Screwed Again: Seymour Hersh Puts Pro-War Spin On What We Would Normally Call Acts Of Terrorism

Famed investigative reporter Seymour Hersh ruffled a few feathers last week with comments in Minnesota regarding an alleged "executive assassination ring" -- a squad of elite killers who have allegedly been infiltrating foreign countries and murdering ... well, officially, nobody knows who their victims have been, really, but if this story were officially acknowledged (whatever that means these days), we would no doubt be told that the alleged victims of the alleged murders were "the worst of the worst", without whom America will now be safer, huzzah huzzah.

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Right on!

Right on!

Glad to see you back

...especially when you offer these kinds of What? Huh? Hey wait a minute! moments --

I'm not a writer. I'm just doing what we would normally call writing. And you're not a reader. You're just doing what we would normally call reading. Really. No exaggerations. It's all highly specialized.

and of course the concluding remarks about it all being theater, the pretense of adversarial relations between Donkeys and Elephants... the natural truth, the truth that almost nobody wants to confront.

Hope you're feeling better. Hope the ear has healed. That sounded extremely, immeasurably painful.


I would love to see Hersh's next column overwritten somehow by WP's report and spewed all over America. That would make me very happy.

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delicate operations

Great post WP - you have such a talent for exposing the bullshit and spin.

"American commanders in Afghanistan rely on the commando units to carry out some of the most delicate operations against militant leaders,"

What exactly is delicate about this work? This quote makes it sound like they are doing some kind of brain surgery. Their results seem to indicate it just plain old fashioned blood and guts mass murder.

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer travelling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

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Great to see u back

I'm sorry to hear about your suffering - glad to see it hasn't affected your ability to write incisive articles!
Hope you are feeling better.

Welcome back WP, great to

Welcome back WP, great to read your posts again!

Ain't it funny how naive our "high profile" journalists pretend to be : "we lost our innocence then". I guess they quickly got it back so they could lose it again for the next war. Talking about "murdered children and women" and calmly wondering whether this is murder or not is a good indicator for the moral bankrupcy of our times...

Thanks very much

Thanks for all the very kind words. It's good to be back.

The news didn't get any better in my absence, did it? ;-(

Reminds me...

Shortly after my mother passed away back in December, my younger brother and his wife held a memorial service for her. I've got 2 olders brothers also. Anyways, for various reasons, I wasn't really in touch with any of them, and as for the oldest one, that was fine by me, but I did miss my other brothers. See, my oldest brother is a member of our military, and has been for quite some time. One strike in my book. But my reasons for not wanting anything to do with him came long before 9/11 and were mainly based on my belief that he had abandoned a child of his, a belief I still hold to this day despite his claiming otherwise after the memorial service. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

When I heard that my older brother was in town to attend the memorial service, I almost considered not going. I had this picture in my head of my oldest brother showing up to the service in full military uniform and I knew that would set me off. But I went anyways. And as we accidentally drove past the site, sure enough, I caught a glimpse of someone standing outside in a military uniform. WTF!?! Here we have our mother who just died, bringing a lot of pain and sorrow to many, and he fucking shows up representing the wonderful killing machine that is our military!? FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!

So, by the time as turn around and make it into the parking lot, he'd finished his cig and gone inside. Still thought about turning around and going back home, but out of respect for my dad, we went in. There is was, strutting like a peacock in his uniform, and as we walked in he stretched out a hand to shake. "I'm not shaking your fucking hand asshole. You're an idiot showing up in that fucking uniform..." He and my other brothers just laugh it off. Service eventually gets started, and the peacock isn't done strutting his stuff, because he has to get up and say something, acting like he was the closest to my mother when he was the most distant. Of course, he had to read off a card, and had included all the pauses for effect, etc. Service eventually ends, and we're getting ready to leave when my younger brother's wife comes outside and asks if we'll join everyone at a restaurant for food and drink. I wasn't going to go, because as I said before, I hadn't talked to them for some time (since the day of their wedding rehearsal, when my older brother decided he needed to lay his hands on me once more and I decided I better leave because I didn't want to ruin his wedding). I always felt bad for doing that but things could have been much worse. Anyways, we went to the restaurant, and afterwards we were invited to their house for more drinks and social activity.

