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VA Senate Committee Kills Vote Rigging Plan

crooksandliars - Mon, 01/18/2038 - 22:14


ProgressVirginia reported Tuesday afternoon that the Virginia Senate’s Privileges and Elections Committee killed Sen. Charles “Bill” Carrico Sr.’s electoral college-rigging bill, despite an offer by Carrico to amend the bill to award electors in proportion to the state’s popular vote. The vote was 11-4 against the bill, although it will not be official until the close of the committee meeting.

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Fox And Friends' Steve Doocy: 'Real News Is Sometimes Fake News'

crooksandliars - 6 hours 9 min ago

The effort is underway for right wingers to muddy the waters even when it comes to "fake news."

In a speech Thursday, Hillary Clinton stated that the spread of fake news, "is a trend that "can have real world consequences."

After the disaster that was dubbed Pizzagate by the right wing fringe, which almost resulted in a monstrous act, Hillary said, "This is not about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk, lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities...It is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly."

Those remarks seem to anger many at Fox News, including Trump's BFF's, Fox and Friends. They decided that there is a correlation between "fake news" and "free speech," which is complete nonsense.

Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt brought on Kurt Knutsson, dubbed the Cyber Guy to help make it even more confusing for Fox News viewers.

Earhardt said, "But where do you draw the line when it comes to free speech online?"

All private entities have the right to post their terms of service, whether they enforce it or not. That doesn't mean they have to permit slander and libel.

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Olbermann: Trump's Cabinet More Evil Than 'Batman Villains'

crooksandliars - 7 hours 28 min ago

When you want your frustration and fear verbalized with the same passion that you have about the formation of Mango Mussolini's Cabinet, you turn to Keith Olbermann. "The Resistance" is a production from GQ that provides excellent commentary on the latest appalling developments from Deplorable Donny Tic Tac.

OLBERMANN: the incoming Cabinet and White House staff of the idiot elect is so collectively and individually nefarious, so reeking of financial corruption and moral decay...

We literally have to compare this again, to use John Cleese line this crew of a governmental pirate ship to Batman villains, ALL Batman villains, ALL OF THEM.

(These are) the denizens, of what the filmmakers dubbed United underworld let's meet them and let's dub them Citizens United underworld

He too noticed that every single cabinet member seems to be the person who would destroy the institution that they are supposed to lead. James Mattis, the least offensive of the bunch is also on the board of General Dynamics, so the Secretary of Defense has a stake in making sure the taxpayers fund some sort of war. No big deal, right?

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Congress Introduces Legislation To Destroy Social Security

crooksandliars - 7 hours 29 min ago

In December, 2015 just ahead of the Iowa caucuses, then-candidate Donald Trump stood up at a town hall and reassured a concerned AARP Iowa member that they "were not taking their Social Security."

In fact, throughout the campaign all he would say is that there was "waste, fraud and abuse" inside the Social Security and Medicare systems, but promised his adoring fans that he was not -- absolutely not, no way, no how -- taking their Social Security or Medicare away from them.

Then Forbes reported that there would be no 2017 budget coming from the Trump White House, which breaks with current precedent. Forbes explained it away as being a way for Trump to avoid criticism by making specific proposals, while also avoiding all of the discussion about how he was making way for big reductions in tax revenues and spending.

But I suspected, and have now confirmed, that the real reason is as plain as Paul Ryan put it during the campaign: Trump can make all the promises, and Congress will break them. Or put Ryan's way, if voters elected Trump the extremists in Congress could have their way with him.

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Fox News 'Democrat' Pre-Blames Obama For Any ISIS Attacks On Trump’s Watch

crooksandliars - 7 hours 58 min ago

Donald Trump may be skipping his daily intelligence briefings but his pals at Fox News are already teeing up blame for any ISIS attack that should occur during his presidency on President Obama. Fox News Democrat Doug Schoen did all the heavy lifting for his colleagues.

I’ve previously written about Schoen’s wankery. You may recall that recently he announced – on Fox News, no less – that he could no longer support Hillary Clinton after the October FBI letter came out. As far as I know, Schoen never endorsed Trump but he didn’t need to.

Today’s Schoen wankery arose from a recent clip of President Obama saying that the Islamic State’s ability to “initiate major land offenses … was not on my intelligence radar.”

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Trump Punch Down Strategy Endangers Local Union Leader

crooksandliars - 8 hours 58 min ago

"You better keep your eye on your kids. We know what car you drive." That's the kind of threats a local union official is getting after President-presumed-Elect Donald Trump tweeted something bad about him.

