A Simple Question About Presidents And Their Actions

The American imperial monster lives on, but now -- for far too many people -- its deadly tentacles are heavily masked.

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Sorry you annoyed your

Sorry you annoyed your wife. Walking away was probably best. Can fully understand why. NOt too difficult to imagine what you night have said either. Totally agree with your closing statement. He can be given timeto do things, but what about what he has already done. As the old saying goes, 'the proof is in the pudding'. Obama ain't proving to be very tasty at all, poisonous would be my guess.

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Obamanomics Obamination

Hey WP -
Great to see you writing again!
It's remarkable of all the intelligent people I know how many of them are so blind to all the war and death and bullshit. The primary thing the media wants the American public focused on seems to be the miserable state of the economy. I had a friend tell me yesterday that the stock market is tanking because of Obama. I do approve of the idea of halving the deficit but I suppose military expenditures ("defense") and secret budgets won't feel the pinch.
But yeah I have to agree, I think the hope and change were all bullshit, we've known which team he's playing for all along and his first few weeks have done little to dispel our convictions.


Good point

I can still remember Amiri Baraka's supporting statement, where he said that a left bloc would push Obama to the left. I'm still waiting to see that bloc in motion. Ted Rall had a nice comic the other day about just such apathy:

Similar situation

I was at the state's high school wrestling tournament this weekend. Back at the hotel a group of parents were sitting around having a beer and one parent asked if I heard about the Priest in town that got up in front of the church and said that the war and anyone who willingly participates is wrong and immoral. I was thinking to myself, "I need to check this church out, it sounds good".

The women who was telling this said that a gal got up from the pew and screamed something to the effect that how dare this priest dishonnor our soldiers this way. The women then said the she agreed with the gal who got up and screamed.

I said that was too bad-I think the priest was right on target, anyone willingly participating in killing is nothing more than a hired gun. I said that I was glad to hear about that priest, and would probably check out his church. The table I was sitting at got really quiet for a few minutes, everyone turned their back towards me so I got up and left.

Well done

Good for you, Cranky Old Guy. I'm sure you gave them quite a shock and something to think about after. When the tide turns, the movement is imperceptible at first. But then......
This might be an appropriate time to use on of my favourite sayings, "There's a tide in the affairs of men, and to be caught at the ebb is a bugger"!

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Free pass to torture, etc.

I'm so angry at what O'Bama is pulling - talk about bait and switch routine. He's crumbling on one serious issue after another (although it could be he never intended to actually pursue progressive policies and was just cynically trying to get elected - which would be utterly shocking, as public servants are supposed to level with the public rolling on the floor laughing). Worse, it seems to be glaring proof that although a few things will probably change, the greatest plagues on our country will rage on unabated: our out-of-control Corporate/Press military industrial complex, the insane aggression in Afghanistan (have they learned nonthing at all from history? Going to war in Afghanistan is utter, suicidal - OK, mostly homicidal - madness. Always has been, always will be. As Yogi Berra once observed, "It's like deja vu all over" ).
And Cranky Old Guy - good on ya! O'Bama should remember that the Nuremburg defense, "I vas only following orders," is no excuse at all in an organization where the soldiers have the right, nay, the obligation, to refuse to carry out illegal orders. Case closed.
I could go on with the reasons for my disenchantment, but it's just plain too depressing. I want my money back!

Question re your "Simple Question"

How do you align Obama with progressive political philosophy? I find him just another color of the same old puppet. I didn't hear anything progressive in his speech, just the same old stuff - don't blame the criminal politicians or financiers, but the poor people who tried to buy homes used bad judgment. Stimulus, pimple-us. The answer is not giving more money out, the problem is that the American worker after several decades of being burdened with wage control by the Fed in order to keep inflation down, has run out of purchasing power and isn't going to have any confidence in any creditor who can penalize, charge extra and ramp up the interest rates to their hearts' content!

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the royal visit

"But the new mask is perhaps more powerful than any mask previously used to hide the imperial abuses of the American state. It is much more powerful because it's much more personal, existing, as it does, entirely in the splendor of the individual imagination."

As you probably know, the Prince of Change paid Canada a visit last week. I didn't follow any of it in real time 'cause I just knew if would entail a whole lot of embarrassing genuflecting by our politicians and the adoring fans.

I wasn't wrong sad Here's some of the news coverage of his visit.

Ms. Jean our Governor General - all a-twitter:
"They connected," said Rideau Hall spokeswoman Marthe Blouin. "She felt he was very easy to know. ... He seemed very authentic."
The first thing she did after greeting him "was to thank him for acknowledging the sacrifice of Canadian soldiers and their families [in Afghanistan]."

"The crowds were thrilled by Obama's wave..."

Obama loves us , he said so!
Headline from the Calgary Herald:
"I love this country, Obama tells Canada."

My personal fave from the National Post:
"[Obama's visit] is an honour that underscores that American NAFTA-bashing is code for Mexico, not Canada."

And from the Canadian fans...
"He'll wave. He's a good man,..."
"So, I am here as a Canadian saying, 'Welcome to Canada, and we support you and we love you.' "
"I really think he's going to change the world..."
"For me, this (his election) is like the coming down of the Berlin Wall..."
""It's like a fairy tale," she said. "He's so smart, so good-looking. When will we have somebody like him in Canada?"
"I'm just so thrilled we have a politician that can unify the world.."

From the girl who served him his 'beavertail' pastry - renamed the 'Obamatail' for his visit.
"I almost fainted. He just asked me about my day and what the tails consisted of. He's a really down-to-earth guy."

Endless slobbering....

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

a simple answer

How do you align Obama with progressive political philosophy?

I don't. It can't be done.

Obama is a "friend" (read: agent) of Israel and there is no such thing as "alignment" of "progressive political philosophy" with Zionism.

Once again, I am forced to

Once again, I am forced to fall back upon basic Marxism.
All the games played to divert the attention of the people from the most obvious facts- that the wholesale looting of national wealth is the only serious aim of "government" in this benighted society, all the sparkle and gee-whiz of the recent "election" serves to maintain the control of a tiny group at the top who will give little more than lip service to any real social responsibility.
Trillions for bail outs and "defense", though we cannot afford health care, schools, and many other items which would be of real benefit, it goes on and on.
We cannot "fix" the system as it exists now, it is operating just the way the elites want it and will only get worse.
If the intent of the Constitution were enforced, there might be a shot at reform, though I think the law is as dead as organised labor.
The superstar POTUS is a perfect icon for the shallow perceptions intentionally cultivated by the culture of consumption which now makes a comodity out of every single human activity.

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