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VA Senate Committee Kills Vote Rigging Plan

crooksandliars - Mon, 01/18/2038 - 22:14


ProgressVirginia reported Tuesday afternoon that the Virginia Senate’s Privileges and Elections Committee killed Sen. Charles “Bill” Carrico Sr.’s electoral college-rigging bill, despite an offer by Carrico to amend the bill to award electors in proportion to the state’s popular vote. The vote was 11-4 against the bill, although it will not be official until the close of the committee meeting.

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Donald Trump Appears To Have Hissy Fit As He Leaves Debate Venue

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 23:34

There is no audio, only video of Donald Trump leaving the venue. But watch Melania and Ivanka in particular as he interacts with Jared Kushner about something, and starts pointing fingers and getting agitated.

Something did not please The Donald. Or else he was just coming down of his adrenaline high from that trainwreck of a debate.

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Trump Brags That He 'Did A Good Job' On Birther Issue During Debate

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 22:36

Donald Trump bombed so bigly at tonights debate, I am shocked. Honestly. I mean, the bar was set so dang high for Hillary Clinton and so low for Trump...and even he couldn't meet that level, whereas Clinton surpassed all expectations.

One of the best parts, of many, was the Birtherism issue. You know, how Trump hammered Barack Obama for 5+ years about whether he was a real American citizen. Even after the release of his long form birth certificate in 2011, Trump refused to give it up.

Well, just 2 weeks ago Trump finally admitted Obama was an American in a one sentence utterance muttered during a one hour informercial at his new DC hotel at the Old Post Office Pavilion where he duped the press into covering. Yeah, well Lester Holt wasn't letting it go that easy.

Here is the exchange tonight, where Trump continued to deny that he kept it going or even started it. And in fact, he kept saying he deserved *credit* for making Obama produce his birth certificate, as if it was somehow a badge of honor to try and humiliate the nation's first African-American president.

He tried (and failed) to pin it on other people, like Sidney Blumenthal. The audience didn't care and Hillary Clinton didn't take the bait.

Also, what was up with all that sniffing?

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Open Thread - No Mudslinging!

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 22:30

I was wondering what graphic would be best suited for tonight's nadir of modern democracy.

And then Alert Reader "t.s." sent this along and I wondered no more.

Open thread below...

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Massive Attack

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 22:00

It was twenty two years ago today that the British collective Massive Attack released the album Protection. The album has gone on to be a trip-hop classic. Singing on the album's title track was Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl, who happens to be celebrating her 54th birthday today as well.

What are you chilling out to tonight?

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Chris Matthews: Can Trump Debate 'Without Doing The Ethnic Stuff?'

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 19:49

As the time ticked away before the start of the first presidential debate of 2016, MSNBC's Chris Mathews asked Trump's running mate Gov. Mike Pence, if Trump would be able to debate "without doing the other stuff, the ethnic stuff."

Donald Trump has had a difficult time getting the African American community to buy into his racist and demeaning ideas since he's polling about 7%.

His outreach has often been comical and insulting and he's never faced an African American audience that wasn't a staged photo op.

And holding a press conference to declare that the first African American president, Barack Obama is really a U.S. citizen was bizarre and despicable and didn't sit well with the black community either.

Instead of just asking about Trump's racism, Matthews phrased it in a really odd manner.

Mathews asked, "You know, he's had a great ability to tap into the dissatisfaction of the country, and certainly he's done that. He got the nomination largely because of his ability to connect to that.

He continued, "How does he do that tonight without doing the other stuff, the ethnic stuff that has gotten him into trouble and gotten him off-message. How does he do it?

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LIVESTREAM: Presidential Debate Open Thread

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 19:45

We at Crooks and Liars recommend against any drinking games involving Donald Trump and facts. For your safety and the safety of those around you, just don't "take a drink" everytime Trump says something....well, anything.

The Debate airs 9 Eastern / 6 Pacific and is live streamed above.

There are Debate Bingo Cards all over the web; here's ours:

It's a debate open thread, share what you're seeing.

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Politics And Reality Radio: Roy Edroso On The Right-bloggers’ Election; Digby Previews The Debates

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 19:00

This week, we'll speak to OG blogger and Village Voice right-wingologist Roy Edroso about the 2016 election as seen through the prism of the conservative blogosphere.

Then Heather "Digby" Parton will join us to preview Monday's first presidential debate.

And last but not least, David Turnbull, campaign director for Oil Change International, will tell us about his group's new study showing that fully exploiting the fossil fuel projects that are already online will force global temperatures above the target agreed to in Paris last year.

