Dealing With The Devil

Yesterday we saw some of the witches behind the troubles in Ukraine. Today we will be introduced to the demons behind them and, of course, the ultimate demon, Mephistopheles aka Beelzebub, Old Nick and, just 'his' plain old working name, Satan.

This article is wonderfully written by Michael Colhaze and can be found here. If you go to his site to read it, you will find more graphics and better formatting there. You'll also have the chance to browse his site which is excellent.

Michael Colhaze, who lives in Ukraine, makes clear that what is happening in Ukraine has a long history of great wars before it and facilitated by a well known cast of historical characters.

I said that today I would be talking a little more about psychopaths and their fatal flaw. It will be tomorrow instead. This article by Michael Colhaze was too good to pass up and fitted in perfectly here.

There is no provision for leaving comments at Michael Colhaze's site but you are welcome to leave them here, of course.

On Dealing with the Devil

This is a Gamble you can never win!
FAUST Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 –1832)

Apropos the Devil’s plots and schemes, must I confess not to have spied them for most of my life. What is more, I didn’t even believe him to exist. Accordingly would I have strongly repudiated the assertion that he has ruled us for the last two hundred years or so. And did this, entirely improbable if not absurd, with the unconditional support of our most hallowed political champions. Those namely who had secretly succumbed to his overtures and sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver and a few years of thrilling governance.

Yet the Wheel of Fortune turns slowly but surely, and so it came to pass one day that the Evil One and his minions were taken by surprise and found themselves without masks and cloaks on a glaringly illuminated stage that wasn’t theirs anymore while performing in a play written by someone else.

But before I begin to unwind my modest yarn, let me explain why I use an archaic and somewhat threadbare simile like the Devil. The reason is that he, if credibly summoned, can be employed as a literary simplification of the first magnitude. Also known as Mephistopheles, Satan or Beelzebub, is he an imaginary creation invented for the sole purpose to dramatically personalize a vast and often imprecise cerebral condition perceived universally as evil.

Undiluted, bottomless, absolute Evil!

To expound this particular frame of mind as an integral part of the Divine Blueprint is easy. Humans, and they alone on this magnificent planet with its vast multitude of different species, were given the opportunity to choose between antipodes of existence that encompass whatever mental activity or use of hands they elect to perform. No matter if caressing a beloved child or waterboarding a sobbing and retching victim, it all ensues within the pre-ordained range of anthropoid possibilities.

This frightening degree of permission has been mitigated early on by rudimentary guidelines of behaviour and the advent, as we Christians tend to believe, of heavenly dispatched teachers who informed a startled audience about hitherto unfamiliar principles like Love and Compassion. Which, in due course and within reason, became an accepted credo among most civilized societies. Thus the kind-hearted person is usually seen as a valuable asset of any given tribe, whereas the merciless sadist is not.

But since Good and Evil occasionally overlap at the edges, bodies of instructive literature and binding laws were created to ensure a reasonably regimented existence for everyone involved. This system worked, with varying degrees of success, throughout the ages and was only seriously upset when the Usurers overwhelmed their host-societies from within and established a secret dictatorship. This they managed with the help of treacherous apostates who actually were informed of all the important moral directives and spiritual incentives, but foolishly decided to forfeit peace-of-mind and lasting happiness by peddling their souls to the Devil.

Who, within the context of this argument, merits a more precise definition. Because absolute Evil, once recognized as such, isn’t merely a matter of quality, but also of quantity. In other words, the term can suffer yet a further augmentation by denouncing not only one innocent victim of a horrible crime, but millions of it.

I have never seen battle, only once witnessed a murder from fairly nearby. It happened so fast and unexpected that there wasn’t any time to interfere, and the only task left for me was to inspect the prostrate body for possible signs of life. To be truthful, the ugly affair still haunts me sometimes in my dreams. It also provides me with a clearer idea of what really happened when whole armies of Christian young men got butchered by their own brethren for reasons that had never anything to do with the official justifications, but were strictly ulterior motives wrapped into a huge and abysmal pack of lies.

"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none".

