Watching The Defectives

... it's so cute ...

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Your Essay

I wish I didn't agree with you. I WANT Obama's "promise" to be pure. However, the peace thing is a deal-breaker with me and after I read O's promise to escalate in Afghanistan, I voted for Nader. The whole electing an African-American drama does seem almost like a set-up to lure--and loll--the liberals. If so, it succeeded, as we both know.

a rich white nigger?

Hell! I thought I disliked him. And I also thought that all these folks were happy just because they know that Nov. 4 was my 60th birthday. Now you've disillusioned me on both counts.

And now -- just in case you REALLY WANT to puke -- check out this link to Naomi Klein's latest on AFP:

Glad to see you back and in fighting trim once again.


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

happy birthday, Jimmy

belated and everything! Wink

Did I say that?

Oops! I guess I must have meant it.

To the best of my recollection, I haven't used the N-word in more than 40 years. The last time, if I remember correctly, I was about 8 years old and on my way to the neighborhood candy store when I was accosted by a half-dozen black kids about my age, who knocked me off my bike, stole my pennies, and called me a nigger.

I knew that was a bad word and I was very reluctant to say it myself, but I found I had to when I got home and my mother insisted on knowing exactly what had happened. I don't think I've used the word since, except while singing Elvis Costello's "Oliver's Army", in which Elvis sings:

"It only takes one itchy trigger:
one more widow, one less white nigger"

And of course I'm making a play on Elvis' "Watching The Detectives" in the headline, so the reference to Obama as a "white nigger" could resonate with the title, at least for fans of Elvis. (I used to be one of those fans, until Elvis performed at Hillary Clinton's 60th birthday party -- but that's another story.)

Anyway, it sure is demoralizing to see so many black people celebrating the success of a light brown guy who has betrayed them so consistently. But that's politics in America, where nothing is as it seems, and hardly anybody gets that essential fact.

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Great post WP

I've missed your writing the past week or so.
Over the past two days I've been having some Email exchanges with friends who are giddy with joy; trying to temper them with a dose of reality (am i a spoil-sport?) - stating quite clearly that Obama's act of naming Rahm(bo) as White House COS is a slap in the face to everyone who voted for the hope for peace.
And I just love dried figs, not to mention AC/DC - in fact at the obligatory Halloween dress-up occasion I went as Angus Young, SG and all! smiling
Glad to know I'm not the only one on this wavelength.

SG! (OT)

I prefer a thin narrow neck myself, I play a Jazzmaster, and all my other guitars are more Fender-y than Gibson-y. But if I had to play a Gibson, it would be an SG ... for sure, for sure, for sure.

So we're mostly on the same page, although -- as always -- a little variety adds a little spice.

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Your latest post

Hey WP, it's wonderful to see you back in the saddle again. I couldn't agree with your latest more. Some good friends here in Prague are overjoyed, apparently having taken deep draughts of the Kool Aid. I believe I'll forward your e-mail to them. One of them expressed something like shock when I raised my misgivings about O'Bama (that wily Irish rascal!) yesterday, and I was temporarily tongue-tied, not knowing where to start. Your blog is the finest place in the world I can think of to get them started. If that doesn't do it we're in deep trouble. In any case, thank you, and welcome back!

Hi, WP! Was reading your

Hi, WP!
Was reading your posts when it would come but there was NOTHING TO SAY , except to call for the nation-wide boycott of the President's elections. What I did. But with no rewords.
Thus, Americans demonstrated once more their total incompetence in ruling the destiny neither own,nor the humanity.
The catastrophe, which is awaiting for us, was brilliantly hidden but already is coming in open: Obama was ( and is) the best Manchurian Candidate , the mind controlled society, like ours, could ever dream of. Now it is impossible to predict the what course the catastrophe will take ( already is taking). See, we are "united" for now!
And what did "united" us? The mind-controlled mannequin in the dressing window, created for to save the criminal system , which 300 millions of American morons probably deserved, while the rest of humans will be suffering and dying.
The invention of Obama was as brilliant as all the most malicious tyrannies in the human history combined would not be able to come up with.
I am to you, WP, out of the sympathy I developed while reading your posts .I am not going to talk much until the jubilant morons is still harking Ossana to Obama.
Then as it usually happens, there will be nothing to talk about anymore.
I am giving to you a few months, yet, when the "waking up in a shock" will begin and we all will pay the price for continuing "choosing the lesser evil" , being depraved from knowing the taste the good !!! Does somebody say something about the Economic Depression? That is not the worst out of the evils.
The loss of brains, the vegetable exitance is much. much worse.
We are almost there.

