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Gonzalo How?

Flogging Dead Horses - Fri, 06/10/2022 - 19:03

 This is a bit of a strange post for me. It is a bit negative.  

I really enjoy the postings of a web guy called Gonzalo Lira. I keep getting his name wrong and the country of his origin.  Maybe I’m just stupid.

His commentary is spot on.  He is living right there in the zone in Kharkov.

But how is he doing so after being arrested by the Orc’s SBU.

I was one of many who raised a stink when he went ‘off air’ for a while after some juicy postings early in the current SMO.

I posted that I would suspect him to be on a short leash after his ‘release’.    I feared for his eventual safety while under house arrest.


He’s back and still at it

Early in the SMO I watched a poor soul get ‘skull fu**ked’ with a bayonet and heard their dying screams for being accused of being a ‘Russian supporter’ on camera.    Gonzalo ??

I don’t know what to say.  Enjoy the commentary, it seems bang on, but where are the Orcs?

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Slowly Then All At Once

Flogging Dead Horses - Fri, 05/27/2022 - 11:08

I read a quote once about how someone famous went bankrupt.  His answer was that it happened “slowly and then all at once”.

That comes to mind watching the past week’s video coverage of events in Orcland.  I’ve watched a lot of footage of punishing artillery strikes and drone coverage of their effects on the soft squishy stuff wrapped in camo.  Sobering stuff.

I was over at Glen’s fine establishment yesterday and dropped a wee note.  I’m lazy so I’ll copy and paste the main bit.

“The orcs have been pouring concrete around the Donbas and LPR since getting their asses whipped twice back at the start of this shit show in 2014/15. In effect a ‘Maginot Line’ of hardened pill boxes, bunkers, tunnels and trenches.

The key to open the door was a town called Popasnaya. The local high ground in a region flatter than Taylor Swift.

The Russian merc’s of Wagner PMC’s got sent in to stiffen the attack and it worked. A static front line broke wide open and the dam broke about a week ago. Russians have poured in lots of reserve forces and have been gaining kilometres per day instead of the usual grind.

Looks like 3 separate pockets forming with approx. 15,000 troops in danger of getting the Mariupol treatment. Smallest pocket of 2,000 pretty much doomed already.

Maybe the psychological hit of the orcs’ Azov super soldiers defeat or just the reward for the relentless grind of artillery blanketing but lots of mutiny videos coming out. The officers know the score and have bugged out leaving the cannon fodder to fend for themselves. No food, armor or ammo”.

Watching the change in maps of the newly freed territory in the Donbas is like watching the deluge after a dam breaks.  Also this week I’ve seen 4 videos of the units of draftees the orc rounded up refusing to go die like cattle.  Many front line soldiers are surrendering in big numbers.  Unfortunately I’ve seen footage of those executed by orcs for trying to surrender – not just in Mariupol.

It definitely looks like their moral and fighting spirit has been broken.  I grudging admire those who have endured the steel hail of Russian shells all this time.  Weither it was love of homeland or fear of Nazi commissar’s bullet – who knows.  Those forces in the East are now a spent force and they need to surrender - sooner rather than later.

Once the Donbas is fully free then who knows what’s next.  Scott Ritter is a principled commentator that I admire as he’s been there and earned it.  He recently pulled a 180 and says the new NATO model army getting built in Poland is a game changer.  I sincerely doubt it.  Even the US towed howitzers that arrived recently are being converted to scrap metal.

The only ones that know what is truly about to happen are the Rooskies and they are saying bugger all and taking their own sweet time to do it.  There is a saying that there are dozens of ways to get a bear out of its cave but not a single one to put him back in again!!

The Kremlin gave the perverts on the Potomac many chances to walk away.  Their red line was clear for all to see.  Instead the District of Criminals doubled down and the powdered princes in the Pentagram played along.  They built the bestest, shiniest NATO force that corruption could buy.

Sometimes a punch in the face teaches the best lesson to the recipient.  None of them can remember that lesson or even if they learned it in the first place.  When all their toys got smashed to scrap metal they reacted like spoiled toddlers and screamed out in their tantrums.

Moscow played them like a fiddle.  What are you going to do about it?  Oh no!! Not some scary sanctions!!  You are going to steal 300 Billion bucks worth of fiat money savings.  OK.  Russia has about 500 B in foreign hard assets because you know they are backward types who actually make things.

Guess who forgot they make lots of foodstuffs and the fertiliser to grow them.  They supply the oil to run the trucks and tractors.  They supply the gas to cook and heat with.  They make the metals to make shit with and lots and lots of other ‘stuff’ because they learn STEM to a far greater depth than us civilised Westerners.

The international community seems to consist of the US, UK doormat, European poodles, the Aussie concentration camp and totally subdued Japan.  Everyone else looked on as the collective West freaked out and they said not my circus, not my monkeys.

