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Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis: ISIS takes Syrian border towns

pennyforyourthoughts2 - 5 hours 8 min ago

So typical. So unsurprising. Not going out on a limb here at all to predict that which has happened many times, in many different locals along the Syrian/Turkish border.
ISIS has now taken Syrian territory which the Kurds will ‘fight’ them for in a manner that is ‘so fierce’, that of course,  ISIS resistance will melt away. It will simply evaporate.

Why does ISIS always take territory that is so beneficial for the creation of Kurdistan?  Particularly this last little bit along the Syrian Turkey border. With it's inevitable fall to the Kurdish militias. So much for NATO cooperation to fight terror
Five villages close to the Turkish border with Syria have been taken over by ISIL militants according to sources from the NTV channel in TurkeyThe channel noted that the militants are in the zone that Turkey and the US hope to establish as a militant free zone.
The US had never intended this to be a militant free zone. Nice spin, but, not much else.
ISIL seizes area near Turkish borderWill  Turkey take some kind of definitive action?  
In which case the US will condemn Turkey, hell, maybe even bomb Turkey?!

Flashback : Is US Turkey Safe zone  the April Glaspie Handshake

Flashback: Turkey: Creating "Safe Zones", Fighting for it's Survival, Turkey's letter to UN

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The ISIS Threat to Turkey? It's serious. Destabilizing Turkey continues apace!

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 08/26/2015 - 18:20
The ISIS Threat to Turkey
Islamic State last week released a new video calling for a jihadist front in Turkey and encouraged Turks to “conquer Istanbul” and return the country to “true Islam”  -Turkey was accused of offering direct or indirect help to Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria.  -Turkey was also accused of not preventing the transport of supplies for IS leader  -Turkey was also accused of allowing wounded jihadist fighters to be treated in Turkish hospitals in the south.Flashback:  ISIL’s/ISIS magazine slams Erdoğan, Turkey for first time.

Flashback:  ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent

All actions attributed to Turkey, have been “accusations”. That fact is clear even from the above reporting. Unlike the case with Israel where we can find videos, interviews and multiple news reports demonstrating the collusion between the jihadis and the Israeli state, including but not limited to the military and the medical industry. Even though I had  believed Turkey itself was supporting destabilizers,  I had NEVER found anything of real substance connecting Turkey to ISIS in a manner equal to or as obvious as the provable connections between Israel/IDF and ISIS/AQ/Al Nusra. Connections that can be easily made and demonstrated via the war mongering media reports.  Considering the lack of  credible substantive evidence connecting Turkey's elected government  to ISIS, I too am left questioning the many, accusations of the media including my own suspicions of Turkey being heavily involved with ISIS.
Or as I like to call them KurdIShIS!

Back to the article:
Turkey has received a huge wave of refugees – a consequence of IS expansion – that has dealt a heavy blow to the economy and has impacted the fragile political situation in Ankara.So what kind of threat does IS pose?
Even though it would be easy to exclude the creation of a new jihadist front inside Turkey, it is quite possible that the country will become the target of IS terrorist attacks. This was seen in Egypt, another strong state despite the fact that it recently emerged from its own Arab Spring and internal fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Suicide bombs and propaganda through social media will eventually become the only response IS can give to Ankara’s change of course. And, the damages to Turkey’s tourism and, as a result, to its economy will be difficult to reverse.
"Ankara’s change of course"I repeat!  "Ankara’s change of course" What change of course would that be? The only and most recent change Ankara has been made is to reign in the PKK terrorists!  PKK Ended Ceasefire Weeks Ago? A stream of the latest news
How or why would that bother IS? Isn't ISIS the "sworn enemy" of the YPG/PKK fighters? Don't ISIS & the Kurds fight one another? That's what we're supposed to believe.....
That's what we are told. New Europe's article is suggestive that it is the very change of course Ankara made towards the PKK, that has resulted in ISIS responding with threats?
Answer: KurdIShIS

Recall my mention of Patriot missiles being removed from Turkey by the ‘allies’

Flashback:Netherlands, US & Germany withdrawing Turkey based Patriot Missile Batteries
The New York Times reported last week that Turkish authorities were “livid” when they heard about the US's decision to withdraw two Patriot missile batteries from Turkey's Gaziantep province.

In order to operate the Patriot batteries in Turkey, Germany has deployed 260 troops in Turkey. Öymen pointed out that if the US and Germany decided to withdraw their troops from Turkey out of concern for their safety, then the relationship among these countries, which should be based on mutual trust and solidarity, may already be damaged. The relationship amongst the nations which should be based on mutual trust and solidarity may already be damaged- And of course it is- As mentioned here last year- The betrayal of Turkey is well under way.

Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.

  • Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey
  • Pt-3: Destabilizing Turkey. Pre- Election Bombing/Explosion at Kurdish Rally

    But, here is yet another report highly suggestive that the NATO elites are set to take Turkey down! From VOA no less.

    Turkey's Regional Influence Wanes

    The second largest military in NATO has waning influence in the region? Or just the political leadership?

    FLASHBACK: NATO Bows Out on Turkey. Turkey and Article 4

    Assassinations abound

    Syrian FSA commander dies in attack in southern Turkey
    And lots of ‘bad Turkey’ news stories popping up all over the place. I expect that to increase, greatly, in the coming days!

    From earlier today:
    The "Heroic" Kurds: Syrian Kurds- The Pressure and the PenaltiesNo Vaccine Mandates in Canada!
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    The "Heroic" Kurds: Syrian Kurds- The Pressure and the Penalties

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 08/26/2015 - 13:21
    Syrian Kurds: The Pressure and the Penalties
    Dedicated to those who just can’t face facts when it comes to the the reality vs the mythos of the Kurdish people. The illusion of unity. The tyranny of PYD & PKK. And of course the NATO strong arm that allows for the subjugation of persons who had it better under the Assad government. 

    “The grass has not grown greener in Syria under the harsh edicts of the PYD. Syrian Kurds do not want to have no alternatives other than to choose between Daesh and the PYD”
    Daesh & the PYD- Curious word choices. I would've thought it should be Daesh or PYD? But then, as I've long suspected there is NO difference, anyway.

    At the beginning of the revolution in Syria, Syrian opposition groups respected that the Kurds were also being coerced by the regime: the regime granted Syrian citizenship to those Kurds that had remained stateless and Bashar Assad sent several of his representatives to ask the “leaders” of Kurdish parties to meet in Damascus in order to appear to be ready to hear Kurdish demands. He then also released several Kurdish political prisoners, including Mishal Tamo, Hasan Salih, and co-leader of the PYD, Salih Muslim, who would later prove to be very useful to the regime.
    The Kurdish National Council

    The classical Kurdish “leaders” were as much afraid as was Bashar Al-Assad himself that the disaffected youth would upset the status quo and replace them so they laboured to form a body that would compete with the Local Coordination Committees and formed the so-called ‘Kurdish National Council’.

    For its part, the PKK-linked PYD, formed its own council, which it named the Council of Western Kurdistan. Both councils then sought to exclude non-partisan young males from the popular movement so as to take over the leadership for and by themselves.So much for that myth of democracy promoted by the lying msm.

    The Assassination of Mishal Tamo
    “Mishal Tamo, a charismatic young Kurdish leader, had showed empathy with Syrian youths demonstrating against Bashar al-Assad, even when he was in prison.

    He not only attacked Bashar al-Assad’s policies but also criticized the Kurdish “leaders” of the classical Kurdish parties stating on the first day after his release “I do not belong to the Kurdish Movement, I belong to the Syrian Revolution.”

    Soon afterwards, Mishal Tamo became an icon for the young demonstrators and was heralded as the new leader of the revolutionary movement. The erstwhile Kurdish parties panicked when they saw Tamo gaining people’s hearts. On 7 October 2011,sensing the threat he posed to them all, the Syrian security forces assassinated Mishal Tamo”
    I’m going to make a brief digression to address the murder of Mishal Tamo. Released by Bashar al Assad at the beginning of the destabilization. If the Assad government had wanted Tamo dead, they could have killed him in prison. Quietly. Rather then making a matyr of him on the streets of Syria. 
    However, other parties were certainly looking for a figure head. A martyr. A rallying point. Or as I like to call these persons- a mascot. There has to always be a mascot.
    In 2011 I posted after much digging some information found on Mishal Tamo. I do not believe for one moment he was killed by the Syrian government.
    As explained in a 2011 post: Assassination in Syria- Who really benefits
    To me it appeared as if it was the doing of someone out of Turkey, or the Kurds themselves. Four years on, I am more inclined then ever to point the accusatory finger at the Kurdish militias affiliated with Israel & NATO

    From my 2011 post
    "Tamo founded the liberal Kurdish Future Party, which considers Kurds an integral part of Syria

    “The assassination of Kurdish opposition figure Meshaal Tamo is likely to push Kurds in Syria to take a more active role in the seven-month-old anti-regime uprising, analysts and activists believe”- Kurds getting more active against the Assad government- Cui Bono?

    “More involvement by the Kurds in the pro-democracy revolt against President Bashar al-Assad's regime that erupted in March "will have a huge impact on the situation in Syria"
     Not good for Syria. Good for Israel/NATO/ creation of NATO terror state Kurdistan

    Back to the Ekurd article:

    “Mishal Tamo’s assassination marked a turning point in the position adopted by Syrian Kurds towards the Syrian revolution. Soon afterwards, the number of demonstrators decreased and the revolution’s flags were replaced by Kurdish national flags”
    Hmmm... exactly as proposed in 2011

    The PYD and the Council of Western Kurdistan (Those dams in Turkey)

    Being adept at benefiting from regional clashes during the reign of Hafiz al-Assad, the Syrian regime had used the PKK as a cat’s paw in its struggle with Turkey over the water of the Euphrates – Turkey having constructed a series of huge dams in the accomplishment of the GAP project that seriously affected the flow of water into Syria. When the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, was expelled from Syria in October 1998, the Assad regime signed a new security agreement with Turkey and the PKK’s activities in Syria were henceforth banned.

