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VA Senate Committee Kills Vote Rigging Plan

crooksandliars - Mon, 01/18/2038 - 22:14


ProgressVirginia reported Tuesday afternoon that the Virginia Senate’s Privileges and Elections Committee killed Sen. Charles “Bill” Carrico Sr.’s electoral college-rigging bill, despite an offer by Carrico to amend the bill to award electors in proportion to the state’s popular vote. The vote was 11-4 against the bill, although it will not be official until the close of the committee meeting.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

wtcdemolition - Mon, 01/18/2038 - 22:14

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe?
Expediency asks the question - is it politic?
Vanity asks the question - is it popular?
But conscience asks the question - is it right?
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

I've seen too much hate to want to hate, myself, and every time I see it, I say to myself, hate is too great a burden to bear. Somehow we must be able to stand up against our most bitter opponents and say: We shall match your capacity to inflict suffering by our capacity to endure suffering. We will meet your physical force with soul force. Do to us what you will and we will still love you.... But be assured that we'll wear you down by our capacity to suffer, and one day we will win our freedom. We will not only win freedom for ourselves; we will appeal to your heart and conscience that we will win you in the process, and our victory will be a double victory.

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WTCD 2.0

wtcdemolition - Mon, 01/18/2038 - 22:14

Please check it out! This a bold new step that will strive for more democracy/transparency, etc. in 9/11 truth blogging (or at least WTCD blogging!)

Were Planes Really Hijacked by Arab Muslims?

wtcdemolition - Wed, 02/13/2030 - 16:31

[Bumping this in honor of the LIHOP offensive afoot at 911blogger that includes attacks on David Ray Griffin's character timed to take advantage of his current health issues. -gReT 2/15/11]

Central to the official 9/11 narrative is the allegation that four flights were hijacked by Arab Muslims working for al Qaeda. Little to no real evidence exists to support this claim.

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The US is Baiting Turkey

pennyforyourthoughts2 - 2 hours 22 min ago
The baiting of Turkey is already a plan in action! But in this case I'm talking about the laying of a trap. Entrapment to lure into a compromising statement or act

Hopin' the Turks are wise to a possible false flag? 
Because the US will engage in that tactic if it benefits them. 
Hell they'll entirely fabricate an incident if it serves them. 
The most recent 'chemical attack' in Syria, comes to mind. I highly doubt anything at all occurred.

Hubby was reading the news this morning and said “it sure looks as if the US is hoping to get a reaction from Turkey” He even mentioned the very scenario Michael Hanna mentions in the Time article which is why I chose that specific article for this post  We are witnessing what was the planned for progression of all that’s been on going in this area- Turkey and the US have not really been allies- more like frenemies- for quite, quite some time.

About 4 days ago Turkey struck PKK/YPG, US allies in Syria
“The collision course is coming. It’s already come in some respects and it’s a question of how badly this deteriorates,” says Michael Hanna, a senior fellow at the New York-based Century Foundation.

“There are U.S. personnel on the ground. In the worst case scenario you’re having Turkey, a NATO ally, a close traditional partner of the United States, could kill American personnel on the ground,” he tells TIME.Exactly what the US wants. Real or claimed. Doesn't matter.
No questioning of why the US is occupying Syria?
No questioning as to why the US is supporting terrorists who attack Turkey? Odd behaviour for a "close traditional partner" to Turkey? A claimed NATO ally, to Turkey?
U.S. support for the YPG has raised tensions with Turkey for over two years. The YPG are closely linked to another organization, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)

Both Turkey and the U.S. list the PKK as a terrorist organization, but the U.S. insists that its militia partners in Syria are a separate group from the PKK guerillas fighting Turkey. Yet the two organizations have direct ties, and Kurdish citizens of Turkey are among the YPG’s fighters”  I'd posted stats indicating that about 50 percent of so called YPG Kurds hail from Turkey-  That is they are PKK, based on documented casualty counts- I’ve stated they are one and the same for years- To bad the disinfo msm and alt media championed the terrorist militias cause all along-

Photos appeared on line of US personnel in deep with terrorists- Not that the US really cares about that!