The rest of the world have been making trade deals hand over fist as they buy up Russian produce at discount prices and watch as the idiots have to pay exorbitant prices for the same stuff – if they are even allowed to because of sanctions.  Game, set and match LOL

I’ll finish on a couple of clichés.  In a democracy you get the leadership you deserve.  The old Chinese curse states “may you live in interesting times.”  I think we are looking at a massive karmic bitch slapping. Popcorn time cometh

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Squaring the Nazi Circle

Flogging Dead Horses - Thu, 05/12/2022 - 07:24

 Well I have read these past few days that the goblins ruling Orcland have gone full Chutzpah!!  In their wisdom they decided that they will stop Russian gas supplies to Europe.  NATO will attack Russia or else they will stop the flow of Russian gas supplies!!  You can’t make this shit up.

There are a few agendas in play in the land currently known as ‘Ukraine’ all at the same time.  To be frank some of them are completely at odds with the programming that the great unwashed masses have endured since the end of WWII.  That’s why everyone is a Nazi and also fighting fascism!!

The lands that connect Europe, the Caucuses and the Eurasian Steppe lands have changed ownership and populations countless times over thousands of years.  It is a vast topic too large for me to study in detail so I’m not going to.

The current region has been partitioned and re-partitioned between The Turks, Poland and Russia repeatedly since before the time of Catherine the Great mostly settled it. Think about the current Polish ‘peace keeper’ idea and you realise the same territory is still up for grabs.

I sympathise with the ordinary civilian Ukrainians.  The Bolsheviks set up their new ‘state’ integrating incompatible ethnic groups and then proceeded to methodically starve millions to death during the Holodomor in the 30’s.  The Bolshies also murdered 10’s of millions of Russians so they were equal opportunity butchers.  Crucially ‘someone’ had to staff those state organs involved.

Let’s leave this happy reminiscing and take a trip down the Red Pill Rabbit Hole.  A long time ago this same piece of real estate once belonged to a Kingdom called Khazaria.  Like Poland, it was once was very large and successful empire but that’s not its main claim to fame.  

Around 970 AD they rejected the Christian and Islamic expansions around them and converted to Judaism. They thus founded the Ashkenazi line of Jews that are by far the largest sect within Judaism (70 – 75 %).  With this they inherited all the famously fine qualities therein.  This also explains why there are more Jews in Eastern Europe than fleas on a mangy dog – it’s not for the climate.

The Soviet Bolshsies in the 30’s were overwhelmingly jewish in origin (not always native Russian).  I can understand why those survivors of the Holodomor welcomed the German Army with open arms and flocked to their ranks burning with desires of revenge.

The Eastern Front cannot be understood in the West for the ferocity of the slaughter of partisan/commie/jewish locals by the Polish/Hungarian/Christian locals.  Agreed, the Germans enabled a lot of it but many foot soldiers were recruited locally.  When Stalin’s armies swept away the German forces they repaid them in kind.  Most of German local allies fled west to Canada and the US but some deliberately stayed behind.

The victorious Soviet forces celebrated their victory.  Spurred on by nationalism fuelled by the war, Stalin forced out of power almost all of the early Bolshies and those ‘poor, downtrodden’ jewish partisans were now stuck in the commie state they created.  Most eventually cried loudly enough for their compatriots to bring them out to the West.

When the Soviet Union dissolved the ‘Oligarchs’ appeared from almost nowhere in the Republics to assume power over state assets with Western financial backing.  Every single one belonged to the Kosher Nostra.  

All was going well in the lands of drugs, cash and sexy trafficking until one man came to power and said “Niet - the party’s over”. Anger, arrogance and historical grievance training called for a response.  This bunch can hold a grudge for centuries and here we are.

2nd & 3rd generation descendants of those diaspora (hint Victoria Nuland among others) in the West were used.  $5 billion dollars in covert US funding was supplied.  Billionaire ‘Ukrainian’ gangsters fed and armed naive pituitary retards the story of those diabolical ‘Russians’ (not commies). Memories of local ‘heros’ were dug up.  A bloody coup later and away we went.  

A mini Reich was created slap bang on the Bear’s doorstep.  The Ukrie army was defeated twice in open warfare by those sub-human moskals.  Goose-stepping orcs cemented their power by being embedded in the armed forced forces to stiffen moral by 10-1.  Exactly like the Soviet commie commissars of old – ironic reflections on how the same hidden hands work us all.

Rich Khazars are paying the descendants of the Holodomor to attack Russia and not those who held the whip hand and still live among them.  Who knew that John Carpenter’s movie ‘They Live’ was a tutorial?

Note that not one Soviet Gulag Commander or NKVD executioner was ever punished.  They all died in their sleep with a death count that made the Germans look like part-timers.  

Watching this unfold is a stark illustration of how the populations of the collective West are still in thrall of their WWII propaganda and subsequent Holohoax spell that has been laid upon them.

To see ex-Israhelli military volunteer to serve knowingly in the same armed forces with staff wearing the German Death Head Insignia then the spell is nearly broken for ever.  Ignore the US/NATO proxy war rhetoric.  The US is a hollow shell of its former glory and it will not engage Russia in open battle. It would need some tanks to do that.