One Gutle Schnapper is recorded, or perhaps only rumoured, to have said the above. No matter if true or not, the statement, as we know by now, is essentially correct. Because she was the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the fabled banking cartel, whose five sons at the time of his death controlled each a major investment bank
in Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Naples and Paris respectively. Men who knew that the most lucrative way to reap giant profits were to unleash wars by way of internationally controlled intrigues and machinations, and then finance the various combatants with giant loans against huge interest rates. This murderous clan was eventually joined by the J.P. Morgan family as second in power and influence, followed by the Baring Brothers, Morgan Grenfell, the Lazard Brothers, Erlanger, Warburg, Shroder, Schiff, Seligman, the Speyers, Mirabaud, Mallet and Fould. As it is, these banking dynasties have wielded near absolute control of the global money supply since 1694 until very recently. And they did it not only by financing carefully chosen members of the political elite, but keeping them in line with blackmail as well.

Or, just as an example, how could it otherwise be possible that …

Woodrow Wilson put the American people in the hands of three dictators, all Wall Street gamblers who had never held elective office in the United States. Bernard Baruch, Eugene Meyer Jr., and Paul Warburg exercised more direct power over the American people than any president, because at the back of these men was the strength of the financial oligarchy which had maintained undisputed sway in the country since 1883.
Eustace Mullins

If you look at the mind-boggling antics or truly monstrous crimes committed by elected leaders of nations like Woodrow Wilson, it is a safe bet that more must have been involved but just an obsessive urge to wield political power or to pocket the attached financial windfall. Because to place the control of America’s industrial might into the hands of a few Wall Street gangsters and then obey their command and send young men by the hundred thousands into a war for the sole reason to destroy a decent competitor on the world market cannot be explained with political expediency or loyalty to the partisan backers alone. As it is, the aspiring Mr. Wilson had probably no idea what kind of contract he signed when he sold his soul, or to what extent his masters would eventually stretch their demands. Namely to prolong an already gigantic carnage in the trenches of Verdun for another two years, at the cost of innumerable innocent lives and mountains of taxpayers’ money.

No matter if agnostic or atheist, as an educated and intelligent man he must have foreseen the mountains of bones and rivers of tears which his signature under the US Declaration of War was bound to harvest.

So what in fact did his handlers have on him that assured his unconditional compliance in a crime so vast that it would eternally exclude any chance for redemption?

We will never know. All we are left with is the conjecture. Or, in Sherlock Holmes words: When you have eliminated the impossible, that which remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
As to the handlers, they prepared, only two decades later, the stage for an even greater carnage.

Bernard Baruch & Winston Churchill

We have great plans with you, Bernard Baruch is recorded to have told Winston Churchill when the latter was smarting in political limbo during the Thirties. And truly great those plans turned out to be, a fact which I as a German have sufficient reason to concur with.

“Germany is too strong. We must destroy her.”
Winston Churchill, Nov. 1936

Thus when the same gangsters pulled Pearl Harbour and paved the way for a Second World War and my country’s final and total defeat, the usual marionettes were set into motion to bring it about.

“I believe now that Hitler and the German people did not want war. But we declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of balance of power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans’ around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleadings not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that he was right.”
Attorney General Sir Hartley Shawcross, March 16th, 1984

The Attorney General displays a nice touch of irony when he endows the ‘Americans’ around Roosevelt with brackets, thereby indicating most clearly that they were and are anything but that. As to their marionette, and beholding his facial expression during the Yalta Conference, he seems to be fully aware of his terminal disease. Thus expecting the Evil One turning up and claiming his soul any day now, the generally ebullient mood of the victors must have done little to lessen his horror at the inescapability of the contract he had once so carelessly signed.

Again the same question poses itself, namely what on earth made him disregard so utterly and totally the most basic principles of human decency? How is it possible that he sacrificed the lives of thousands of fine service men in a blatant false-flag operation staged for the sole reason to force the US into an unpopular war that would culminate in unspeakable atrocities? Which powerful instrument did his masters possess that could coerce him to endorse the hideous crimes they were so intent to commit?

Once more we are left in the dark, and only know that he took his terrible secret into the grave.