US commander visited Syria's Derik yesterday was accompanied by PKK's armed wing HPG commander Şahin Cilo (1).

Apr 26
Replying to US commander yesterday was walking with a PKK commander who is responsible for countless attacks against Turkish forces, and citizens 11 replies 210 retweets 127 likes

  • Apr 26
  • US commander is pictured with Şahin Cilo, PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan's adopted son, also PKK's general commander in Syria for YPG forcesQuestions that should be asked, but aren't?

    Why is it that the US has always embedded itself with terrorists?

    Zbigniew Brzesinski and his “few stirred up moslems” in Afghanistan. Operation Cyclone- Arming and creating AQ.

     Madeline Albright and Hashim Thaci KLA Terrorist, Leader of Kosovo- Human Trafficker/Drug Trafficker & Richard Holbrooke with KLA Terrorists
    Richard Holbrooke and KLA Terrorists

    US personnel of all sorts embedded with terrorists fomenting terrorism while destroying nations and lives
    Not remarkable in the least- But why doesn't the media ask why this is the case? Over and over? It all happens right out in the open, for goodness sakes!

    The US is claiming Turkey didn’t give enough notice for the strikes- early reports suggested an hour:Dorrian said Turkey gave the U.S. less than an hour's notice” That’s been altered to claim 20 minutes was all that was given- Less then an hour can be 55 minutes, from my understanding.  I don't know how much notice was given, since the news originally said less than an hour's notice,  it seems the US got about an hours notice and surely more then 20 minutes,

    Never mind the whining about time allowed! Why is the US involved with terrorists again and again and again!

    US Tanks Roll Onto Northern Syria border to Confront Turkish allies in favour of terrorists who are destroying Syria with an eye to destroying Turkey!
    US armoured vehicles were deployed in areas in northern Syria along the tense border with Turkey, a few days after a Turkish airstrike that killed 20 US-backed Kurdish fighters.Questions that should be asked but aren't being asked!

    1- Again the question is why are US troops in Syria at all? (Uninvited)
    2- Why are they embedded with terrorists? Again?
    3- Why, are they betraying their claimed ally of decades- Turkey?
    4-  Turkey's right to defend itself isn't being mentioned at all. Why?

    5- What's the point of the US led NATO alliance when the US is openly courting and bedding Turkey's enemy?
    6 - If your NATO allies aren’t really your allies what the hell is the point of NATO at all?
    As a Canadian that’s a question I ask myself!

    How come these questions aren’t being asked by the media?
    Saved from earlier this week 

    FLASHBACK: US Access to 5, yes 5, Air Installations In Stolen Northern Syria
    FLASHBACK: Safe Zones an Inducement to Increase Human Misery

    Syrian Kurds Call for No-Fly Zone After 20 Die in Turkish Air Strike

    I've mentioned repeatedly this was going to be the case- Readers here will recall me stating this  was the plan on a number of occasions. This will not be the no fly zone Turkey wanted- Turkey's no fly zone envisioned no PKK.  The YPG/PKK will attack Turkey from the safety of a US guarded zone.
     “[Turkey] it has become like a Spanish bull and they see the Kurds with a red color,” Dibo told Syria Deeply. “Basically, we fight alongside against one enemy [in Raqqa] which is ISIS,” Dibo said. “So this requires [the U.S.] to announce a no-fly zone over Rojava and northern Syria.”

