More Screwed Now Than Ever Before

I can't shake the feeling that we're more screwed now than ever before, though it seems hardly anyone agrees with me.
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Listen, people I have been

Listen, people
I have been talking about the NATION-WIDE BOYCOTT of The Presidential Elections as The MOVEMENT for about 3-4 months.
I begged good people to take this banner in their hands and to start The Movement.
Are you now just "discovering" Barack Obama? Well, you are dumned then. And what are you "disacovering" now? That this "candidate" is not worth of one of the world's tear? And now you are crying fools?
Come on, people.
WE ARE HERE, in The United States, WILL SUPPORT EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY, WHO KEEPS THE STATUS QUO, which is the Dead American Dream.
Stop crying.

I know the feeling...7 years

I know the feeling...7 years on and the big lie is more solid than ever, followed by all its bastard children. Showing the slighest sign of doubt has become a threat to your mere existence as a social animal. The Obama show has brought us some of the most outrageous lies in recent memory. I guess in times of universal deceit, telling even bigger lies becomes necessary. What will go down in history? How many blogs will still be up and running in one generation? Computer data is the kind that becomes obsolete quickest. Orwell pictured the control of history as a painstaking task, a work of revision, while in fact it has turned into a work in progress, actualized and solidified every day. And it seem to fall into place so smoothly, so easily, almost by design. Like a game of tetris with all the pieces falling in the perfect spot right away. I too get the feeling we're more screwed up than ever before, thinking about certain things.


Patriotism is a manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome.
Back in the day, when I thought that people might be persuaded by discussion and debate, the promise of the Obama "cleansing the temple" might have caught me up.
The very few Dems still on speaking terms with me seem to believe that the Great Hope is going to stealth his way into power and then unleash the forces of Truth, Justice and the American Way.
I point out that the lies and murders of the past ten decades remain buried, and help is not on the way.
Not a popular stance.
I will remain consistent, and vote for Nader or some other person I believe is trying to be ethical.
As to the crimes and despotism, I see only worse to come, no matter which puppet becomes POTUS.


Seriously: If you want to call for a boycott of elections, please do it elsewhere. We don't need that sort of stupidity around here. If you want to throw away your privilege then by all means do so, but there's no reason to start a movement of apathy and ignorance about it, and you are certainly not welcome to do it on my blog.

If you don't support the Elephants or the Donkeys (as I do not) then you should VOTE GREEN! which by the way is also a way to vote FOR social justice AND 9/11 truth -- neither of which the Red or Blue parties support.

... and if you think I just discovered that Obama was a snake then you obviously don't read my blog

After Obama wins on Nov2

Hi WP,

I keep seeing parallels between the US race and what's happened here in Australia (where Bush's rightwing Deputy Howard was defeated by the center-right "leftist" Rudd) and I am hopeful that the same dynamics might play out over the next few years.

A lot of people held their nose and voted for Rudd just to get rid of Howard. Now Howard's Liberal Party is floundering, their coalition partners are walking away from them, and anyone connected to Howard cannot get the stink off. I dare hope that if the GOP loses on Nov 2nd, they may face a similar future.

Of course, Rudd is no saviour of democracy. Like Blair's New Labor, he has gone so far to the right that he has squeezed the oxygen out of the conservatives. So now the Greens are becoming the new alternative government by default. In a by-election a few days ago, they very nearly won the safest Liberal seat in the country.

Imagine something similar happening in the USA: Obama wins, the GOP is decimated... who is going to fill the vacuum?

I am thinking that all those voters who will hold their noses and vote Obama might end up disillusioned after a year or less, and whoever can fill that void (the Greens?) might enjoy a surprisingly rapid rise to prominence. The question is whether the gatekeepers (esp. the media) will allow anyone into that space.

And of course, this all assumes that Obama wins, which is far from given.

Good to see... at least responding to something WP...

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The Great Depression

Lately, I have noticed an underlying current of despair among bloggers who dare to question 'the big lies'. I can't really define the feeling but 'more screwed than ever before' captures the essence smiling. It's like stories of a farmer in the great depression who one year looses everything to drought, spends the next year rebuilding, only to loose it all again to a prairie fire. Or, the guy who has his finger in the dike and no one has noticed, or come to relieve him, and now a sea of water is about to come crashing through the dyke.

Where do you get the energy to carry on and is it worth the effort when even the few that have noticed there is a problem don't care, or worse yet, think some messiah (ie. Obama et al) is coming to save them? Not to mention the overwhelming majority who have their heads firmly planted in the sand with no idea they are about to be shot in the ass.

"I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain..." -- Shakespeare, Hamlet, I, v

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