Stunning: What It Looks Like When A Political Candidate Tells The Truth

If you live in California's 14th Congressional district, you have an opportunity that is -- tragically -- unavailable to most other Americans. You can vote for a Congressional candidate who has the courage -- and the knowledge -- to say the things that Democrats would say if they really represented Change, or Hope, or even Audacity:

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Worth a vote

What a breath of fresh air!
This is linked on her site but I'll highlight it here as it is a "must read"-
The Art of War and The Art of Life

She's got my vote

I may just write in her name for my congressional district race and I'm in Tennessee.
Her video statement, that I thank you for linking winter, is the best I have seen from any candidate anywhere.
We need about 435 others like her.

Right ON, Kenny!

and thanks for all your good work at the sideshow

please don't read Kenny's blog Wink

Carol Brouillet for Congress

All the links on WP for Carol are returning Page Load Error's on Mozilla. Explorer too.

9:15 Monday October 27, 2008.

I hope she's just awfully popular or her IT staff is plastered or something...

hang in there

and try again later ... they were wonky for me too ... plastered is good Wink

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