She's Perfect! Palin For President!

Judgement? Experience? Humbug! I'm talking about the essential skills now, and Sarah Palin has what it takes. She'd be perfect as Vice President. She'd be even better as President.

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I think that couple of

I think that couple of sentences ( ...exceptional ism...) answers the question from your last post WP. Until US citizens stop thinking like this nothing can/will change.

I still think Obama is toast.

McCain and Sarah will pull a miracle out of a hat on Nov. 4. They'll win by one or two percentage points and three or four electoral votes. Obama will go back to the Senate. McCain will die or go crazy (if he isn't dead or insane at this moment) and then Sarah will be president. And you're right, WP: she is just what we need at this moment. She's the only bitch in 50 states who is stupid enough to go to war with Russia and China -- which is exactly where we're headed.

I gotta go to the library and see if I can dig up some of them old, Cold-War propaganda films. I'm not sure if I can remember how to duck and cover correctly. Nobody ever showed me how to do it without a student's desk to hide under. . . .

"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain


I should like to think that we have seen the absolute low in the candidates for high office in this benighted nation.
I am old enough to know better, however.
The cookie cutter candidates and sound byte b.s. are now established for the ages.
Back in the day, when still young and naive enough to believe that public officials had something to do with policy, I shrugged off doubts about the corruption and corporate controls which have been in place for many a long year, supported Shirley Chisholm, fell into line with Gene McArthy, and now I waste my vote every cycle on Mr. Nader.
I know, I know, voting just encourages the bastards, I hold my nose each time.
It seems to be the only game in town.
I agree that through some Divine vote fixing, McLame will be the next POTUS.
I dare not even hope that this will be the last straw, and the arroused populace will break free of teevee and storm the Bastille.
Palin is so, well, NORMAL (!).
At least among that half of those eligible to vote who cast a ballot.
Maybe we will get lucky and a coalition from Asia will buy the elections next time, electing some candidate with an inkling of the world around them.

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Some late nights rambings and watching CNN....

It's late nite and I have CNN on in the background while I'm reading. Right now, I'm waiting to hear why Sarah couldn't tell Katie what news rags she reads laughing out loud but it keeps getting interrupted by breaking news on the OJ Simpson trial (guilty on all charges). It's kinda hard to figure out which of those is the more important news.

I watched about half of the VP debate on CSPAN last nite. It was a useless, content less, talking point fest. Sarah Palin was appalling! I felt embarrassed and horrified and I'm not even an American.

Golly gee, shucks, you betcha, wink, wink, [say no more]. Need to understand the economy?...just talk to a soccer mom. John's a maverick, I'm a maverick....maverick, maverick maverick. We're going to clean up the mess in Washington 'cause we're mavericks. More power for the Vice President...[and] hockey moms...Joe six-pack...drill baby drill...Oh Joe!...there you go...looking backwards again.

I almost puked when she spat out the shining city on the hill comment and I mean that literally. I couldn't stop thinking about the very real possibility she will be the president.

The right wing pundits on CNN are crying the blues about how the mean liberals are making fun of her. They are pointing out that this is the folksy way real Americans talk! We are so fucked!

Well...Sarah reads The Economist, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and according to CNN's Candy and David, the reason she couldn't answer Katie's questions was because she had too much information in her head and she was brain locked. Go figure, who would have thunk it!

Oh and btw the reason you are bailing out Wall Street is because a whole bunch of American workers will lose their jobs if you don't and we shouldn't feel sorry for the slackers that took out mortgages they couldn't afford. The financial crisis is their fault and they should have worked hard like the pundits do.

Sadly, I agree with Jimmy, McCain will win. I read somewhere KKKarl & Co. has put the fix in ...repugs win by 51.2% and 3 electoral votes wink.

Same old shit, just a different pile.

And speaking of piles of shit, turd blossom has been spreading his crap north of the 49.

Ending with a bright spot...
Cynthia McKinney on the Bailout:

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

Gov. Palin

Guess I will not read you anymore.
Gov. Palin has lied and manipilated in every way to get to be Mayor and then Gov. How can you not see that.? She is phony and an opportunist. What she has done to people and animals is appalling.
McCain has no morals anymore either. We do not need a pack of liers in the White House again. I understand that politicians lie, but these 2 have gone beyond irresponsiblility. They are morally corrupt.

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I think you missed the point

Anonymous I think you missed WP's point. Did you read more than the headline?


strange use of the word "anymore"...

did you ever read me?

did McCain ever have morals?


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