Children Killed By U.S. Airstrike In Afghanistan Were Guilty Of Sleeping

They had come together for a solemn occasion. But they had no idea how solemn the occasion would become.

An old friend, a friend of their families, a friend of the local police, had died some months ago, and they were preparing for a memorial service.

The adults were tending fires, cooking the next day's meal. The children were sleeping.

Then the bombs started falling.

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The nightmare continues........

great writing

depressing subject - who can hold the perpetrators accountable? Is there justice in this universe?


The French show "Les Guignols de l'Info" has a saying to illustrate the US reaction to this. They usually show the Sylvester Stallone puppet, dressed as a US army colonel, and saying "Ouais ouais, pardon aux familles, tout ça." "Yea yea, sorry to the families, and all that."

And now that I mention it, here's something from them you might enjoy.

Bad english, but such an on-point message.

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