Sorry, Chump: Your Facts Contradict My Opinions

Dear Sir,

I have received your most recent, and looked it over, briefy.

Unfortunately it seems to contain a number of facts which contradict my opinions.

Therefore, I shall be unable to pay it any further attention.

Please consider yourself dismissed.


You can read the rest here or comment below.


Absolutely, 110 percent correct, Mr. WP

There's no difference between the Obamanauts and the Dittoheads. In fact, there's no difference between Obama and Limbaugh in at least one respect: neither person (I won't call them men) has enough sense to be ashamed of himself.

I saw Juan Cole's piece when it was first out a couple of weeks ago. I was jolted by it in exactly the same way Chris was. But this was the first I've seen of Chris' takedown.

Actually, I thought of writing something myself and then dismissed the idea. I figured Cole's thinking in this matter was so blatantly flawed that anyone with any sense could take it apart. Chris, of course, has more sense than most, so I'm sure that taking Cole apart in this case was no problem for him.

I suppose Chris saw what I did not: It wasn't that Cole's fan club would profit from the rebuttal (they won't listen), but Cole himself needed a bitch-slapping and may have the brains to profit from it. In any event, Chris certainly delivered. How Cole responds will be the measure of HIM, as far as I'm concerned.

Great post! Thanks for putting it up here.


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

Same old story

Well, I've always read that Cole was largely pro-Democrat. This post by him is not surprising.

Back when I wasn't posting stuff here, and I only used my blog, I had somewhat tackled this issue. Although, it was nowhere near as forceful as Chris Floyd's relentless punches.

The first one was a reaction to Digby calling third parties useless.
"Yes we can...go to hell, smiling"

The second was a reaction to Amiri Baraka doing the same, in his "Parade of rascals" diatribe.
"Do something! Anything!"

In retrospect, I find that the tone of the two posts is somewhat pompous. My apologies. Sticking out tongue

Cole will respond the same way he always does

He not only ignores criticism, he asks his readers to deflect it for him!

"I'm going to set this entry up as a place for kind readers who would do me the favor of going through the various Rightwing rap sheets on me, beginning with Frontpagerag, and see if they can refute them point by point from my weblog."


Juan Cole is behaving like the "sports writer" I was talking about, WP.

here's your measure of the man

Powell's Finest Moment
by Juan Cole

"What is remarkable to me about Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama on Meet the Press was its sincerity and the form of its reasoning. He addressed issues, not personalities. He engaged in analysis, not demonization. After the Rove years of Goebbels-like propaganda, guilt by association, and innuendo, Powell's appearance brought fresh air into the nation's living rooms the way flinging the windows open in March for spring cleaning does."

... and so on ... followed by lots of comments, some very critical and factual, none of which apparently merit any response from the so-called "Middle East expert" ... whose site, frankly, looks more and more like a psy-op every day.

As Lord Elrond told Gandalf --

Prince Elrond told Gandalf: "Our list of allies grows thin."

Whoever wins this election isn't going to be president of the United States. He is going to be "The Lord of the Things." You heard it here first.


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

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