"You gonna die. Death is coming to you real soon." A Florida woman is arrested for threatening the parents of a child killed at Sandy Hook. Trump-tied "fake news" sites claim the shootings there were a "hoax" intended to push gun control.

A guy shows up at a Pizza shop based on conspiracy theories -- some pushed out by Trump insiders, others by the same Trump-related websites and radio shows that pushed the Sandy Hook hoax -- claiming Hillary Clinton runs a child sex trafficking ring from its basement. He brings an assault rifle,

... terrifying customers and workers with his ­assault-style rifle as he searched Comet Ping Pong, police said. He found no hidden children, no secret chambers, no evidence of a child sex ring run by the failed Democratic candidate for president of the United States...

Is this the "new normal" for our country?

Trump Attacks Local Union Leader

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Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump's TV Producer Conflict: Obama Played Golf!

crooksandliars - 9 hours 58 min ago

The Emolument Clause be damned! Trump is, somehow, the president and if the president wants to do it, it's legal. If that sounds frightfully similar to the words of President Nixon, you're right, but this is Nixon without the cover-up.

The problem with a US president working as a producer of an NBC TV program creates some nasty conflicts. If he's working for NBC, won't NBC be giving him far more positive coverage than they would if he wasn't part of their lineup? Believe it or not, the positive press they provided in the election will seem like censure compared to the way they will rubber stamp every whim he has. Plus, think of all the advertisers who wish to curry favor with Trump, knowing how easily he can be bought. The term banana republic is seeming too innocuous.

And of course, nobody carries more water for Trump's banana republic than his chief apologist, Kellyanne Conway, hired on the merits of her intense hatred for Hillary Clinton. She spoke with Alisyn Camerota, on CNN's "New Day":

CAMEROTA: Why is Mr. Trump going to stay on as Executive Producer of "The Apprentice"?

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Hillary Clinton On Fake News: 'Real Lives Are At Stake'

crooksandliars - 10 hours 32 min ago

We need to get back to facts.

Yesterday in her speech at the Harry Reid tribute, Hillary Clinton reminded us that "fake news," in this case the Pizzagate Lies, has endangered lives of average Americans.

We learn this morning that the Comet Ping Pong Pizza parlor in DC has a GoFundMe to provide security for their place of business. If ever there was a case for libel against media outlets who reported this garbage without pointing out its falsity? They have one.

And now the pushback on the right begins, with those promoting Pizzagate and other fake news playing the games of "how dare you smear me with the 'fake news' label," and of course the "I know you are but what am I?" baloney.

The whole purpose of fake news this year was to smear Hillary Clinton and her staff. That is all. And now they don't want to be smeared by hearing the words "fake news" said about them? Poor babies.

She printed LIES that lifelong public servants ran child sex ring but don't "smear" her w fake news label

— Frances Langum (@bluegal) December 9, 2016

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Will GOP Shut Down Government Rather Than Fund Coal Miners' Pensions?

crooksandliars - 11 hours 18 min ago

Congress really wants to get out of Washington, D.C. and go home for the holidays, but they cannot seem to do it without trying to screw some workers first. As they continue to debate a continuing budget resolution through April, 2017, they are stuck on the question of whether there should be a permanent resolution to the question of coal miners' pensions and healthcare.

Hence, Democrats are filibustering the current form of the continuing resolution, led by Senators Heidi Heitkamp, Sherrod Brown, Mark Warner, Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin. They are holding out for a 12-month extension of the benefits rather than seeing them run out in April.

Yet Republican Senators think it's fine to simply let those miners languish and somehow manage on their own. According to Politico, "[Sen. John] Cornyn predicted Republicans would be able to break the Democrat filibuster on Saturday if needed. He argued that [Sens. Joe] Manchin and [Sherrod] Brown should be “grateful” for the four-month extension.”

It isn't just their pensions, either. It's also their health care.

Republicans were so concerned about the budget and possibility of a government shutdown that they recessed in order to attend the White House holiday party yesterday, rather than deal with the business at hand.

NPR describes the current situation:

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Trump Blocks Million Women's March At Lincoln Memorial

crooksandliars - 12 hours 36 min ago

Women had planned a Million Women's march to protest Trump's election at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Protesting on public lands is a time-honored American tradition. Just ask Glenn Beck. But this time, there will be no protests because Donald Trump (see update) has filed a permit barring such a thing from happening.

According to The Guardian:

The NPS filed a “massive omnibus blocking permit” for many of Washington DC’s most famous political locations for days and weeks before and after the inauguration on 20 January, said Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, a constitutional rights litigator and the executive director of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund.

NYMag reports that 126,000 people had already RSVP'd on Facebook, but they will not have access to the monuments or areas ordinarily reserved for public gatherings.