    The PYD, the Syrian sister branch of the PKK, was also banned and its members began to be captured and imprisoned.
    Interesting background info to keep tucked under your hat

    The summer of 2014

    On 21 January 2014, the PYD announced that it was setting up a local administration in some Kurdish areas and began calling itself a ‘government’, in conjunction with a number of smaller, marginal parties, some of which lacked a suitable candidate able to adopt the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

    A person well known to this author that did not belong to any particular political party was asked by one of these parties to represent them in the “government” because, as they told him, they didn’t have a university graduate available to take up that post. My friend resigned when the party concerned sought to introduce him as their member.

    By the present date, the PYD has shown itself to be more tyrannical than the Ba’ath regime itself. Its party personnel do not accept any criticism and should anyone dare criticise them, then he risks being exiled to Iraqi Kurdistan or even killed and accused of being an agent to justify the killing.

    When the Ba’ath regime imprisoned dissidents, the public would view them as political prisoners and freedom fighters. The Ba’ath regime used to overlook the Kurdish parties but the PYD insisted on getting a license to engage in political activity.A licence to engage in political activity- Just like any other good little NATO tyranny- Canada. US.

    The results of the internal rupture

    Kurdish society is now more divided more than at any previous time. Before the uprising there were sixteen political parties, now there are thirty-six, in addition to more than 40 independent groups classified as “civil society organizations.” More importantly, there’s a vertical and horizontal dichotomy in Kurdish society into Apocus (followers of ‘Apo’ Ocalan and the PKK) and Barzanies (followers of Massoud Barzani and the KDP).The Kurdish areas have been evacuated and have changed demographically speaking. About 150,000 people, mainly Syrian Kurds, are currently refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan; thousands of others have fled across the border into Turkey and many thousands more to Europe. The Ba’ath regime had previously tried by all means to force Kurds into fleeing but had not succeeded.Isn't that amazing. The PYD managed to wield a heavier hand then the Assad government forcing more then 100,000 people to flee their homes.

    PYD’s obligatory recruitment drive

    During the blockade of Kurdish areas by the Islamic State organization (Daesh/IS) and other opposition groups, many Kurds soon found themselves jobless and were obliged to look for work outside Syria owing to the PYD’s coordination with Assad. Some chose to migrate because of the obligatory recruitment orders issued by the PYD’s local administration. The PYD’s henchmen would go to Kurdish workplaces, and even the homes of those they knew not to support them, and would demand that these Kurds take up arms for them or show financial support.

    From the outset, the Assad regime tried to allow people to choose between security, or ‘democracy’, and consequently want him back. To a great extent he has succeeded in this. Many citizens of Syria nowadays long for the days when stability and security prevailed.On the ground in Syria- Under PYD rule vs Assad government

    The Status Quo anteThe Status QuoFuel for heatingAvailable at gas stations by anyone at anytime.Permission is required from the head of the local commune (usually an illiterate person or someone only schooled to Elementary level).BreadGenerally available after an hour.In bakeries located in Kurdish areas like Timthal bakery, Huria, etc. Cards are given to pro-PYD people from the “People’s House”. As long as there are cardholders, ordinary people can’t get bread.Political lifeThe regime would overlook much Kurdish political activity. Kurdish politicians were accused of “threatening national security”.Political parties should get a license from the PYD and no demonstrations are allowed without prior consent. Those activists they arrest are accused of being agents or drug dealers.ElectricityAvailable 24 hours a day 40 amperes for a monthly bill of 2500 -6000 Syrian Pounds (SYP) max.)2-4 hours maximum. In every suburb now there are huge private generators SYP750-950 per ampere.
    In short, Syrian Kurds feel that if the “local administration” is like the one run by PYD, then they no longer want it. They have lost confidence in this form of local administration.
    Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?
    With the horrific images of the beheading of captives and the massacres and atrocities that Daesh/ISIS organisation has committed against the Yezidi sect in northern Iraq many Western commentators began to regard the Kurds in general, and the PYD in particular, as those who “not only fight terrorism but also build democracy[1].
    In reality, however, the canton of Aljazeera is the place where journalists are most frequently arrested or deported, and where a satellite channel like Rudaw is shut down and everybody silenced because, as they say “We are in a state of war”.
    The grass has not grown greener in Syria under the harsh edicts of the PYD. Syrian Kurds do not want to have no alternatives other than to choose between Daesh and the PYD.There it is again? Daesh and the PYD
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    No Vaccine Mandates in Canada!

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 08/26/2015 - 07:00

    Being aware that vaccines are chock full of endocrine disrupting chemicals, dna from monkeys, pigs etc, and fully believing in the individual/parental right to choose the appropriate medical care, I can in no way shape or form see the implementation of a vaccine mandate as anything but state sponsored tyranny and terrorism. Canadians have taken it lying down as their free speech rights have been eroded will we now bend over for forced medical treatments knowing full well that vaccines are not the panacea they have been promoted as?
    Link for petition
    The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) wants to change the way medicine is practiced in Canada. At its annual meeting in Halifax, August 23-26 the 80,000 member group is intending to vote on a “mandatory vaccination” resolution requiring that all children registering for school or daycare show proof they are fully vaccinated.
    The CMA is aligning its policies with the American Medical Association and other powerful medical lobby groups that have pushed resolutions to eliminate parental choice from vaccine decision-making. This recently occurred in California where parents lost the right to personal belief exemptions from vaccination for children enrolled in school or daycare.
    This is Canada, not the United States of America. Canadians have certain guaranteed rights and freedoms. This policy resolution by the CMA would not only deprive Canadians of their medical right to informed consent, but would abrogate certain Constitutional guarantees under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    The attempt to disempower parents from deciding which, if any, vaccines a child would get, and when they would get them and make CMA doctors the sole arbiters of who qualifies for exemptions is illegal, unjust and unethical.
    You can read our fully referenced letter to the CMA here. It details both the legal and scientific issues surrounding mandatory vaccination.
    Tell CMA you are against their resolution calling for “mandatory vaccination of children"  because:
    • It is illegal to mandate vaccines in Canada without personal and religious exemptions due to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    • Mandating vaccinations without personal and religious exemptions would breach the following laws, codes and conventions on Informed Consent which is the right to understand the risks of medical treatments and the right to choose or refuse them:
          - Canadian Medical Law
          - Provincial regulations such as Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act
          - The CMA’s own medical code of ethics
          - International Conventions to which Canada is signatory, including
        the Nuremberg Code, and Helsinki Accords and the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights
    • As a matter of justice, a policy of mandatory vaccination which carries medical risk must be accompanied by a vaccine injury compensation program. Unlike every other Western nation except Russia, Canada does not have such a national compensation program in place. 
    Mandatory vaccination threatens our basic human rights because it:
    • Undermines the right of families to protect their children from unwanted medical interference
    • Invalidates the personal freedoms of conscience and religion and the legal right to security of the person guaranteed to all citizens by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms 
    • Violates our right to know and understand what we are putting in our bodies, and to refuse unwanted medical treatments, whether ‘preventive’ or ‘therapeutic’
    • Ignores the thousands of vaccine adverse events reported in Canada each year and health injuries that are occurring -  the majority to young children
    • Exposes families to the risk of vaccine injury and death without any National vaccine injury compensation program
    • Changes our relationship with the medical profession, making Doctors into medical enforcers and Judges, rather than professional resources we consult with in order to make our own medical decisions
    It’s time to fight for our health freedoms and to defend our most basic human right to refuse unwanted medical procedures, including vaccination.
    Please sign this petition and send a message to the CMA in time for their annual meeting in Halifax, August 23-26: NO MANDATORY VACCINATION IN CANADA!Just a very few posts relinked below on the myriad of problems with vaccines!

    You can also check the swine flu label (bottom of post) the vaccine left a whole slow of young persons with nervous system damage manifested in the form of narcolepsy- safe my ass!
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    Monsanto's Glyphosate and the Dis-ease of a Young Child: Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 08/24/2015 - 19:14
    El costo humano de los agrotóxicos (The human cost of agrotoxins) by Pablo Piovano.
    Buenes Aires Herald

     The image of Lucas Techeira — a three-year old boy from Misiones with a skin disease caused by his mother being exposed to glyphosate during the pregnancy — is one of the 300 photographs showcased in the annual exhibit of the Argentine Photojournalists Association (Argra), which opened on Tuesday and can be visited from Tuesday through Sunday until August 17.

    Techeira’s picture, included on the catalogue’s back cover, was taken by Página/12 photojournalist Pablo Piovano, who published a photo essay called The human cost of agrotoxins after touring many of the provinces where such chemicals are regularly being used. The essay received many local and international awards and some of its photographs were included in the Argra exhibit, which has been an annual event since 1981.

    A contentious debate is growing in farming communities across the country as a growing number of environmental and social groups are calling for an outright ban on the herbicide glyphosate, which has been used on the country’s crops for years, after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a probable carcinogen.

    Glyphosate is used on more than 28 million hectares in Argentina, which are sprayed with about 200 million litres of glyphosate per year, according to the Doctors Network of Fumigated Towns. Even though Monsanto holds more than 30 percent of the market, it is hardly alone. Syngenta, BASF, Bayer, Dupont, Dow, Agrosciences, Atanor, YPF and Nidera also produce the herbicide.
    The late Andrés Carrasco, an Argentine doctor and Conicet (state research centre) head, confirmed in 2009 that glyphosate is highly toxic and has serious effects on embryos. Intestinal and cardiac disorders, malformations and neurological damage are some of the problems caused by the herbicide, his research showed.

    Recent reports have backed Carrasco’s investigation. Río Cuarto University, for example, showed evidence of children suffering genetic damage from living near crops sprayed with glyphosate. That damage made those children more susceptible to a variety of diseases, including leukemia. Similar genetic damage was reported on agricultural workers exposed to the herbicide, according to an investigation by Mendoza’s Juan Agustín Maza University.

    One out of three people living in towns near crops sprayed with glyphosate die because of cancer, according to data collected by the Doctors Network of Fumigated Towns. For example, in San Salvador, a small town Entre Ríos, the population collected information showing that almost half of all the deaths there in recent years have been due to cancer, far higher than the national average of 18 percent.
    These attrocities against human kind have to stop! Why people?  Why are we allowing this to be done to us?! What is it going to take before you will act? React? Get active? Get talking?
    Do you not value your life? Your health?  The environment? I am asking because it's dire.

