The Undoing of The European Union Over The South Stream Pipeline

The empire of the International Bankers is falling apart and for the same reason all empires fall; hubris, military over-reach, the cynical dismissal of the interests its citizens and the all delusions that accompany psychopathy.

Psychopathy is antithetical to humanity. We have a natural preference for co-operation but the psychopaths have a natural preference for domination and exploitation. Ordinary people 'co-operate' with this domination till the pain gets too great and the reality of the long term cost becomes clear. The International Bankers who dominate the US, also dominate European countries through the European Union and are in the process of sacrificing the various EU countries for the benefit of the bankers' power base which is centered in London, New York and Washington.

Russia is bringing about the demise of the $US as the world's trading currency by simply withdrawing from using it in its trade with the world (h/t Nicholas). This is taking away the power of the bankers who have instituted the IMF economic regimes that have led directly to poverty, falling living standards and many deaths in Europe (and elsewhere around our globe). These same bankers, by the way, caused the deaths of millions of Russians during the 1990's reign of the Oligarchs through Yeltsin who all fronted for these same bankers.

Putin is well aware of this and will be wanting to ensure there is no re-run of that time for Russia. Putin has identified Russia's perennial enemy and it is not the US per se or even British and certainly not the Europeans. It isn't even the thugs running rampant around Ukraine right now. They are just murderous dispensable patsies of the bankers who will shrivel up as a force and blow away after the money stream dries up. This is a struggle for life between the Russians and the bankers. The Russians were happy for the bankers to fade away slowly and quietly in time but that is not the way of psychopaths facing the demise of their power and their plans for the domination of the whole world.

So Russia is an existential threat to the bankers. But Russia is not a threat to anyone else. In fact, when Russia together with China prevail against the international bankers and their financial system, the whole world will be better off. And many must know this.

It is against this backdrop that we are witnessing the tussle over the South Stream pipeline. The bankers want it stopped because right now they have a hand on the gas spigot for Europe because one of two main pipelines from Russia to Europe goes through Ukraine and the bankers control Ukraine. They want to turn off the gas from Russia to Europe to deny Russia the revenue from the gas sales, cause friction between Russia and Europe and isolate one from the other.

They are trying every thing they know to isolate and cripple the Russian economy and/or somehow force them back onto using the $US for international trade. It is not going to happen. But that is not stopping the bankers from flailing around and damaging themselves and and anyone near them in the process.

This is like a bar-room brawl between a big fat and apparently strong bully and a trim but smaller and seemingly inoffensive man. The scene is scattered chairs and tables and the two men rolling around bound together on the floor. Its messy and there's some blood. The fat man is raising hell as loud as he can and looking and sounding scary in his fury; arms and legs flailing everywhere. The visual message is 'keep away, I'm dangerous'. The smaller man is not saying a word; no noise from him and he appears motionless except for following the fat man as he writhes around. It appears the trim man is getting the worst of it and is merely hanging on because he doesn't know what else to do.

This looks like it is not going to end well for the smaller man. That is, until you notice that the quiet man is not just hanging on, he is locked on. You look closer and you see he has his thumb firmly pressed on fatman's carotid artery and is maintaining pressure on it no matter what. In that moment you know that the contest will end soon enough with victory for the trim but quiet man. The fatman's demise is assured and all the noise and flailing around which seemed so scary are, in fact, nothing more than his helpless death throws.

The above is an analogy, of course, and therefore not an argument but that is how I'm seeing what is going on in Eastern and Western Europe now.

The EU (read bankers) is pressuring Bulgaria and Serbia to withdraw from their participation in constructing the South Stream pipeline from which both those countries will profit from in terms of badly needed revenue, jobs and industry. These things are badly needed, by the way, due in part to the actions of this same EU and their bankers. The EU in trying to maintain its power is shooting itself in the foot, bigtime. They are making more enemies every day with every twist and turn they make in their desperation to hang onto power. They are trying to separate Europe from Russia but, in the end, the bankers through their nasty behaviour are driving them together.

The tide has turned and people are waking up. France is rising to throw its EU shackles off and populations across Europe have identified their enemy and are protesting.

Meanwhile, the bankers, who don't know how to retreat , are pressuring the likes of the Scandinavian governments of Sweden and Finland to join NATO, the bankers very own pillaging horde and debt collector. They can't help themselves and are going down and will take with them many of their bureaucratic and political hacks.

Another thing which will prove crucial in bringing down the bankers is their open betrayal (as they always do) of their industrialist allies. The bankers have been squeezing the profits and interests of many wealthy corporatists over the last three decades by hobbling western economies through starving them of investment funds. Now Russia and China (who do not suffer from finance restrictions from these bankers) are visibly drawing away in terms of prosperity and the industrialists can see the writing on the wall.

From a previous essay-
"The industrialists and the bankers are very different fish, though up till recently, they have swum in the same pond. They are both financially powerful but the industrialists have to earn their money through producing and selling things. The bankers don't 'earn' any money, they just 'make' it and lend it. They create their wealth at next to no cost through a bookkeeping system. They are not businessmen and couldn't run a corner shop let alone an auto manufacturing plant and make a consistent profit. . . .
. . . .If the industrialists can continue to trade with Russia, the East, the other BRICS nations and the developing countries that are destined to join them, they will continue to do well and prosper. If they are caught inside an isolated Europe, then the industrialists will face austerity and shrinking markets and probably serious economic depression and possibly bankruptcy. The stakes are high. The bankers and the industrialists have mutually exclusive interests and the struggle is on.

“Nobody could voluntarily refuse energy cooperation with Russia,” Putin said Monday during a meeting with students in the northern Russian city of Arkhangelsk. (source)

Putin is keen to enlist them to Russia's side because everybody can win (except the bankers, of course) and he is not wanting to cut off the gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine at all. He is delaying it as long as possible. Cuttin off the gas will hurt the very people he wants to help and have on Russia's side against the bankers. Of course, it is the bankers who are manipulating the situation in every way they can to force Russia to end the gas supply.

Putin has his thumb on the bankers life blood and has no intention of lifting that pressure. Who can last out the longest?


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