In every nuclear war simulation during the old cold war one side was forced to cross the nuclear threshold.  Participants afterwards would complain of ‘artifical’ events that forced their crossing to nuclear confrontation.

I see that threat in the current provocation with European gas supplies. Europe will cease to exist if the gas is turned off.  Famine, power blackouts and don’t mention winter are on the menu.  Hence the tightening of the screws by the chosen ones and real powerful people with much to lose know that.

Ask yourself a question.  How can a comedian, placed into the very role he played in fiction be taken seriously?  How can he and his merry minions be in daily video conferences in parliaments globally brow beating them all day every day?  Who appointed him minster of all things?  Who could enable all that?  Can you see the hidden whip hand?

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov is a perfect example of the professional diplomat. He never loses his control and says nothing without meaning.  He recently spoke openly of Zelenski’s tribal membership as well as his leadership of the orc legions with no seeming contradictions.

We are being enticed to fight to the death so that the tribe can subdue all rivals and grab ultimate power.  Their power play is one of escalation.  The 13th tribe must force East and West – Gog and Magog to fight to the death.  Only then they can rule over the ashes and call it peace.  

I don’t see it happening but watch to what lengths they will go to, all while their every lie gets exposed.

Murder will out so I look forward to the coming Russian data dumps.  Here’s a start.

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Pivot Point

Flogging Dead Horses - Fri, 04/29/2022 - 21:50

 I grew up in the time of Reagan and the ‘evil empire’.  Like everyone else that might read this I have been deep soaked in all the media blitz on the peoples of the ‘5 eyes’ nations for decades.  

We have been lulled into a hypnotic trance. First we sucked on the glass teat of TV.  Now we stare into the dark scrying mirrors of mobile phones 24 x 7.

The last 2 years of hysteria, censorship, anti-science and the totalitarian control by mediocre bureaucrats and ‘officials’ show how far our populations are prepped and ready for the virtual box cars to the camps.

I, however, also grew up living and witnessing the Brit government’s double standards while armed soldiers walked my streets.  That’s better than any fucking vaccine.  Watching your best friend have the business end of a SA80 rifle rammed into his mouth for ‘fun’ amongst other memories leaves a certain FU attitude to authority figures and those who excuse them.

Let’s explain how I think we got to where we are now in the war that is now beginning.  If you need to look shit up please use Duckduckgo and not the Goog place.

1 Putin nailed his plans to the mast in 2007 that the robbery and rape of Russian resources were over. He sealed it in the defence of South Ossetia against Georgian violence in 2008.  It’s been non-stop ‘evil Putler’ since

2 I watched in horror as the worst scum in Eastern Europe was elevated to power in Ukraine by the usual ‘neo-con’ war mongers.  In amazement I watched ordinary men arise in arms and they defeated that army twice – hint Minsk 1 and 2.

3 Putin has tried every form of non-violent means to resolve these tensions including the recent high level diplomatic manoeuvres with the US.  They just wanted written guarantee’s FFS.

4 For 8 years the orcs had completed their control over the regime, dominated the military with Zampolit’s like the communists of old and slaughtered thousands - horrifically.  The most moral and civilised West’s response was to build, train and equip a most dangerous and viciously motivated proxy NATO army.  Hence the term orc.

5 The reason there are so many 10’s of thousands of the best trained Ukrie orcs now trapped and about to be de-nazified is that they were in the final preps for a March offensive to eradicate the Donetsk & Lugansk Peoples Republics.

6 Putin’s last straw was that clown Zelensky openly stating his was going to get nukes – in front of kneepads Harris no less.  Putin always said if there’s going to be a fight then strike first.

I’ve been reading a lots of astute analysis of current affairs and strategic analysis from the Russian perspective since 2014.  One thing I read is that historically since the time of the Tsars Russians believe that for Russia to prevail internationally she needs 20 years of peace.  She has had that.

7 Putin announced publicly a raft of new weapons platforms that are now deployed.  Hypersonic missiles, laser attack platforms, nuclear powered cruise missile with infinite loiter time, long range nuclear torpedos, ICBM’s that can travel via the South Pole and others.  Russia is ready.  With the current ‘military operation’ the Russian people are ready for a new patriotic war.  Ukraine may only be the opener.  

Patriarch Kirill's Easter Good Friday sermon in the main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces (check out the cathedral – it’s new and stunning) was astonishing in invocation of Soviet victory in Great Patriotic War and extolling the sacrifice in the fight against Fascism.

This is a video showing how much the defeat of the Nazis in Mariupol means to the Russian spirit.  I state this as the annual parade of the ‘immortal brigade’ takes place to mark Victory Day on the 9th of May.  The Russians are now mentally and physically set for ‘total war’.

Over on Glen’s site he posted a link to an article by the Z Man at the Takimag site. It was thought provoking as it described the 2 totally different systems now coming to clash.  

The West (mostly US) likes to use Air Power to terrorise an opponent with ‘shock and awe’ to avoid ground fighting.  The Russians are wed to armour and artillery to grind down an opponent while owning the most formidable air defence systems on the planet to protect them.