PowerSolo: "Knucklehead"
Edith Piaf: "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien"
Bill Withers: "Ain't No Sunshine"
Talking Heads: "My Love Is You"

As always, you can also subscribe to the show on iTunes or Podbean.

Karoli adds:

Be sure to listen to Digby's analysis and concerns about the debate tonight. Then join us on our live stream open thread where we'll be watching and commenting along with you.

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On Debate Night Your Tweet Matters

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 18:18

When the debates are on, my comedian friends and I are trying to come up with funny tweets. We'll comment on the zingers and if they landed or not. We retweet the ones we think are the funniest. Getting a like for a funny tweet is nice, but getting a retweet really hits the ol' dopamine centers. ( Frank Conniff is my favorite. The HRC camp should classify him as a national treasure and put him in charge of strategic zingers.)

While I'm trying to craft 140 character zingers, my political friends are trying to fill out their debate bingo drinking cards.

"When Hillary's opponent says, 'I'm going to build a wall!' take a drink. If he says, 'Mexico will pay for it,' take a shot of tequila.' If the moderator, asks 'How will that work?' or cites comments from the Mexican President about paying for the wall, eat the worm. (Don't worry, you won't have to eat a worm!)"

When I watched the first GOP debate I knew I was no longer watching a political debate but the TV show Who Wants to be President? which morphed into Last Comic Standing. It was all about the zingers, insults and nicknames. I expect a lot of the same in tonight's debate.

I'll admit it, it's great fun to make fun of the debates, but, as we used to say in the shop, "It's all fun and games until someone launches a nuke."

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Jake Tapper Journeys To The Bottom Of The Heap With 'Hillary Coverup' Question

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 18:00

I'm astonished at a Jake Tapper interview with Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook.

Tapper asked Mook about a quote from the recently released FBI Clinton Email interview files. In it, the FBI asked the IT person responsible for the Clinton email server at River Platte Networks about the term, "Hillary coverup" used in a work ticket. But Tapper just selected the term, he didn't quote the actual investigation report.

In the investigation report, the IT person stated the "Hilary [sic] coverup [sic] operation..." was probably due to the recently requested change to a 60 day email retention policy and the comment was a joke."

It was a joke. I've been in the tech industry for almost 30 years and have seen thousands of comments and asides of this nature. Any tech knows what I'm saying.

Why would Tapper pull out the term without the rest of the investigation comment? It's not as if we couldn't fact check to discover what he did? To do so is not only stupid, it undermines the very foundation of what it means to be a journalist: to discover the truth and to report the truth.

Has he no self-respect as a journalist? As a human being?


Jake Tapper did respond in a tweet.

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Sean Hannity Suddenly Loves Ted Cruz - Now That He Has Endorsed Trump

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 16:30

Many conservatives are furious at Senator Ted Cruz for his flip-flop endorsement of Donald Trump. Sean Hannity, on the other hand, has placed a big, wet rhetorical kiss on Trump’s lips.

As The Washington Post noted, Cruz’s refusal to endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention “got him booed offstage, but won him respect on the right.” That respect just withered. The Post wrote:

“Profoundly sad day for me,” [Glenn] Beck wrote. “Disappointment does not begin to describe. Maybe it is time to go to the mountains for a while.”

Other conservatives who had refused to endorse Trump spent the afternoon asking what they’d seen in Cruz. “I think Ted Cruz endorsing Trump at this point plays to the caricature that he is self-interested, not really principled,” wrote Erick Erickson, a conservative commentator who had just published a well-received essay on why he still rejected Trump. “Hate it for him.” An hour later, he amended his remarks: “It does become almost impossible to claim ‘self-interested Ted’ is a caricature after this.”

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Rob Reiner On Trump's Racism: 'This Is The Last Throes Of The Civil War'

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 16:00

Rob Reiner cut to the heart of the white nationalism Donald Trump has stoked during his appearance on yesterday's AM Joy show.

After Reid aired a truly wonderful mashup of Archie Bunker and Donald Trump's statements side-by-side, she asked Reiner what he makes of the white nationalist bent to Trump's campaign.

What's interesting is those issues which were very hot and on the front burner in, you know, in the '60s and '70s, that all of a sudden, you know, they got submerged after a while," Reiner observed.

He continued, "And you have this guy Donald Trump who comes along and essentially resurrects all of this and gives a bullhorn to this racist idea and I believe what we've done and what we've seen, is you know, the Civil War -- the last throes of the Civil War. We're fighting the last battles, and Donald Trump is leading the way for white nationalism."

While he isn't saying anything we haven't said here over and over again, the mashup of the Archie Bunker clips alongside the Trump clips is remarkable, not only for their similarity, but for the desperation with which Trump endeavors to rekindle the fires of white resentment.

