The Attempted Killing of Love

Below is a very moving video from Tom Duggan. In it he interviews journalist Vanessa Beeley and Anglican priest Andrew Ashdown. Both have been to Syria and to the front line multiple times and have returned to the West to report on the atrocities perpetrated there. It should be noted that Tom Duggan himself has risked his life multiple times in Syria to help the people there and to inform the West of their plight.

The atrocities in Syria go beyond the imagination of most people. They are perpetrated by the most heinous, drug fueled, satanic, psychopathic lunatics ever to walk the face of the earth. These crazed, hate filled lunatics have been recruited from around the world, trained, armed, supplied and paid for by the Western governments of the NATO block and the Middle East governments of the GCC. The governments of Canada and Australia are involved, as well.

These governments and the men and women who comprise them are directly and indirectly involved in what is nothing less than the satanic attempt to kill humanity in Syria; to kill love. The corporate press and their staff have accepted money in return for active support of this ultimate crime or have, at least, accepted money for their silence. It is nothing less than disgusting.

In the 45min video below, you will see what all the government and corporate degenerates listed above have been trying to kill. You will see the target of this murderous campaign; the love exemplified in Vanessa Beeley, Andrew Ashdown and Tom Duggan and the love within the Syrian people. You will also see how the perps have failed.

If you, the viewer, find yourself responding with compassion for the Syrians, with admiration for the principals in the video and outrage against the perpetrators, then know that this is the love within you that is also under attack from the satanists who parade around as our noble leaders. They are trying to deaden your heart to the absolute inhumanity being perpetrated around the world with their words of fear and their smooth rationalizations. Have none of it! Listen to your heart; your humanity - and speak to others from there.

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More interviews with Vanessa Beeley, Andrew Ashdown and Tom Duggan can be found in the archives at the ever valuable 21st Century Wire

and Warmongering by the Corporate Media


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