Richard Holbrooke

For me, this post follows on from Winter's last one. These articles are off topic in some ways but bang on regarding "the insanity" Winter perceptively and powerfully mentioned. And though this is not about Christmas it does look at Christians you never hear from (perhaps because they're dead).

The uplifting part in all this is that one of the major tools, Richard Holbrooke, is dead, very dead. And all the glowing eulogies elsewhere are to placate all those thumping hearts that are still alive in his fellow travellers. Which, of course, means they're worried. Good.

Richard Holbrooke: An American Diplomat
by Srdja Trifkovichttp

Richard Holbrooke, RIH by Thomas Fleming

and for more details on the goings on in Kosovo and Albania that Holbrooke helped start-

Kosovo’s Thaçi: Human Organs Trafficker by Srdja Trifkovichttp

It is strange, is it not, that for a supposed Christian society here in the West, we rarely hear about genocide against Christians be they Iraqis, Palestinians, Guatemalans, Timorese, Serbians or further back in history, Russians Ukrainians or Armenians.

Even more strange, given that these Christian populations are/were Catholic or Orthodox, is that you never hear a peep out of the Vatican; nevermind them doing something about it.

Perhaps there's an ingredient here I'm missing.


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