thanks very much

for all the kind and encouraging words on this thread. They are much appreciated

On The Turning Away

... good points. I feel as if I'm in that same old dream again, face in pillow, trying to run but only getting a few feet; the fools of the world beckoning me to join them, and even while tranquilized with heavy amounts of melatonin and no cognitive functions to speak of, I still resist. Not being a very religious person, I still find wisdom and peace in the gospels of the "old school" resistors:
eph 6
...For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with TRUTH, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

So now if I can just get this faith part down, says here I can take on a whole army of evil archers. horse-bleep

yes- on ur latest

will pass this one to as many ignorant musicians friends as possible :Cool
tried to talk with my wife about this Obama playing MLK in a staged theatre play called the US election - with no or negative respons...
to my "friends"; no or negative respons; here comes this mughead(me) trying to brush their hope away; a sense of hope that has more to do with their own well-being and/or a wish to remain "good" people and seen as such, thinking,maybe, that there is no warcrimes going on right now, no actual wars going on right now, perpetrated by the US warmachine - casue Obama won the election!!! - than a desire to investigate facts about this caracter called Obama (who wrote his part!? etc).
yeah maybe this fraud "victory" is a new 911 - uniting all the occident population behind slogans such as a "threaten american dream" or "they wanted good all the way, but firstly now they will be able to really show it to the world" - or other complete hypocrit nonsense -
and that is because the EU Europe is deeply complicit in this genocidal campaign against Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia - and its citizens somehow knows that too well....


Well, I did get a bit teary.

WP, I'm always glad to see you back.

As I watched Obama's speech, I was moved. I was moved because he was what hope was supposed to look and sound like. I was moved because, just for a moment, I wanted to feel deep hope. I let myself have that moment. I wanted to know at least know what it felt like. It felt damned good.

I don't want to lose that hope. So now I'm imagining that Obama has been verrrry tricky. He went along with Bush and the machine until... the time comes to rip off the mask... and it's NADER! Ah Ha Ha Ha!

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I hope your were in a free speech zone

"... the world is once again uniting behind a fork-tongued snake, but this time it's a rich white nigger who claims racism is not endemic in America, mostly because his brand of lying politics demands it, but also because his gilt-edged career path just happened to bypass it"

Jeebus! I hope you were in a free speech zone when you wrote that.

Awesome post and thanks for 'girtin our loins' with some truth this morning and directing our attention to those 'fruits we shall know them by'.

"It hints at an explanation of why my readership, and the chatter on my comment threads, fell through a hole in the floor shortly after I started writing about Barack Obama -- and applying the same BS-detector to him that I use on all the other political figures I write about."

I think the lesser of two evils crowd will be back. That is, if we still have some semblance of free speech on the internet and the electricity to run our computers.

Belated, Happy BDay Jimmy. I knew there had to be some good reason for celebrating Nov.4.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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Exactly, I know the feeling. Unfortunatley, I think this whole charade is designed to evoke that emotional response. My humble opinion here, but we are being led to feel that way and therefore say to ourselves: "This must be feels so good, it feels so right". The problem from my perspective is that emotions aren't right or wrong they are just information. I see it as a feedback system. Our emotions tell us how we are feeling based on the current input. We then have the choice to accept or reject the information based on a critical examination of those feelings by our reasoning (intellectual) mind. Sadly, this whole feel good about Obama love fest doesn't pass the smell test for me. I sincerely hope I am wrong about that. I am frequently wrong about a lot of things. smiling

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

McJ and ICGREEN also votes for the SG


There IS hope: Here's what I like about it as a Canadian. Could Harper be an Obama-Lite? Nope. Could he even be an Obama-Toadie? No. What's Harper going to do without George Voldemort? Where is he going to copy his campaign styles and speeches from? Hope for some amusement, anyway.

Gibson SG: I had one. Loved it. Sold it. Bought a bad strat copy with more hardware than a battleship. Did not like it. Sold it. Now I have a beat up fender classical. Love it because it's always on and it rattles and the neck breaks in half at odd times, adding depth and spontaneity to three chord songs. Still, I'd take the SG back anytime.

