All You Need To Know

The phones were ringing off the hook in the offices of "our" "Representatives", with public sentiment more or less equally divided between "NO!" and "HELL, NO!"

But the House passed the bill anyway.

This tells you all you need to know.

You can read the rest here or comment below.


It looks like a very funny

It looks like a very funny book. Excellent quote, especially the end. Ha ha.

yes, it's a very funny book

There are handful of endorsements on the back cover of my paperback copy, including one from my favorite novelist of all time, Joseph Heller, who called it "... a gruesome and hilarious book."

TIME magazine called it "fast-paced, fascinating -- and a bit frightening." The folks at TIME were minimizing; it's a lot more than "a bit frightening".

I am planning to post more excerpts as the 2008 election approaches, as I find them stunningly relevant to today's situation.

Split mind

That conversation is beautiful example of the split mind that attends so many people in politics, business and religion who are actually in a position (be it ever so small) to do something about this mess and who instead put their shoulder to the wheel to help it along.

I should have

added that conversation "between Joe McGinniss and Gene Jones" to make myself clear.

minor correction

Just a minor (hehe, not so minor I guess!) correction: the amount of the bill allotted to the Pentagon was $488 billion.

says who?

do you happen to have a link to support that number?

my report of $615B comes from here, BTW:

and if they are wrong, I would like to know it.


some interesting comments

InfoWars has picked up this piece and it has attracted some interesting comments.

I liked the one that started this way

"This is an amazing piece of writing. I am always amazed at the level of talent and professionalism of the people involved in this site and this movement. ... "

and I liked this one too

"Good article that gets right to the point. I find it simply amazing that an armed revolution has not began! How much farther can the American people be oppressed before they take action?"

but my favorite comment says:

"screw you, winter patriot. [I] can’t leave and I’ll not get used to it - that leaves only one choice. ..."

not trying to disagree

I had watched the video at consortium news too, and I haven't re-listened to see if Chalmers Johnson mentioned it there. I saw it in the AP piece at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

not a problem

thanks for the additional details! Wink

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