Catching Pedophiles?

Below is an excellent article by Dr. Kevin Barrett. It is prompted by the recent arrest of 150 pedophiles by the FBI. But Dr. Barrett asks (and I paraphrase), "Why aren't any of the arrestees the pimps to the higher circles of our society? You know, the circles that the CIA pimp to!"

I have a couple of questions of my own, "Why aren't we treated to headlines like this everyday given the total surveillance society we live under? Isn't fighting crime one of the reasons we hand over our privacy?"

Kevin Barrett goes on to give a brief but very succinct overview of the major scandals that have involved the PTB, the pedophile pimps, the CIA and, of course, the raped, the tortured, the imprisoned, the murdered and the 'disappeared' children.

This article, including the attached picture, appeared at PressTV on Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

More articles authored by Dr. Kevin Barrett can be found here. He also writes for Veterans Today

The FBI announced Monday that it has arrested 150 people suspected of child sex trafficking.

Unfortunately, those arrested appear to be low-level operators - not the well-connected kingpins who pander children to the wealthiest and most powerful Americans. Elite pedophile networks connected to elements of the CIA, including the “Finders of Lost Children” and the Franklin Scandal group, have operated shamelessly and without fear of prosecution for decades. They have even peddled young prostitutes during midnight tours of the White House.

On June 29th, 1989, the Washington Times published a breakthrough story headlined: “Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush: ‘Call boys’ took midnight tour of White House.’”

The story began: “A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and US and foreign businessmen with close social ties to Washington’s political elite, documents obtained by The Washington Times reveal. One of the ring’s high-profile clients was so well-connected, in fact, that he could arrange a middle-of-the-night tour of the White House for his friends on Sunday, July 3, of last year. Among the six persons on the extraordinary 1 a.m. tour were two male prostitutes.”

None of the guilty parties was ever prosecuted.

In 2005, male prostitute Jeff Gannon repeatedly took midnight tours of George W. Bush’s White House. Though Gannon was using bogus press credentials, and though the Secret Service broke its own rules by failing to log Gannon in and out properly, no investigation was launched - and, of course, nobody was ever prosecuted.

Apparently, offering midnight tours of the White House for young male prostitutes is standard operating procedure in today’s USA.

Why do these criminals enjoy immunity from prosecution?

Two interrelated factors are at work.

First, America’s wealthiest families share a tradition of what sociologists and criminologists call “elite deviance”: They consider themselves above the law. Groups like Skull and Bones, whose initiates masturbate naked in a coffin in front of the older members, help intensify this culture of deviance by inculcating an ethic of superiority and impunity, and operating as a “feeder” for US intelligence services. Professor Peter Dale Scott explains that these elite organized criminals form an “overworld” which is as far above the law as the “underworld” is beneath it.

Secondly, rogue elements of various police and intelligence services, as well as top-tier organized crime outfits, use blackmail as a means of control. They employ child prostitution rings to obtain blackmail material on politicians, judges, military and intelligence officers, and other key power-brokers.

One of the most notorious CIA-linked child-pimping outfits is the Finders of Lost Children. In 1979, police in Tallahassee, Florida arrested two men who were brutally abusing six children between the ages of three and six. A police investigation revealed that large numbers of captive children were being held in two warehouses in Washington, DC and being treated worse than animals in a zoo. The children were “unaware of the purposes of telephones, televisions, and toilets” and were used in blood rituals and sexual orgies. A vast treasure trove of documents, photos, and videos showed that the Finders were running a huge, multi-national child trafficking operation.

Agent Ramon Martinez of the US Customs Service and Detective James Bradley of the Washington, DC police were horrified at what they found. They were even more horrified when their investigation and attempted prosecution of the Finders was called off - by the CIA! According to Agent Martinez’s report, the case of the Finders of Lost Children was deemed “a CIA internal matter” and all details were “classified secret and not available for review.” The CIA forced USCS, the DC Police, and the FBI to drop the case and release the two child abusers - and give them back the six children for further abuse.

The CIA’s role in organized child trafficking has been revealed by former CIA Director William Colby, who admitted to Nebraska State Legislator John DeCamp that a rogue element of the CIA was heavily involved in ritual child abuse. Colby said it would be very difficult to stop the CIA child abusers, who held enormous power, but that in the long term they might be brought down. He informed DeCamp that the abused children were being used in CIA mind-control experiments as well as blackmail projects.

Unfortunately, Colby did not live to see the demise of the CIA child-abuse faction. He was killed in a transparently fraudulent “boating accident” a few years after he began working with DeCamp.

John DeCamp’s book The Franklin Cover-up describes how children from Nebraska’s Boys Town orphanage were flown all over the US by a pimp named Larry King, a well-connected Republican who sang the National Anthem at the Republican National Convention by day, then sold child sex slaves to Republican party bigwigs at night. One of the child prostitutes implicated George H.W. Bush in testimony videotaped by investigators.

A series of mysterious deaths ended the Franklin investigation, but the truth is not hard to discover. Nick Bryant’s book The Franklin Scandal and John DeCamp’s The Franklin Cover-up flesh out the details. And the documentary film Conspiracy of Silence - which was nearly scrubbed from history by the child-abuse perpetrators - can and must be viewed on-line.

Bottom line: Though the FBI should be commended for arresting 150 suspected child traffickers, it still needs to be pressured to go after the elite pedophile organizations that apparently enjoy continuing impunity.


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