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Yup, Not A Dime's Worth Of Difference

crooksandliars - 13 hours 58 min ago

Nobody could have predicted that an incoming president who's said climate change is a hoax would do something like this:

President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general and a close ally of the fossil fuel industry, to run the Environmental Protection Agency, signaling Mr. Trump’s determination to dismantle President Obama’s efforts to counter climate change -- and much of the E.P.A. itself.

Mr. Pruitt, a Republican, has been a key architect of the legal battle against Mr. Obama’s climate change policies....

“Scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind,” he wrote in National Review earlier this year. “That debate should be encouraged -- in classrooms, public forums, and the halls of Congress. It should not be silenced with threats of prosecution. Dissent is not a crime.” ...

“During the campaign, Mr. Trump regularly threatened to dismantle the E.P.A. and roll back many of the gains made to reduce Americans’ exposures to industrial pollution, and with Pruitt, the president-elect would make good on those threats,” said Ken Cook, head of the Environmental Working Group, a Washington research and advocacy organization.

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Joe Biden: World Will Look To Trudeau/Merkel For Leadership

crooksandliars - 14 hours 3 min ago

Biden took a veiled swipe at Trump by noting the absence of leadership that's coming. "There are periods when the number of genuine leaders are on a continent are in short supply and when they are in heavy supply. We're going to get through this period because we are Americans and Canadians."

Source: Bloomberg

The world will look to Germany and Canada for leadership as the political status-quo is upended across the West, Vice-President Joe Biden said.

Visiting Ottawa before he leaves office, the vice-president called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -- who is beginning his second year in power -- to set an example on the international stage.

“I’ve never seen Europe engaged in as much self-doubt,” Biden said Thursday evening at a dinner hosted by Trudeau. “The world’s going to spend a lot of time looking to you, prime minister, as we see more and more challenges to the liberal international order since the end of World War II -- you and Angela Merkel.”

Trudeau is an avowed feminist pushing a pro-trade and pro-immigration agenda that is at odds with the rhetoric of President-elect Donald Trump. However, the prime minister has largely avoided criticizing him, saying he will work with any U.S. leader.

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All New And Improved! Trumpcare!

crooksandliars - 14 hours 58 min ago

Okay, so Trump is going to repeal Obamacare the day after he’s inaugurated. So, that means that the day after inauguration, 24 million people won’t have health insurance.

Of course, Trump can’t repeal Obamacare so his campaign promise is dumped in the lap of congress who, even though they tried to repeal it eleventy dozen times, has no clue what to replace it with.

Hell, they even met with Mike Pence about it and he didn’t have a clue either.

If you repeal it, you have to replace it with something. Republicans don’t have even a tablespoon of something.

After meeting with Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Tuesday to hash out plans to repeal Obamacare, top Senate Republicans are no closer to resolving an issue that’s splintering the GOP heading into the start of Donald Trump’s presidency: how long to give themselves to replace the law.

You’d think after four years of trying to burn down the barn, they’d at least have the field cleared for the new barn. But, no. They do not.

One suggestion that keeps popping up from their agenda is that they don’t replace Obamacare until after the 2018 mid term elections. That alone tells you how popular they know it is.

Other Republican argue that they have to do it right away because it’s zombie apocalypse, except worse.

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Mike's Blog Round Up

crooksandliars - 15 hours 58 min ago

Fair and Unbalanced: We still don't know what Trump's plans are toward China, but Republicans have a history of favoring ideology over expertise on that issue.

The Immoral Minority: "Bad candidate"? Hillary's vote total may overtake even that of Obama in 2012.

Gin and Tacos: There are some cases where civility isn't appropriate.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson: Once again, Trumpanzees react to criticism of Trump with threats of violence.

Blog round-up by Infidel753. Tips to mbru [at] crooksandliars [dot] com.

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Tulsi Gabbard Scolds Critics Of Trump's Military Cabinet

crooksandliars - 15 hours 58 min ago

Tulsi Gabbard had a sit-down with Jake Tapper today to self-promote her own brand of rah-rah about Syria and military strategy in general. During the interview, Jake Tapper asked her about whether she had any concern about the number of generals chosen to serve in Trump's cabinet.

Her answer was authoritarian, delivered in a scolding tone.

I don't share their concerns. As a veteran and as someone still serving in the Hawaii National Guard, I found it pretty offensive for people to outright discriminate against veterans. Here you have generals who have literally spent their whole lives serving our country, putting service before self, putting their lives on the line to defend democracy. Yet people are criticizing them and discriminating against them saying, just because you served as a general previously you are disqualified from serving in a high position of leadership in our government. These people, arguably, have put far more on the line and are far more deeply personally committed to upholding and protecting our democracy than their critics.