He's right. This is the death throes of the Civil War. Whether we can extinguish it entirely will depend upon whether people get out and vote.

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Duck Dynasty's Uncle Silas Would Vote For God For POTUS

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 15:30

It's hard to argue with universally accepted logic especially when it's applied to basic standards that any candidate for POTUS should meet. These are non-partisan guidelines for decency to be eligible to serve: 'Love the United States, do what's right and stick with the truth.' These are the basic tenets according to Duck Dynasty's Uncle Silas, a.k.a. Si Robertson, who is also a Republican. However, Republicans have seldom, if ever,done what's good for America and its people.

Oddly enough, his beloved, Klan-friendly, Republican Party has shown nothing but disdain for America's citizens, their well-being, science and of course they've shown a total rebuke of any environmental protections. Yet, Herr Drümpf pretends that he is the self-righteous savior, the common man's rich guy who is the champion of the average worker; even though his business record clearly shows he cares not one Iota for the plight of the average struggling American. His record of straight-up conning and scamming those in financial need would indicate that Trump only seems to view the rank and file of American workers as a limitless supply of rubes to fleece, providing him opportunity to try out various scams without any personal financial risk. Bankruptcy protects Donald while those who have been the prey of this unethical devil have no recourse.

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Glenn Beck Freaks Out After Ted Cruz Interview: 'Cover Me In A Bucket Of Blood!'

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 15:00

Ted Cruz's calculated decision to embrace Donald Trump last week has infuriated his most avid supporters, including Glenn Beck.

The Texas Senator joined Beck today on his radio show and The Blaze TV to explain his choice to ditch principle for political expediency.

Let's just say it didn't go well.

After the interview ended, Beck said "For the very first time I heard Ted Cruz calculate, and when that happened the whole thing fell apart for me. It's my fault for believing that men can actually believe George Washington. It's my fault."

Sen. Cruz started the interview with a disingenuous case that there's only a "binary choice" in this election now and that's why he's choosing to vote for Trump. Then shifted to the Supreme Court.

Beck refused to buy in and said, "This is information you had in Cleveland, you had this information the day you dropped out of the race and said that Donald Trump is a sociopathic liar so you had all this information."

Glenn continued, "Do you have new information that has made you say 'Oh, my God, he's now not a sociopathic liar ....and now suddenly there's a reason to believe him?"

Sen. Cruz didn't answer his question and once again brought up the "we are in a general election with a binary choice" example and Beck fired back and said, "I'm asking for new information."

Beck, "I'm asking you for new information...Why now? What's new?"

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RNC's Reince Priebus: 14 Seasons Of The Apprentice Prepared Trump For Debate

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 13:19

While being interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer about tonight's first presidential debate, RNC head Reince Priebus claimed that Donald Trump hosting fourteen season finales of his reality TV show has prepared him for tonight's debate.

Of all the sophomoric statements Priebus has made, this ranks up there with the best of them.

Wolf Blitzer began the interview by asking about Trump's preparation, "Give us some insight into Trump's debate preparation, process, what's he been doing?"

Priebus replied, "...he's studying and he's preparing and they're going through hypotheticals and what scenarios might come up."

He continued, "He's very comfortable, he did a great job in our primary debates, he's also been through, what, 14 seasons, season finales..he will be prepared."

Wolf didn't bother with a follow up to Priebus' idiotic assumption that hosting realty talk show finales is the same thing as prepping for a debate that will help determine who is elected to the highest office in the world.

And as my friend KagroX tweeted:

In a world where this was a thing that made sense, I'd point out that he's never done so as a contestant.

— David Waldman (@KagroX) September 26, 2016

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Nazi Youth, Trump Flags Side-By-Side At Pennsylvania Fair

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 11:36

Did somebody say, "deplorables"?

A vendor at the Bloomsburg Fair in central Pennsylvania displayed a "Donald Trump - Make America Great Again" flag adjacent to a replica of the Hitler Youth Flag. A photo of the display was published widely on social media this weekend.

The vendor also displayed the Confederate flag along with a bumper sticker that said "AIDS cures f*gs."

Some of the responses from locals on Facebook:

...a friend of mine from high school, just shared this image. This picture was taken at the Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, PA, the next town over from where we grew up. Yes, those are nazi flags for sale, proudly displayed next to a Trump banner.
I am so angry I'm in tears. This is happening in our backyard. That flag stands for hatred and genocide. This is what Donald Trump is doing to America, this is the kind of deplorable person his campaign has empowered. If you cannot see that, you are part of the problem. childhood is crushed... My all time favorite the town next to my selling Nazi flags...right next to Trump flags... Incredibly angered and saddened that the board of the Bloomsburg Fair allows this vendor to sell such wares. As long as that occurs, I will never return to the fair. Shame because as my friends know...I would drive for hours and spend hundreds just to go almost every year.

