Cheney, Hersh, Iqbal, Bhutto, bin Laden: Who's Dead? Who's Lying? Who Knows?

Dawn published a story yesterday by Anwar Iqbal which today has been retracted. Great.

And I blogged about it. Double-Great.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to save the original text in its entirety at Winter Parking, as I would normally do with a controversial story ... because Blogger was acting up. More greatness than I can stand.

I've updated the original piece on my blog, which you can see here, if you wish. Comments are welcome below.


I am still hampered with multiple injuries and quite overloaded this week, but I will do my best to get the "Pathway To Darkness" series rolling as soon as possible.

More apologies for more delays... ;-(


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Damage Control?

You're in good company. This was reported everywhere! The Nation reported on this at link:

Perhaps this story was bogus or perhaps the PTB has gone into damage control. Considering Hersh is reporting on rogue US asassination squads it is not too much of a stretch to think someone may have suggested he could become a target if he didn't retract his statements. Is Anwar Iqbal a reporter for Dawn or did they just pick up his story? I also note they have still not changed the title of the piece on their sidebar so interesting.....

Answered my own question:

Anwar Iqbal is Dawn's correspondent in Washington and State Department Correspondent for United Press International.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer traveling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Interesting stuff

Who and what to believe?
This much seems certain:
Cheney = war criminal
Obama = no intentions to do anything about it
Business = as usual

Thanks for your efforts WP in spite of your situation - I always appreciate your perspectives. Hope things are improving for you!

It is all a lie. Americans have no government of their own.

Bin Laden is dead, there is no doubt about it as with his medical condition he could easily be caught. He needs treatment at least weekly if not more and these treatments are only available in hospitals or special clinics which are rare in the mountains of west Pakistan. He is only kept alive in the propaganda spewing from the Rothschild controlled media and government to have a boogy man" to scare ignorant American zombie voters into giving up their rights to have more security. The big joke is that al-CIA-da was created by the CIA and really does not exist. It is only a term used to identify fundamentalist muslims who are loosely connected small groups. If the government were interested in national security, they would secure our southern border first and develop better security throughout the entire perimeter of the USA. Stop the visa lottery which allows many immigrants from hostile nations and also stop muslim immigration as we are not a muslim nation. Muslims tend to refuse to adapt to our society and culture, instead demanding we make special accommodations for them. We should stop all foreign agents/citizens from serving in our government. Only one nation is allowed this special exemption and that is Israel. This was a decision made by a group which is dominated by Jewish Lawyers appointed by Presidents who were controlled by the Rothschild Banking Mafia, also known as the Supreme Court. Eisenhower in his farewell speech warned us about the Rothschild Mafia and JFK also warned us less than six months before they killed him for allowing the Treasury to print our nation's currency instead of Rothschild controlling the printing and counterfeiting operation. Since this time no president has mentioned the evil forces trying to take over our government because Rothschild gained total control when they murdered JFK and proved they could get away with it too. Owning both the government and the media gave them total control over what information was given to the sheeple. With the internet this changed and it has them scared as the truth about their global warming carbon tax scam came out to destroy their plan to finance the Rothschild global fascist dictatorship. Though the Rothschild controlled government and media refuse to recognize the facts that global warming was a criminal scam, the truth has still spread through the internet. Due to the fact that truth can be spread with uncensored internet, our government will fix that problem soon with their Cybersecurity Act from none other than Joe Israel Lieberman and Jay Rothschild Rockefeller. It is amazing that the two senators with the most direct ties to the Rothschild Mafia were the sponsors of this draconian legislation aimed at crushing the first amendment with the force of the sleaziest criminal cartel in the universe. We need to audit Rothschild's Federal Reserve Bank and the gold at Fort Knox immediately, however the criminals in the senate refuse to audit the Rothschild Mafia, they don't work for the people.

9-11 was a Mossad operation with the cover-up possible through Israeli agents running nearly every agency and department in the US government through political appointment. It all leads to the Rothschild Mafia in the end as Rothschild created and owns 60% of Israel's land and 100% of their government including 400 nuclear bombs.

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