Dmitry Orlov on Ukraine and Crimea

While you are waiting patiently for my essay on the mechanics of the money system and why it is the cause of all the armed conflict in the world (and much else), here is a very interesting interview with Dmitry Orlov.

Orlov talks about the unavoidable collapse of the American economy through massive theft and incompetence. Ukraine is also in for an even tougher time than it has suffered up till now at the hands of the oligarchs and the IMF. He maintains that the Ukrainian military is refraining from co-operating with the imposed government and is working closely with the Russian military. It has the potential to step in and assume control of Ukraine.

As expected, Crimea is going to be promoted economically by the Russian govt and they are wasting no time about it. The man put in charge of this economic program is Vice-premier Dmitry Kozak, the man responsible for preparation for the Sochi Olympics and Paralympics.

Moscow will make Crimea a special economic zone with tax breaks to attract investors, Russian Prime Minister has announced at a government session in Crimea’s capital Simferopol.

“We made a decision to make Crimea a special economic zone,” Medvedev said. “Today the state duma began reviewing this legislation.”

A special economic zone is an effective instrument that helps attract direct investment. In Crimea, the whole region could be assigned this status, as was the case with Kaliningrad. Tretyakov believes that the creation of an economic zone in Crimea will follow special rules and that the peninsula will become a mixed-type special economic zone, combining several development clusters.

The difference between Ukraine and Crimea in a couple of years will be startling. The west will not be able to hang onto Ukraine for very long the way things are going regardless of whether or not the Ukrainian army intervenes.
Free-fall: IMF to accelerate Ukraine’s economic collapse?


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