Glenn Beck Gets Something Right

I don't agree very often with any of the people who host and contribute to FOX News, but that's not because of any hard and fast rule; it's just because of the things they say.

Usually they feed you one lie wrapped in another, smothered by a third. But every now and then they accidentally allow a little bit of truth to slip into the mix, and that's when they get interesting.

One interesting bit of accidental truth-telling was occasioned by Wednesday's release of yet another "al Qaeda" video...


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I'm with you, WP.

Earlier this year I referred to Obama as a house negro---strictly political, not racial, as you say. Last Tuesday, I sent an email to someone of that short Malcolm X video where he's explaining the terms house negro and field negro. Shortly thereafter, this message from #2 came out. Imagine my surprise to learn that I was in cahoots with---shhhhh!

Thank you so much for this, WP. I was beginning to think that I was all alone in the world. I appreciate you.

Sorry for another post,

but I just watched this entire two-hour video of Michel Chossudovsky.

I hadn't heard of him before but happened upon him by googling al qaeda is fictional which led me to google War and Globalization - The Truth Behind September 11th which led me to the above video.

Throughout the entire video I kept saying one word. It begins with an F and ends with CK. The U in the middle was long and drawn out. There was an exclaimation point at the end.

Thanks again, WP. I mean it.

please don't apologize ...

thanks for the link ...
and you're welcome! Wink

Thanks for the education

I first came across your site via Chris Floyd a while ago. I remember thinking, this guy is out there! Too much!

I've been reading off and on for a year or two, and now I've climbed out on the limb with you. Maybe not all the way out, but close. I can tell by reaction of people who describe themselves as Politically Aware when I start talking about any of this. They look at me the way I look at televangelists and Herbalife salesmen.......

Thought you might like to see this image, (from Lenin's Tomb)

thanks, Bruce.

Nice to have you along. And thanks for the chuckles.

nice one bro wp ,am a muslim

nice one bro wp ,am a muslim and even i know this zawari is an instrument of the zionist strange he never can mention 9/11 was an inside job when we all know it.

thank YOU

I appreciate your kind words; and I agree -- isn't it just the most transparent fraud you ever saw?

Good news

The Bible (I love the Bible---though I'm still learning.) speaks of a remnant. There's a remnant. There's always a remnant.

Merriam-Webster ( I love the dictionary, too.):


Main Entry:
1 rem·nant
Middle English, contraction of remenant, from Anglo-French remanant, from present participle of remaindre to remain — more at remain
14th century

1 a: a usually small part, member, or trace remaining b: a small surviving group —often used in plural 2: an unsold or unused end of piece goods

Next, I'll have to look up the Hebrew word for remnant and see what that means. I can venture a guess.

I'm with you, Winter, and I know the path is narrow and difficult. I'm glad we found it, though.


how is every one doing,

i think all those people who believe that Al-Qaedah does not exists, or it is something that has been concocted by the Jew or the American to further expand their imperialism or the nwo however your see, what i would like for all those who feel this way is to make a trip to Afghanistan, come down and see it for yourself, if you can not do this then my advice to you is to not propagate something for which you are not 100% sure, also to say that SITE gets Mujahideen videos before they appear on Mujahideen sites is not correct, the Jew who runs the site knows many Mujahideen forums where new Mujahideen videos are available for people to download, the jew takes these videos from these forum and then tell the world that it has obtain these videos from some special sources, but at the end of the day its a Jew just making money.....tricking the fools out there just like he his bleeding American people for his political and religious agendas, it is strange that some people who say that Al-Qaedah is a instrument of the Zionist, i say to those people if that is the case, so then you must agree that Zionist is evil, now my question to you is Al-Qaedah is or is not a instrument of the Zionist is a topic on its own but Zionist is evil, so what are you doing in stopping these Zionist??? in mean time you should visit this site

take care every one


There's no need for us to go to Afghanistan. Nobody with any knowledge of the situation would deny that Afghanistan is crawling with nasties. But that's not the the point.

The point is: Why? How did it get this way? How did the nasties get there? Who supports them? And whose bidding are they doing?

When we say "al Qaeda is fictional", we don't mean there are no terrorists. Clearly there are; in Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other countries, people are suffering because of terrorist attacks. What we mean is that almost everything our government and media have ever told us about al Qaeda has turned out to be false.

The Mujahideen "Islamic terrorist" network that has crippled Afghanistan was created by American "national security" wonks, headed by Zbigniew Brzezinsky, who just happens to be one of Barack Obama's foreign policy advisors. Brzezinsky was Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor at the time. Brzezinsky and Carter wanted to lure the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan. And it worked.

Carter was a Democrat whose administration was known for its support of "human rights". And yet Carter aparently had no second thoughts about fomenting terrorism in a foreign country halfway around the world, in order to provoke a foreign invasion of that same country -- and all the horrific brutality that entailed. It's a despicable part of America's secret history -- but given the current situation, where our "new" president wants to "surge" in Afghanistan -- it is entirely relevant.

Also relevant is the undeniable fact that al Qaeda (i.e. Osama bin Laden) was falsely blamed for the 9/11 attacks, which started the current round of horrors. Also relevant is the fact that our government routinely lies to us about this and everything else -- and then tells us we will never understand the threats they are supposedly dealing with on our behalf.

The Mujahideen may think they are martyrs doing glorious deeds by bombing convoys and hotels and such, in order to get the Americans to leave. But they are killing innocent people as well as the occasional occupier, and far from pushing the Americans out, they are giving the Americans a pretext for staying -- or surging! -- to "stabilize" the country. But the fact is, Americans DE-stabilized Afghanistan, deliberately, for policy reasons. And they bombed and invaded Afghanistan in 2001, based on a thick stack of lies, and they will continue to do things like this -- to Afghanistan, to Pakistan, and to other countries too -- for as long as all these lies remain standing.

In times like these,

I always try to go back to the beginning---the beginning of America. I think about the humans that already lived here. I think about monarchies and rebellions and striving to live free. I think about Andrew Jackson. I think about 99.9% of treaties being broken. I think about genocide at the hands of wasichu. I think about today, as well. I think about Pine Ridge, among other things.

I am not happy.

Is it or

Is it or

you got me!

I spelled Zbigniew Brzezinski's name wrong.

I guess I'll have to be taken out and shot.

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