Sneaking Back In ... Again!

I've resumed blogging. Huzzah! I hope to have more for you soon. In the meantime, thanks to James for all the good recent work, and to others as well for keeping this site so interesting in my absence. You can read my most recent post here, and/or comment below. And I will rejoin you as soon as I can.


Welcome back again, WP

Very sorry to read about your accident with the Q-tip and all on top of your back trouble. The pain doesn't bear thinking about.
Looking forward very much to you resuming posting again.

Thinking of the Phoenix Program (they love to work their symbology in, don't they?), I wonder how many of these murderers ended up in police depts and various alphabet agencies back home? As a group they would make for a very valuable psychological follow-up research project.

Welcome back WP. So sorry

Welcome back WP. So sorry for your pain.
I suffer from chronic pain and have often wondered, just as you have, what it would be like if it was intentionally inflicted. It only makes the release/leak of the ICRC reports on torture all the more vivid and real as well totally abhorrent. Does anyone think this will have any implications in the possible investigations against the Bush admin?

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Welcome Back

Glad to have you back - again.
You are having a rough time lately. I really hope you regain your hearing in your injured ear. That sounds nasty.
If there is a silver lining in this, it is that you have used your pain as an opportunity to grow as a human being and we will all benefit from that.
I look forward to your next posts!

"The most unpleasant truth in the long run is a far safer travelling companion than the most agreeable falsehood." Emerson

those days

1) I am sorry to hear of your painful accident.
2) Your fearful context: Recent BookWorld: Deborah Nelson's, The War Behind Me. US Army hid history of torture and mass murder during VN and didn't prosecute. Many grunts and service people tried to report the atrocities, but their letters died in the bureaucracy. And others who didn't protest? And the others who did what they were told?
FF to Mark Danner on DemoNow, today, when he referred to the quote by Cofer Black that 'now the gloves come off.' As if our defenders ever had gloves on...
What is The School of the Americas?
What did the Army and the OSS take from the records of the SS? What did they take from the Japanese Unit 731? What was necessary for the security forces to make our part of the world safe? "It's just a goddam piece of paper." All those rules are, if there's nothing in the minds of their readers but objection to restrictions on power. The real rule is security, and the threats are everywhere.
Cheney, having had charge of U.S. international assassins, speaking for the really dark side of "civilized" nations, warns that the next attack will occur if the US stops using the weapons Bush gave us. Many nod in assent. Many are quite prepared. Many are trained, and in training.
How thoughtless must we be in our own Brazil?

Welcome back

So glad you are on the road to wellness. I am dealing with similar issues of knotted back muscles and stiffness. Too much time at the terminal, I'm afraid. Looking forward to your contnued excellent analyses.

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