The mostest, harshest sanctions in history aren’t working!!  The Rouble is stronger than before.  Russia is self-sufficient. She can build internally every item in her military, civilian and shipping requirements - even new nuclear reactors.  

The US cannot build new nuclear power stations any more as the engineers are all retired or dead.  Ditto refitting US nuclear warheads.  Maths is raycist after all.

Left alone the Russians will gain everything they started out to achieve.  Video after video of the slaughter of Ukrie cannon folder does show that what is happening now is the complete annihilation of the trapped Ukrie forces.  It’s unpleasant and avoidable if only the clown of Kyiv would surrender.  His masters will not let that happen.

We are looking at the replay of the last days of spring in 1914.

I left a wee breadcrumb over at the Intrepid Reporters place.  The developing warfront is on the orcs Western border.  There is a small country called Moldova with ethnic Russians in a break-away region called Transnistria – sandwiched between it and Orcland.  

They have been quiet for years but it all lit up this week. Lots of sabotage such as RPG attacks on official offices, blowing up radio towers etc.  They also have a gigantic Soviet era ammo dump – guarded by Russian peacekeepers 2 miles from the border.  Something like 20,000+ tons of munitions and weapons.

The orcs have sent their sabotage groups over the border to create a security panic and its working.  Transnistria and Moldova have next to no functional military.  The Russian peacekeepers guard the ammo dump. 

Moldova is very closely aligned to NATO member Romania – their flags are almost identical.  The gossip is that Romania/Moldova are discussing the security ‘situation’ with a possibility of Romania absorbing/annexing Moldova.  

If Russia reinforces its forces guarding the ammo dump after the current provocations then it is alleged Moldova will ask for Romanian protection – and invoking NATO protection?  Well then it’s off the races people.  Batten down the bunker.

I know. I hear ya.  If’s and but’s.  

The West’s military might is being shown to be a paper tiger.  The US Air Force's power was once limited only by the productive capacity of the US continent.  How much of that is left. Their new ‘state of the art’ fighter the F35 is a flying brick that will break its airframe if it goes supersonic!!

They have no sizable armour left and no way to defend them without air cover.  If the idiots in charge ever provoke Russia to a direct clash the only thing protecting then is the nuclear umbrella.  How much of that still works as planned.  The minuteman missile is programmed with floppy disks!!

If we are not careful the survivors might need to learn to read Cyrillic.

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Tidy Up Time. A fond farewell to old ghosts.

Flogging Dead Horses - Wed, 04/27/2022 - 16:33

 It has been so long since I stopped by, lit the fireplace and turned on the lights.  Time to sweep the floors and wash the windows.

It’s been so long that I wanted to check the blog rolls here and see who survived.  Who persevered while I abandoned post and buggered off and went on walk about.

There is 1 outstanding champion and that is Noor over at Snippets and Snappits. Her site is thought provoking and also very funny to go with it. 

Lots of broken links unfortunately as any older web site does.  I can see that most, like me, ran out of steam.  I will keep those sites that are still live on the roll as who knows?  Maybe you reach a point when the thoughts in your head need to be set free.  Maybe they’ll be back also in time

A special call out to 5 bloggers.  They have earned the honour of getting banned by the thought police.  I will keep them linked still to honour them stepping up. Maybe the Way Back Machine has some of the content.

Dublin Mick.  He was always going to get banned.  Funny guy and a great meme creator (before we called them memes)

Penny.  Penny was very astute, nailing Syria as Mordor’s next target before the Russians stopped it

Greg Bacon.  Again very good on the anti-bacon mafia.

Joe Cortina.  Interesting writer also.  Both he and Greg always called out the Khazar Mafia.

Aangirfan.  One of the most enigmatic sites.  Lots of well researched posts with links on illicit deeds of the powerful.  This included sex trafficking and paedophile rings such as the Dutroux Affair in Belgium.  Possibly the only one to be permanently silenced in my opinion 8 years ago.

Les Visible will always be on the blog roll.  It was there that I learned the value of not posting as just Anon.  I still dip my toes in and read from time to time – mostly at the Truth Seeker’s site.  I suppose the first embers of spirituality were rekindled there – only lately to return to life.

 I’ve been lurking for so many years it fells strange to finally put thoughts to words and I’ve been running off my inner demons on other sites.  This is the start of better manners.  No more leaving muddy footprints at other places.  I’ll shite in my own sty – mostly LOL.

Let’s see if I can hang around this time.

To Timster, Kenny, Suraci, Thirteeth Monkey, Mr Friend and Northern Truth Seeker I raise a glass. May you still be shit-stirring somewhere under new names or better still be living a real life.

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Best of Times, the Worst Of Times

Flogging Dead Horses - Fri, 04/22/2022 - 18:57


10 years later……………. Fucking tumbleweeds

 When I stopped blogging back then it was because I was exhausted and burnt out emotionally. 

 I have ‘hung in there’ since I was a teenager lobbing petrol bombs at squaddies.  The long war was what I cut my teeth on.  As an older and so called ‘wiser’ man I had raised my vision to the international scene.  After the 9-11 false flag my radar was very much aware that an ‘end of times’ was getting set up.

