MKUltra in Australia

Below is an interview on Jan Irvin's Gnostic Media with Steve McMurray who has been researching the claims of ritual abuse and paedophilia in the political/legal/entertainment establishment in Australia by Fiona Barnett.

Steve was able to establish her claims as true through checking and validating that all the people, connections, times and places matched up with published articles from the time and various documents.

The cover-ups have been ubiquitous for decades and still continue with the latest being a $500m (yes, half a billion) Royal Commission into child sexual abuse by religious institutions and others.

The interview finishes with an explanation of Positive Psychology being foisted on schools now and how damaging it is if you are in any way interested in truth and reality. This Positive Psychology came out of the CIA's MKUltra program and the US military intelligence SERE torture program and shows how the ultimate target for this mind control research is the general population and it's here now.

The psychology has been developed by a former head of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman, with the help of Dr Antony Kidman. Antony Kidman is also one of the perpetrators identified by Fiona Barnett and happens to be the father of actress Nicole Kidman, star of Stanley Kubrick's film, Eyes Wide Shut - art imitating life. Antony Kidman suicided a month after being identified by Fiona Barnett.

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There is an audio only version available at the Gnostic Media Website

The ritual abuse and paedophilia is the glue that holds together the upper echelons of this very sick system that controls our society.
It provides the basis for blackmail as Jan Irvin points out in the interview; it's what stops these psychopaths from stabbing each other in the back at the fist opportunity.

Fiona Barnett's press conference-

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Steve McMurray's website

Fiona Barnett's website

Fiona's Facebook page


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