Pathway To Darkness, Part 2: Babar Ahmad and the TSG

In March of 2009, Babar Ahmad, who is Officially Described As (ODA) a "UK terror suspect", was awarded £60,000 in damages pertaining to an exceptionally violent arrest which he endured more than years earlier.

You can read the whole piece here and/or comment below.


where is this going?

It doesn't look much like a cohesive series at the moment, does it? Oh well. Wink

I guess this is taking us

I guess this is taking us down the rabbit hole only this one is in plain sight. The identities of the terrorists are in plain view but they are telling us otherwise, (of course). That that ain't Grandma underneath that bonnet with those big teeth (all the better to protect you with).

State involvement in terror is most easily identified usually by what should have happened but didn't or doesn't. In this case, punitive action against the thugs of the TSG.

"There's a reason why TSG officers with long histories of complaints about brutality remain on the force, without so much as a reprimand.
And it's all the same reason: they're simply doing what they're supposed to do."

I'm sure if William of Occam were alive today, Winter, he would use your reasoning as an excellent example of his proposition of "Occam's Razor".

Your mother

Your mother didn't raise no dummies, did she, James?

Mothers and sons

Umm . . . well, I did learn to pay attention, I suppose! smiling

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I think your series is good

I think your series is very good Winter. As usual, you are shining a spotlight in dark places the PTB's and the complicit MSM would rather not have us snooping around in. Although I must say, they really don't seem to be overly bothered about us knowing about their outrageous behavior/lies any more. If Dick Cheney (and his daughter) can go on a talk show 'torture tour' admitting to heinous crimes, whose going to bat an eyelash at a bit of police brutality?

"It doesn't look much like a cohesive series at the moment, does it?"
Where does one go with this information?
It's the same story, over and over again. The bogus 'chilling terrorist plot' by the four New York nitwits, orchestrated by their FBI agent-provocateur (a Pakistani immigrant who'd been busted for felony fraud and then recruited by the FBI to go around searching for domestic 'terrorists'), is just the latest go around. As Robert Dreyfus puts it in The Nation, "I've seen this movie before." I think we could all write one of these 'plots' by now. Does the general public even pay attention to it anymore or is it just background noise; one more confirmation that scary brown people are out to destroy us? I believe we are witnessing, what Lobaczewski calls, the hystericization of our society. After years of incessant 'terror threats' the ordinary citizen is no longer able to think clearly and differentiate truth from lies.

That's why we need you to keep shining that light Winter wink !

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

it's too bad... and very sad

The series has to bounce around and cover a lot of seemingly unrelated background before I can really get into the good stuff. It's too bad that I have to cover so much ground when typing is difficult (and finding time to do it is difficult too).

The Dreyfus article was pretty good, and that's a great line: "I've seen this movie before!" Unfortunately that line is even more accurate than the author seems to have intended, and I am getting something together about that one too. Again the timing is none too good for me personally and again it's too bad that the general public, as McJ points out, doesn't even question any of this stuff, let alone realize the extent to which it is fomented by government agents.

I do appreciate the kind words, and I will try to keep up. There's so much bogus terror going on, and it's very sad that the people who are actually hurt by it stay hurt even after the bogus veneer has been lifted. It's also very sad that the same scammers keep running the same scams, even after their black methods have been exposed to a bit of light.

But that's no reason to stop with the lights, is it?

I'll be back with more as soon as I can.

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good stuff-bad stuff

"...before I can really get into the good stuff..."
or perhaps you mean the "bad stuff" laughing out loud

Looking forward to more.

A good round up of FBI assisted 'terrorist plots' at link:
The Aspirational Terrorist and Other Stories from the War on Terror
May 22, 2009 by omooex
(Ooomex is a regular commenter at Glenn Grenwald's blog).

If you thought this morning’s news about a foiled terrorist bomb plot sounded familiar it probably wasn’t just your imagination. The story in fact, reads almost word for word like several other foiled plots that have occured over the past few years; plots that included bumbling, poor and poorly educated “aspirational terrorists” and the hyperactive “informants”, who had such an attachment to duty, they literally became the ring leaders and prime movers of the organizations they were ostensibly infiltrating. In the current plot, which involves at least one former crack addict and a man with learning disabilities, the defendants were so poorly prepared that the informant literally had to accomplish nearly all of the planning, arrangements and acquisition of materials himself.

"The Aspirational Terrorist' - I like that description! smiling

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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