My oldest brother kept trying to make peace with me, but I kept refusing until I eventually decided to just let it all out. I confronted him about all the bullshit our military has done and continues to do, and he basically just said he'd never killed anyone so wasn't a part of that... LOL. By the time I was done, I was in tears and he could see it meant a lot to me. So, before the night was over, we were talking again, and I told him about WP's site and maybe one or two others, and said if he ever wanted anything to do with me again, to go and read them and then give me his argument. Game him my email and told him I'd like to hear from his soon, to which he promised I would. Needless to say, I haven't heard a damn thing from his and don't really expect to. I suspect that the next time I see him will be at another memorial service, and I swear, if that prick shows up in full uniform again, there's going to be more than words exchanged.

p.s. For those that might remember, I wrote about my mom's situation some time back, but as it turns out, I was completely wrong about the circumstances. Contrary to my original belief, my mother DID have cancer. Whether my Dad is just going senile or whether they just decided not to tell us, I don't know. I would have liked to have known as we would have tried to visit more often and we would have said a proper goodbye. As it was, my younger brother went to see her and gave us a call saying she wasn't expected to last the day, but they'd said this before, so we didn't go see her. I wanted to remember my mother as she was anyways, but I would have gone and said goodbye had I known it was real. My Dad was a short distance away in another medical facility, recovering from his hernia surgery and hadn't been able to visit my mother for a week or so. Apparently though, my mother knew she was dying and asked for my Dad and somehow they arranged to get him over there. According to my brother, she kept telling them to hurry up and get him there and then shortly after he arrived at her side, she passed away. Oh, it was also her youngest son's birthday.

Sorry again for another rambling post. I wish I had just a smidgen of WP's writing talent. smiling

If you're reading Winter, I'd love to hear how you would have countered my Navy brother's statement that he's never killed anyone. What came to my mind was that he needs to take the fucking blinders off and take a look at the 'standards' our govt. uses for tagging people as terrorists or terrorist supporters.

Your brother's uniform will

Your brother's uniform will be buried with him. I know this because without the uniform there will be nothing of substance to bury.

Your moving story, Ron, reminds me very much of my own family situation but without the uniform. Early on, I mentally divided my family into givers and takers. For many years I isolated myself from all of them for my own survival. Looking back, I realise I would have been better off just isolating myself from the takers and encouraging the other givers to do the same and for the same reasons. Over the years, the takers have either died, been rejected or have withdrawn themselves (large family!) leaving the givers now with some peace and happiness. I am now in contact with them again and it is healing. It sounds like you are in the same process. The very best of luck to you.

Hey, Ron!

Thanks for your long and very interesting comment. Don't worry about whether it rambles or not. If you have something to say, just say it. Anyone who doesn't want to read it can scroll past.

Very sorry to read more about your mother. It's a terrible illness and the scars it leaves on the survivors can last a long time. I wish you and your family all the best. Most of 'em, anyway.

As for your brother, it doesn't matter to me whether he -- or anyone else in the US Military -- has killed anyone personally, individually and directly, or not. They're all cogs in a machine that has killed millions of innocent, defenseless people, not by accident but because that is the purpose for which the machine was assembled.

Your brother's "defense" has about as much merit as an argument about which part of a gun fires the bullets. Is it the hammer? Is it the trigger? How about the barrel? Doesn't the chamber bear some responsibility? And how about the sight? Surely the stock can say "I've never fired a bullet." But they are all essential parts of the same machine. They work together to do what the machine is designed to do, and they all bear the responsibility for the machine's actions.

If the Army didn't need your brother to keep doing whatever he does, they wouldn't pay him and puff up his ego and give him the poofies to strut around in. So even though he may not be a killer in the strictest sense of the word, he is still a willing and essential part of the most obscene killing machine ever asembled.