     Directly related to this image and post:
    Roundup - A Converging Pattern of Toxicity from Farm to Clinic to Lab-
    From earlier today:
    Chemical Manipulation of Humanity: People in their 40's increasingly getting dementiaclick the "chemical manipulation of humanity" label below for the many posts I've done on this subject
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    Chemical Manipulation of Humanity: People in their 40's increasingly getting dementia

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 08/24/2015 - 09:37

    The author points to the role of EMF’s as part of this very large problem - so keep on zapping your brain with cellphones/smartphones  to expand your zombie consciousness.

    While the researcher believes EMF’s are  part of the increase in dementia he does not suggest or imply they are the sole cause of this increase. This researcher cites the endocrine disrupting chemicals ubiquitous in our environment thanks to the monstrosity of big banks/ oil/ chemical/ agriculture/ pharma & war. 
     Banking Hydra with it's oil, chemical, agriculture, pharma, military heads
    "There are two things about dementia most people would agree on. One is that the thought of losing all or part of your mind is terrifying. The other is it’s a disease of the elderly.

    The first is true, and getting truer. Dementia is taking hold in frightening new numbers.

    As for the second? New research shows dementia is beginning to take hold of people in their 40s

    Colin Pritchard is a research professor in the faculty of health and social sciences at Bournemouth University in England. He is co-author of a new report – published in Surgical Neurology International – that charts some alarming new trends.

    “The research was actually stimulated by the fact that I had two friends dying from motor neuron disease,” Pritchard told Yahoo Canada.“The textbooks, ten years ago, said that occurs in one in 100,000 people. Now, they say one in 50,000.”

    Pritchard, who says he doesn’t know anywhere near 50,000 people, thought this was very unusual.

    “This led to a series of studies looking at neurological death – not just dementia, but also brain disease deaths.”
    And that led to this:

    “Canadian males over 75 have had their brain disease deaths go up 79 per cent in 20 years. And your (Canadian) women have gone up 176 per cent. Your southern neighbours, the USA – who are the very epitome of modern living, the modern world, with its multiple pollutions and disruptive chemicals – their brain deaths have gone up nearly threefold for men, and a staggering fivefold for women.”
    Reiterating those sickening statistics:
    Canadian Males 79 percent increase in 20 years- 
    American males 300 percent increase
    Canadian Women: 176 percent increase in 20 years-  
    American women 500 percent increase in 20 years

    "Pritchard was shocked by these numbers.

    “In 20 years, to increase at that pace beggars any simple explanation,” he said, “other than to say: there’s something in the environment, and these people are responding to it.”

     This is environmental- It’s not bad genes. It’s not something you have done unless you are drinking filthy water, getting regular vaccines, consuming garbage masquerading as food and have a cellphone stuck to your head.  In the aforementioned case, stop doing that stuff. Or you will reap that which you are sowing. Other then your own self abuse this is something being done to you.

    And as he worked, Pritchard became more and more aware not only that degenerative brain disease was spreading, its age range was expanding as well.

    “I asked how old are their clients, and they said mainly in their early 40s. They’d been trying to press the government to look at this, and the government tended not to want to know.”

    He says that of the new increases across the world – including Canada – about 60 per cent are dementia.

    “But the scary thing is the other 40 per cent of the increases are other neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s.”

    Pritchard’s team had hit a high, hard wall of effects. But the causes are much more elusive.

    In the 20 years in question, the world has changed enormously. Technology alone has come a staggering distance, but Pritchard doubts the resulting EMF fields from cell phones, computers and the digital universe are enough to account for this.

    We also live in a world that is becoming more – and more dangerously – polluted every day.

    “The other [possible factor] – which is really very scary – is what toxicologists call endocrine disrupting chemicals,” he explained.

    “For years, the chemistry industry has told us that organophosphates (used in pesticides and herbicides) are only certain parts per million. They’re absolutely right. But organophosphates are the basis of nerve gas. My biology colleagues tell me that these chemicals actually get conserved within the human body. This is very controversial.

    “You can now measure breast milk, and find chemicals that didn’t used to be there,” Pritchard added.

    Unable to pin this huge bloom in degenerative brain illness on any single cause, Pritchard began to widen the scope.

    “The biggest thing, I now believe, is that these things interact,” he says.
    How all these things interact- We’ve discussed this at the blog- Below are just a few of the posts discussing the myriad of chemicals interacting within out body. Of course their are more and you can access them by clicking on the chemical manipulation of humanity label below the post

     Chemical Manipulation of Humanity: Combinations of 'Safe' Chemicals May Increase Cancer RiskInterview: Carol Kwiatkowski EDC's-threatening everything?- Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

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    "Pro-Life" Is A White Conservative Republican Movement That Should Be Renamed "PRO-BIRTH-ANTI-LIFE"

    bigdanblogger - Sun, 08/23/2015 - 10:51

    "Pro-life" is a white conservative Republican religious movement full of hypocrites. These things would lower the amount of abortions but these hypocrites are against all of these things: higher wages (73% of women who have abortions say it's because they can't afford a child), full health care from birth, and birth control.

    "Pro-life"ers should be called "Pro-birthers" because all they care about is the BIRTH, not about the LIFE afterwards.

    2/3 of abortions are minorites, yet all the pro-lifer's are white with white babies on their signs. Where are the black babies on the signs?

    And what should the penalty be if a law is made to ban abortions? PRISON or DEATH PENALTY? Really? Death penalty for a million American women per year?

    I will take "pro-life"ers seriously when I see them ALSO protesting for higher wages, health care at birth, and birth control. Until then, it's just a bunch of white conservative Republican religious HYPOCRITES.

    The entire "pro-life" movement would go down in flames if reporters covering them (or ANYONE for that matter) asked them these questions:
    1. Are you for these things that would prevent an enormous amount of abortions: raising wages, full health care from birth, and birth control?2. What should the penalty be if abortion is outlawed: LIFE IN PRISON or the DEATH PENALTY?3. Does a woman's body become "PUBLIC PROPERTY" when she becomes pregnant, and her body is now subject to public opinion and laws of corrupt male politicians and other 3rd parties?4. Have you offered to adopt a woman's baby who is having an abortion?5. Are you REALLY "pro-life"? So you're also protesting against WAR, TORTURE, & THE DEATH PENALTY? 6. 2/3 of abortions are MINORITIES. Why are all of you pro-lifer's WHITE and why are all the babies on your signs WHITE?
    Pro-life'ers are NEVER NEVER NEVER asked these questions. Reporters ESPECIALLY don't do their jobs and ask them these questions. These white conservative Republican religious self-righteous hypocritical zealots are just allowed to, unchallenged, march around with their protest signs with white babies on them trying to make everyone think they are on the side of God and Jesus and everyone who's not on their PRO-BIRTH ANTI-LIFE side is a BABY-KILLER. Their entire movement would be exposed as making no sense, if they were challenged with those questions above every time they come out of the woodwork marching around. They would be exposed as being "PRO-BIRTH"ers and ANTI-PRO-LIFE.

    They're also "ANTI-LIFE" on these subjects: they're PRO-WAR, PRO-TORTURE, PRO-DEATH PENALTY, and they tend to be a little NEGOTIABLE on the lives of Muslim babies.

    They're also anti-big government conservatives...but they want BIG GOVERNMENT to make a law for them banning abortion. They're against big government...except when they're FOR big government. But then they want that big government to not raise the minimum wage, cut food stamps, cut CHIP children's health care, and outlaw birth control or at least don't cover it to prevent more abortions. HYPOCRITES!!! White conservative Republican religious HYPOCRITES!!!

    Every "pro-life"er I've ever asked what the penalty should be for abortion, LIFE IN PRISON or DEATH PENALTY, has answered, "I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT" or they didn't answer the question and WENT BALLISTIC for me even asking it. "Pro-life"ers really didn't think things through to the end.


    If you cannot control your own body, what other rights can you possibly have? If your body is not yours, what does it matter if you can freely express your political and religious convictions?

    2/3 of abortions are by low income minorities

    George Carlin on conservative "pro-life"ers:

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    Syria Responds With Anti-Aircraft Fire As Israeli Jet Violates Syrian Airspace- Shootdown?

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 08/22/2015 - 08:41
    Unsurprisingly, I can find only two reports via msm news:

    i24- from about 8 hours ago

     We know Israel has been making incursions into Syria over the past 48 plus hours, in the very area mentioned! - I will relink that news at the bottom
     The Syrian army fired an anti-aircraft missile at an Israeli fighter jet that had crossed into Syrian airspace near Quneitra, a Syrian city near to the Israel-Syria border, the Lebanese news network Al Mayadeen reported late Friday. Israeli sources confirmed the report to i24news.

     Syrian Army Shoots Down Israeli Fighter Jet over Quneitra

     The Israeli fighter jet was targeted over the city of Al-Quneitra on Friday.

    But dug this up too!:

    Via Al Mayadeen & Google Translate 

    "Fields correspondent reported that the Syrian anti-aircraft fired on an Israeli warplane penetrated the atmosphere of Quneitra. This breach comes after an air assault on a civilian vehicle in the town of Kom what led to the death of three Palestinians and a Syrian according to sources in the field of the fields."UPDATE # 1: Israeli War Jet Shot Down Over Syria

    Things must be getting hot and heavy because I also came across these interesting reports. Which seem to indicate the UN is protecting Israel, as usual.
    1-Ban calls for restraint as violations jeopardize ceasefire between Israel and Syria Deeply concerned over the serious violations of the Disengagement of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria, United Nations Secretary-General ban Ki-moon has called on all involved to exercise maximum restraint to prevent any further escalation in an already tense regional environment. 
    2-UN Calls for Restraint 
    3-Ban Ki-moon asks Israel, Syria to de-escalate tensionsVital background info, from the beginning!
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    "The Sad Truth About Today's World"? It's Time For US To Change It!

