Clueless By Design

In honor of the cluelessness around us, and in recognition of the day when we celebrate our genocide against the people who lived in North America before it was "discovered", I've made a list of all the things that we -- as politically aware Americans -- have to be thankful for today.

You can read the rest here, and/or comment below.


off topic, sorry

WP, you are some one whose writings on Pakistan have greatly informed and impressed me. I may be jumping the gun a bit, but what are you impressions of the attacks in Mumbai? Nobody seems sure as yet as to the perpetrators; by which I mean 'which Muslim group'. War between India and Pakistan would be frightfully more horrible because they both have nukes. Thanks, in advance for your wisdom.

don't be sorry.

It was a rotten post to begin with. There's no need to stay "on topic". So please don't be sorry.

I'm looking at this and saying "here we go again" ... but I'm still not sure what it means. Ugly, very ugly. That's for sure. And I'm trying not to jump to conclusions but it's hard not to do.

I'm an odd duck in a lot of ways, perhaps; when big things happen it takes me a while to get my words in order. I need to learn a lot more about this before I can say anything. But I promise to learn a lot more about it and say something sooner or later.

yes don't be sorry

we all go off the deep end sometimes - after all one can only keep our feelings bottled up so long about all these things and then it has to come out. I had a similar type post on my blog for thanksgiving and although
it might be considered blunt by many I do not care. It is how I feel and that is what blogging is supposed to be all about, right? Anyway I agree with your follow up - we do have a lot to be thankful for and I remind myself of it every day - not just on one designated day. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading what you write.

no offense taken

I thought the post was great! I did not take the empty "thankful" list as a personal "thankful" list, but rather as a community "thankful" list, in which event, you were absolutely correct.


And please allow me to send you the name of a book as a holiday gift to those who don't know it--"Taking the Risk Out of Democracy" by Alex Carey. It is a primer on exactly how the growing corporate elite dealt with the growing masses of workers coming to the US at the beginning of the 20th century beginning with the first Americanization Movement -retailed to the 'rest of the world' and continuing on with hi-tech abandon.

And would any of this help explain why people would line up and wait, some 24 hours, for bargains at junk stores, let alone trample and kill 2 people at last count, to death? Hard to choose between last year's shootings (can't remember if anyone died) and this year's.

Or are we at species end (at least in the US) and we are devouring ourselves? Hapless Holidays!


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