Unhinged At Last: Further Reflections On The NIST/WTC-7 Scam

It may seem too obvious to mention, but I'm going to mention it anyway. Sometimes when we fail to mention the obvious, we get off on the wrong foot and then everything else we do turns out wrong -- and we don't even know why.

And maybe people are saying this all over the place; I don't know. I don't get out much. If I'm adding one more voice to the choir, so be it. If I'm singing a new song all by myself, that's ok too. It wouldn't be the first time.

If you're doing an investigation -- any kind of investigation -- if you're looking into a murder, or a plane crash, or a structural failure, or a suspicious fire, or -- God forbid -- a complex series of events involving all of these things -- you want to start with the physical evidence.

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At this distance, in time and kilometres, it would seem to me that the majority of US citizens (and possibly western citizens) are insane, unhinged, living in denial..... , about a whole lot of things. All of which, as you say, hinge on 911. Maybe it has something to do with the 'exceptional ism' myth that permeates US history and discourse. Not very many people want to think about things in any depth and are only able to see how it affects 'me now", no insight and no empathy.
All of this you, Chris Floyd and Arthur Silber, write about at great length and with much greater skill than I could ever express. Thank you so much.

9/11 Still the Lynchpin

I recall WP writing at some point that even if 9/11 were close to the official story that the rest of the corruption was horrid enough even without 9/11.

It still seems to me that if 9/11 is exposed... well, on second thought, what would happen? Well, on the assumption that something just would happen, wouldn't it be cool if all the bloggers got together to produce a document that blasts NIST out of the water? Something that knocks down the doors of the press and into the living rooms and onto the streets? Please keep nailing them on this.

The only real complexity to their report is the political complexity they find themselves in. If they wanted a simple model of how the buildings fell they can do it far more easily:

Insure the dog house on Friday.
Fix the dog house on Saturday. (leaky roof or something)
On Sunday, throw the neighbor's hammer and saw at the dog house then detonate the dynamite planted Saturday
Clean the doghouse bits up quickly and take them to the dump.
Imagine the kids outrage. Give the kids rocks to throw at the neighbors for revenge.

Takes about a day of planning and three days to execute.

Back to basics

Thanks WP for taking us back to the basics of investigations and what is supposed to happen. I remember reading Joe Vialls say once that the surest way to detect official involvement in crimes and atrocities is to look for what should have happened and didn't. The telltale is what's missing. And you have demonstrated that extremely well. Truth is almost always simple and understandable. It's the lies that are necessarily complex; necessary to hide the truth in confusion.

I agree with Debbieanne in her praise and thanks. I also think ICGREEN'S analogy of the doghouse is superb. The simplicity grabs the truth of the lunacy.

thanks very much

Thanks for all the very kind words. They are much appreciated.

I agree about the doghouse analogy. If you're lucky -- or simply well-connected -- you can get a no-bid contract to rebuild your neighbor's house after your kids burn it down.

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