 Those that read here back then probably know me more than I do.  There was no filter to what I typed and I’m sure the spooks have hoovered it all up.  That’s not paranoia.  My own mother back in the day was a trade union official and had a prior phone call played back to her when she picked up the phone again.  Shitty Brit Tech at the time.

 The brutal slaughter of Muammar Gaddafi after his compliance with all that ZOG demanded was the proverbial straw/camel.  He was completely accurate in that his regime was holding back a tsunami of African immigrants.  Syria was drowning in paid jihadi’s and I couldn’t see the light.  I dug in and moved my family home – to the occupied 6 counties no less. 

 Jesus what a shit show I came home to.  PEACE

 The men and women I knew had stepped down and retired.  The blue haired fluffy bunnies and unicorn’s brigade had performed a putsch in the Irish Republican movement. Women ran the movement that men died to fight the Brits for.   Fuck them as they have destroyed it.  They can never know what dying for a cause means.  Hurt feelings count for fuck all.

 After all that you may think – so what.  Shit happen and we all need to shovel some.

 The only reason I’m posting this is to stop my anti-social trend lately of posting my ideas on other people’s sites.  I’m delighted that some bloggers of old that I followed are still continuing to post.  They have my utmost respect and admiration for their stamina and perseverance.

 I am very much in support of the Russian government and their armed forces.  I have never read or seen anything but principled and honest comment from them. I truly think they are the last hope of the West that was.  I would like to raise my ‘Flag of Saint Andrew’

 I will post something more useful shortly once I figure out the new blogger interface

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Thomas, Meadows Texts Are Most Damning Indictment Against Trump WH So Far, Impeach SCOTUS Clarence Thomas

bigdanblogger - Fri, 03/25/2022 - 13:31
The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Virginia Thomas, urged then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in the weeks after Election Day to pursue efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, according to reporting from Bob Costa and Bob Woodward.

Senate Democrat Wyden says Supreme Court Justice Thomas should recuse in cases involving Trump, Jan. 6 Capitol riot

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Businesses Cut Ties With Russia Over Ukraine Invasion

bigdanblogger - Tue, 03/01/2022 - 15:04
CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin joins MSNBC's Chris Jansing to discuss how the international business community is responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From the sports world to the oil industry to Hollywood, several businesses are severing ties with Russia, but Sorkin says it’s more

Seth takes a closer look at Vladimir Putin rattling the world by raising the alert status of Russia's nuclear forces as Republicans gathered for the Conservative Political Action Conference and refused to condemn Trump for praising Putin.

Procal Harum's A Whiter Shade of pale

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Colonization by SARS-CoV-2 NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH INFECTION, (different, disimilar) screening study highlights:

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 07/13/2021 - 17:26

 Here's hoping you've read?

And you have viewed?Feast your eyes on the information below: As the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pathogen continues to spread the world over, public health authorities have had to resort to containment strategies such as case detection and isolation, contact tracing and quarantine. These depend on the use of detection techniques, primarily based on finding viral antigens or genetic material in test samples. A new study released as a preprint on the medRxiv* server throws cold water on this notion, however, by demonstrating that in a set of asymptomatic cases, less than a tenth actually had evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection. This finding has serious implications for the practices mentioned above, since they may be neither justifiable nor cost-effective as means to break the chain of viral transmission.Background The gold standard for SARS-CoV-2 detection at present is the use of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT PCR) to pick up the presence of viral ribonucleic acid (RNA). In this case, RNA is both the viral genetic material and the mediator of transcription of viral products. A positive PCR test is taken as proof of acute infection, which is by definition transmissible. Thus, the next step is to isolate the individual after a single positive test is returned. In addition, all contacts of this so-called case are identified so that they can be put into quarantine for a predefined number of days, watching for evidence of infection, either clinical signs and symptoms, or a positive PCR test.

As we know this is not proof of transmission capabilities

How was the study done? The current study reports data from a unique program implemented for the protection of top soccer players and staff following the lockdown in Germany. The aim was to enable the matches of the German Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 to proceed within a closed stadium. In order to establish this, PCR testing was performed on nasopharyngeal and/or oropharyngeal swabs twice a week. If a test came back positive, some teams voluntarily opted to retest the individual, though this practice was never promoted by the program managers.                                  
Of about 1,700 staff and players who underwent regular screening, there were 98 positive tests between September 13, 2020, and January 14, 2021. The current paper focuses on 11 positive results which came from asymptomatic cases.                      
In all 11, only one test came back positive, with a string of negative PCR tests thereafter. The positive test was associated with a low cycle threshold, the median being 36. This indicates a low viral load.

 36 is not a very low cycle number. But would, indeed, indicate a very low viral load.