Of interest within this context might be an attempt to understand the motives of these ruthless but strangely short-sighted traitors who have no qualms to sell their country and people down the drain. One dominant reason is of course an all-consuming hunger for power. The dream to rule supreme eclipses all other onsiderations, even the simple notion that it can happen only within a very brief span of time. It is this shiny apex of social repute and all its attached glory that draws them like moths to the light, careless of moral consequences and oblivious of the inevitable twilight years that will be the icy and lonely nadir of all their former ambitions. Not to mention the ghosts of committed crimes that begin to whisper and tiptoe under the staircase in the dead of night.

Yet it may be assumed that not all have set out with the intent to reach their goals regardless of whatever the price involved. Some might have simply believed the Devil’s sweet lures without having a clear idea of his true nature. Others did, but thought it possible to keep him reined in. Again others accepted his gifts and favours until they accumulated into a cesspool so large that it would have swallowed them up if ever made public. And finally there were those who concealed a big black spot on their snowy white vest and realized too late that their sponsors had not only political advancement in mind, but blackmail as well.

This state of affairs has continued into present times. With the one difference that the Wilsons and Roosevelts could wrap their crimes into an impenetrable propagandistic sugar-coating and thus hide them from the eyes of the world, whereas the Bushes and Blairs of our alternative media age can not. If we take a glance at our present posse of so-called leaders, see their clumsy and always more desperate efforts to satisfy the increasingly erratic if not downright insane agenda of their by now brazenly visible overlords, it becomes obvious that an important weather change is in the making. Today the miserably inept fairytale fabrication of 9/11 is only believed by those poor sods who still can’t handle a laptop or I-pod, whereas everybody else knows it as a pretext to secure and augment Afghanistan’s heroin production or to exploit Iraq’s oil wells, not to mention the attempt to oppress the American people with an Orwellian surveillance system and so enslave them forever.

All this was followed by the Neocons’ hideous but undeclared war on Libya with the help of their NATO poodles, which is as transparent an unprovoked aggression as ever committed in the History of Man.

An aggression that devastated one of the most caringly managed societies on earth, and whose instigators did not rest until its amazingly generous chieftain was hunted down and cruelly murdered.

And why?

Because the Likudniks and their Banksters wanted it so.

Now this lethal clique is still on the prowl, be it by trying a replay in Syria with the usual dissemination of death and destruction among a civilian populace, or staging an illegal coup in Ukraine.

It is the latter that is much on our mind, because here we can see on a daily basis how far the enemies of Christendom are prepared to push their dirty ploys, but also how clumsy, ham-fisted and downright stupid they go about it. Because the whole affair has been so badly bungled, so absolutely convoluted that is is almost laughable. Instead of forcing the entire nation into the loving embrace of NATO et al, is the country falling apart, with the Russian speaking population intent on returning to the Motherland. Whereas the genuine Ukrainians are dominated by extreme right-wing elements who have been in any case the strangest set of bedfellows for the Zionist controlled regime in Kiev. And who may regard, just as an example, the newly appointed governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region with a hint of suspicion, since he is one Ihor Kolomoyskyi, a dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizen and billionaire who controls his business empire from Switzerland. And who, needless to say, has pocketed a large slice of the country’s public assets for a handful of buttons when the USSR broke apart. As to the region itself, it is the same where I have lived for nearly three years, and would be somewhat loath to pass through right now.

Interesting is the painful back-up of this particular cabal by the aforementioned stooges and pact signatories who now find themselves in the limelight of an ever widening farce that is in danger to get out of hand. Confronted with an increasingly restive electorate,
are they forced to explain their policies with verbal somersaults and downright lies that increasingly come across like plucked from a vaudeville comedy. Because people begin to see always more clearly what the Neocon imposed sanctions and NATO exercises close to Russia’s border entail. Namely an open and entirely unprovoked threat to Europe’s frail peace and already badly stalling economy.

Yet the marionettes must plough on, as otherwise a concerted mass media campaign would wipe them off the plate in no time at all. As it nearly happened to Bill Clinton, and him only because he had his masculine appendix lubricated by a serpent’s forked tongue. Whereas others might keep much larger skeletons in their cupboards, like Mr. Obama his dubious birth certificate, or Chancellor Merkel the much discussed secret that she was once a DDR snitch and betrayed dissidents to the dreaded STASI thugs.

Which could be a curse that weighs already heavily on them, and will not go away, not even when the Devil turns up one day and demands his part of the deal.



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