Desperate Measures For Desperate Times: McCain Panders To Bush's Base

All systems of government redistribute wealth. It's inevitable. Every piece of legislation pertaining to tax law -- or any other aspect of the economy -- steals money from somebody and gives it to somebody else. What matters is the direction in which the money flows.

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Thanks for writing this.

Thanks for writing this. The idea that "spreading the wealth" is such a bad thing has been bothering me every since Sam Whatshisname, the unlicensed plumber's helper, burst on the scene. You are exactly right that what matters is which direction the money is flowing. McCain, Obama (and all of our Dear Leaders for that matter) have shown themselves to be eager and enthusiastic supporters of spreading our wealth to bankers and other ultra wealthy elites. But when it comes to a discussion of throwing some crumbs to the masses, we hear cries of socialism. What's McCain's alternative to spreading the wealth? Concentrating it into the greedy hands of fewer and fewer people.

From Oct. 2007:
Senator Bernie Sanders on distribution of the wealth in America

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

I can't remember where I

I can't remember where I read this, but it was a reputable source...if there are actually any of those these days. McCain's wife would pay roughly $700,000 less in taxes under his plan. I assume this is an estimate since she refused to release her tax forms.

The Law of Attraction

I am reading "Money and The Law of Attraction" right now and am about 3/4 through it. It's the same thing as The Secret. I think.

Here is what I assume a GOP'er would say about the income disparity after having read as far as I have.

The first thing you have to do is align yourself with the source of all things. Call it what you want; God, source, higher self.

No amount of action will overcome misalignment. That is, you can work your butt off and not get anywhere because you are not aligned with your true self. And your true self, being all powerful does not feel fear, anger, greed. On the other hand, if you are aligned to your true self, you can do almost no work and money and happiness will flow to you.

Witness the story in the book where the wife supports the husband through years of unemployment and after the eventual divorce he wins a lottery and refuses to share it with his wife. Both got what they did according to the law of attraction. He did nothing, which is what he wanted to do without guilt, and allowed to abundance to come to him and kept it . She was all uptight and angry and throwing guilt around. She was not aligned with the source. She got nothing in accordance ith the law of attraction. She was not being what she truly wanted to be.

Now you see, many of the rich are aligned with who-they-really-are. There is no right and wrong. Money flows to them through whatever means because they have desires and any desire, once you are aligned, is not just justifiable, but joyfully so.

What the poor need to know is that the universe is infinitely abundant. The money that the rich have isn't "taken" from the poor. It flows to those who are aligned with the laws of the universe. And the universe can provide for anyone and everybody who is aligned.

Man made laws, promises, past suffering, stupid governments... none of this matters.

Are you aligned with the source? The best and only way you can help others is to be aligned with the source. Then you will radiate and the unaligned will be helped by your example.

I really have no idea if this is what the rich are thinking. But it would excuse any kind of behavior on their part in their own minds.

The trick of it is that what Sanders attacks them on, well, they're not really there at all:

Sanders says they are bad. There is no bad Sanders, you unicorn.
He says you have you have more money than you need. Well, we can't help it. We're aligned. Doesn't matter anyway. You can have it too, if you align yourself. In fact, everyone should align themselves, since there is infinite abundance in the universe.

God created an abundant

God created an abundant world -(look at any tree or plant and at the number of seeds it bears).
God did not create money -(it was able to be created by somebody else only because it doesn't really exist).
Everything has been tied to money be they material goods or services. Now restrict the supply of money and you have created scarcity everywhere where it wasn't before (and needn't be now).

Fear enters stage left. Now we need to accumulate money to be safe from poverty, even death (because there is not enough to go round). But when do we know we have enough? Everybody is trying to take it from us or so it seems (because there is not enough to go round). The Fear stays and never leaves.

Are these people aligned with the Source of all things? I don't think so. Aligned with a false god and a very destructive one, I'd say.

Re: God created an abundant

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." Matthew 6:27-29

What would the lilies do if they had to pay rent? Money changes the situation, for sure.

There is a lot in the Attraction books that appeals to me. I do think we have a higher self that we can align with, for instance.

Alignment may be universally available, but it's not too common. Then, it turns out that spiritual alignment is the key to wealth. So what you have is a trickle-down economics based on the ability to see God. I dunno.

Back to income disparity... is Sanders hitting a nerve with the rich, or do they just think he is ignorant of the principles, spiritual, economic, brute force or whatever they might be, that justify the disparity?

Great insight

"So what you have is a trickle-down economics based on the ability to see God. I dunno." Dunno? I beg to differ, IC. You have summarised it brilliantly to show its idiocy.

"Back to income disparity... is Sanders hitting a nerve with the rich, or do they just think he is ignorant of the principles, spiritual, economic, brute force or whatever they might be, that justify the disparity?"

How does an alcoholic respond to the proposition that alcohol is a poison or that it is controlling him? The rich are addicts with the same distortion of reality and the same response.

Speaking of Mathew, see Ch19, 23-24. Now, the big question is, "Why did he say that?"

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