May 2017

The Blood of Children

Below is a video featuring an interview with a former finance broker from Holland who exposes the corruption within international finance. The interview is in Dutch but there are English subtitles. The link to the video was sent to me by a friend from Holland who speaks English fluently, as well as Dutch, of course. At my request, he went over the translation carefully and said to me that it is “spot on” for accuracy.

The former finance broker is Ronald Bernard. He makes two main points, in my view. The first one is that the world of high finance is a relatively small club that manipulates world events including wars. At the centre of the manipulations are the various state intelligence agencies who deal with all governments and their terrorist groups as well. We are treated like sheep to be lied to, divided and misled into fighting each other.

The second point, and the subject of the second half of the video, is that the people at the top of the finance world are Satanists or Luciferians, if you like. At first he thought these ceremonies were rather harmless play-acting but then they turned to sacrificing children. This is at the point where suddenly it became all too real for Bernard. He got out of the financial world and the Satanism but at a cost to himself.

Ronald Bernard testifies to the satanism that controls one of three pillars that constitute The System that rules our world. Bernard's former world is the realm of high finance; the corporate world which is controlled by the international banks. The corporate world includes the media organisations.

The other two pillars are the religious world dominated by the Vatican and the legal world. Together, these three institutions control a fourth institution; our 'democratic' governments. All of these institutions continue with their corruption and exploitation through the practice of blackmailing those people at the top and those on the way up. This is where the paedophilia and child sacrifice come into the picture.

The System is held together with the blood of children.

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Below is a short video which examines Ronald Bernard's body language. I found it very interesting.

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