If It's Not Corporate TV, Then What Is It?

What is it, indeed? It's Not Corporate TV, a sharp new set of interlocking video blogs, with interesting entries in each of the following categories:

Project For The New American Century
Iran, Iraq, the Petrodollar
Bogus Terror Propaganda
John Pilger Documentaries
Mainstream Corporate Media and Propaganda
Electronic Voting

For instance, on the "Bogus Terror Propaganda" page, you can watch a piece called The Origin and Myth of 'Al Qaeda'. It's an excerpt from the BBC series The Power Of Nightmares, and it's well worth the ten minutes it will take you to watch it.

That's just one example, and there's much more, including links to some very fine blogs! It's nothing like the corporate TV you're used to, if you're used to corporate TV. And that's why it's Not Corporate TV -- bright, honest, and very well done!

Ha ha! One for the good guys!!


I think our friend Sally may have had a hand in this; perhaps she will tell us in the comments below.


After abstaining for a few

After abstaining for a few days from corporate TV news I turned the TV on again this evening only to be reminded of the shallowness, superficiality and idiocy of corporate news.

Not Corporate TV

OK Winter

I think I might know about this. It's a project and it does need work i.e "the 5 year olds bracelet color scheme which is actually a front. Unfortunately 5 year olds may need to learn this stuff real quick if they are to have a future.
Much of this material is available on youtube and around the net including here at Winter Patriot, and many of us have seen at least some of it before.
Not Corporate TV is all about accessibility to many of the "linked" and urgent issues not been covered properly or at all by the MSM. Its about not having to comb the Internet with no knowledge of where to look cause you don't really know what it is you need to know. Its a starting point that will hopefully send people in the right directions early on. So I ask that you please direct beginners, sceptics and anyone else of course to NCTV. I would especially want folk who are not in the know to see movies like the 911 “demolitions” as I don’t think many would watch this movie and still have major doubts that WTC was demolished and that it had to be to some extent an inside job. The new version of “September Clues” is also an absolute must as it shows just how deep the corruption goes in the MSM. It creates a completely new ballpark of perception of what our real situation actually is.

One feature of NCTV is actually like the tele in that its easy and cheap. No wise cracks on that one please.

"There's more to come. WP has sort of outed me while I am still sleeping although he did threaten to post about this. No really "thanks WP" you are a sweetie and I would even post a hug if all the smileys hadn't disapeared.

After watching a mind opening video I often take a look at the counter on youtube to look at the number of viewers and I realise we have an uphill battle to bring the larger population in as quickly as possible. The public needs detail as they have been used to getting in "some" of the documentaries of yesteryear.
NCTV is a site where those who have a limited amount of time can get up to speed on some of the main points with some classic films such as 911 Mysteries Part 1 - Demolitions, The power of nightmares and much more. Doing this might save newcomers some time in their internet search for a more complete initial picture of what’s going down and might even stop them catching the wrong train on the internet subway.
A commenter on youtube said that if the BBC hadn't produced "The Power of Nightmares" he would never have believed the actual movie and would have thought it was a fantasy. So you will see rare truth from the MSM on NCTV. Shame is that it’s rare or there would be no need for this blog.

Its only now that there is enough quality material available to start a site like this which is actually a directory.
You might notice I do not post essays on the site and that its not open for comments, the reason being, I just don’t have the time.
Later on I will allow invited members to post if I can enlist people with enough knowledge and talent. That’s a hint . I'll will also be endeavouring to link to the movie makers websites and existing articles around the web that expand the information.

I've just posted this one.

by The Fucking News.

Its tragi commedy smiling

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the Smileys Disappeared??

Missing smiley alert, all cars report to station... find the missing smileys immediately smiling sick! rolling on the floor laughing cool dude Sticking out tongue hello or goodbye party time! woohoo! cheer torched beauty, eh now where could they be...
Thanks for the posts Sally help, I`m sinking :hug: Confused Chopping Wood :character-apu: Tweety Bird Grp Hug

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laughing out loud laughing out loud

Damn, the :hug: went missing - we could use some of them right about now.

I think for some reason you can't use them when in Full HTML mode
OSIS (maybe it is just me smiling ).

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

War Made Easy

Remember Andrew Jackson, for example.


I feel safe bringing this here. Thank you, Winter Patriot.

The big question for everyone becomes,

do you love me?

Smileys & Hugs All Round

McJ, Newjesustimes
I think its my puter. After I've been surfing a bit I.E.7 starts doing all sorts of wierd stuff and usually clearing the cache then restarting fixes it. Sounds a bit like me actually. Im going to take a holiday from my PC for a while and re center as I'm way over my puke limit of the amount of truth I can actually stand for now. Im off to la la land for a bit and hopefully will return with more focus later.
Anyway :Hug:'s to you McJ, Newjesustimes, WP and the whole silly planet.
Thanks for your generousity Winter.

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Thanks Sally

I just noticed this post today - it's been a long week (and it's only monday!)
but no it wasn't your computer, the smileys went missing after I did an upgrade of the site last week, so after I saw your earlier post, I dug them up from the backup and copied them over, and added a few new ones for good measure.
woohoo! Chill Pill woohoo! Chill Pill woohoo! Chill Pill woohoo!
Group Hug Group Hug
gotta love the smileys - hope your puter is doing better!

ps. have you tried mozilla instead of IE?

New Url's for blog

Hi All

I've changed a couple of the URL's to my blog/blog's in the cause of search engine recognition.
Here they are anyway.


The rest haven't changed


Some of us are still smiling

Blue Thank You admin, great smiley's. We're almost human now.

Grp Hug Rocket Launcher This is the Bush elite thugs against all of us but looks like we are still smiling i.e. those of us not yet in gitmo,Iraq, homeless etc etc. Geewiz! these critters are fun to play with.

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