    While a member of NATO, Turkey is not part of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Ankara launched its own offensive against the jihadists in August, known as Operation Euphrates Shield, but it had the dual goal of pushing back both ISIS and YPG forces from its shared border with Syria. In March, Ankara claimed it had successfully wrapped up Euphrates Shield.
    The US rejected Turkey's numerous offers to help. 
     LinkThe PKK terror group's Syrian wing the People's Defense Forces (YPG) on Thursday attacked the Turkish military with mortar and missile fire from the Syrian border town of Tal Abyad.
    A mortar round landed on a tank stationed near a military outpost located between the Turkish districts of Suruç and Akçakale, facing the Syrian districts of Kobani and Tal Abyad across the border. No damage or injuries were reported on the Turkish side.
    Turkish units stationed in the area responded with artillery and tank fire.
    Later on the same day, military sources stated that YPG terrorists had attacked 11 Turkish border stations 13 times. The Turkish military retaliated in kind immediately to the attacks, the sources added.
    Following Turkey's airstrikes against PKK-affiliated groups, including the YPG in northern Iraq's Sinjar and northern Syria's Karachok towns on Tuesday, YPG militants targeted Turkish military outposts on the border with Syria in southern Hatay and southeastern Mardin provinces a day later.Link

    Turkish security forces, for the first time have seized a surface-to-air missile launcher that was in the PKK's possession, providing clear evidence of the organization's expanding arsenal.

    The METIS M1, used for firing anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air missiles, was found in counterterror operations against the PKK in southeastern Turkey in February. Later, images of the weapon along with anti-tank missiles and a large number of munitions were shown to the press.Lastly- S400 missile deal between Turkey and Russia

    Turkey's ongoing negotiations with Russia to purchase the S-400 surface-to-air missile systems is likely to be concluded in an upcoming meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, scheduled to take place in Russian Black Sea coastal city Sochi on May 3.Commenting on the issue Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said Friday that Russia and Turkey reached an agreement regarding the purchase of the S-400 air defense systems, and negotiations on the price are underway.

    "We agreed in principle with Russia on the S-400 purchases. The negotiations on the joint production and prices are underway," he said.Turkey and Russia have engaged in talks regarding Turkey's cooperation with Russia in the defense sector since the Russian-Turkish rapprochement in August 2016. However, the negotiations to purchase the S-400 missile system gained momentum in recent weeks.However, Defense Minister Fikri Işık recently clarified that Turkey will use the Russian systems without integration, noting, "Russia's S-400 missile systems will not be integrated into the NATO system." Işık said on March 15.On the other hand, Turkey's efforts to develop its indigenous long-range air missile defense system will continue, even after the procurement of Russian S-400s."We [Turkey] have already developed short-range ballistic missile 'Hisar' and are currently working on a medium-range missile project. Developments of our own long-range defense system are ongoing and we will be able to produce these systems within the next five to seven years," he said.
    Greatest Carrier of Propaganda to the Unconscious: Hollywood # Keep the PromiseOIT- Interview F. William Engdahl- Round Table, World War & Gods of Money
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    Carl Bernstein Shuts Down Trump Aide: 'He Has Lied Like No Other President'

    crooksandliars - 5 hours 11 min ago

    If there is any job segment that Trump has excelled in bringing about, it is in the wingnut welfare of hiring former Trump aides to CNN as commentators to muddy and pollute the national dialog.

    Take, for example, Jason Miller. Miller was hired as a communications director for Trump, but had to step down during the transition because it turns out, like so many Republican men, he couldn't keep it in his pants.

    That meant that Miller was available to provide that all-so-important perspective that the media deserves to be called "fake news" when they report so negatively on the president, irrespective of whether the reporting is factual.

    But veteran journalist Carl Bernstein wasn't having it. As Miller played into the trope that the media was out of touch elitists who sneer at Trump and want him to do poorly, Bernstein jumped on him quickly.

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    Zakaria: Presidenting Is Hard, Voters Are Unreasonable

    crooksandliars - 6 hours 25 min ago

    I have a bone to pick with Fareed Zakaria on this segment.

    His "Today, Donald Trump became president" gaffe notwithstanding, Fareed Zakaria has been very critical of Donald Trump. And this segment, which more or less sneers at Donald Trump's ignorance/naivete about the difficulties of the role of president, is pretty spot on until about midway through the commentary.

