Donald Drumpfuk

Words fail me!

See!? . . . It's legal . . . right there . . . I signed it.

See? . . . . Just below where it says, "Assad dunit"

Donald Drumpfuk comes out of this as either a moron, a psychopath or both, no matter which way you cut it. The "chemical gas attack" is a false flag op and everybody with any brains at all and not working for the media knows this including Donald and Rex.

While on the subject of working for the media and braincells, check this out-

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Here is Scott Adams turning himself into a pretzel trying to paint a picture of Trump pulling off a victory out of his war crime.

Yep, it's a war crime to attack a sovereign country that has not attacked you, never mind being absolutely no threat to you and never could be. Unless, of course, you are a New York banker who needs to control oil and gas flows around the world to prop up your failing de facto world currency, the US Dollar; the source of all your power.

If the US really wanted to defeat ISIS and the rest of the low IQ, brainwashed, drug crazed, head chopping lunatics shipped in from all over the Muslim world, all they would have to do is cut off their logistics including their funding, training, equipment, drugs and armaments. Simple. Within a week, they'd be chopping each other up.

To maintain one front line soldier in war, an army needs 5-9 logistical personnel. So where is ISIS/Al Qaeda's logistical army? It's provided by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and behind them are israel, the US and the UK. It doesn't get simpler than that.

Hats off to James Corbett. He picked this dude right from the beginning-
The #SyriaStrikes: An Open Source Investigation

As did Titus Frost-

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For some righteous reporting, see Greencrow's post here

and from Penny

A very pertinent interview with William Engdahl conducted by Patrick Henningsen


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