Nazi Hate-Monger Bites The Dust

The right-wing Austrian politician Jorg Haider has been killed in a car crash. Too bad.

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Thirty-eight thousand

Thirty-eight thousand contiguous acres in the Alps!! I didn't know there were 38,000 acres in the whole nation of Austria. And all of it inherited from his parents, who got it for a sack of peanuts from a family of Jews who were afraid not to sell. It'd be nice to know what became of the Jewish former owners. Small wonder the guy liked the Nazis.


"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain

Passing over

My first question is, "do we know the identity of the driver of the car that was being passed before our unfortunate friend "left the road" (and this mortal coil)?

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Interesting that you posted this

Interesting that you posted this...I have run across this story a few times now. Some of his supporters don't think this was an accident. He recently made some controversial remarks about abolishing the 'bank mafia'.
I couldn't find a link in English to corroborate he made those remarks but here is a youtube link to him making the remarks on Austrian TV. (It's not in English so I still don't know if it is true. smiling )

And there is this from the UK TElegraph:
"Mr Haider's death may prompt concerns that political support will pass from him to the current Freedom Party leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, who is seen as a much more hardline figure. Mr Haider was originally Mr. Strache's political mentor, but the two fell out as Mr. Haider chose to pursue more moderate policies in recent years.

And this from some google group I came across while I was searching suggesting he was killed because of his stance against 'uncontrolled immigration':
"Coincidence or Assassination?: Austrian far right leader Haider dies
in car crash Popular Austrian politician Joerg Haider has been killed
after his car went out of control. Just as the Dutch politician who
also campaigned against uncontrolled immigration Pim Fortuyn, was
killed by an “anti-rights activist”..."


BBC News:Dutch far-right leader shot dead
"The Dutch right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn has been shot dead...The maverick politician...had been campaigning on an anti-immigration ticket, was expected to do well in general elections in nine days' time, picking up at least 15% of the vote.
(H-m-m another maverick)

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

Haider was assassinated??

Lots of very interesting stuff on the death of Jorg Haider courtesy of Kenny's Sideshow:

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page load error

I get a page load error both links.

I'll have to check it out later. It is Thanksgiving weekend here and I'm cooking dinner for the family. So I just have to stop reading and get something done. smiling

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v


The missing doors are the tell-tale of some tampering, IMHO. It is highly unusual for doors to burst open (burst proof locks) nevermind also being ripped from their hinges. The lock catches on the striker plates in the body show no signs of damage. The immediate surrounding panelwork shows no sign of deformation.
The Telegraph (mouthpiece for MI6 in my view) says the car went down an embankment yet here it is on the roadway. Ordinarily, I would think, the car would not be moved until investigators had finished at the scene and then it would be loaded onto a trailer for removal. There doesn't seem to be any indication of an embankment in the photos. Also, clearly this car was not going at 50kph.
I think the most likely explanation is that the car lost control after skidding on all the bullshit evident at the scene.

Jorge Haider's death

You could have replaced Jorge Haider's name in that article with any one of several Zionist Israeli's who not only advocated the expulsion of foreigners from their land,but actually blew up buildings and committed atrocities in the pursuit of that policy-something Haider never even did.
Tzippy Livni's father Eitan Livni was involved with the Irgun that blew up the King David hotel which killed 91 British.
Not only was Livni's father involved,but her mother posed as a pregnant women in order to rob a train.The King David operation was led by Menachim Begin...another future leader of Israel.
It would seem that there is a prerequisite for a leader of Israel to have been involved in terrorism at some time in defense of their racist,parasitic little country-Haider policies appeared timid in comparison.
When one refelects honestly,there really isn't much of a difference between what Hitler did in the 40's and what the Israeli's are doing today-one evicted Jews-something that has happened about 60 times prior in about 70 countries- and one evicts Arabs with similar results-only this time all western media gives them cover and excuses.


I oppose racism and violent extremism in all its forms, whether it's the Israelis (and you're quite right about them, I believe) or the Nazis, or anyone else.

Haider may not have actually blown up buildings in the pursuit of policy, but still ... when a politician who admires racist war criminals rises to prominence on a wave of ignorance and hate, the damage that wave does to a society is an atrocity in itself ... whether it happens in Austria or Israel or anywhere else, including USA.


The photos from judicial inc. should be verified. I'm not sure about them.

Haider, a neo-nazi? The MSM will tell us so. It makes me wonder if in the future there will be neo-neocons.

Deception is the way of war: Mossad

"Assassinated"? Puh-leeeze...

Typical wingnuttery.

A real horse's ass regressive-conservative ignores public safety and incompetently prangs himself into road pizza at twice the posted limit because he finds laws made to control the behavior of others are too personally-inconvenient for his exceptional, self-righteous self, but the wingers must herald conspiracy theories in full voice from every mountaintop, since by dogma, extremist conservatives are flawless paragons of Humanity.

Yet anyone who dares question the official story of 9/11, TWA Flight 800, the plutocratic banking industry, et cetera, et cetera, is a left-wing "moonbat" whose lunatic ravings are the sign of some willful mental deficiency and probably terrorist sympathies, and for whom death camps and public executions by torture are regrettably wholly inadequate punishments.


We can only hope that Mr. Haider is now crisply burning away in Hell where he belongs -- delivered there by his own wicked hand, no less -- and not a moment too soon.

nice comment ...

... a cornucopia of ad hominem attacks ... but no indication of any respect for (or curiosity about) the circumstances of the man's death.

We won't find out what happened to Jorg Haider by blathering about ideology.

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