I've Been Looking Around The Place

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I've been checking the place out and I think it's great. Good job. This can work very nicely if you can get people over here. It will most likely take two or three good, dedicated posters to get it on it's feet. I wish I had the gift for words and writing skills that others do, but I'll help where I can. Posters like JimmyM and Grimblebee, who have their own blogs, could crosspost here if they are so inclined....it would be cool. I like it and the edit is great, I've already fixed this post twice! It is so much better than haloscan.

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This is one of the most confusing political websites I have ever been on.

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what's got you confused?

It makes sense to me, but that could be because I'm the one who did most of the configuring...
If I can, I would like to help make it better - what's got you confused?

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It seems that the WP blog is used as the "homepage," which connects to forum "containers," member "pages" as well as blogs maintained by members, but there doesn't seem to be a user "Control Panel" as in other discussion forums and navigating around here is very confusing. I posted a link to my blog somewhere, but have no idea how to get back to that page. I am sure if I sat down for a while and really tried to figure it out I would begin to appreciate the logic behind this configuration, but in the end, there doesn't seem to be much going on beyond the few people who post comments to the WP Blog posts. Unless I'm missing something. I do not want to sound too critical, as I can appreciate the time and effort which go into constructing a site such as this. It just doesn't have a very "inviting" feel to it. I stop by, click on a few things, get lost, click back, and then head off the site. Just my .02

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thanks for the feedback

admittedly there's not a lot going on here. The reason the site was created was out of a panic that my (our?) favorite blogger, Winter Patriot, had stopped blogging and I put together this site (with some help) with the idea that the community that had coalesced around the Winter Patriot blog might still have a place to commiserate.

At that point in time, Winter Patriot was posting several articles per week, every week, and the blog comments were quite active, but the comment system at the time had some flaws (don't they all?).
Sadly it seems a lot of the community has dissolved, (perhaps even for the reasons you've mentioned), but at this moment it's better than nothing as a message board for WP's blog, and it's free. And I guess I should post a privacy policy: under no circumstances will we share your information for any reason.

If you want to post a link to your blog, I suggest making a blog post and then it will show up on the front page until newer articles bump it down. People can then post comments about your blog post.

But I'll contemplate your points and if I have time I'll do what I can to make improvements. Suggestions certainly welcomed. thanks.

PS. I see you created a page. When you create a page, you can post the link to it from wherever. I see it here http://winterpatriot.com/node/141

If you want your post to show up on the front of the site, enter a blog post.