Pakistan After Musharraf: Same As It Ever Was, Only A Bit More So; Kinda Like What We Have Here, But Different

Celebrations were widespread and general in the wake of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's resignation -- but they were cut short by a bomb and a bombshell.
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A little overzealous with

A little overzealous with that 'against' word, eh? wink

"leveled against against Richard Nixon"

"one pitting against extremists against moderates"

Thanks for doing what so few others are either capable of and/or willing to.

sleep deprivation

I've proofread that piece about a dozen times and there are still errors in it??!


I'm blaming it on sleep deprivation.

I haven't had a good night's sleep since November of 1963.

But thanks, Ron.


You have an amazing way of putting together, coherently, ideas that float around in my brain. I find your writing on Pakistan fascinating.
Certainly beats listening to the bs reported in the MSM.

newjesustimes's picture

another day, another deadly bombing in Pakistan

I don't know much about this but there's that name again;

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside Pakistan's main defence industry complex on Thursday as workers were leaving at the end of their shift, killing 59 people, officials said.

Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility.
Violence subsided when a coalition government that came to power after a February election opened talks with militants but it picked up again after their top leader, Baitullah Mehsud, suspended the talks in June.

I wouldn't be surprised

I wouldn't be shocked or even surprised to see hugely destructive suicide bombings every day from now on, all blamed on the same villain, who mysteriously is never caught.

must be ESP

I was wondering where those ideas came from...

and it turns out they were floating around in Debbieanne's brain...

so that's one mystery solved. Wink

Thanks for your kind words.

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