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 08/22/2015 - 07:07
    The Sad Truth About Today's World-  
    Saw these yesterday. Knew I had to post  some of them here. 
    I'll include a personal thought on each one:

    To those people who describe an item of clothing by it's BRAND- You've been conditioned
    To the many people that willingly keep their own Tracking Device on them at all times- You've been conditionedTo the way too many people I see walking, driving and even riding bicycles like this? Not only have you been conditioned. You are also brain dead and addicted!  Easy pickin's for criminals. And a menace to everyone around you. You are self centered & rude.
    This is abhorrent human behaviourThat really is tell-a vision. Never ending heaps of steaming, stinking shit.  As is the vast majority of media.Christmas in a human society that is devoid of humanity-
    Humanity has allowed itself to be molded, shaped and lead into a condition that is of no benefit to the mass of humankind. It surely serves the elites. These cartoons summed this fact up quite succinctly. It doesn't have to be this way- Because change begins with you & me!
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    License to Prey

    freedominourtime - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 20:11
     On the hunt: Serial predator and Police Chief Butterfield.

    Early one morning in July 2014, a woman in Myton, Utah was startled awake by an uninvited visitor named Thomas Wayne Butterfield.

    “I'm a cop,” Butterfield explained to the intimidated woman when she asked how he had gotten into her bedroom. “They teach us how to do those things.”
    When the woman moved into the living room, Butterfield followed her, placing his hand on her leg in a gesture at once proprietary and predatory. The unexpected arrival of the woman's father prevented what likely would have been a sexual assault – and Butterfield's firing as the tiny town's police chief ended a four-month campaign of harassment during which he forced his unwanted attentions on at least four women.
    This behavior was not out of what passes for Butterfield's character: During a career that spans nearly two decades and roughly a half-dozen police agencies across Utah, he has routinely preyed upon women. This has led to numerous complaints, criminal charges, and a suspension – yet he remained employable in an occupation that selects for predators and tends to reward their misbehavior.
    Salt Lake City NBC affiliate KSL reports that two days prior to Butterfield's July 2014 invasion of the unnamed woman's bedroom, the victim had called the police seeking “help getting her car, purse and other personal items back from her estranged husband.” After Butterfield arrived, the woman testified during a July 30 pre-trial hearing, the officer held her against her will for about two hours, driving her in his patrol car and making clumsy sexual overtures and ignoring her repeated pleas to be released.
    “He asked me if I ever thought about having sex with a cop,” the woman related in the courtroom. Acting on the assumption that the victim's reluctance reflected concerns about confidentiality, rather than her chromosome-level revulsion, Chief Butterfield assured her that “My car is like Vegas: What happens here, stays here.”

    Trapped in the custody of an armed stranger with a state-issued license to use lethal force, the woman was concerned about not only her bodily integrity, but her physical survival – and she knew that his account of the incident would be considered definitive because of his position.
    “With him being in authority, he could make things a lot worse for me because he's a cop,” she observed during her testimony.
    Although she escaped that encounter, Butterfield – displaying a heedless, clueless ardor reminiscent of the libidinous cartoon character Pepe LePew – materialized in her bedroom two days later.
    Other women have provided sworn testimony of similar treatment by Myton's only full-time law enforcement officer.
    “I told him that I wasn't interested in any sort of sexual relationship,” a second woman testified during a May 11 hearing. Rather than accepting the rebuff, Butterfield plied the victim with unsolicited personal disclosures, telling her that he and his wife hadn't been intimate for several years and that he “needed a cool kind of friend that wouldn't cause drama in his life.”
    “I've told a lot of people that,” Butterfield admitted when asked about the claim that he had complained to women about intimacy issues with his wife. He described those comments as “facetious” while grudgingly conceding that such comments “may have been in poor taste.” His misconduct wasn't limited to breaches of etiquette.
    Despite the utter absence of any hint of reciprocal interest, Butterfield called the woman repeatedly and showed up at her home without an invitation, announcing his intention to “finish the conversation” about sex – which, given that the “conversation” was one-sided and involuntary, left the woman understandably alarmed and frightened.
    Remarkably, the Myton woman who found Butterfield standing in her bedroom was not the first to have that experience – nor the first to be told that breaking into the home of a would-be victim is part of his skill set as a police officer.
    Holli Stewart told the Deseret News that after breaking up with Butterfield in 1999, she found him sitting on the edge of his bed. When she asked how he had gotten in, Butterfield replied: “Holli, I'm a cop. They teach us how to do that. I can get in anywhere.”
    At the time, Butterfield was employed as an officer with the police department in Lehi, Utah. He was charged with criminal trespass, a class B misdemeanor. A plea bargain reduced that charge to an infraction in exchange for a no contest plea. His peace officer certification was suspended for a year by the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST).
    In an interesting contrast, last year the POST Council imposed a two-year suspension on former police cadet Shawnn Hartley for “not disclosing a prior use of marijuana in a timely manner." Under the institutional priorities of the Utah POST Council, which haven't changed appreciably over the past decade and a half, a lack of candor about marijuana use is a graver offense than using the skill-set of a police officer to engage in sexually predatory behavior.
    Butterfield's brief suspension, and his criminal record, did no lasting injury to his law enforcement career. In 2000 he found employment with police departments in Spring City and Roosevelt, eventually being hired as a deputy with the Duschene County Sheriff's Office.
    In 2010, Butterfield resigned from the Duschene County Sheriff's Office during an internal affairs inquiry into alleged misconduct involving another woman. He was re-hired by the Roosevelt PD, but was fired in April 2013 after two women filed complaints claiming that he had acted inappropriately toward them.
    Despite his severely tainted record and “gypsy cop” status, Butterfield was hired by Myton when the political clique in charge of the town of 604 people unaccountably decided that although the town has one stop sign and no measurable criminal activity, it needed a police department.
    “We scraped together every cent we could to get a department together,” Myton Mayor Kathleen Cooper lamented to the Salt Lake Tribute. Perhaps as an economy measure, the city government didn't invest in a background check. Butterfield was hired in July 2014. By September, sexual misconduct allegations had begun to accumulate.
    “People are innocent until proven guilty,” Mayor Cooper said with respect to the “mind-numbing” charges against Butterfield. “At this point, we stand behind our chief, and we'll defend him until we find out otherwise.” The mayor's determination to defend the chief evaporated shortly after the September 16, 2014 interview with the Tribune: Butterfield was fired by the city and surrendered his peace officer certification.  She doesn't do due diligence: Myton Mayor Kathleen Cooper8th District Judge Samuel Chiara found sufficient evidence to bind Butterfield over for trial on two counts of stalking, one count of illegal detention, and one count of criminal trespassing. The trial is set for early December. If Butterfield possessed even a particle of humility, or even the slightest capacity for contrition, he could have ended his legal travails on absurdly generous terms.
    Originally charged with three misdemeanor counts of stalking, criminal trespass, and unlawful detention, Butterfield was offered a deal in March that would have dismissed everything but a single charge of stalking. He rejected this offer – which was incomprehensibly lenient, given his history – because the single stalking charge would have applied to three women. Butterfield apparently hopes that jurors will perceive him to be a flawed but decent police officer traduced by disreputable women.
    “Most of the victims have had problems with law enforcement in the past, have had some kind of history," Duchesne County sheriff's detective Monty Nay testified during an Oct. 14 hearing for one of those civil stalking cases. When Butterfield was confronted with the allegations, Detective Nay recalled, he threatened to file criminal charges and pursue civil action against the accusers.

    During the same hearing, one of the women – who had a pending drug possession case -- explained that whenever her dogs bark in the middle of the night, she finds herself wondering, “is it him? I'm scared.”

    Her concern about the possibility of retaliatory violence by a state-licensed predator was entirely reasonable. After all, Butterfield was a cop; he had been taught how to do such things.

    Dum spiro, pugno!

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    Israel Launches 2nd Round of Attacks on Syria While Blaming Iran

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 08:10
    Israel. Israel. Israel. Anything to cause mayhem and death. All the while pushing your own agenda.
    Israel was spinning " blame Iran"  for the rockets their Islamic buddies surely fired into occupied Syria, while striking nothing.

    From the NYT's:

    Israel blamed Iran for the rocket fire on Thursday, and it sought to use the exchange, the most serious in the area in months, as further evidence that the United States Congress should reject the nuclear deal reached last month between world powers and Iran.Cause Israel never wants peace. Peace does not serve Israeli interests.
    After the airstrike, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had “no intention of escalating events, but our policy remains unchanged.” “Those countries that hasten to embrace Iran must realize that it was an Iranian commander who provided protection and direction for the cell that shot at Israel,” he said.Dore Gold, the director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said in a telephone interview that “it is untenable that Iran can argue it is in a diplomatic process in the West, while its forces continue to wage wars of subversion and terror across the Middle East.”“Iran derives legitimacy from the nuclear agreement,” Mr. Gold said. “There’s a problem here: almost like an inconsistency between Iran’s stated position of being a diplomatic partner and the continuing warfare.”Netanyahu can certainly lie easily. This false flag serves Israeli interests and Israeli interests ONLY.

    This news was on Fars earlier today
    The Israeli Air Force resumed airstrikes on Western Syria, targeting Brigade 68 Base in Khan Al-Sheih in Damascus province and Brigade 90 Base in the al-Quneitra province after a six hour halt in attacks that followed their multiple air raids over the Golan Heights.
    The Brigade 68 Base has no heavy weaponry that can reach Israel’s borders and the soldiers inside its parameters have been under siege by the al-Qaeda-linked group of  al-Nusra Front and their allies from Ajnad al-Sham and Jeish al-Islam.According to a military source in Damascus, the Israeli aircrafts were identified as helicopters that crossed into the Syrian Golan Heights before midnight on Thursday night.As of now, no casualties have confirmed by the Syrian Armed Forces; however, these recent airstrikes are believed to have been more intense that the previous round of attacks launched by the Israeli air force.Background regarding Israel's beneficial false flag scam:

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    ‘Defeating IS takes priority over Assad’ in new Syria plan

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 16:50
    Wonder if this news had anything to do with Israel’s move on Syria. Make no mistake, Israel did attack Syria, yet again!

    For the first time in two years, Western powers opposed to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad managed to agree at the UN with Russia, a longtime supporter of the regime in Damascus, by focusing on a common enemy: the Islamic State group.

