More Collateral Women And Children, This Time In San Diego

Grace and Rachel Yoon were killed on Monday when a fighter jet crashed into their San Diego home. Grace was 15 months old; Rachel wasn't yet two months.

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Endless war

Man, I heard about this via BBC, I think, and I had to stop and reflect on the utterly horrid effects that the Military/Media/Industrial/Komplex has had on the lives of us all, not to mention on the future of this particular planet as a platform that is suitable for supporting life as we know it. A life-long Democrat, I have to bow in awe of Eisenhower's wisdom and, yes, basic humanity. Really, what do we need all this wasteful, ultra-polluting, genocidal equipment for? It's like the elephant in the health-care-reform debate: What are we gonna do about all these vile, cash-stuffed, felonious, corrupt, and so on, you get the idea I hope, HMO and insurance company execs who have been literally living like kings, once they're all out of business? The guillotine comes immediately to mind, but perhaps there is some "enhanced" technology I don't know about. In any case, training flights over populated areas would seem to be a no-brain rule-out. (DOD responds that at least the victims didn't "look American," for what it's worth, unsourced but surmised as it is)

Something I should have thought of before...

Bob, your comment gave me much food for thought in the arena of the environmental effects of war, or, the pollution of war, if you will. I'm still researching but have come up with, what looks like, a couple of good sites to begin. Naturally, it does not bode well for us. Thank you for the inspiration.

These two have some of the same information.

Still searching. One assumes that one should follow the money.

Really depressed now.

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Follow the money indeed!

Money's the only "real" thing in the bizzarro world occupied by these sociopaths. Follow the stench of the money, and then liberally apply the Raid!

P.S. Do I need to say?

I'm ashamed.

Mercy and forgiveness are not without limits.

I truly hope my faith in justice will prevail.

Funny You Should Mention "Stench"

As a former armored car messenger, I can surely vouch for the stench part. New money smells just like clay and plastic. Old money is an indescribable funk that permeates everything around it, not to mention the heavy smell of ether (from the cocaine residue all over it). I would sometimes be in the back (w/$30mil or so) for 11 hours at a time, all circulated currency of course. It gets on your hands, your clothes, etc . The company policy was that you couldn't sleep on the job(witch makes sense) but you try staying awake in a steel box full of ether fumes. I remember reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island" while on my way to Dodge City, KS. and I have never looked at money the same way again.

"Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth." -Gen. 47:15

I don't think there is

I don't think there is anything wrong with having a large, powerful military like we do. I'm a fan of talk softly and carry a big stick. The problem over the past 8 years has been we had a guy talking loudly and swiging erratically with a big stick. That said, with the amount of money that has been spent in Iraq, we could have already solved a mind boggling number of problems that plague America today. We need to be a better steward of our military, financial and environmental resources.
Emma K.
San Diego personal injury lawyer

Emma, what if this

Emma, what if this government had been "swinging erratically with a big stick" for over a hundred years by provoking an almost continuous series of wars? Could you trust it with any military at all?

You don't make sense

I don't think there is anything wrong with having a large, powerful military like we do. I'm a fan of talk softly and carry a big stick. The problem over the past 8 years has been we had a guy talking loudly and swinging erratically with a big stick.

"Carrying a big stick" is a very very very euphemistic way of describing the biggest most lethal death machine the world has ever seen. Not only in terms of power, but in terms of the normalization of its use. The mythology of US goodness.

Remember that the US used to have a "War Department." And now that agression and murder are used all the time, it's turned into "Defense." Me thinks someone needs his excuse. Me thinks someone used to think aggression was wrong, but he changed his mind.

Another reminder: half a million people in Iraq died because of the previous, "soft talking" guy that you presumably admire very much.

Thanks once more, WP.

Thank you for your treatment of this. I guess fighter pilots aren't like the captain of a ship.

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