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A yummy flavored jelly bean

I agree! There is always hope for some amusement. laughing out loud

While what you say may be true, I am not clear on what difference it will make. Obama is the yummy cherry flavored jelly bean, Bush is the vomit flavored one (and being Canadian I know you are aware of how important jelly beans are to the US/Canada integration and fortress North America plans). It doesn't matter, they are both 'standardized' jelly beans. My fear is that coming from Obama, Canadians will be much more willing to swallow whatever they are offered. Harper will just need to lay low and keep his mouth shut and he's good at that.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

Manufacturing Hope (apologies to Noam)

"The whole electing an African-American drama does seem almost like a set-up to lure--and loll--the liberals. If so, it succeeded, as we both know."

I agree with Rosemary entirely except for maybe the "almost". When they've taken the starboard tack as far as it will go, they tack to port.
Left, Right, Left, Right, Left (as viewed from the side) .... round and round (as viewed from above)... as the world spirals down the toilet.

WP touched on a subject that has puzzled me - why get upset over vote rigging when the whole game is a scam? It's like arguing over professional wrestling tactics. Better to simply tell the truth about what is actually going on out there as WP has so admirably done.


WP-yours is one of the very few "must reads" that I have every day. I value your opinion and commentary. I have been a reader for only several months, but have found the information to be very honest. Please keep up the great work!


I have read a few of your articles and must say this is one of your most brilliant, bravo.
You are SPOT ON with your analysis and yes the Obooma supporters are just as crazy as the dumbya supporters, no wonder the americans (don't deserve a capital A) have ONE political party.

Excellent essay WP. If I

Excellent essay WP.

If I may -- I think your readership decline was inevitable as people got nearer the election and started wanting desperately to be reassured that things would be okay. I predict it will pick back up over the next several months as people start realizing that once again it's

meet the new boss
same as the old boss

and they will start realizing that as soon as the Congress and Obama's "economy team" bail out GM and other pseudo-failing businesses with more giveaways of Fed taxpayer dollars, and as soon as the military attacks on other nations begin in earnest. I don't think Obama will wait long on either front.

Happy happy b-day to Jimmy M, whose perspective is very valuable IMO. People, if you haven't tried Jimmy's Cornbread Recipe -- you're seriously missing out on one of the tastiest things I've ever had.

It takes a special sort of sicko ;-)

Thanks for all the kind words; I have to say this, though: There are a lot of reasons for the decline in my readership, including circumstances beyond my control which have limited the amount of time I can spend reading and writing.

Also, it doesn't really matter to me whether any of my former readers come back or not, and if experience is any guide, none of them will.

If I can manage to blog regularly and if the Obama administration turns out to be what it has looked like all along, my readership may increase, but that's not guaranteed, or even very likely, IMO.

It takes a special sort of sicko to stick around here for long. Wink And those who do are united by a bond which appears to be extremely selective. This is the kind of community that grows very slowly, if at all. And I am glad to see it growing, but not very.

... by which I mean: I would far rather have truth and justice prevailing on a regular basis, so I could stop blogging altogether and get some sleep now and then, and enjoy more time with my wife and kids, too. But seeing as how that doesn't look very likely in the near future, even with our transformative new leader at the helm, I will keep blogging as much as I can, and I'll be happy to see the community grow, if it does grow ... but I will be very surprised if it ever begins to grow quickly. And this is why:

DENIAL is a powerful force and most if not all of us turn to it, at least to a certain extent. There's more FEELGOOD to be had in HOPE than there is in KNOWLEDGE (which is deprecated, anyway). So the people who turn to knowledge are [how-do-you-say-?] deliberately inflicting pain on themselves, when they could be spacing out on HOPE and FEELGOOD.

Masochists? is that what we are? what's in it for us? why do we care? what makes us so resistant to just hanging back and letting things happen, or even going along with the program?

And why are there so few of us?

Great to have you writing

Great to have you writing again WP. The truth hurts, it really does.

Dim Hope and Relief ( No McCain) Till Feb 09

I fear you are right about Obama. I will wait a little longer though to judge. Just remember Bush still has power at his fingertips for another 75 days as he pointedly informed the world.
Loose talk before power he is president might bring on all sorts of senarios. I did see a video of Obama addressing a gathering of the very wealthy and he appeared to revel in being amoung them so yes it would seem you still have a president frontman for the elite.

