Double Cover: Behind The Mumbai Terror Attacks / [3] What Is A False Flag Attack?

Here's the third installment of a series on the Mumbai terror attacks:
Double Cover [3]: What Is A False Flag Attack?

The previous installment is here:
Double Cover [2]: What Is A Commando Raid?

And the first one is here:
Double Cover [1]: Nothing Can Ever Be The Same

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who dunnit?

I don't know, "commando attacks" just sounds so...CIA inspired, and less muslim extremist inspired.

who_dunnit (2)

WP: Got this from Wayne Madsen Report, don't need to necessarily make it a comment, thought you might be interested:

"November 29-30, 2008 -- Mumbai gangland war and its global tentacles

WMR previously reported that the violent and bloody attack on Mumbai represents a pay-back from exiled Indian Muslim Mumbai gangland warlord Dawood Ibrahim who fears that the CIA was conspiring with the Pakistani government to extradite him from Pakistan to India. Such an event would effectively cede control of Mumbai's lucrative organized crime territory to Hindu extremist criminal syndicates allied with the Hindu terrorist Shiv Sena group.

The targeting of the Lubavitcher Chabad House in Mumbai, where a New York rabbi and his wife were killed by one team of gangsters that arrived by sea from Pakistan, was likely more score settling by Ibrahim who suspected that Israeli Mafiosi were conspiring with Hindu extremist gangs to supplant Ibrahim's criminal influence in Mumbai.

There is a history of Chabad Houses not only being used as safehouses and logistics centers for Israeli intelligence but as storefronts for criminal activity. In March 1989, U.S. law enfocement rounded up a criminal network in Seattle, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Colombia, and Israel that involved a Chabad House that was involved in money laundering and currency violations.

The Associated Press reported from Newark, New Jersey that Adi Tal, a former employee of Israel's El Al Airlines who emigrated to the United States from Israel in 1983, and his chief assistant Nir Goldeshtein, were found guilty by the U.S. District Court in Newark of laundering $25 million. The cash was sent to Panama and Colombia directly and smuggled to Britain, West Germany, and Israel as personal and cashier's checks, money orders, and cash. The money was then wired to Panamanian bank accounts. Tal and Goldeshtein lived in Edison, New Jersey. They had moved there from Seattle. Goldeshtein had attempted to deposit $437,000 in Citibank's London branch.

Federal prosecutors said Tal conspired with Jose Stroh, one of the Cali, Colombia drug cartel's chief money launderers. Sixteen people were indicted in the case but five were never captured. Of the five, Nir Levy, Rea Lev-Ari, and Dov Feldman, escaped to Israel and avoided extradition back to the United States. Among the fugitives was Tal's recruiter, Enrique Korc of Israel. Among those indicted was Rabbi Sholom Levitin, the founder and head of the Chabad House in Seattle. Tal claimed that the laundered money was Israeli "investments" and Levitin denied knowing that the money he was laundering was illegally obtained. Federal prosecutors said Tal told his "mostly Israeli operatives" that the money was not connected to organized crime but, according to the March 23, 1989 AP report from Newark, told them "the cash came from Israel for investment in the United States or that it was somehow connected to the Mossad, Israel's secret service."

UPI reported on March 17, 1989 that one of the Israelis indicted and found guilty, former Israeli Air Force Captain Moshe Begim, said he was told the cash was Mossad money being used to fund anti-Communist guerrillas in Central America. Federal prosecutors described Begim and another member of the Israeli gang, Baruch Zeltzer, as leaders of the Los Angeles and Seattle operations, respectively. Zeltzer lived at the Chabad House in Seattle. Another Seattle Israeli military veteran, Avsholom Hazan, was also found guilty and sentenced to prison. Two Israelis in Begim's Los Angeles operation, Alon Redko and Guy Marom, also an ex-Israeli Defense Force member, were also found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment. Most of the Israelis indicted were also former employees of El Al.

