Torturing Democracy: A Documentary That Could Put Dick Cheney Out Of Our Misery

Torturing Democracy, an expose of how and why America came to be involved in open large-scale torture of prisoners (many of whom were simply shepherds captured by mountain tribesmen and sold into captivity), is now available for viewing online.

You can read the whole thing here, and/or comment below.


Awesome. Too bad you can't

Awesome. Too bad you can't download it, I would have loved being able to sub parts of it.

Took Me a Minute absorb all that. Those folks really are in deep do-do. And what may I ask would happen if say the real story about 9/11 were to surface at the request of one or more of the guilty, trying to save his/her neck from being snapped in the gallows? It would be a show to end all shows; all the brass turning on each other in succession like lions over a gazelle. And oh, woe to the American people; not only has their holy-President-can-do-no-wrong been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity, but it turns out the entire war itself was a huge frigging lie, just like all the others, and the ones to come. I say hang them high, so all the world can see.


I couldn't agree more, Pat.


You can download "Torturing Democracy" with the latest version of realplayer.
Install and go to "tools, prefernces, downloading and recording" to set it up. As for editing it, I don't know if the makers have granted permission to do that.

Argh. Thanks a lot Sally,


Thanks a lot Sally, you're very kind. It just so happens that I can't stand Real Player. It's the apex in the genre of uselessly heavy and slow softwares with lots of features that you can't possibly need, such as internet surfing.
[I only accept simple, efficient, one-task, light softwares. But that's beside the point.]

I should have been more precise. There are no download links to get the video. Of course, I can get it through other means (other than Real Player, thank God), and I did; but the format is impossible to use, parse, and much less sub.

Sure they didn't grant permission to do that. I wouldn't have waited for them to give it anyway.


Sorry I've inadvertantly offended you. I don't know anything about you really until now that is and will be sure not to inflict my ignorance directly upon you again.


There's no need for anyone to be offended. littlehorn doesn't like the software, but he has nothing against you. In fact he thanked you for offering it and said he should have been more precise.

A difference in software preference is not a sign of ignorance, or anything close. It's just a difference of opinion. No big deal.


What he said.

As an immigrant to the U.S.

As an immigrant to the U.S. I have always found it amusing how Americans have been conditioned to do as they're told, to trust the system, often blindly, and to never, ever question their government's motives.

It's a sad state of affairs when citizens of a country have to watch a documentary to learn about the crimes of their own government. In many countries daily news usually leave little uncovered.

The media in the U.S. is not the watchdog of democracy. It is merely a tool used by the ruling class to control public opinion, much like in many dictatorships around the world. If the moral fabric of this nation were truly as resilient as it claims, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and the various newspapers, coupled with thousands of citizens should have rose up and said: "This does not represent my ideals and it stops now". But, it was all jim dandy so long as it was those "terrorist goat herders" who were getting tortured.

You can find information

You can find information about an .ogv version of the film at

Darth 'Cheney' Vadar: Crime does pay, Pilgrims!

How sad to know that the Bush crime syndicates major players; Bush, Cheney and the especially murderous Don Rumsfeld, [that took it upon himself to personally team up with Gen'l Geoffery Miller (GITMO) and Gen'l Sanchez (Abu Ghraib) to commit torture and mayhem on detainees via an Internet conection with the acutal 'Kommandants' and their subordinates against hundreds (thousands?) of innocent men, children (yes, there were innocent children involved, especially at GITMO) and women, many of them guilty 'only' of walking while Arab] will never see the inside of a courtroom - much less a damp cold cell at Quantico.

Obama, obviously, for political reasons, will take no action against these war criminals and if anything they will hold a superificial 'Truth Commission,' where these criminals will confess to having ordered womans panties put over prisoners heads - the true torture, like, putting steel rods into prisoners anuses until they passed out from the pain, making an Iraqi father sodomize his son (Abu Ghraib) and the horrendous rapes of Iraqi women detainees by US troops - the tapes, photos and cassettes destroyed, all or in part, by Don Rumsfeld, who believed that they were 'too hot to handle,' will never see the light of day.

Let us pray that a bolt of lightening will come out of the sky and God will send these cowardly bastards straight to hell - FEDEX overnight. Because, if this doesn't happen - well will only read about it happening,'in the funny books.'

Tombstone, AZ.

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