From The Mouths Of Terrorists: The Poisonous Truth

Two weeks ago we were talking about the most recent terror propaganda from friends of Mossad and the CIA, an "al Qaeda video" in which al Qaeda's purported number two man, Ayman al-Zawahri, spoke some uncomfortable truths about our transformative new President-elect, Barack Obama ... the propaganda is apparently having the desired effect.

You can read the whole piece here, and/or comment below.


It's one thing to read up

It's one thing to read up about the events in question and analyze them myself and quite another to read your articles along with your analysis. It's like having a second set of eyes and ears. Your perspective on things, as always, is lucid.

So, to recap, please keep up the good work.

That's all I kept thinking

That's all I kept thinking while reading your piece about the so-called 'American Muslims'..."SO SAY SOMETHING! What ARE your thoughts about Obama!" Christ, is anyone real anymore?

R.I.P. Mom, Dec. 3, 2008

that's a sad sig

Please accept my condolences.

Ron, I'm sorry to hear your

Ron, I'm sorry to hear your mother passed away. May she rest in peace.

The Zawahri video was

The Zawahri video was apparently intended to mark territory: now anyone who points out the various ways in which Barack Obama is doing the bidding of his owners can be branded a terrorist sympathizer, if not an outright terrorist.

Precisely the type of detail that 99% of observers would miss.

Well said, WP. Let's all remember that the POTUS -- which means not only Dubya Bush, but his glorious racially diverse successor Barockstar Obamiracle -- has the power to declare ANYONE an "enemy combatant" for things as small as verbal criticism of a member of Fed Govt, and has the power to disappear that person permanently, or imprison him/her without due process, and torture him/her while so imprisoned/detained.

Why did Obama never speak out against such civil rights abuses and aggrandizement of Executive Power?

I think the answer obvious, however unpalatable it may be.

Things that make me happy in spite of it all

Thanks for the comments

Thanks for the comments about my mother. She fought long and hard, but lost in the end. Or maybe she really won...who knows.

As for Obama, I don't really watch any of the mainstream news, but I read somewhere that he's said one of the first things he's going to do in office is have a look over all the executive orders Bush signed into law and overturn all the ones that are unconstitutional....yeah, right.

BTW, not sure if Jet magazine is the standard bearer, but they like to put a capital B in Black. Then again, they fawn over Obama so perhaps not.

Cheers, Ron

Give yourself time, mate. The world will take care of itself while you grieve. We Westerners do not value the practice of grieving as much as we should.

For WP,

You really do pick the tough cases to crack, don't you Sherlock?

I know you are no fan of (or much else!) but you might find something of interest here:


That's an interesting

That's an interesting parallel with 911 (the phone call) but there are so many things wrong with that article that I'm not gonna count 'em. It follows the formula for disinfo - one or two attention grabbing points and then a dozen false statements or presumptions buried in the following narrative.

"The Zawahri video was

"The Zawahri video was apparently intended to mark territory: now anyone who points out the various ways in which Barack Obama is doing the bidding of his owners can be branded a terrorist sympathizer, if not an outright terrorist.

Precisely the type of detail that 99% of observers would miss."
Tried like mad to get this point accross at dinner tonight. One would think I was speaking Latin, the lack of desire to hear me probably had more to do with the blank stares than any failure on my part to be clear.
I could sense the fear under the puzzlement-"My God, maybe this IS a fascist state!"
Great writing, Winter, thanks from more than myself.

OT - Scary Creepy BS From "Reuters"

OT - Obama & Robert Gates More BS!!!

"The Justice Department and Pentagon could create an alternative system that can hold and try terrorism suspects. Nearly 200 of the 250 detainees now at Guantanamo are believed to be people the U.S. government never wants to see released due to the alleged danger they would pose to U.S. security."

"Former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, named by Obama as his choice for U.S. attorney general, said in a June speech that prisoners who cannot be released or transferred to their home countries should be sent to military prisons."

This is scary, creepy and maybe Obama will be worsre than Bush.

The Poisonous Truth


Let's see. I would say that 'U.S. security' would be like 'national interests' which would be synonymous with 'inherently meritorious leadership club' or 'the democratic fascist elite'.

'Posing a threat' might mean writing books or giving interviews.

I don't think it is necessary to keep them locked up.

20% of voters might read the book(Drunk. Half of those would get off on what was done to the detainees on the reader's behalf and hope it was for unjust, gratuitous reasons. Then they will watch 24. One quarter would make an instantaneous calculation: this appears to be unjust: "Will believing this affect my income?" Then burn the book. What are we left with? Of the 5% of voters remaining? 4 out of 5 will keep hoping that Obama will save them. Then there will be other assorted AWOL'S. And then, finally, there are those who are reading this WP page. This is the right page, but it is not a large voting block.

But then the WP Movie comes out...


Not certain about the exact details but I think you are on the right track about people. I am finding more and more just how pathetically gutless many (most) people are. I'm also a little on the gutless side but the level of it I see in others makes Schultzy look positively heroic (also very cute)
I sorta hoped Obama was just foolin the elite to get money for campaigning and be elected, however the appointments he is now deciding make this look very unlikely and the opposite now appears to be true. My reasoning was that pre-election anyone who spoke any truth at all was cast out of the picture pretty quick, so it was a possibility but one founded on no actual knowledge of Obama or the situation. Anyway should have known the elite are not stupid enough to let anyone who is not a blood brother through their blockade.
If BO (hey thats body odor) did an about face on them well there are all sorts of pretexts to get rid of him pretty fast arnt there, including those maybe payed people at McCains Rally chanting "kill him". If he was ever in any doubt that he had better do what he's told then its now long gone although in hindsight he has always looked comfortable. "Like he knew the score". He is another Reagan as in being an actor only he's better at his craft.
Anyways we now have a Prime Minister here in NZ who gets warm pats on the back from Georgie, cos no one else will talk to a Bush. How embarrising, sad and stupendous is that.

"But then the WP Movie comes out... "

Hope ya know someone with the cash and spare 9 lives Tweety Bird to make this movie but hey we are allowed to dream but we need more Winter Patriots to make this a reality.

Here's an idea. We put together some good free material from youtube on DVD and include a Promo or rally to the casue for the WinterPatriot site. We write on the DVD's. Please copy and distribite free and tell folk they can help by making 10 copies and giving them away free.

This video has to be bogus.

This video has to be bogus. It looks like he's in a production studio...not a cave in Pakistan. I wonder how much this guy was paid to act as an Al-Qaeda operative. I bet Osama Bin Laden is dead.

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