    The UN Security Council (UNSC)’s statement on Syria released on August 17 was hailed as a breakthrough by Western diplomats, who praised the world body for speaking with a united voice on the war-torn country.

    The UN’s most powerful body urged a “Syrian-led” political transition without formally calling for Assad to step down. Despite deep internal divisions, it backed the plan designed by Staffan De Mistura, the UN mediator who suggested intensive preparatory peace talks across four specialised committees covering political and legal issues; military, security and counterterrorism issues; continuity of public services; and reconstruction and development.

    On the surface, the UNSC statement looks like a 50/50 compromise: Russia didn’t veto a text urging a “political transition” in Syria; western powers acknowledged the necessity to fight terror groups opposed to Assad. But according to analysts, a thorough examination of the statement reveals that the UNSC has actually tipped the balance towards Moscow’s initial position on two key elements.

    The first of these issues, “fighting terrorism” - which is how Moscow, Damascus, and Tehran have framed the Syrian conflict from the very beginning – has now been put on an equal level with the need for a political transition.

    "The problem is that the plan puts equal importance on the transition process and the other points, while for us the transition is the priority," Samir Nashar, a member of the National Coalition, Syria’s main opposition political group, told the AFP news agency.

    Who are the terrorists in Syria?

    The second key element in the UNSC statement that favours Moscow’s original pro-Damascus position is its condemnation of acts of terror as though they were committed only by anti-Assad forces, namely the al-Qaeda affiliates and the Islamic State group.

    The Security Council thus expressed its “gravest” concerns over the terrorist acts perpetrated by the IS group and the al-Nosra front without mentioning similar crimes committed by pro-Assad militias.

    The UNSC statement also failed to condemn the Syrian air force’s regular use of barrel bombs which during a recent attack on Sunday killed nearly 100 people in a rebel-held suburb of Damascus.Barrel bombs. I've never bought into that particular meme

    The UNSC statement is proof that Western powers seem to have caved in to Moscow’s demand to make the defeat of the IS group the most urgent priority, according to Raghida Dergham, a columnist and senior diplomatic correspondent for the London-based al-Hayat daily newspaper.

    “The Russians’ official position remains the same. Lavrov made it clear on Monday when he said that Moscow would not accept the departure of Assad (…) Because of the losses of the regime, world powers have now agreed on a common denominator - the struggle against terrorism. That’s something the Russians wanted all along”, Dergham told FRANCE 24.

    The UNSC statement was released after a flurry of diplomatic activity led by Moscow, which in recent weeks hosted talks with its protégé’s enemies, including Syrian opposition representatives and Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir. On Monday, Russia’s foreign minister Serguei Lavrov also held talks in Moscow with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif.

    This new resolve to address the conflict comes as Assad’s forces are steadily losing ground to radical Islamist groups in Syria.The Damascus regime now reportedly controls less than half the country’s territory, despite military support from Iran and the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militia.

    Busy day what with Israel attacking Syria, yet again.
    And the drug running, NATO stay behind Army, Israeli best buddies, the PKK declaring autonomy in Turkey
    IDF Claims Largest Retaliation YET- "Retaliation" is the LIE/Desired attack is TruthIsrael says Rockets from Syria Hit. Long Range Attack? Updated!
    ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent
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    IDF Claims Largest Retaliation YET- "Retaliation" is the LIE/Desired attack is Truth

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 15:07
    I've updated today's earlier post several time- So, time for a new one

    Ynet News

    In refrence to todays retaliatory strikes the IDF officer said, "We attacked several kilometers into Syria, 5 or 6 sites with multiple targets within each site. Our attacks are much more severe this time around, in order to send a message and underlie the severity of this incident."

    "We still do not have intelligence confirmations regarding Syrian casualties from the strikes," he concluded

     A Military source said on Thursday that at 6.30 P.M. an Israeli hostile helicopter launched several missiles towards the Syrian lands, targeting Transport directorate and the governorate building in Qunaitera, causing only material damages.  I will update as news breaks!

    As it happened 
    Israel says Rockets from Syria Hit. Long Range Attack? Updated!Background Israel plans a Provocation to Justify Invading Syria- Ground Invasion, that is! Don't Miss ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent
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    Israel says Rockets from Syria Hit. Long Range Attack? Updated!

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 11:15
    This is certainly not the first time that projectiles of on sort or another have crossed the Syrian border with Israel- You know on the illegally occupied territory.. But, Israel has made a claim that makes this latest news a bit more of a concern then usual. Of course, I will  highlight the pertinent tidbit. Israel says rockets that hit northern village fired from Syria
          Rockets that struck an northern Israeli village near the Lebanese border on Thursday, causing no casualties, were launched from the Syrian Golan Heights, the Israeli army said. The statement described an unusually long-range attack: Previous launches from within Syria, whether deliberate or stray fire from the civil war there, hit the Israeli-held Golan without reaching the Israeli interior.

        Giora Zaltz, head of the upper Galilee regional council, told Israel Radio that two projectiles landed near a village in his region, which is on the border with Lebanon. The impact set off brush fires but caused no casualties, he said. In its statement, the army said a salvo of four rockets had been fired, striking the upper Galilee and Israeli-held Golan
    Israeli officials recently held a large-scale drill in Israel’s north to prepare for the possibility of a large scale attack from either Syria or Lebanon, including the possibility of an Israeli offensive into Syria. Claims of an "unusually long range attack" would certainly provide the excuse Israel needs to launch their desired offensive in Syria

    Israel plans a Provocation to Justify Invading Syria- Ground Invasion, that is!Keeping an eye on the situation- and h/t anonymous comment in above post for letting me know

    UPDATE # 1: 
     Breaking Jerusalem Post :
    "The IDF responded with artillery fire on Syria after rockets were fired from on the northern Israel earlier Thursday"How much artillery fire? Not mentioned. At the time of this update is it almost 8:30 pm in Syria &Israel.

    UPDATE # 2 
     Jerusalem Post:
    "Security source says that the Islamic Jihad organization with the financial backing and the direction of Iran was responsible for the rocket fire"  After rockets were fired onto northern Israel earlier in day, the IDF responded with artillery fire on Syria  A security source said that the Islamic Jihad organization with the financial backing and the direction of Iran was responsible for the rocket fire.

    "The IDF sees Syria responsible for the rocket fire and it will bear the consequences of the action," the source said. 
    UPDATE # 3:

    Initial reports of Israeli strikes IN Syria

    Inital and unconfirmed reports of an Israeli strikes in Syria  IDF confirms it is currently conducting air strikes in Syria
    Yoav Zitun Published: 08.20.15, 20:16 / Israel News IDF confirms it is currently conducting air strikes in Syria UPDATE # 4

    Islamic Jihad denies involvement in Syrian Rocket Attack
    "The Gaza based Islamic Jihad organization denied that they were behind Thursday's rocket attack against Israel which originated from Syria"Not that it really matters- Israel has their desired pretext

    UPDATE # 5

    Syrian soldier(s) killed in IDF response attack

    "London-based Syrian human rights group al-Marsad reported Thursday evening that multiple Syrian Army soldiers were killed in an IDF attack in response to an earlier rocket salvo fired at Israel from Syria."
    Don't Miss! 
    ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent
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    ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis: Conquer Istanbul/PKK Declares Autonomy Zone & US Silent

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 09:20
    I've given up counting how many times the tag team of NATO backed Kurdish militias and NATO backed ISIS fighters have worked together to achieve the destabilization of a nation.  Iraq. Syria. Now we can see that partnership is moving onto Turkey. For that destabilization of Turkey my readers have known was coming since last year!
     As Turkey is being destroyed the seeds of Iran's destabilization are being sown through the PKK ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis

      ISIS Video Urges Locals to Attack Tourist Spots in Turkey

    LONDON: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has released a new video, urging locals in Turkey to attack tourist hotspots.
    According to the Daily Star, the militants in the video called on Muslims in the country to “conquer Istanbul”
    ISIS/Kurd Symbiosis strikes yet again!  PKK terrorists &  Kurdish militias want to conquer Istanbul. Coincidentally ISIS calls for terror attacks to "conquer Istanbul"
    ISIS "called on Muslims" in the country of Turkey to "conquer Istanbul"
    Of course, as my readers know, Kurds are LARGELY SUNNI MUSLIMS 

    ISIS terrorists have urged Muslims to "conquer Istanbul" – a popular destination for tourist Daily Star
     The seven-minute clip comes after the United States and Turkey teamed up to carry out attacks against ISIS.
    In the video, a fighter brands president Recep Tayyip Erdogan a "traitor" for allowing the US to "bombard the people of Islam".
    He adds: "To the people of Turkey, you have to immediately rebel and fight against this Satan [Erdogan] who fooled you and made you a slave to crusaders and atheists."
    The footage, which appeared to be shot in a desert, has been widely shared by sick ISIS supporters on social media.
    It also includes archive footage of Erdogan at a press conference with Barack Obama and greeting King Salman of Saudi Arabia.
    Meanwhile: The criminal syndicate of thugs, backed by NATO, the PKK,  have declared an autonomous region in Turkey- Hmmmmm... that news has such a familiar ring.

    PKK declares autonomous region in Turkey’s Dersim province.

    And somehow the Tunceli Province is now the Dersim province? Declaration of an "autonomous zone" and a rename?!
        The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has announced a democratic autonomous region in Dersim province, and established checkpoints on the main road in the province Tuesday.

        The above video released by the PKK purports to show the group’s fighters controlling the road and searching vehicles.

        “We as guerrillas, under the right of self-defense for ourselves and our nation, declare democratic autonomy in Dersim,” said a fighter in the video.

        "We declare our self-management," said Muhsin Kula, who claimed to be part of the new government. “Our villages and cities have been turned into ruins. The latest Varto case is proof that humanity is dead.”

    Where is the outrage from NATO?

    How come the US is NOT condemning this separatist movement?  

    *How come the US is not condemning the self proclaimed seperatist state being proclaimed in Turkey? Thinking of Ukraine here...

    Much hypocrisy on display for all to see!

