NIST Report Ends The 9/11 Truth Movement

I never realized how much damage the upcoming NIST report had already done to the 9/11 Truth movement until I read about it in the Rocky Mountain News. As the RMN says: "Truthers, over and out".
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"Unhinged" is actually a

"Unhinged" is actually a good way to think about it: when you are attached to the frame of an unstable building, you are probably better off without the hinges in place, especially if you want to get out quickly before the roof comes down on you!

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Scientific proof consists of repeatable experiments.

What the NIST report proves scientifically is that a bunch of so-called experts can put their names on a government-sponsored report and a bunch of damned fools will claim that it is "proof" of whatever forgone conclusion they've set out to establish.

I would like to mention the

I would like to mention the story that came out years later explaining why the bunker had improbably been built next door to the likely target of the next attack. --Supposedly Giuliani needed a place to have sex with his mistress.

Liberal bloggers believe the story

but if you parse it, this tale seems to have entirely come from Jerome Hauer - the subject of a prior Winter Patriot post.

Good Article always. For the like of me I cannot imagine how anyone can believe this report. I still can't shake off this feeling of being in a nightmare for seven years; like the one where you are screaming at the top of your lungs but no one hears. Face in the pillow. I want to know what was given to these people to lie so effortlessly and to sell out this country? Were they bribed or were they or their families threatened? Was it just their job that was so important to them? It has to be one of the two, because I don't think that many people would commit treason just for shits and giggles. If there ever was a real criminal inquiry, these scientists would be sentenced to death as well...

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I guess they know what's expected of them

and they are able to deliver, it's why they're in the positions they're in, probably like most federal appointees.

NIST Report

Curious: what color is the sky in your world? Is it green? Yellow? Can't be blue cause that's the color of the sky in MY world...

If NIST had set out to deliberately insult the intelligence of THINKING people, they could not have done a more effecient job. Aside from the many and obvious flaws in reason, physics, and logic contained in the report, is this remarkable statement of Dr. Sunder's during the press conference: "Obviously, buildings were not constructed to withstand airline impacts." What?

This statement alone calls into question the veracity of the entire report, Dr. Sunder's motiviations, as if that wasn't already blindingly conspicuous.

Good lord, what are you folks all so afraid of?

In your face...

Patriotism is a manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome.
Things have gone so far that they don't bother hiding what they do.
The true believers will buy the party line no matter how contradictory it may be, and the rest are given the message that there will be no justice for the crimes of the corporate state.
"We can imprison, torture, kill who we like, high or low, and there is nothing you can do about it. So get in line or pay the price."

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