Its a sad day here in NZ. We have just elected a wealthy investment banker who is slightly more moderate than the rest of his National Party. I think the party will control him. He was closely linked to the biggest fraud in NZ history 20 years ago but claims to know little about the whole thing.
Yuk is about all I can say. Voting machines will be next, I hope not.
Time to cross the Tasman maybe but will want to avoid the body scanners they have installed at some aussie airports. I'm stuck here for now but am truly looking to escape to a more liberal setting where I can work on a plan to protect my country from the New World Order. Hmmmn. Im feeling weary but will look for the light again.
I don't think Obama will be a fix all but McCain would have been disaterous. Well see what Obama is saying in Febuary. Hope it changes but I know its a very long shot. I did read that RFK Jr might get a position with the EPA and if that were true then I think there might be some hope.
I still read Brad Blog and I still read you. You are both trying to improve the situation in a genuine way whether right or wrong. Its a great shame you are not still there for everyone.

I used to comment on the Bradblog cause I didn't know just how many people read it. I did lots of typos and didn't realy know anything at all except I didn't trust those machines.
Anyway thats still pretty much the case but at least Im more aware that I don't know thanks to yourself, Chris Floyd and others.

I. B. Simplistic

Would you have preferred mccain and Jethro Bodine with a vagina . . .

U. B. 2 Simplistic indeed

U. B. 2 simplistic indeed, amigo.

I would have preferred to see at least one major party running a candidate who would challenge at least one of the fundamental assumptions which are never allowed into the national discourse.

I would have preferred Cynthia McKinney.
I would have preferred Ralph Nader.
I would have preferred Martin Sheen.
I would have preferred Charlie Sheen!

I would have preferred if the Democratic Party were supporting people like Nader and McKinney, rather than chasing them away.

I would have preferred if the American media had opened the floor, and the American people had opened their minds, to the many possibilities not addressed in this campaign, except by the so-called "fringe" candidates, who were relegated to the "fringe" precisely because they represented the views of -- and even more importantly, they supported the long-term interests of -- the majority of the people.

I would have preferred if American democracy were about the views and the interests of the majority of the people. Instead it's a stage-managed farce featuring one guy who calls himself a maverick and wants to make war on the rest of the world, and another guy who calls himself audacious and hopeful and wants to make war on the rest of the world.

But then again, perhaps my vision is clouded by the fact that I don't indulge in the propaganda.

No BS Authentic WP


One thing you do not do is cut corners. i.e. You don't write an depth article on something else then reefer to 911 as though the official story were correct which other highly respected journalists and bloggers I'm afraid do do, a lot. You have covered this phenomenon extensively thus reinforcing what we have all seen as standard practice. Sometimes we notice it and sometimes we need to see it pointed out by someone in the know.
Some journalists who do this are so good in other respects that its still worth reading them for the other part of the story buts its disheartening when you see them skip over 911 or other as though the official story was right when they probably know full well or damned well should.
This sort of half reporting is rife in the papers and on the net. Then there are those reporters who don't report any sort of truth whatsoever.
Anyway WP this is one of the reasons I read and admire your work but you will never see good work from me unless I miraculously recover my faculties.

Im afraid my health does not allow me to read and absorb a lot of information so I'm left relying on the basics of using my instinct and reasoning skills to try to make some sense of the information I have managed to absorb and retain. Unfortunately this is not a lot and leads to mistakes. I'm not saying too much these days cause the details overwhelm me.
Am suffering from post election trauma re biased, hopeless NZ media during our election runup so will going incommunicado again.
I'll continue to skim your articles and might hazard an opinion on he odd occasion.

Amazing, isn't it?

Thanks for your comments.

It really is amazing how many allegedly dissident journalists pretend that Bush was legitimately elected -- TWICE!, that 9/11 was properly investigated, that the official story of 9/11 is airtight, and that this story supports the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

It is even more amazing that these journalists continue to be respected.

Things Don't Change

I have to say that I have been following your readings for at least a 2 years now, if not longer, and you always seem to put in writing what I am feeling. I have been very cautious of Barak Obama from the very start of his rise to fame and have tried unsuccessfully to make my family and friends aware of his tactics. I will speak here as a black man, but will NOT attempt to speak for all black people. When a black man is ALLOWED (and yes I used this word correctly) to reach this level my spidey sense starts tingling. At this level he will not be allowed to shake the tree too hard. I use Marcus, Malcom, Medgar, and Martin as my proof. I will attempt to list briefly a few things that concerned me about his campaign.