    US condemns eastern Ukraine separatist vote
    US condemns new separatist attack in Ukraine’s MariupolUS blames Russia for rebel ceasefire violations in UkraineGee the PKK didn't even hold an election!

    Also: some interesting comments at Rudaw
    What exactly does the pkk hope to achieve with this? (1) They shoot and kill any kurds who dont support them: They shot a kurdish imam at a checkpoint a few days ago (of course, killing muslims is fully legitimate according to pkk supporters, no matter that 80% of kurds are muslim), they killed a bus driver who was trying to avoid a checkpoint last week (2) PKK wants the turkish military to conduct operations in kurdish cities precisely BECAUSE it would likely lead to civilian deaths. PKK IS ANTI-KURD
    Will this pkk zone be as 'democratic' as their fellow commie 'democratic' republic of north korea?? Will people be able to vote on whether they wanted armed thugs stopping them every 500m? Will people get to vote on whether they want armed thugs occupying their children's school and turning it into a target? Think logically: what benefits comes from the pkk painting targets on kurdish villages
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    EXCLUSIVE: Former top PKK commander Osman Ocalan speaks.

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 08/19/2015 - 12:52

    EXCLUSIVE: Former top PKK commander Osman Ocalan, brother of Abdullah Ocalan,   speaks to Rudaw

    I will, of course, highlight the interesting bits and add commentary

    Osman Ocalan,  In an interview with Rudaw, Osman Ocalan, the brother of jailed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan, spoke about the PKK and its financial supporters. Osman Ocalan, who has been a notable commander within PKK ranks, said currently the party has $50 million in annual income, which it gains through taxing local and regional merchants and smugglers. Ocalan said some wealthy  businessmen in Kurdistan and abroad also help the PKK on a regular basis. He said the person in charge of finances within the party is Mustafa Bayek, the brother of Jamil Bayek, who is a co-leader of the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK). The KCK is an organization founded by the PKK to put into practice jailed leader Ocalan’s ideology of democratic confederalism.

    Ocalan said the Iraqi Kurdistan-based Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) helps the PKK economically in return for PKK political support through its media. Ocalan denied the party was involved in illicit drug businesses, but said it has been charging drug smugglers, especially those from Armenia and Russia.

    Rudaw: How did the PKK finance its armed struggle in the beginning?

    Osman Ocalan: As a member of the PKK since the early days, I was aware that people were supporting us economically. Most guerrillas were working to be able to buy a Kalashnikov rifle. I was working too; for two months, just to be able to buy my pistol. All PKK members bought their guns with their own money.Osman Ocalan does NOT answer the question of how the PKK was financed only to say "I was aware that people were supporting us economically" Who are "that people"?
    Q: What were the financial sources of the party in the 1980s and 1990s?

    A: During that period ordinary people were helping us. And even Kurdish people in Europe were helping us too, especially Kurds in Germany. The PKK had annual fundraising campaigns in Europe. People would give us clothes and food here. This was the way until 1995 when the PKK set up taxation and customs and charged people and businessmen.

    Q: In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the PKK was very organized in terms of weapons and military uniforms and had a powerful media outlet. How did the party use the money it received?

    A: I was in charge of the PKK activity in Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan between 1988 and 1992. I was based in the city of Urumia. I remember I borrowed money from a friend of mine to by clothes and make uniforms for the guerrillas.Ocalan obfuscates yet again!! He does not answer the question, again!  The question was: "How did the party use the money" And his answer?  Himself relying on handouts?! This is absurd. Why would we believe the PKK depended on "handouts", YET, they somehow managed to be “very organized in terms of weapons and military uniforms” including a “powerful media outlet”! On handouts from individuals? Just ordinary citizens? I don’t believe that for a second and one would have to be an absolute fool to think that is true!

    Q: There are people who claim Iran and Russia were helping the PKK, is there any truth to that?
    A: Russia has never sent any economic help and even Iran, which was seen as close to us, did not help us either. On the contrary, Iran sometimes seized some of the equipment and supplies we received from elsewhere.

    Q: What about the Syrian government?

    A: Syria played a role, especially in terms of movement and transportation in the country. The Syrian government wanted its Kurds to join the PKK and fight Turkey. That is, it fought Turkey through the PKK. Even in terms of financial aid, there were some Syrian groups that supported us in Lebanon. They often supplied us with weapons. Once even the Lebanon communist party helped us. Surely Assad regrets this move now
    Q: You were talking about Lebanon; the PKK had military bases in the Beqaa Valley. Were the bases funded by the Palestinians or someone else?

    A: Until 1985 the PKK had close relations with the Palestinians. They supported us. Even our food was from them. We had cooperation with all the Palestinian organizations. Ocalan does not answer the question of how were the bases funded? Palestinians or someone else?
    Was it Israel? That seems very likely.
    Q: From 1995 onwards the PKK had larger economic sources and found new ones. In which part of Kurdistan did it receive the most?

    A: As of 1985 until now, the PKK has been holding fundraisers in Europe. Only through those campaigns, $20 million dollars were raised. But also ordinary people were helping the PKK too on a monthly basis, which would be in the neighborhood of $10 million. After 1995, the PKK set up a number of border customs checkpoints which would charge people who moved across the borders between Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Most of the revenues came from South (Iraqi) and Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan; some $3 million in total, annually.  The PKK would impose taxes on merchants and smugglers who moved in the area. Those who were lawful businessmen did not pay that much in taxes, but they paid an amount too. I want to say, some of the wealthy people would help the party voluntarily. And sometimes we visited local people with economic assets and persuaded them to help us and they did.So the PKK is akin to organized crime! It's very clear they were taking a piece of the action and extracting protection money from who ever they could . Read on, if you have any doubts the PKK did not profit from crime. Drug running. And likely worse.

    Q: In Russia and Armenia there are wealthy Kurdish businessmen. Were they helping the PKK voluntarily or were they charged?

    A: Some of them were drug dealers. The PKK taxed them and was paid by them. It varied from person to person. But the other ones would help us on their own. The party taxed some companies. Some paid the PKK just to ask us favors. The PKK would not allow them to transport their products if they did not pay the party.Can it be any more clear? The PKK were 'helping' Kurdish drug dealers. Oh sorry wealthy Kurdish businessmen. These drug dealers paid the PKK for favours, and not just to ask, but to have the PKK do their bidding. They paid the PKK  to and for transport of their products.
    Q: The PKK is frequently accused of being involved in drug-related deals in Europe and the Middle East. How true are these allegations?

    A: In the border gates where the party had checkpoints and customs houses, there were people who would smuggle illegal drugs. We just taxed them. The bulk of the smuggling of drugs was between Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan and Northern (Turkey) Kurdistan. But the PKK has never been engaged in drug dealing.(LOL) It does not use drugs either. (LOL) In 1991 a party member named Qadir tried to join some drug smugglers and make money for the party. When I found out I ordered he be jailed for a month and did not let him do that. (Grade A bullshit. Propaganda. Spin, Lies)

    Q: This means that no one has been engaged in drug affairs?

    A: What can I say? There is no evidence of that. Guerrillas often smoke cigarettes and drink tea.There is no evidence of drug dealing if one has no eyes to see it
    Q: How did the money change hands? What roles did the banks play?
    A: Banks played no role. It was our own guerrillas or our supporters who would carry the money to us in the mountains.So all these profits went directly to the PKK who then bought massive quantities of weapons etc.,
    All this under the nose of NATO nation Turkey and US occupied Northern Iraq.
    Q: Does the PKK have an investment project or factories?

    A: In Western (Syrian) Kurdistan, Rojava, we have had some factories. In Afrin the party had an olive factory. Even in Europe and Syria the party has a number of factories which are in the hands of PKK supporters. These are revenue sources.

    Q: Who is in charge of the financial affairs in the party?

    A: At the moment it is Mustafa Bayik, the brother of Cemil Bayik; he is in charge of that. He administers all PKK assets on Mount Qandil.

    Q: Is there financial corruption in the PKK?

    A: Generally there is no corruption within the PKK, but there could be people who are corrupted. In general terms though, no, there is none.  ROFLMAO- This guy has spelled out the fact the PKK is an organized crime syndicate, funneling, funds from crime to destabilize a nation and their is no corruption?

    Q: How large is the PKK’s annual income?
    A: It is a bit different now than in the past, since the PKK struggle is more comprehensive now. I think it has $50 million in annual revenue.

    Q: How were PKK media outlets established? Who played the key roles?
    A: The late Bahce Camturk and Savas Buldan, who was the husband of Parvin Buldan, now a member of the Turkish parliament. These two individuals had an enormous impact on PKK media. Daily papers, Med TV and the Ulke newspaper were established by them. They were wealthy and had wealthy people around them. They were raising funds for the party. They were both killed because they helped the PKK.

    Q: Are there any economic ties between the PKK and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) or Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)?

    A: The PKK has no good relations with the KDP, but it has good contacts with the PUK. The PUK has aided the PKK with $20 million since the start of the war against the Islamic State. Mulla Bakhtiar and Hero Ibrahim Ahmad have had a major role in that. The KDP has also helped the PKK, but not as much.So, the PKK has no good relation ship with PUK, but, the PUK has given the PKK 20 million dollars! Sounds like a good relationship to me.
    Q: How does the sale of oil in Rojava take place and what happens to the revenue?

    A: I have no knowledge about oil in Rojava and have no idea how it is managed.  Hmmmmm. Wasn't it supposed to be ISIS that was selling oil out of northern Syria (Rojava)?
    Q: Why did the PKK blast the Kurdistan pipeline? Do you think it will happen again?

    A: [Kurdistan Region Prime Minister] Nechirvan Barzani commented on PKK-Turkish relations just days before the blast. The PKK on Mount Qandil criticized Barzani’s comments. The blast was in reaction to that comment. I don’t think the PKK will blast the Kurdistan pipeline again, because they will harm their public support very much if they do.The PKK may have blasted the pipeline to for any number of reasons. One being sympathy in western media. And there may be disagreement between the PKK and Barzani- Competition?

    Think about my very well supported theory on KurdIShIS?

    How many posts are here pointing out the too numerous synchronicities, to possibly be coincidence, between the two groups

    Recall this post?