In 2007, Israeli police arrested top Chabad leaders for laundering money from Kfar Chabad, Israel. Israel's Channel 10 reported that one of the suspected money launderers using the Chabad operation was Arkadi Gaydamak, a Russian-Israeli mafiosi figure who recently ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Jerusalem. Among those arrested was Yosef Aharanov, director of the Young Chabad Association, who the Jerusalem Post reported had been the head of the "Bibi is Good for the Jews" campaign that championed Chabad support for Likud's Binyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister in 1996.

On November 27, 2008, WMR reported: "Bangkok police have long suspected Chabad House as a center for the Israeli Mafia, which runs its Ecstasy and Ice trade from Bangkok for all of Southeast and East Asia. The Israeli Mafia also reportedly runs heroin labs in Myanmar, where an Israeli military officer serves in Myanmar's feared military counter-intelligence agency."

There are Chabad Houses located in Bogota and Barranquilla, Colombia; La Paz, Bolivia; Kinshasa, Congo; San Jose, Costa Rica; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Quito, Ecuador; Tbilisi, Georgia; Baku, Quba, and Sumqait, Azerbaijan; Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, China; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Luang Prabang, Laos; Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico; Thamel District of Kathmandu, Nepal; Cusco and Lima, Peru; Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Koh Samui, Thailand; Caracas, Venezuela; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In addition to Mumbai, Chabad Houses are also located in Bangalore, Goa, and Manali, India."

Israel aid to India

I read this at one site and copied it down, but it has been removed now it seems:

"After security forces completed the takeover of the Chabad House, ZAKA volunteers undertook the task of locating and extricating the bodies of the missing," ZAKA announced.

ZAKA is a hareidi-run volunteer organization and was sent from Israel to Mumbai. They are considered by the Israeli government to be part of their security apparatus.

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Thanks for the Links

Thanks for the links. A couple of comments in the JPost article you linked to caught my attention.

Considering the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, especially with the blockade of Gaza, this comment from Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi was hard to take!
"Livni sharply condemned the attacks, saying, "This is further painful evidence that the terrorist threat is the greatest challenge which Israel and the international community have to face. Nothing justifies the unforgivable slaughter of innocents."

And President Shimon Peres throwing Iran on the pile:
"The terror attacks in India are a clear warning sign to all countries in the world that terror poses a danger to all our children's welfare," he said. "We must take the war on global terror seriously and act decisively and firmly against terror centers spread across the globe, headed by the center of terror in Iran."
"Iran openly supports terror, killing and murder, and its sick doctrine crosses all boundaries,"

Some more of the ZAKA involvement here:
MUMBAI - Israeli consulate representatives and volunteers from the ZAKA emergency response team combed hospitals and morgues across Mumbai yesterday in search of bodies of additional Israelis and Jews killed in last week's terror attacks.
...The chaos and confusion of identifying the victims has gripped the city. Some bodies were even counted twice. Local authorities said yesterday they estimate the death toll to be around 200. The current official casualty toll is 174 dead and 239 injured.
Last night, the special air force flight was delayed due to difficulties in obtaining visas for the Israeli delegation. Israelis are not the only foreigners experiencing problems getting into the country - Indian authorities have shown reluctance in letting foreigners intervene in their handling of the tragedy. U.S. FBI agents were delayed for 10 hours at Mumbai's international airport yesterday due to visa problems.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v


An interesting quote from the international director and co-founder of ZAKA here - Yeshiva World

"Meshi-Zahav explained one of the advantageous of his organization is that some countries do not want aid from other countries but ZAKA is listed with the UN as an international organization and therefore, can enter certain areas that other Israeli agencies may be barred from. He added that his team is operating under the direction of the Government of Israel and fortunately, the unique arrangement, referring to the organization’s international status, permits ZAKA to become a “long extended arm of Israel around the world”.