It really doesn't matter to me whether he's a special-ops specialist or a supply clerk. They're all part of the same evil machine. The fact that the machine is evil has been on open display for decades! And yet they all joined it of their own free will. What else is there to say?

I very much agree with what

I very much agree with what Winter said in his comments at 03-21 at 12:19. As a Vietnam veteran, one of the biggest epiphanies that I have ever experienced finally occurred when I saw the powerful documentary Sir! No Sir! in 2006 which chronicled the GI movement that took place at or near military bases both at home and abroad during the Vietnam War, a movement that I never even knew existed when I was in the military. The reason that I brought up Sir! No Sir! was because of a scene in the film when a soldier who had returned from Vietnam is telling soldiers in a GI Coffee House who may be shipped to Vietnam that they should not think that if they end up as clerk typists that that will somehow get them off the hook since they will still be part of an illegal occupying force.

The fervent hope is that those in the military today will, like Lt. Ehren Watada, reach an epiphany by realizing that, as Watada stated to veterans at a Veterans for Peace banquet dinner in 2006 in Seattle:

"Today, I speak with you about a radical idea. It is one born from the very concept of the American soldier [or service member]. It became instrumental in ending the Vietnam War-but it has been long since forgotten. The idea is this: that to stop an illegal and unjust war, the soldiers can choose to stop fighting it."

Watada went on to remind the veterans that those in the military today should realize that "he or she must be aware that they are being used for ill-gain. They must remember duty to the Constitution and the people supersedes the ideologies of their leadership."

In short, the best way to halt a war and an occupation is to have it happen from within.

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Well spoken

Erroll, your comment struck home with me, as did Ron's gripping tale and Winter and all - this is a fine thread! I had to serve in the Army from 65 to 69 (even finished out my hitch attached to the 13th PSYOPS Batallion at Ft. Bragg, among the snake-eaters, but that's a whole 'nother story), and I was so ashamed of being a part of the killing machine - I never wore my uniform in public (I could get half off on air fare because of my age, so I had no reason to use the Army discount), and I was tormented by what the machine that I was a cog in was designed for and was doing avidly. I still sort of wish I had opted for a few years in the clink, sort of because I wound up learning to speak perfect Russian and serving in the Bavarian Alps, and I trained in Monterey from early 66 to late 67. But I know what you mean...

American assassination squads

Several years ago, I was physical therapist to a man (since deceased) who was an Army veteran. I was privy to a psychiatrist's report in which the psychiatrist had related a very credible story from this man about being an assassin, disguised as a civilian, in Nicaragua in the Reagan-Bush years (as part of the psychiatrist's narrative, my client claimed that he enjoyed it). I knew my client for some time, and we often had lengthy conversations, and he never mentioned this, neither did he ever say that he was ever in Nicaragua, though he sometimes gave me other details about being in the Military which did not contradict, in fact sometimes complimented the story he gave his psychiatrist. As an example, he told me once that he liked to keep his rifle shells in a small magazine in an arm band. Though he was a son of the South, and Anglo-Saxon, he had the sort of dark-haired, brown-eyed face that could pass for a number of Nationalities, including Hispanic. He claimed that he spoke Spanish, though I never heard him speak it. As I said, very credible, but fabrication? Perhaps.

Re Assassins

I couldn't comment on the veracity of this person's story as it pertains to him but assassins have been part of the military for a long time. There is the Phoenix Program that the CIA ran in Vietnam but it used many military personnel. And more recently, there were the very open reports of army or marine snipers (forget which) employed in the obliteration of Fallujah in Iraq a few years ago. The snipers were ordered to kill anyone they saw. And they did.
But really, what's the difference for the populace of some country unfortunate enough to have mineral wealth and a government that wont hand it over for a song between whether they are targeted by snipers with rifles or pilots with bombs?

Post number 295 on

Where are you from? Is it a secret? smiling

Have a nice day

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