    ISIS Supplying Half of all Afghan Heroin Entering Europe

    And then  from above interview " The PKK is frequently accused of being involved in drug-related deals in Europe and the Middle East"

     And what do you have? Yet another KurdIShIS Symbiosis

    Cohesion. The cohesion is there. It's obvious. 

    It's been a busy past less then 24 hours so don't miss...........

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    Israeli/Hamas Truce: Splitting the Palestinian State?

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 08/18/2015 - 18:10
    The Secret Plan to Turn the Gaza Disengagement into a Coordinated Peace Effort Times of Israel July 30, 2015 A previously unpublished 're-engagement' proposal negotiated just before Israel's 2005 withdrawal from Gaza reveals some new twists in our understanding of the peace process. Over 10 years ago, many months before the target date set for Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip, a dozen Israeli and Palestinian experts convened secretly in a European resort. They were there in an effort to work out a joint plan to transform what was devised by late prime minister Ariel Sharon as a purely unilateral move -- evacuating the settlements there and pulling out the IDF -- into a well-coordinated initiative which would allow the parties to re-engage in the stalled peace process.  The above linked article discussing the peace process of 10 years ago, appeared at the Times of Israel, just a few weeks back. Why? Might just be a historical recount. Or is some sort of new peace accord/truce afoot? It appears a new truce between Israel & Gaza may be on the horizon, likely resulting in two very weak Palestinian statelets and unfettered Israeli access to Gaza's Mediterranean riches
    US/Palestinian/Egyptian Truce
    Talk is rampant in the territory of 1.8 million of a prospective pullback from confrontation with Israel - a long-term ceasefire to cement further an Egyptian-brokered truce that brought an end to the Gaza war nearly a year ago.
    That could allow Hamas to step up efforts to rein in radical Islamists, known as Salafis, who have claimed responsibility for recent rocket attacks against Israel, and open the way for more reconstruction aid to reach Gaza.
    There are also signs of change along Egypt's frontier with the Gaza Strip.

    The military-run government in Cairo, which accuses Islamist Hamas of backing jihadi fighters in Egypt's Sinai desert, opened its border with Gaza this week (See additional linked info below) for the first time in three months, permitting Palestinians to travel in both directions.Raffah Crossing openedGAZA, AUGUST 17 - Egypt reopened the Rafah border crossing to the Gaza Strip for the first time in two months on Monday, local sources said. According to local sources, with the reopening the Palestinians will be allowed to enter and exit Gaza for three to four days. An estimated 20,000 Gaza Strip residents have asked permission to cross the border "The new easing of measures results from the presence of a common enemy," said Akram Attallah, a Gaza-based political commentator.A common enemy? Of course we're referencing ISIS! 
     Hamas insists Islamic State has no foothold in Gaza, where the Palestinian group's forces are dominantIt has described what Salafi groups say have been the arrests of dozens of their supporters as no more than action against "criminal elements". But by mounting such operations, some in the wake of Salafi-claimed rocket strikes, Hamas has also shown a commitment to a truce with Israel and demonstrated to Egypt that it is fighting the same jihadi enemy, Atallah said. Over the past few months, envoys from Europe and the United Nations, as well as the Qatari ambassador overseeing the Gulf state's Gaza reconstruction projects, have visited more often, strengthening the belief a new truce channel is active. Some analysts have raised the prospect of a five-year ceasefire deal that would address Hamas's call for the opening of a Gaza seaport and an end to Israel's naval blockade, a measure Israeli officials say is aimed at blocking weapons from reaching the group.   Splitting the Palestinian State: A Divide to Conquer that would benefit Israel a great deal!
    Fatah: Hamas-Israel agreement would lead to separate Palestinian state in Gaza 

    “Hamas wants to win Israeli recognition at the cost of the Palestinian national project,” says Fatah spokesman. Fatah officials in the West Bank on Monday expressed deep concern over reports that Hamas and Israel are close to signing a long-term truce.

    The officials warned that the agreement would pave the way for the establishment of a separate Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip.

    The warning came amid reports that Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair have reached understandings regarding the proposed truce. Unconfirmed reports have claimed that Hamas was ready to strike a deal with Israel in return for the creation of a sea passage between Cyprus and the Gaza Strip.Haniyeh: Hamas will not allow for the existence of a separate state in Gaza He addressed those who distort Hamas's position saying: "We will not accept a state on two per cent of the land of Palestine called Gaza; Palestine, all Palestine is ours, and we have set our compass towards Jerusalem."
    "Hamas's strategy and projects are way bigger than that; by the comprehensiveness of our strategy we mean the liberation of all of Palestine, and when it comes to the liberation phases, the best example would be Gaza which we did not liberate through negotiations."
    Haniyeh stressed that, despite all the pain it suffers from, Gaza cannot give up its role regarding liberating all of Palestine; Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Jerusalem will remain Hamas's top priority.
    Hamas confirmed a few days ago that the former International Quartet Envoy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will mediate a long-term ceasefire deal between Israel and the Gaza Strip.
    However, Hamas leader Ahmed Yousef denied the rumours that final agreement had been reached and approved by the movement's Shura Council.Tony Blair's involvement in this 'deal' can only mean one thing and that is Israel stands to gain at the expense of the Palestinians

    Don't MISS!!!

    Pt 3: Music, Mind Control and Psychobiology- Hans Utter Wow! I am lovin' this series thus far.
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    Pt 3: Music, Mind Control and Psychobiology- Hans Utter

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 08/18/2015 - 17:07
    Wow! I am lovin' this series thus far. 

    Big thanks, again, to Jan @ Gnostic Media and Hans Utter for putting this information together and making it available to us all.

    -The video is about 2 hours in length- The audio will of course coincide with the video.
    -There is also a bonus audio portion available for listening and to download.
    -Everything will be accessible below-



    Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Download BONUS audio

    In case you missed the previous installments?
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    Road Piracy, False Flags, and the State's Crime Cartel

    freedominourtime - Mon, 08/17/2015 - 16:17
     Welcome to Idaho, Joe David: Signs at the "No More Road Pirates in Idaho" demo.

    Joe David, a former California Highway Patrol officer, has made a considerable fortune by teaching police officers how to steal under the color of “law” through his “Desert Snow” consulting firm. When he arrived in Meridian, Idaho for a two-day “asset forfeiture” seminar on August 10, he probably didn't expect to be greeted by protesters. It is to his credit that he took advantage of the opportunity to speak with them, especially in light of the fact that the conversation couldn't have been a pleasant one for him.

    “You come up here to Idaho teach teach our officers to be more effective at a very bad concept,” complained activist Daniel L.J. Adams, who helped organize the “No More Road Pirates in Idaho protest outside the Peace Officer Standards and Training academy in Meridian.

    “What do you find `bad' about it?” inquired David, pretending that summary confiscation of money and property from people not charged with an offense somehow abates the menace posed by criminal cartels.

    “It's stealing people's stuff!” exclaimed Adams, mildly astonished at the need to state a self-evident truth. “How do you get the sense that stealing stuff, through whatever inverted legal means that you can, make it morally legit?”

    “It's been around since, like, 1700,” David responded, ignorant of what he conceded in that blithe reply – and what it says about the role he plays and

    “Civil asset forfeiture,” as practiced by contemporary American law enforcement officers (and taught by the likes of Joe David to officers both here and abroad) is close kindred to many of the abusive practices of his colonial-era antecedents who confiscated property and harassed innocent people in name of the British Crown. Acting through specially constituted “admiralty courts” in which due process rights were ignored, and the plundered property itself was prosecuted, colonial customs agents would routinely seize shipping cargoes, store inventories, and money as “deodands” (things “given to God”).

    Colonial patriots reacted to this practice by introducing colonial officials to the decorative properties of bitumen and goose feathers, and then by shooting and killing the troops sent to police the restive colonies. 
    The congressional draft of the Declaration of Independence explicitly condemned asset forfeiture, accusing the Crown of undermining the law “with the allurements of forfeiture and confiscation of our property.” The Due Process provisions of the Fifth Amendment were directly inspired by the Framers' revulsion over the criminal practice of which Joe David boasts such a venerable pedigree.

    During his conversation with David, Adams noted that forfeiture operations are carried out by specialized “interdiction units.” Interdiction “is a military term for cutting off and destroying an enemy's supply lines,” Adams pointed out – which means that every time a police officer escalates a traffic stop into a drug-related search, he is participating in a literal war on the public. 
    Impenitent, David insists that this war is justified by the need to “dismantle criminal enterprises.... You have to take apart the infrastructure, you have to take their goods, their houses, their cash.”

    Even granting the untenable assumption that the use and sale of narcotics should be treated as criminal offenses, the approach David defends is, as Adams reminded him, nothing more than “stealing people's stuff.” Confiscation of money and property through criminalforfeiture – that is, following an actual conviction – is a different proposition. As it happens, that approach is much less profitable for police agencies and prohibition privateers like Joe David and his “Desert Snow” racket.

    For more than a quarter-century, Joe David and his comrades have been tutoring police in the art of highway robbery, and his reward is a lifestyle many crime lords would envy. Given government's role as what Justice Louis Brandeis called “the potent, the omnipresent teacher,” it shouldn't be considered surprising that some criminally-minded people within the general public have sought to emulate the behavior of the overseers in the coercive sector.

    On July 23, three members of a border vigilante group that offered to assist the Border Patrol wereindicted for practicing “asset forfeiture” without a license – that is, plotting to steal narcotics and cash from drug cartels in Mexico.

    A criminal complaint filed by FBI Special Agent John E. Kellyaccuses Parris Frazier, Robert Deatherage, and Erik Foster of conspiring to possess and distribute “five kilograms or more of a mixture … containing a detectable amount of cocaine” and derivatives of that controlled substance. The suspects, who belong to a private militia called the “Arizona Special Operations Group,”obtained the contraband from an undercover FBI agent as part of a federal false-flag operation.

    On January 24, Frazier was stopped by Border Patrol agents operating an internal checkpoint. Explaining that he “wanted to assist Border Patrol in stopping illegal border activities,” Frazier “asked for information on the illegal activities they had seen lately,” narrates Kelly's criminal complaint. The agents claimed that they had been working with an informal source but could no longer do so. Frazier “expressed his interest in contacting the source” in order to conduct his own investigation.