What does this pattern mean? The researchers sought to understand the meaning of this pattern. One possible approach was to look for systemic signs of humoral and cellular immune responses to the virus. In order to detect this, the scientists assessed both specific antibodies and T cells (CD4+ and CD8+) elicited against SARS-CoV-2 at a median of 1.5 months (42 days) after the positive PCR test. Interestingly, only one individual had signs of systemic immune response, out of 11 They postulate that a strong local immune response may have led to viral neutralization at the mucosal surface itself, preventing its entry beyond the local level and precluding a systemic immune response. Another possibility is that contamination occurred during testing, since these patients were mostly asymptomatic, nor did they develop systemic immunity. But the quality of the testing system seems to rule out contamination on such a large scale. False-negative PCR results were also considered as a potential source of error, but the repeated negatives seem to militate against this possibility. What are the implications? In the current state of knowledge, it would seem that SARS-CoV-2 can establish its presence for a short period on some individuals, while not being able to infect the tissues or cause-specific adaptive immunity. Strangely, scientists seem to have missed this obvious pattern so far, despite its being present in over a tenth of positive cases. This is inferred from the point that retests are rarely ordered after a PCR test comes back positive.

 I’m unsure how “strange” it is that scientists missed this “obvious pattern” in more then a tenth of positive cases? In fact the question has to be asked if this was intentionally overlooked.

The scientists conclude:     Further characterization of transient colonization regarding contagiousness is warranted, as preventive measures such as isolation and contact tracing may not be justified in these cases.”
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2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece | Perspectives on the Pandemic XVII

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 07/13/2021 - 15:07

Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media Studies, New York University June 10, 2021 Dumbo, New York 

 Interview by John Kirby 

Editing by Francis Karogodins 

 Research by Evan Dominguez, Billy Clayton Miller 

“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government,” wrote Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda. In part one of Episode 17, Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at New York University, discusses the propaganda onslaught that defined the year 2020, when what was dismissed one week is confirmed the next, and why questioning official narratives "necessarily means taking ‘conspiracy theory’ seriously.”




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Covid Vaccine Effectiveness 2.9% ( Negligible to non existent effectiveness)

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 07/12/2021 - 17:19

 I've been talking this TRUTH up for how long here?

The vaccine was NEVER intended to stop transmission. It was NEVER shown to be capable of stopping or even slowing transmission. NEVER. EVER. EVER.

All the jab receivers are Pawns (slang meaning: noun. a person manipulated in order to enact a plan.)  Having been snookered. (trick, entice, or trap) Duped.(deceived/tricked)


"Covid vaccines may be far less effective at preventing infection than previously thought"

Thought? As in there was no science? There was no data? It was not known? Just "thought" ?

Who thought that? Did the media encourage people to have that "thought" when there was no proof? This was not a "thought" held to be true by myself. 

Although the Delta variant is much more contagious (another "thought" you're to believe?) than previous forms of Covid, that wasn’t enough to explain the increase.

Professor Friston’s modelling is based on “real world” data and suggests that the efficacy rate against infection could be as low as 2.9 per cent.

the efficacy rate against infection could be as low as 2.9 per cent.

He says the low effective efficacy of the jabs against infection is only a hypothesis but he believes there is no other explanation for why cases are soaring.

“The only way you could explain the resurgence of new cases was to relax the assumption that people who were vaccinated couldn’t get infected. There was a missing link and when we relaxed that assumption suddenly everything started to fit,” he said, referring to the trend of Covid rates rising far faster than deaths and hospital admissions.

Prof Friston and University College London colleague Professor Anthony Costello have set out their hypothesis in a comment piece for the British Medical Journal (BMA).

I'm going to relink below a few of the many, many  times readers here were informed that this vaccine could not, would not and was never going to reduce transmission.

These vaccines have killed and maimed globally. The benefit does not outweigh the risk.  In fact the risk is still largely unknown.

From earlier today:Haiti and Cuba: Drug Running, Windward Passage, Panama - Location, location, location

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Haiti and Cuba: Drug Running, Windward Passage, Panama - Location, location, location

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 07/12/2021 - 12:57

 Location. It's always an important consideration in every geo political situation.
* First the assassination of the Haitian President Moise and the weirdness that surrounds that.

 Haiti's police chief announced Sunday that officers have arrested a Haitian man (Sanon) accused of flying into the country on a private jet and working with the masterminds and alleged assassins behind the killing of President Jovenel Moïse.

Charles said Sanon was in contact with a firm that provides security for politicians and recruited the suspects, adding that the suspect flew into Haiti with them in early June. The men's initial mission was to protect Sanon, but they later received a new one: arrest the president, the chief said.

"The operation started from there," he said, noting that an additional 22 suspects joined the group and that contact was made with Haitian citizens.

Sanon has lived in Florida, in Broward County and in Hillsborough County on the Gulf Coast. Records show he has also lived in Kansas City, Missouri. He filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and identifies himself as a doctor in a video on YouTube titled "Leadership for Haiti."

* Second: News of anti government protests in Cuba. With “thousands” in attendance.
I don’t know about that? Hundreds looks more like it. 500 perhaps?


