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I stumbled across this interesting article today;
Today in America, we are being systematically robbed of our property because we have allowed the Federal Reserve to flood our banks with fiat, worthless paper money.

Robert Kahre owns a family business and instead of using paper money he paid his workers with gold and silver coins minted by the United States government. He paid them based on the “face value” of the coins. If he paid a worker a dollar an hour he paid with a silver dollar, which states on the coin that it is “one dollar” regardless of today’s value. His wages were so low that he didn’t have to file W-2 income tax forms or withhold taxes or pay workman’s comp. This upset the IRS, which charged him and his family with 161 federal tax crimes.

Read the rest to see how it turned out:

Let's just say I'm thinking to offer my boss to take a 90% cut in pay but start getting paid in silver, since I believe the dollar's devaluation will continue to accelerate. Imagine what might happen when everyone starts demanding payment in currency backed by gold & silver.


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