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This piece by Dennis Perrin was published on his blog on January 15th. I think it's revealing, and you should read it.

Human communication takes many forms, but demonization has its own distinct flavor, and blends in nicely with any historical era. Here are two examples of what I mean.


"As Germany persists in its military efforts — by ground, air and sea — to protect its citizens from deadly Jewish bullets, and as protests against Germany increase around the world, the success of the abominable Jews' double war crime strategy becomes evident.

"People forget the usual rules of morality and law. For example, when a murderer takes a hostage and fires from behind his human shield, and a policeman, in an effort to stop the shooting accidentally kills the hostage, the law of every country holds the hostage taker guilty of murder even though the policeman fired the fatal shot.

"The same is true of the law of war. The use of human shields, in the way Jews use the civilian population of their ghetto, is a war crime — as is their firing at German soldiers and Polish civilians. Every human shield that is killed by German self-defense measures is the responsibility of the Jews, but you wouldn't know that from reading the press coverage.

"Moreover, the number of civilians killed by Germany is almost always exaggerated. First, it is widely assumed that if a victim is a 'child' or a 'woman,' he or she is necessarily a civilian. The Jews often use 14-, 15-, 16-and 17-year-olds, as well as women, as terrorists. Germany is entitled under international law to treat these children and women as the combatants they have become.

"By any objective count, the number of genuinely innocent civilians killed by the Reich in Poland is lower than the collateral deaths caused by any nation in a comparable situation. Jews do everything in their power to provoke Germany into killing as many Jewish civilians as possible, in order to generate condemnation against the Aryan state."


"The responsibility of global Islam for the outbreak and widening of this war has been proven so clearly that it does not need to be talked about any further. The Muslims wanted war, and now they have it. Hamas is receiving a penalty that is certainly hard, but more than deserved.

"Every Muslim is our enemy in this historic struggle, regardless of whether he vegetates in a Gaza camp or carries on his parasitic existence in Jerusalem or blows the trumpets of war in Lebanon or Iran. All Muslims by virtue of their birth and their race are part of an international conspiracy against the Jewish state. They want its defeat and annihilation, and do all in their power to bring it about.

"The excuse they give for their provocative conduct is always the same: the Palestinians are after all human beings too. We never denied that, just as we never denied the humanity of murders, child rapists, thieves and pimps. Every Palestinian is a decent Palestinian who has found a dumb and ignorant goy who thinks him decent! As if that were a reason to give Palestinians a kind of honorable escort. What nonsense.

"The Palestinians have recently found a new trick. They knew the good-natured Jewish humanitarian in us, always ready to shed sentimental tears for the injustice done to them. One suddenly has the impression that the Gazan population consists only of little babies whose childish helplessness might move us, or else fragile old ladies. The Palestinians send out the pitiable. They may confuse some harmless souls for a while, but not us. We know exactly what the situation is.

"For their sake alone we must win the war. If we lose it, these harmless-looking Palestinian men would suddenly become raging wolves. They would attack our women and children to carry out revenge. There are enough examples in history. There is no turning back in our battle against the Palestinians — even if we wanted to, which we do not.

"If Hamas and the Palestinians appeal to your sentimentality, realize that they are hoping for your forgetfulness, and let them know that you see through them and hold them in contempt.

"The Palestinians are responsible for the war. The treatment they receive from us is hardly unjust. They have deserved it all."

Beautiful sentiments, no? Can you guess who wrote them?

The first excerpt came from this lovely man. The second was penned by this gentle soul. Switch certain nouns around and damn if you can tell the difference! But the difference is clear, yes?

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In case you didn't know, the first is Alan Dershowitz and the second is Josef Goebbels.