    At that point, Zakaria shifted the blame squarely on the American voters. His larger point is that even if Donald Trump was at all competent, he would be running square into the contradictions of the American populace as outlined by Michael Kinsley:

    Kinsley writes in the introduction that the people ""make flagrantly incompatible demands--cut my taxes, preserve my benefits, balance the budget--then explode in self-righteous outrage when the politicians fail to deliver."" Anger at Americans for their hypocrisy--and at politicians, especially of conservative bent, who cynically exploit it--is the common theme that runs through these columns.

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    Pope Francis Says Trump Could Wipe Out 'Large Part Of Humanity' In Nuclear War With North Korea

    crooksandliars - 7 hours 5 min ago

    Pope Francis told reporters over the weekend that a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea could destroy a "large part of humanity."

    According to CNN, the pope was traveling from Egypt to Italy when he echoed earlier remarks about the danger of a "piecemeal third world war."

    "It's piecemeal but the pieces are getting larger, and are concentrated in places which were already hot," Pope Francis explained. "Today a wider war would destroy, I won't say half of humanity, but a large part of humanity and culture. It would be terrible. I don't think humanity today could bear it."

    "I think the United Nations has the duty to resume its leadership, because it has been watered down a bit," the pope said, adding that a third-party nation like Norway could help mediate talks between North Korea and the United States.

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    Villanova student objects to softball team's 'inappropriate' photo at 9/11 Memorial -

    Google News 9/11 Feed - 7 hours 6 min ago

    Villanova student objects to softball team's 'inappropriate' photo at 9/11 Memorial
    A student at Villanova University is speaking out against a photo posted on Instagram by the school's softball team, arguing that it was inappropriate for the student-athletes to use the 9/11 memorial in New York City as a promotional backdrop on ...

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    Trump Dodges Tax Return Question: 'I'll Make A Decision' After Audit Is Complete

    crooksandliars - 7 hours 11 min ago

    Donald Trump told CBS' Face the Nation host John Dickerson that after his tax audit is complete, he'll make a decision on releasing them to the public.

    This is just another broken promise from Trump.

    For months he said he'd release them after the longest tax audit in the history of the world was completed. His bogus attempts to distract Americans from ever seeing what is contained in his documents is becoming more farcical with each passing day.

    The Face The Nation host brought up the question of Trump's tax returns after his Treasury secretary said Trump had no intention of ever releasing his tax returns during Wednesday's press conference.

    Dickerson asked, "When your Treasury secretary was asked about whether you were going to release them, Secretary Mnuchin said, 'The president has no intention.' Is that right?"

    Trump said he never discussed his tax returns with Mnuchin and then tried to filibuster time explaining how huge his returns are and how unfair it has been for him to be constantly audited.

    Dickerson tried to make the point that if true, Trump was breaking another pledge to the public.

    The CBS host said that he's been under audit for over fourteen months which "seems like a long time."

    Trump replied, "It could happen soon. I don't know. I mean, I think--"

    Dickerson, "When? Give me a sense of--

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    Germany false flag attack probe deepens - TRT World

    Google News False Flag Feed - 7 hours 47 min ago

    TRT World

    Germany false flag attack probe deepens
    TRT World
    More details come to light after a German soldier posing as a Syrian refugee was arrested for plotting an attack seemingly designed to stir xenophobic hatred against asylum-seekers. Photo by: Sat.1 Bayern. Prosecutors said that the suspect, identified ...

    and more »
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    Video: Will skyrocketing rent force closure of 9/11 chapel? - Hot Air

    Google News 9/11 Feed - 8 hours 25 min ago

    Hot Air

    Video: Will skyrocketing rent force closure of 9/11 chapel?
    Hot Air
    A key part of New York City's history and a small but passionate Catholic parish may soon disappear under an avalanche of debt. St. Joseph's Chapel served for months as a command center during and after the 9/11 attacks, reviving first responders and ...
    High Rent May Doom Catholic Chapel That Survived 9/11NBC New York
    9/11 Chapel may be forced to closePremier

    all 6 news articles »
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    Yemen: The New Graveyard Where Empires Come to Die

    globalresearch - 8 hours 39 min ago

    “Some have called Afghanistan ‘the graveyard of empires,’ and it probably is the graveyard of empires.” James G. Stavridis

    Indeed, many great empires over the centuries came to crash against the stubborn will of Afghanistan, only to drive this one …

    Mike's Blog Round Up

    crooksandliars - 8 hours 40 min ago

    Hey all, patrickB goode again this weekend. Still holding up to the Trumpsky onslaught. How 'bout you?