    Several weeks later, the undercover FBI agent, “posing as the informal [Border Patrol] source,” contacted Frazier. During a covertly recorded conversation, Frazier allegedly told the provocateur that “he had a small group of patriots that he trusted and they were trying to take care of (steal) anything that came up out of Mexico (drugs) or was going back into Mexico (bulk cash),” and that, predictably, “they preferred the cash loads going south.” Frazier promised the undercover FBI agent “a percentage of whatever is taken” from the narco-couriers.

    During a second recorded conversation on March 4, Frazier reportedly told the FBI agent that he and his colleagues would be willing to “dispatch” – that is, kill – “all of the individuals guarding the cash to ensure that his guys go home at night.” Although he had specified that none of his associates were “tied up in law enforcement,” their policy regarding lethal force apparently was modeled on the familiar “officer safety uber alles” paradigm.

    In recorded phone calls over the next several weeks, the FBI agent outlined a plan to steal thousands of dollars from a vehicle that was supposedly owned by a cousin in the employ of a drug trafficker. This led to an attempted “rip” by Frazier and a partner on April 2: FBI surveillance captured the suspects, dressed in camouflage, wearing facemasks, and carrying AR-15s, search the Bureau's “bait car” in a fruitless effort to steal money that wasn't there.

    A follow-up phone call from the informant added new details to the fabricated story by claiming that cartel members had found $8,000 in the vehicle, but that the miscreant cousin had stolen $12,000. Unwittingly playing the role scripted for him, Frazier allegedly told the informant: “How about I lay an offer out on the table that we just get him [the cousin] out of the way for you.” The informant suggested that Frazier and his partners do at last one more cash “rip” before discussing a hit on the mythical cousin.

    On April 23, Frazier and his companion seized $7300 from a second FBI “bait car” that was said to be carrying $20,000. Once again, the informant claimed that the cousin had confiscated the rest while driving the “cartel vehicle” to a pre-designated drop.

    Artfully stringing Frazier along, the informant continued to discuss the possibility of a murder-for-hire targeting the nonexistent cousin. In the meantime, he told Frazier, it would be possible for him to steal a northbound cocaine shipment. Frazier and the other two suspects were directed to a warehouse in Phoenix where they found a Hyundai Tucson containing “one package of actualcocaine weighing approximately one kilogram and nine packages of cocaine stimulant [sic] that also weighed approximately one kilogram each.”(Emphasis added.)

    Although the FBI criminal complaint dishonestly refers to the quantity as a five-kilo "mixture," the single kilo of cocaine was packaged separately from nine kilos of cocaine substitute. By arranging for the suspects to find the ten-kilo "mixture," rather than the single kilo of "actual cocaine," the FBI made it possible to charge them with offenses that carry a mandatory 10-year prison sentence, and fines of up to $10 million.

    As they drove away from the warehouse, Frazier and his comrades were intercepted by an FBI SWAT team. They briefly managed to evade several police vehicles but were kept under surveillance by an FBI aircraft, which tracked them to the home of Frazier's girlfriend. The suspects were arrested, and firearms found in the home during a search were “seized as evidence.”

    By seeking to confiscate drug proceeds at gunpoint, Parris Frazier and his friends behaved in a fashion indistinguishable from government-authorized “narcotics interdiction” patrols – especially by expressing a preference to confiscate southbound cash deliveries, rather than northbound drug shipments.

    In the state of Tennessee, where police departments have been permitted to retain 100 percent of the cash stolen through “civil asset forfeiture,” Interstate 40 has been designated a high-impact narcotics area. However, the most coveted patrol area is the westbound lane, because of the assumption that narcotics flow east and cash flows west. Competing law enforcement agencies have literally come to blows over jurisdictional claims on the most profitable sections of I-40.

    The ends pursued by Frazier and his colleagues, and the means they employed, didn't differ materially from those of government law enforcement and intelligence agencies – but they lacked official authorization to conduct highway robbery.

    Ironically, the same was true of Joe David's involvement in an “interdiction task force” operated by District Attorney Joe Hicks of Oklahoma's Caddo County. In July 2013 (as previously reported here), Hicks was forced to disband the unit, which included David himself and several other private contractors associated with Desert Snow. On one occasion, David – who was wearing a sidearm, but not a certified law enforcement officer -- pulled over and interrogated a pregnant woman on I-40 and interrogated her at length.

    Hicks told The Oklahoman Newspaper that he had hired David and his sidekicks “because his drug task force had little success on drug stops” and because “he hoped to make money for his office from the drug stops because of a loss of federal funds.” 
    David and Desert Snow were allowed to keep a 24 percent cut of the plunder. Desert Snow’s take was $40,000, with another $212,000 in the pipeline when Caddo County Special Judge David Stephens shut down the racket.
    As he ordered David never again to conduct “interdiction patrols” in his county, Judge Stephens told him that “if you do, I hope to see you soon, wearing orange.”
    No instrument yet devised by the intelligence of man can detect the moral and legal difference between what Joe David and his comrades were doing in Oklahoma, and what Parris Frazer and his buddies thought they were doing in the FBI-orchestrated false-flag operation.

    Frazer and his pals face the prospect of years in a government-sponsored cage for mimicking the behavior taught by David and carried out by agents of the state's crime cartel. David is no longer an accredited member of the state's punitive priesthood, but as someone who teaches cops how to be more effective robbers he enjoys Blue Privilege-by-proxy. 

    Dum spiro, pugno!

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    Israel plans a Provocation to Justify Invading Syria- Ground Invasion, that is!

    pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 08/17/2015 - 11:53
    IDF troops prepare for possible incursion into Syria

     I’m going to highlight & repeat, where necessary,  for clarification purposes, exactly what Israel's evil plan is!The IDF has already prepared plans to attack Syria in light of a recent military assessment that Iran has opened a new front against Israel on the Golan Heights.

    Military exercises in the area over the last two weeks have focused primarily on a scenario of offensive operations inside Syrian territory in response to possible action from the Syrian border such as the infiltration of dozens of terrorists armed with anti-tank weapons, machine guns, grenades and light weapons into one of the communities along the border.

    The exercises included possible IDF responses to such infiltrations with troops firing at fixed points on the Syrian side of the border. Simultaneously, officials expect a barrage of mortar bombs to be fired at communities in the Golan Heights during such a scenario.
    Let me repeat that: "with troops firing at fixed points on the Syrian side of the border. Simultaneously, officials expect a barrage of mortar bombs to be fired at communities in the Golan Heights" In other words- Israel will fire at "fixed points" on the Syrian side of the border.  Fixed points being towards their AQ/Al Nusra rebels. AQ/ Al Nusra, the ‘rebels’ Israel has been backing for years and years now will respond to the "exercise fire" with a barrage of mortars.

    Commanders in the field put theoretical defensive plans into action using aircraft and combat helicopters alongside tank-fire, artillery guns and even hundreds of reserve fighters who participated in the exercise.Theoretical defense plans will be put INTO action including tanks, helicopters, artillery guns and hundreds of reservists- who all coincidentally participated in the exercise
    The Northern Command estimates that despite the relative quiet on the Golan Heights, strategists suggest it is quite possible an errant jihadist organization pushed into a corner by Assad's army, or by competing organizations, could try to carry out an attack in Israel in order to draw it over the border, into Syria's civil war.
    Let's repeat that! 
    "The Northern Command estimates that despite the relative quiet on the Golan Heights" , "an errant jihadist" , "could try to carry out an attack in Israel in order to draw it over the border" into Syria's civil war.
    And Israel will be happy to provide the pretext by "firing at fixed points on the Syrian side of the border" In light of this concern, the main jihadist organization in the Syrian Golan, *Nusra Front, who hitherto has not fired a single shot toward Israel* may try to do so in the future.
     Of course, Nusra Front, Israel’s Islamist army, will fire a shot “in response” to Israel’s provocation- This is tag teaming/cooperation/working together of Israel & it’s jihadi forces to steal the rest of the Golan. Minimally. Possibly even more.

     Let's digress and entertain the scenario in which Israel attempts to connect itself with the fledgling Kurdistan.

    - Maybe, Israel will attempt to take enough territory to connect itself to their cohorts in Kurdistan?  September 24/2014The Kurds: Israel's not so improbable ally
    Which is why Turkey has become the pariah state. Something I've been writing about since last year. When I published Part 1- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.
    Followed by : Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey 
    Then November 2014: Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?
    Pt-3: Destabilizing Turkey. Pre- Election Bombing/Explosion at Kurdish Rally

    And a ton of other stuff in between, before and after!

    Digression over let's get back to those Israeli plans
    The remaining border areas are in the control of rebel groups, primarily Nusra Front, whereas Hezbollah militants are not operating near the border fence as most of them have left the Golan Heights in recent months to reinforce their postions on the Syria-Lebanon border, but hundreds still remain deep in the Golan Heights.

    Regarding Islamic State, they have begun to move their focus from north and eastern Syria to the south during the past few months. They are still far from the border fence and are 70 kilometers from Israel in the Druze mountains.
     What about the Druze?

    With respect to the Druze, The Northern Command has drawn up plans to deal with a situation in which rebels try to occupy the Druze village of Hader. Many of the 12,000 inhabitants have relatives in Israeli Druze villages. The plans include Israel assistance and messages regarding these plans have already been sent to the various rebel groups. Rebels try to occupy the Druze village of Hader- "The plans include Israel assistance and messages regarding these plans have already been sent to the various rebel groups"That reads exactly the scenario that would be expected of Israel- They will assist their Islamist jihadis with occupation of the Druze village and have already sent messages to the various rebel groups regarding these plans.

    Ynet includes footage set to music to demonstrate their 'awesomeness' LOL
    I think all war is nauseating, but, am including it because it makes me think of the series I've been posting on music and mind control- How music affects your mind

    This is likely all connected to the removal of the patriot missiles from Turkey. Mentioned yesterday.
    Netherlands, US & Germany withdrawing Turkey based Patriot Missile Batteries
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