Ukrainian Gangsters & The Looting of Ukraine

From RT's Truthseeker Ep42 - Ukraine Gangster State Calls for 'Nuclear Strikes')

Ukrainian Gangsters

These Ukrainian psychopathic jewish oligarchs and their paid for neo-nazi fascists are being wound up by the US and London bankers to frighten the people of Europe and their political leaders. I'm sure it will backfire, though, because many leaders in Europe (with support from many people) will take the attitude that these lunatics shouldn't be accomodated anymore but, rather, they should be 'put down' instead for everybodies safety.

This is yet another example of the bankers twisting and turning trying to avoid their inevitable demise and in doing so are only assisting the quicksand of reality and consequences to swallow them up.

But before the bankers go down they will swallow up the oligarchs. Economics professor, Michael Hudson, details the deal these Ukranian oligarchs are being offered, "Give us a controlling slice of your empires and we'll let you rule." These oligarchs are all dependent on the western banking system to retain their wealth. So they are hardly free but are held captive to the most evil people on earth by their own greed.

The looting has been going on in Ukraine for twenty years, of course, but it was kicked into high gear by Victoria Nuland with the installation of Yatsunyuk. Yats' first move was to facilitate the theft of Ukraine's gold and foreign reserves. Klitchko, not being a banker would not have been in on this heist so it was "Fuck the EU" when they wanted Klitch to be in charge. The bankers needed that gold!

It is worth holding in mind that these oligarchs (and, indeed, bankers as well) are not businessmen. They are not creative. They amassed their wealth through massive theft. And that is what they are good at. So, left in charge of a country, they will loot it and give nothing back. They are psychopaths and therefore don't know any other way. They do it everytime. They ruined Russia before Putin displaced some of the oligarchs and put controls on the others. They are parasites in every meaning of the word.

A dog can survive and still host worms within its gut. But if the worms take over the dog's brain, it dies because a parasite only knows how to be a worm and not a dog. The world's economies have suffered immensely under the economic direction and pilaging of the parasitic bankers. They have gotten away with it for centuries for two reasons.

One, they did not have the technology to dominate the entire economy. And, two, they had no economic competition from any non-banker controlled national economies. These two conditions have changed.

The bankers have used growing technology to completely dominate western economies to the point where they are now completely ruining them. Economies like China and Russia that do not have jewish banker dominated central banks and therefore jewish banker dominated economies are rising fast and will very soon give the lie for all to see to economic theories and practises that the bankers have promoted. The bankers are running out of time. They have survived till now within our societies purely through deception and corruption.

Prof. Michael Hudson details the simple but effective process that the bankers have used to loot country after country, century after century. The exact same process was used to steal Scottish lands from the Scots as well and is now being used in Ukraine. Psychopaths are not creative so when they stumble on a winning tactic, they repeat it ad nauseum.

The Looting of Ukraine
by Prof. Michael Hudson interviewed on The Real News

What we have here in Ukraine is a repeat of what happened to Germany between the world wars. The international bankers caused the hyper inflation that ruined the German economy on top of the war reparation payments (looting) and paved the way for the wholesale buy up of the German economy for cents on the dollar. Same thing is in progress in Ukraine today and is the reason why the bankers are intent on destroying everything in sight both economically and physically. It will be all the more cheaper to buy. Its a win win situation. So long as they are successful, that is. Meanwhile, either way, they are stripping the country as fast as they can and crating poverty to make conscription into the Ukranian Army more palatable.


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