    Louise Mensch (Love her or leave her.) plants another Russian hacking bombshell.

    The Palmer Report confirms that the DOJ has convened two Trump-Russia grand juries.

    Meanwhile, Yastreblyansky inadvertantly explains how there are essentially three distinct realities: Our's, Trumpsky's, and David Brooks'. With each getting loopier by
    the moment.

    One more assessment of the dreaded First 100 Days. This time Tengrain looks at it from the media's perspective. And wouldn't you know he's being a big meanie again against Axios and Politico.

    And finally, Matt Osbourne from Freak Out Nation reports on what amounts to the only good news coming out of the White House these days.

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    The First 100 Days of Donald Trump’s Presidency in Military Terms

    globalresearch - 8 hours 47 min ago

    April 29 marks the 100th day in office of Donald Trump – a man who, unlike many of his predecessors in recent decades, lacks any practical experience serving in the government’s executive or legislative branches, or even in the military.

    Russia to Establish A Naval Base in Yemen? Implications for US Military Involvement in Syria?

    globalresearch - 8 hours 55 min ago

    Will the U.S. leave Syria if doing so prevents a Russian fleet in Yemen? 

    The question seems weird but if Russia succeeds with its negotiations in Yemen it will soon have to be asked.

    A U.S. neoconservative outlet recently published

    Italia «a testa alta» nelle spese per la guerra

    globalresearch - 9 hours 2 min ago

    «L’Italia partecipa a testa alta all’Alleanza Atlantica, nella quale è il quinto maggiore contributore, e conferma l’obiettivo di raggiungere il 2 per cento del Pil nelle spese militari»: lo ha dichiarato il presidente del consiglio Gentiloni, ricevendo il 27 aprile …

    From Syria to Korea: The Rush to Crush Multipolarism

    globalresearch - 9 hours 8 min ago
     A recent, unilateral, unjustified military strike on Syria by US cruise missiles, coupled with the deployment of a US naval fleet to the Korean Peninsula as well as terrorist attacks carried out by terrorist fronts worldwide associated with US-backed opposition

    Trump Transition Team Did Background Check On Flynn, Knew Of Ties To Turkey

    crooksandliars - 9 hours 14 min ago

    We're supposed to believe their incompetence is somehow all Obama's fault. Never mind the fact that it appears they did vet former NSA Michael Flynn, knew about his business ties to Turkey, and hired him anyway:

    The White House and President Trump's transition team reportedly did a background check on former national security adviser Michael Flynn in addition to his already approved security clearance, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Friday evening.

    "NBC News has learned from sources close to the Trump-Russia investigation that both the Trump transition and the White House did do a background check on Flynn," Maddow said on her program, citing reporting from NBC's Andrea Mitchell.

    "This is in addition to his already approved security clearance. They did a background check on Flynn specifically for him to become national security adviser." [...]

    Maddow said Friday that NBC reporting showed that "the vetting of Flynn was done and sources close to the investigation tell NBC that it was done 'very casually.'"

    "One person involved tells NBC that the Trump transition was aware of Flynn's business ties to Turkey," she said.

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    Trump v. FDR’s First Hundred Days. “Sold out to Wall Street, War-profiteers, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Breaking every Positive Promise Made”

    globalresearch - 9 hours 38 min ago

    On Friday, Trump called his first 100 days “the most successful in our country’s history.” Arguably, they’re the worst.

    Truth-telling isn’t his long suit. He’s best known for bluster, bombast, demagoguery, and turning truth on its head, along with breaking

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