Pathway To Darkness, Part 1: "The Easter Bombers"

On April 8, 2009, amid a blaze of publicity, police in the north of England arrested 12 men who were Officially Described As (ODA) "terror suspects".

England's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, congratulated the police and intelligence agencies on having broken up "a very big plot".


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fake terror to the right

fake terror to the left

Five convicted in plot to blow up Sears Tower

The prosecution argued that Batiste entered into contact with a supposed Al-Qaeda member, who was actually an undercover FBI agent, to plot the attacks.

During the trial, Batiste testified that he never intended to carry out any terrorist attacks, just to trick his contact into paying him 50,000 dollars to finance the operations.

Defense lawyers portrayed the FBI sting operation and ensuing arrests as a play for publicity to highlight the government's campaign against terrorism in the United States.

Set em up, knock em down.

Good to see you back writing again WP!


Great piece, thanks and

Great piece, thanks and just had to post it on nn14 and trust me else where! wink

thanks very much

Words of support much appreciated. It's good to be able to write a bit again. I'm gonna try to get the next few installments of this series written as quickly as possible so it doesn't drag on and on ... we'll see what happens.

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