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Crazy NRA Ad: You'll Get Murdered During Home Invasion Because Hillary!

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 11:11

The ludicrous idea that "Democrats want to take your guns" has made gun manufacturers and their surrogates like the NRA very wealthy.

Calling for common sense gun control measures is not a plan to take your guns away, but facts do not matter to conservatives: see "presidential campaign, Donald Trump."

The NRA just released a new ad which essentially blames Hillary Clinton for your murder at the hands of a home invasion.

The ad is fearmongering fantasy at its pinnacle.

I'll set the scene. A woman is sleeping - we see a darkened outline of someone passing her window - glass breaks - the women wakes up - an intruder enters - she hurriedly gets out of bed and runs to a phone in slow motion.

Voice over begins:

She’ll call 911. Average response time — 11 minutes. Too late. She keeps a firearm in this safe for protection, but Hillary Clinton could take away her right to self-defense. And with Supreme Court justices, Hillary can [the safe with the gun disappears]. Don’t let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone.

If a woman lives alone, why does she keep her gun in a safe? Oh, never mind.

Anyway, as Think Progress notes:

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John Oliver Compares Trump And Clinton 'Scandals'

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 10:12

We now know what John Oliver was doing while he was "off" for several weeks: he was investigating the "scandals" surrounding Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

His explanation of Hillary's e-mails is as complete and understandable as anything on television, ever. And it truly puts to shame cable news, who has literally had months to "cover" this story, but can never find more than 90 seconds to breathe innuendo and repeat talking points from Trump supporters.

It only takes about 20 minutes to gain a complete understanding of both candidates and their financial dealings, and that includes the jokes.

This segment is about one-one hundredth the length of time cable news spent looking at Donald Trump's empty podium during the primaries. Think about that.

Be sure to say for the end, where Oliver gets rained on by raisins. No, really.

Think of it like this: Ethical failings in a politician are like raisins in a cookie ... They shouldn't be there. They disgust people. But most politicians have at least a few raisins. Hillary arguably has more raisins than average. There's probably 10 of these little f*ckers in there … But [Trump] is a f*cking raisin monsoon! He is ethically compromised to an almost unprecedented degree. So if you don't like raisins, I get it – they're disgusting. But unfortunately, this November, you're gonna have to swallow 10 or we're all going to be eating this sh*t for years.

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Howard Kurtz Whines About CNN And MSNBC Using Fact-Checking Banners For Trump

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 09:00

Poor Howie is terribly unhappy with his rival networks for fact-checking Hair Drumpf in their chyrons. It's rather ironic and pathetic to say the least to watch Kurtz complaining about media bias in covering Trump when Politico just published an article the day before discussing the fact that Trump lied once every three minutes and fifteen seconds over a five-day period.

Hey Howard, here's a thought. Maybe if your candidate didn't literally have lies spewing out of his mouth every few minutes where it's impossible to keep up with him, those other networks wouldn't have felt the fact-checking banners were necessary. Fox of course is more than happy to help him spread the lies, so you'll never see it happen over there.

Here's transcript via Media Matters:

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Conway Slags Reporters, Again

crooksandliars - Mon, 09/26/2016 - 08:08

Kellyanne Conway was on Morning Joe bright and early to criticize the embedded reporters with the Trump campaign. Apparently calling Trump's many lies and falsehoods for what they are gets you in trouble with that campaign. "Fact-checking" has become "slander" in their view.

Whether the message is really for the reporters, Trump's rabid followers who hate the media with a seething passion, or tonight's debate moderator, Lester Holt, is an open question. But one thing is certain, this is a campaign that doesn't like being called on its' lies.

CONWAY: “Look at the Twitter feeds of ‘objective reporters’, particularly our embeds. These are not profiles in courage and this is not journalism. There are people who cover our campaign who actually just slander our candidate…I have them on my desk. We printed them all out…Why are they on our campaign plane. Why are they covering our campaign if they can’t say ‘hey, look at this crowd of….look at the RSVPs of 32,000 people in Fort Myers, Florida, and the place only held 8,500. Hey look at the rise in the polls….excuse the Trump campaign if we feel we can’t get a fair shake from certain people.”

Conway was seemingly upset when Halperin asked how Trump could keep saying things that were "factually incorrect". (You're not allowed to say "Trump lied" on Morning Joe.)

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