1. Disowning Rev. Wright - What a shame. Sound bites aside, anyone who took the time out to listen to Rev. Wright (as you did WP) would have found some truth in what he said. The truth in what he said would have opened the door for discussion and TRUE CHANGE. Feel free to do your own research. This type of disloyalty is a sign of things to come in my opinion.

2. Moving troops to Afghanistan - Not much to be said here. Only those who are completely unaware (ie. the general public) believe that this war was warranted based on the origins and findings 0f 9/11. Talk about chasing the ghost. Innocent people are being killed by air strikes daily while opium fields are fiercely protected. Maybe this is the way they're recouping their costs here in America, but I digress. Is this something a CHANGE president would want to continue?

3. Campaign contributions from the major banks - This, for me, was the coup de grace. Receiving a sizable chunk of your contribution funds from the "bail out banks" means you're going to owe someone something for their dime. This will likely come at the expence of we the people, and it will likely lead to the demise of his soul.

There are a laundry list of other concerns that I have with the President Elect. As a black independent I have tried to share this information with other black folks I know and I am always accused of being "negative", or met with some reason why his success must be ordained by God himself. I am tired of choosing from the lesser of two evils peddled to me by the bank owners and the media. Until this changes then there will be no true change whether the candidate is black or white. Let's start/continue to have real discussions!! Thank you WP for your contribution. I respect your thoughts.

thank you

Thanks very much for your comments. I appreciate your support.

The fact that I agree with you don't hurt nothin'! Wink

I B Simple

Simplicity / "propaganda" & Your fine attention to detail and completeness both have their place?

Is it all or nothing all the time with you ?


Please tell me:
What is the proper place for propaganda?
What is the proper role of simplicity in political analysis?

and in return I will tell you something...

There's no such thing as a little bit of truth.
There's no such thing as a little bit of justice.

If you're looking for a little bit of truth ... or a little bit of justice ... or a little bit of compassion ... or a little bit of sanity ... then you've come to the wrong place!

... but that's no problem; as I have mentioned more than once, there are plenty of other places where you can find little bits of each.

I believe Orwell said,(I

I believe Orwell said,(I paraphrase), that if even only one person knew the truth, though all the world were against that one, that one was not mad.


"What is the proper place for propaganda?"
When competing with dishonest propaganda.

What is the proper role of simplicity in political analysis?
for folks that have very limited time and attention span and Issues with reading ability.

Respectfully, BH

Let them cry for joy

I've gotta say, I'm glad you're writing this blog. The Obama lovefest is not going down easy for me. All I feel is dread. The Obama victory made even more clear the profound ignorance of the American public. They are also cowards in my eyes. People opted to make superficial history, electing a half-black candidate so America's narrative and image can change. You have to remember, we live in a instant gratification culture, when people want change, they want it now. Immediately after Obama won, the Huffington Post ran a headline "Change Has Come to America" but what these people don't realize is that change comes hard. It does not come overnight. I have stopped reading truthdig, huffpost, alternet, and other liberal sites. I will check up on them from time to time but their failure to understand what an Obama victory truly means is disgusting. The masses have been pacified, the sheep neutered. But let them cry for joy. After all, everything that is true and beautiful is in the minority, that's what goethe said. Anyways, good post, I've just recently come across your blog.

I always enjoy reading your

I always enjoy reading your work.

Allow me to support and retort on behalf of Space Cadets.

" There's more FEELGOOD to be had in HOPE than there is in KNOWLEDGE (which is deprecated, anyway). So the people who turn to knowledge are [how-do-you-say-?] deliberately inflicting pain on themselves, when they could be spacing out on HOPE and FEELGOOD."

Yeahbut... Winter Knowledge gives me hope! That's what I want out of factual truth: ground support for dreams.

The night Winter Knowledge correctly reports The End I will reconsider the way I relate knowledge and hope, time permitting.

Barack LOOKED like a dream but we who read WP know that his voting record didn't give him the ground support. I knew it. The feeling of deep hope came from the look, the tears from the knowledge.

Thanks of post.

Very enlightening thanks for the material

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