*  Thousands of Cubans marched on Havana's Malecon promenade and elsewhere on the island Sunday to protest food shortages and high prices (US Sanctions)
* Many young people took part in the afternoon protest in the capital (??)
* Cuba is going through its worst economic crisis in decades, along with a resurgence of coronavirus cases, as it suffers the consequences of U.S. sanctions imposed by the Trump administration.
* A group of government supporters also arrived in the area shouting slogans in favour of the late president Fidel Castro and the revolution. Some of them assaulted a cameraman and an AP photographer.

* Afterward, though, he accused Cuban Americans of stirring up trouble.

*"As if pandemic outbreaks had not existed all over the world, the Cuban American mafia, paying very well on social networks to influencers and YouTubers, has created a whole campaign ... and has called for demonstrations across the country," (Cuba's President)  Díaz-Canel told reporters

In ten years there is no reason to doubt the notion that the US hasmoved an ever greater quantity of satellite and internet equipment in to Cuba

 These two nations and the incidents of disruption destabilization are connected. Panama, it's Canal, Jamaica, the US base at Guantanamo are all points of interest and intersection. And so is the Windward Passage. The Windward Passage is likely the least known, everyone knowing what the Panama Canal is. So travel back 11 years to this older work:

 Washington's interest in Haiti arose chiefly because of the country's proximity to the Panama Canal and Central America. Haiti also controls the Windward Passage, a narrow body of water that could be easily closed, disrupting maritime traffic. In the nineteenth century, the United States considered establishing a naval base in Haiti ....

Image Link

The Windward Passage is the strait  that specifically lies between the easternmost region of Cuba and the northwest of Haiti. 80km wide, the Windward Passage has a threshold depth of 1,700m. It connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and is in the direct path of shipping between the Panama Canal and the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Not a coincidence that Haiti's leader is taken out and anti government protests appear in Cuba. 

The Windward Passage figures large in drug running: 

Haiti’s nightmare: The Cocaine Coup and the C.I.A. connection (some excerpts- read at the link, please)

Going back to move ahead....

Aristide, a Roman Catholic priest who had been elected nearly three years before with 70 percent of the vote in Haiti’s first free election, was speaking to a packed session of the United Nations General Assembly.

In a dramatic move, Aristide told the diplomats that the military government of Haiti had to yield the power that was to end Haiti’s role in the drug trade, a trade financed by Colombia’s Cali cartel, that had exploded in the months following the coup.

Aristide told the U.N. that each year Haiti is the transit point for nearly 50 tons of cocaine (at that time) worth more than a billion dollars, providing Haiti’s military rulers with $200 million in profits.

Aristide’s electrifying accusations opened the floodgate of even more sinister revelations. Massachusetts Senator John Kerry heads a subcommittee concerned with international terrorism and drug trafficking that turned up collusion between the C.I.A. and drug traffickers during the late 1980s Iran Contra hearings.

Kerry had developed detailed information on drug trafficking by Haiti’s military rulers that led to the indictment in Miami in 1988, of Lt. Col. Jean Paul. The indictment was a major embarrassment to the Haitian military, especially since Paul defiantly refused to surrender to U.S. authorities. It was just a month before thousands of U.S. troops invaded Panama and arrested Manuel Noriega who, like Col. Paul, was also under indictment for drug trafficking in Florida.


On April 21, 1994, a convicted Colombian drug trafficker, Gabriel Taboada, who is in the fifth year of a 12-year sentence in a Miami federal prison, fingered Francois at a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearing chaired by Senator John Kerry. Taboada testified that Lt. Col. Francois collaborated in shipping tons of cocaine to the United States during then 1980s.

Taboada said he met Francois while he was in the Medellin, Colombia, office of drug king Pablo Escobar, in 1984. During a 30-minute conversation, Taboada told Francois he was a car importer. Francois, he said, asked “why wasn’t I in the drug business since the drug business made good money.”

Speaking through an interpreter, Taboada said: “I asked him what his business was and he said that at the time he was in Medellin arranging a cocaine deal.” Taboada said he later learned that Francois was chief of police in Haiti.

Taboada told the committee that the cartel “took planes out of Colombia and landed in Haiti, protected by the Haitian military. Michel Francois protected the drugs in Haiti, and then allowed the drugs to continue to the United States.”

No reason to think the drug running has stopped. 

Cuba seems intent on reigning in the drug trafficking Drug shipment intercepted in Baracoa

A shipment of 929.32 kilograms of marijuana was intercepted by the Cuban authorities last week to the north of the province of Guantánamo, the island’s official media reported this Saturday

The note specifies that the boat with two outboard motors, with papers from one of the islands of the Bahamas, was detected on April 10 at around 6:00 p.m. by the Visual Observation Service of the Radio Technical Post of the eastern Baracoa region.

