British Papers Paid Hundreds Of Thousands To Families Of Alleged Liquid Bombers: Why?

Mistakes were made when the so-called "Liquid Bombers" were arrested, and in two instances, British national dailies reported information which turned out to be false. These false reports led to claims of defamation which have cost the publishers hundreds of thousands to settle out of court.
And guess who got the money?

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Thanks again WP. Brilliant

Thanks again WP. Brilliant work. A bit of real reporting. What you are doing here in your articles is unparalleled.
I've been to Propaganda matrix and they don't embellish facts but they add them together and create pictures that might or might not eventuate. I must say that once you get used to Alex Jones and know a little of what is happening then you can see what a great hero Alex actually is. The truth is the overall picture they are presenting is correct. When you look at the whole scenario there is a major international plan to destroy truth and any semblance of it. It is so sick wonder where it will go next. Yes they are moving full steam ahead. I don't think Obama or McCain will be president at this stage. Am pretty convinced that martial law is on its way. I don't know that even Canada is a good place to be if it is.

Thanks, Sally. Funny you should mention ...

Thanks very much, Sally; those are some very kind words. I wish I could argue with you and say "oh no, lots of people are doing what I do" ... but there are certain stories that if I weren't paying attention to them, nobody would be, and this is one of them. Meanwhile ...

It's funny you should mention Alex Jones and Propaganda Matrix. Alex (or his staff, I dunno) used to republish some of my stuff (on Prison Planet, Info Wars, and Propaganda Matrix) but they haven't done that for a long time.

I don't know why. The "relationship" between us has always been very weird. I mean, they published my stuff but they would never answer my email. Some times I would send them links to my best pieces and nothing would happen. Then out of the blue they would take something that wasn't really my best work and slap it up on their site. I dunno why they did that. I dunno why they stopped, either.

On a similar note, What Really Happened used to link to me a lot, and that stopped too, all of a sudden and for no reason I could ever detect. I can guess why both these sites lost interest in my writing completely and suddenly like that, but I'd prefer not to speculate.

It WAS weird, though.

please don't read my blog


One of these papers wouldn't happen to be the Telegraph, by any chance?

Fantastic question!!

James: That's a fantastic question, and the answer is ... "by any chance" ... NO!!

The papers that paid Amjad Sarwar £170,000 were:

the Guardian,
the Observer,
the News of the World,
the Mirror,
the Daily Mail,
the Mail on Sunday,
the Evening Standard,
the Independent,
the Times,
the Daily Express, and
the Daily Star.

the papers that paid an undisclosed amount to Abdul Rauf were three national dailies:

the Guardian,
the Daily Mail,
the Times,

and three local papers (all owned by Trinity Mirror):

the Birmingham Mail,
the Birmingham Post and
the Sunday Mercury.

Three papers were involved both times: the Guardian, the Times, and the Daily Mail. All three have been relatively critical of Bush and his war. The Telegraph has been embarrassingly supportive of Bush and his war ... and it wasn't involved either time.

What does this tell us?


oh yeah: thanks for reading my blog

Thanks WP

I kinda expected it to stand out one way or the other. The Telegraph reminds me of a perverse windvane in that the wind is usually blowing in the opposite direction to the one indicated.

Daily Mirror

Wasn't it the Daily Mirror that was set up along with it's editor who wasn't "with the program" a few years back? It involved bogus pictures of a British regiments vehicles in connection with alledged atrocities in Iraq.

That's another good question.

and I don't remember offhand ... If I recall, it was the Daily Mirror that broke the story about how Blair talked Bush out of bombing al-Jazeera ... which is funnier and funnier the longer this bogus thing goes on, because I'm becoming more and more convinced that al-Jazeera itself is bogus ... In other words, I'm thinking Tony probably said: "NO, George, don't bomb them! They're OUR GUYS!!"


Thanks for the great reporting about the liquid bomber trials. I've read a lot of your stuff in the last two years and most of it is spot on, sometimes it's brilliant. I'm not much of a commentator, but I'd like to take the chance to tell you how much I appreciate your work. May I ask why you dropped the 'murder blog'? That was absolutely compelling, maybe because it was born from pain.

All the best from Germany,

Thank you!

I appreciate your very kind words.

We've been instructed not to say anything at all about the murder -- not even to our own children. When that changes, I will write about it again. Or maybe I'll keep writing about it until that changes, at which point I may have a story to publish. We'll see.

All my other blogs are born of pain, too; but they deal with matters that are too big to be very compelling, most of the time. In other words, I could write about a million victims in Iraq until I turn blue, but it wouldn't affect you as powerfully as one good piece about one victim.

Well, that's just my opinion but I'm sticking with it until a better one comes along.

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