The Turd on Obama's Bumper

Election 2008 is over. Barack Obama lost. John McCain is now the president-elect.

Fascist media until now did their level best to prepare America for what should have been the long-shot, upset victory of the new century -- and the old, for that matter. Voters watched and listened for weeks while news anchors told them that McCain's machismo, savvy and gravitas together were working to dim Obama's flash and dissolve the double-digit lead that pollsters earlier awarded him.

All of it was lies, of course. The overwhelming majority of Americans did not vote this year because they knew that McCain is a doddering, senile, reactionary crank who -- it now appears -- cannot find his own way home (If he doesn't know how many houses he owns, he doesn't know where he lives, does he?) and Obama is nothing but a crocodile grin.

For a while there, it looked as though the farce might actually play in Peoria. Voters nationally are sickened by the elitist, tyrannical Bush administration and the corruption of which it perpetually reeks. Obama was initially popular and he does indeed have a stellar presence. Had he used his assets to push a program of radical systemic reform -- the modern equivalent of Roosevelt's New Deal -- he could have won handily. Instead he put on the old Donkey suit and started sucking up to the consultants who sank Al Gore and John Kerry.

Thus Obama's loss to McCain was an act of political suicide. Obama himself struck the killing blow on Aug. 23, when he fingered Delaware Senator Joseph Biden as his running mate. After keeping the nation in suspense for weeks over who he would choose, Obama finally chose a man who is arguably the worst old-line hack in the Democratic party. At that point, all hope of meaningful reform was dead and, of the millions who would have voted for Obama, many simply walked away.

One of the hot-rodders I used to know impoverished himself building flashy cars. When it came time to buy a house, he could afford only a shack. His new wife, terrified of living in a neighborhood filled with gangs and drug crime, insisted that he should somehow make the place secure. So he spent a lot of money on the strongest, best-looking door in the world he could find. He installed lights and an alarm system and in other ways did his best to make sure nobody could break into his flaky old shack. Surveying the place when he finished, he suddenly started to laugh. When we asked him why, he said: "Looks like somebody bolted a chrome bumper on a turd."

By picking Joe Biden for his running mate, Obama did exactly the opposite.


McCain Could Do Worse!

There must be at least a half a dozen people in the world who would be worse running mates for John McCain than Joe Biden is for Barry O'Bamma...

... but the only one I can think of at the moment is Osama bin Laden.

oh well.

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it's bad to be right

I told my Obama-supporting pal back in February that McCain would win.
Seen this coming for a while. I shoulda put a bet down back when the payoff was better and everyone was feeling the repubs would pay this time around. The vote is a scam, the polls are a scam, the news is a scam. I don't know why I bother to vote any more anyway.
The entire tragicomedic campaign is a testament to the power of propaganda.
But I always kinda liked Joe Biden's gumption. At least he makes for decent entertainment now and then?
ha ha charade you are rolling on the floor laughing


Being a citizen of a foreign country(aka Debbie(aussie)) I wanted to ask for some opinion as to why Biden was not a good choice. Miraculously Arthur Sibler is back and explains it beautifully. And so, I would have to agree with the above sentiment.
Slowly but surely the world, or at the very least humanity, continues to spiral down the plug hole.

Joe Biden

Debbie(aussie) --

I suppose I should have explained Joe Biden. When writing for Web publication, a person too often forgets there's a global audience. It isn't like writing for an American publication.

Because you don't understand Joe Biden, I'll explain him to you this way: Joe Biden is one of America's dirty little secrets. Joe Biden is the dog-doo on the floor that we covered up with a throw rug because someone is at the door and there's no time to clean it up. Joe Biden is one of those things we all know about but never discuss because it's so awful that its very existence reflects badly upon the rest of us. In short (and because you are an Aussie) I'll give it to you this way: Joe Biden is to America as Vegemite is to Australia.

So I didn't explain him because I thought everyone understood. I was wrong to think so. I hope this has helped.



"It may be thought that I am prejudiced. Perhaps I am. I would be ashamed of myself if I were not." Mark Twain


Jimmy, thankyou for taking the time. I have since read more and think your description very apt.

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