After neutralizing one of the engines, the Bahamians showed resistance, disobeyed the arrest order, began throwing the drug into the sea and to pour a fuel tank inside the vessel, in order to set fire to the boat to eliminate the evidence and jump into the sea

 Scott at NomadicEveryman has been covering this latest very well. I'm going to include his most recent video:

So... Who Really Killed Jovenel Moise? We've got Covid curiosities and a deal with Turkey (Keeping in mind that Venezuela has made deals with Turkey as well)

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"Proof that puts an end to the Sars-CoV-2 Narrative" | Professor Sucharit Bhakdi

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 07/10/2021 - 16:59

 This is the ideal companion video to the earlier Trial Site News piece:

hattip BrianBrianJuly 9, 2021 at 4:07 PM

New video from professor Sucharit Bhakdi on 2 new research papers.

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Is That Rush for a Third Covid Vaccine Booster Jab Necessary?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 07/10/2021 - 16:51

Stay tuned for an upcoming video that fits this news like a hand to a glove!

 Trial Site News:

Thanks to a valued community member, TrialSite shares recent study results led by Spanish researchers. With important results published in Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, TrialSite points to a growing chasm out there provoked by the mainstream media’s fear-mongering about waning immunity, risk of variants, and as TrialSite shares later today, the called-out need for booster shots. Importantly, a majority of the mainstream media-sensationalized headlines are premised on in vitro evidence regarding antibodies. This new study’s argument is intriguing. The first reports of waning immunity stem from accounts of recovered patients whose antibody titers revealed material decreases after 3 to 6 months. However, it’s well established that circulating antibodies rise rapidly soon after an acute infection, stabilize, and then start to decline. But humoral immunity persists in the form of memory B Cells that expeditiously produce massive volumes of antibodies in response to a reintroduction of the antigen. This exposure takes about 24 hours as opposed to the 8 to 12 days it takes after the first exposure.

The second time the headlines used these same scare tactics were when in vitro studies showed that antibodies had a lower neutralizing effect on variants versus the wild type. However, it’s not at all clear how much of a humoral response is required in order to repel a reinfection. The other factor is that humoral immunity (B Cells that produce antibodies) is only a portion of the adaptive immune response. The other main portion of the adaptive response is cellular immunity (Cytotoxic T cells). It’s been shown that cellular immunity is much more important for combating COVID-19 and avoiding the secondary inflammatory stage. In fact, it’s been demonstrated that an immune response dominated by TH2 (cellular) leads to poor outcomes and mortality. 

In plain language the type of response generated by the vaccine leads to poor outcomes and mortality.

Humoral immunity is easy to measure because the antibodies are circulating in the blood. However, the more important cellular immunity is much more difficult to measure. Therefore, we haven’t had clear evidence around how much T Cell immunity might be waning and if T Cells would suffer a significant reduction in recognition to the variants’ epitopes. It’s been inferred that cellular immunity is more enduring than humoral when it comes to COVID-19 based on the real-world evidence of how natural immunity and vaccine-derived immunity are holding up well to the variants. This paper provides data to back up the real-world evidence that’s being observed.

Further Monetization by Pfizer?

This real-world evidence hasn’t prevented Pfizer from trying to cash in on another 3rd booster shot. Recently, they announced that they would seek FDA approval for a third dose of their original vaccine formula.

They based their case on a report out of Israel that the Delta variant is reducing the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine to 64%. However, this is very questionable since little details were provided with this statement and it contradicts strong evidence to the contrary. 

Recently, the UK published data that the Pfizer vaccine was still 88% effective at preventing symptomatic disease against the Delta variant. In addition, Pfizer also referenced the waning antibody titers after 6 months as justification for a 3rd shot. However, decreasing antibodies after 6 months is expected, and Pfizer fails to take into account the memory B Cells response or the T Cell response.

A Different Point of View

In this study, they combined an experimental and bioinformatics approach to address T cell reactivity to SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VoC). They directly assessed T Cell responses from individuals recovered from COVID-19 and those vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines for their capacity to recognize peptides derived from the ancestral reference sequence (wildtype) and the United Kingdom (UK) variant 501Y.V1 lineage B.1.1.7, the South Africa (SA) variant 501Y.V2 lineage B.1.351, the BR (Brazilian) variant 501Y.V3 lineage P.1, and the California (CA) variant CAL.20C lineages B.1.427–429.7.

This study was performed prior to the emergence of the Delta variant. However, being that the T Cells showed robust recognition for all prior variants, it’s highly likely that the same would be true for the Delta variant.

This study provides data to support the recent statement by the FDA and CDC to counter Pfizer’s claims and inform the public that a booster dose is not needed at this time.

For instance, T Cell Epitopes are conserved at over 90% across all variants.

T cell immunity against other beta coronaviruses has proven long-lived. This study showed T cell immunity up to 11 years for SARS.

It’s likely that memory T Cell immunity will be similarly long-lived for SARS-CoV-2.  The question has been if antigenic drift will cause the T cells to no longer recognize new variants. Thanks to this study, it’s clear that T cell immunity is continuing to recognize SARS-CoV-2 across all tested variants. Therefore, both recovered COVID-19 patients and vaccinated individuals can ignore the daily flood of sensationalized headlines for now.

Study Funding

This work was supported by grants: COVID-19 Research Call COV20/00181 and PI17-0147 from Institute of Health Carlos III from Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, co‐financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF, “A way to achieve Europe”).


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