That last sentence, in particular, takes on a creepy, menacing tone. What she is saying there is that those generals are somehow more American than ordinary citizens. That their service and sacrifice means more than ordinary Americans who might not serve in the military, but serve their communities, or work for peace, or are just good citizens every day.

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Open Thread - Here Ya Go...

crooksandliars - Fri, 12/09/2016 - 00:09

Open thread below...

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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Public Image Ltd

crooksandliars - Thu, 12/08/2016 - 23:00

Public Image Ltd's debut album was released in the UK on this day, December 8th, in 1978.

Though now considered one of the groundbreaking moments for the post-punk movement, a lot of reviews weren't kind to it when it came out. It seems a lot of the critics wanted the Sex Pistols part two and were a bit perplexed as to what they were hearing. When asked about the record in an interview at the time, John Lydon referred to the sounds as "Anti-Rock."

Warner Brothers, the band's North American label, deemed the record too uncommercial for US consumption audience at the time. It didn't see a proper US release until 2013.

It's one of those albums that permanently etched itself in my mind when an older cousin of mine played me his import copy to a preteen me back in then. Eventually, he gave me that copy which I still own today. Picking that one song from a definitive album (without picking the most obvious one) can a tough decision at times. I spun "Annalisa" (a song inspired by story of Anneliese Michel) on my radio show the other night so we'll just go with that one again this evening.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Lawrence Says It Perfectly: 'Here's Trump Lying His A** Off'

crooksandliars - Thu, 12/08/2016 - 20:00

Never in our history have we needed our media to step up like they've never done before. In fact, since the Fourth Estate failed to properly condemn the horrible behavior of Trump during the election, they owe us, big time.

We are thankful that we have MSNBC's "The Last Word." Lawrence O'Donnell discussed Trump's Twitter tirade against United Steelworkers Union, 1999 Leader, Chuck Jones. He used Chuck's own words: "He was lying his ass off" about saving over 1,100 jobs in Carrier's Indiana factory. The consequences of Jones speaking truth to power, unfortunately, are much like a third world dictatorship, where the tyrant's goon squad immediately retaliates against dissent. Banana Republic is no longer just a clothing store in America.

Chuck Jones has received death threats to himself and his family. Class. Just class.

President-elect of the United States is targeting a local union leader, who's already started getting death threats.

— Kaivan Shroff (@KaivanShroff) December 8, 2016

Trump is abusing his power. His supporters have sent death threats to Chuck Jones (including threats to his kids).

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Trump Will Remain As Executive Producer Of 'The Apprentice' Post-Inaugural

crooksandliars - Thu, 12/08/2016 - 19:35

Apparently our soon to-be Dictator-in-Chief just can't say goodbye to the olden days, especially when they afforded him the kind of name recognition he needed to get elected by all of the people he now plans to betray.

According to Variety, Trump will stay on as executive producer of The Apprentice after he takes office.

The larger issue for MGM, NBC, and the White House is the payment that Trump will receive for the series. It’s unclear what his per-episode fee is, but it is likely to be in the low five-figures, at minimum. NBC has ordered eight episodes of “The New Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump’s fees will be paid through MGM, the production entity on the show, not NBC. MGM declined to comment on the financial terms of Trump’s deal. A spokeswoman for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment. NBC declined to comment.

Well, no wonder he can afford to waive his pittance for being President of the United States. And it's not just the fee. There's more. There's always more.

Trump is also a profit participant on the “Apprentice” franchise, which has been sold as a format in various markets around the world since it first became a hit on NBC in 2004.

I'm sure they won't make more money on these episodes because the executive producer is also the President of the most powerful nation on earth, right?

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crooksandliars - Thu, 12/08/2016 - 19:00

The video is hosted by Robert Reich. notes:

Soon after Brexit, the second largest surge in lookups this year for the term xenophobia leads us to the 2016 US presidential race. On June 29, President Obama gave a speech in which he expressed concern over the use of the term populism to describe Donald Trump’s political rhetoric. Obama insisted that this was not an example of populism, but of “nativism or xenophobia.” The biggest spike in lookups for the term populism occurred on June 30 as a result of Obama’s speech.

The selection is in contrast to Merriam-Webster, who has asked the internet to look up words other than "fascism" in order to "improve the outcome" for their word of the year.

'Fascism' is still our #1 lookup.

# of lookups = how we choose our Word of the Year.

There's still time to look something else up.

— Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) November 29, 2016

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