Of Possible Interest

Apart from the ZAKA quote, I've noticed several interesting tidbits in the last link I (anonymously) gave to The Yeshiva World. Also, you might find something of interest in what is being posted on another site regarding this situation (and so much more), including my own Questions... Here is the front page link to DW

Since it hasn't been approved and posted yet here is the ZAKA quote I sent anonymously (before realizing I was now cleared as a member who could post directly):

Yehuda Mesh-Zahav, the international director of ZAKA reported a short time ago that his team of six people, seasoned volunteers who have been at disaster scenes around the world, are near the Chabad House. The team includes three paramedics.

Meshi-Zahav explained one of the advantageous of his organization is that some countries do not want aid from other countries but ZAKA is listed with the UN as an international organization and therefore, can enter certain areas that other Israeli agencies may be barred from. He added that his team is operating under the direction of the Government of Israel and fortunately, the unique arrangement, referring to the organization’s international status, permits ZAKA to become a “long extended arm of Israel around the world”.

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Hiding in plain sight?

More good links. Thanks.

You asked a good question:"Is it possible that any terrorists escaped by pretending to be escaped non-terrorists?"
I had that same thought. In all the confusion and panic, how would the authorities know who was a 'terrorist' and who wasn't especially if, as has been reported, some of the terrorists were insiders?

One of the strangest pieces of coverage I watched during the attacks was the press conference given by the Indian Special Forces Commando's. They were dressed in black and had their heads and faces covered with scarves. I am sure they had good reasons for concealing their identities, however my reaction to seeing it was 'Wow, that would be a great way to sneak operatives (/terrorists) out without anyone knowing'. It would have been pretty easy for them to have had uniforms in their backpacks or stashed at the hotels or at the Nariman house. I doubt anyone was counting how many commando's went in and how many came out.

It could be a partial answer to how did the terrorists plan to escape?

"The operation has the fingerprints of a paramilitary-intelligence operation. According to a Russian counter terrorist expert, the Mumbai terrorists "used the same tactics that Chechen field militants employed in the Northern Caucasus attacks where entire towns were terrorized, with homes and hospitals seized". (Russia Today, November 27, 2008)."

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v


I was flipping through the channels and happened across Sean Hannity and his "show" a day after this started...and he couldn't help but spew the propaganda. I couldn't remember the exact quote but he said something to the effect that we should take a second look at those who oppose the war on terror and the Patriot Act, as they are the ones who are helping these terrorists. Not that it hasn't been said before countless times but it's the way that little weasel says it that makes me wish somebody who does the lights at FOX would loosen a couple of important load bearing bolts...people like O'Reilly and Hannity would make Goebbels proud.

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Who Benefits from the Mumbai Attacks?

From Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research:

The Timing of the Mumbai Attacks

The US air strikes on the Tribal Areas resulting in countless civilians deaths have created a wave of anti-US sentiment throughout Pakistan. At the same token, this anti-American sentiment has also served, in the months preceding the Mumbai attacks, to promote a renewed atmosphere of cooperation between India and Pakistan.
While US-Pakistan relations are at an all time low, there were significant efforts, in recent months, by the Islamabad and Delhi governments to foster bilateral relations.
Barely a week prior to the attacks, Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari "urged opening the Kashmir issue to public debate in India and Pakistan and letting the people decide the future of IHK."
He also called for "taking bilateral relations to a new level" as well as forging an economic union between the two countries.

Divide and Rule
What interests are served by these attacks?

Washington is intent on using the Mumbai attacks to:
1) Foster divisions between Pakistan and India and shunt the process of bilateral cooperation and trade between the two countries;
2) Promote internal social, ethnic and sectarian divisions in both India and Pakistan;
3) Justify US military actions inside Pakistan including the killing of civilians in violation of the country's territorial sovereignty;
4) Provide a justification for extending the US led "war on terrorism" into the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia.
...Also of significance is Washington's outright interference in the conduct of the Indian police investigation. The Times of India points to an "unprecedented intelligence cooperation involving investigating agencies and spy outfits of India, United States, United Kingdom and Israel.
...The role of the US-UK-Israeli counter terrorism and police officials, is essentially to manipulate the results of the Indian police investigation.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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