was taken down by the establishment, but I believe it was the airplanes that did it. Osama bin Laden is a George W. Bush family/Lone Star Oil/Saudi operative. Damn them all to hell. Peace be with you. Salaam. Shalom.

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Welcome Mark

Welcome to the site.

I have a serious a point of contention with your post.
The facts do not support your belief, that it was the airplanes that did it.
Did airplanes even hit WTC7, which fell at free fall speed into its own footprint?
Did the airplanes melt the metal that was found in pools beneath the site (including WTC7) for weeks after 9/11?
Did airplanes (or their fuel) produce the incredibly hot temperatures recorded even from satellite for weeks after 9/11?
Did airplanes produce squibs and explosions heard and seen emanating from the towers leading up to the alleged collapses?
Did airplanes tell the BBC that WTC7 had already fallen while it was, in fact, still standing?

The airplanes are a great cover story for how the buildings were felled without inside access. But that's it. The buildings were felled with thermite or something similar, and someone very high up somewhere directed the planting of those incendiaries.
This, I believe, is the only logical conclusion based on the facts at hand.
Best regards,

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You know more about it than I

See subject line. WTC7 is a mystery to me. I hope Benito's mistress wasn't too good looking. Just kidding! It would be just as much of a tragedy if she were fat and ugly. I did some ""omancy and found this video, which you should watch and listen to:

It's pretty good.

Christians rock.

Hi, Mark

long time, no see ... hope you've been well.

Unfortunately, WTC7 is still a mystery to a lot of people.

It seems quite obvious that it could not have disintegrated the way it did simply because of fires (let alone fires from burning office furnishings, as the government would have us believe) and nor did it disintegrate spontaneously about 20 minutes after the BBC reported it had done so. That building -- like the other two -- was demolished, deliberately, by somebody who had previously planted explosives as required for such a demolition. Who could have done that? Who could have told the BBC it had happened, before it actually happened? Certainly not Muslim fundamentalists in a cave halfway around the world. And that's just for starters. There are a thousand very fishy details about 9/11, and what happened to WTC7 is just one of them.

At the moment I am hampered by health issues and unable to blog as much as I would like, but perhaps some of our readers can fill you in on a few more details as to why we don't believe [1] the official story, or [2] that the attacks could have happened without a large amount of very inside help.

Mark's a journalist ...

... and he's been an occasional commenter on my blog in the dim and dusty past. As I recall, he's been skeptical of what we ("Truthers") have been saying and some of his questions struck some of my more hardened readers as "naive", but as far as I could tell there was never anything malicious in anything he said and I am glad to hear from him again

I hope current readers and commenters (most of whom will probably remember nothing about any of this) will show their usual grace and patience and perhaps help to bring Mark up to speed on some of the fishier aspects of 9/11 (if you have time to do so, and the inclination).

Thanks as always. and more when I can manage it. Wink

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