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General Votel Admits Allies Jailed in Turkey Amid Coup Backlash

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 07/28/2016 - 13:21
I was going to address the fall out of the coup- And this admission of allies being jailed after the coup attempt will form the perfect starting point to address the fallout of the coup!


ASPEN, Colo. – A top U.S. military commander said there was a persistent concern that the attempted coup in Turkey – and the backlash by the Turkish government – would impair the Pentagon’s operations in the region.The coup backlash by the Turkish government would impair operations in the region- First thing I've noticed is the Kurdish backed destabilization of Turkey has quieted down- Going by the media reports. Not disappeared but is toned down

U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. Joseph Votel said Thursday that a number of the U.S. military’s closest allies in the Turkish military have now been placed in jail following the coup attempt.“We’ve certainly had relationships with a lot of Turkish leaders, military leaders in particular,” Gen. Votel said at the Aspen Security Forum meeting in Colorado. “I’m concerned about what the impact is on those relationships as we continue.”The U.S. military sees Turkey as a vital partner in its efforts to combat Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. But an attempted coup by certain members of the military inflamed internal tensions and now the Turkish government has cracked down, arresting thousands of people.Certain members of the military??

 Would these "certain members of the military" that participated in the coup attempt, who have been jailed,  be the same ones that the US "had relationships with"??

Then he talks Mosul, which I believe was interconnected to the Kurdish/US move on Mosul. Which ties nicely into the post from earlier today: Mosul: The Noose Tightens

Gen. Votel also suggested that the military has a tentative plan in place to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State. But he said they will not proceed until there are other plans in place to stabilize Mosul, provide political leadership in Mosul, and deal with a potential humanitarian issues there. “We will go to Mosul when its time to go to Mosul,” he said. “Getting ready to go to Mosul is not just about getting a military plan in place.”
One of the Pentagon’s current strategies in combating Islamic State is to “overwhelm them” with numerous operations simultaneously in Iraq and Syria, he said.
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Rare New Species of Beaked Whale Discovered

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 07/28/2016 - 11:04
Not ascribing to the phony green ideologies... that we know all there is to know and have everything correct about this planet- I loved this news. It was awesome. It's humbling. Goes to show just how little we really know about this planet! Still discovering new species!  One can imagine how many more species are yet to be discovered in the ocean depths as well as other places and spaces

Scientists have identified a rare new species of beaked whales with a size of up to seven metres that ranges from northern Japan across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

Japanese whalers call the enigmatic black whales "karasu," the Japanese word for raven. The new species is darker in colour and about two-thirds the size of the more common Baird's beaked whale, but so scarce that even whalers rarely see them, researchers said.

A DNA analysis of 178 beaked whales from around the Pacific Rim found eight known examples of the new species.

"The challenge in documenting the species was simply locating enough specimens to provide convincing evidence," said Phillip Morin from US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries' Southwest Fisheries Science Centre.

"Clearly this species is very rare, and reminds us how much we have to learn about the ocean and even some of its largest inhabitants," said Morin.

An earlier Japanese study had suggested that the black whales, sometimes considered a dwarf form of Baird's beaked whale, might represent a new species, researchers said.

That sent Morin in search of additional genetic samples to definitively answer the question and better understand the range of the elusive species.

He turned first to the Southwest Fisheries Science Centre's marine mammal tissue collection and found two samples that appeared to represent a new species.

One came from a whale found in Alaska's Aleutian Islands in 2004. Then Morin and his colleagues pursued additional DNA samples from museums, research institutions and Japanese markets where whale meat is sold.

In 2014 scientists found a dead beaked whale on St George Island in the Bering Sea. Genetic tests later showed it to be the new species.

DNA analysis shows that the new species and Baird's beaked whale are each more closely related to Arnoux's beaked whale from the Southern Hemisphere than they are to each other.

The genetic differences and smaller size indicate that the black whale is distinctive enough to represent a new species, the scientists found.

Official recognition and naming of the species awaits a formal review of the animal's characteristics and differences from other beaked whales.

Beaked whales remain among the least known whales in the ocean, with several species identified only in the past few decades.
 From Earlier: Mosul: The Noose Tightens
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Mosul: The Noose Tightens

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 07/28/2016 - 10:49
As noose tightens around Mosul, U.S. forces begin advising Iraqi units closer to front lines

Interesting the operation of  US Forces with Iraqi units vs US Forces embedded with Kurdish militias? The news that US Forces will not be embedded with Iraqi army and assorted Shia militias in order to keep casualties down doesn't jibe with the fact that US forces, special operatives in particular, have been embedded with the Kurds at the frontlines in Iraq. North, east and west of Mosul. And there have been casualties. However the  south of Mosul positioning of the Iraqi forces and Shiite militias makes the possibility of mass casualties a distinct possibility and one the US may truly want to avoid.  (Referencing the always possible collapse of the Mosul dam, of course) Also, the US doesn't really want to assist these forces
American military advisers have begun working with Iraqi army battalions in forward positions, U.S. officials said, as the campaign against the Islamic State enters a new, more risky phase.

The first mission began on July 20, when combat engineers from the 101st Airborne Division were tasked with helping an Iraqi engineer battalion establish security around a temporary bridge constructed over the Tigris River.

The bridge, southeast of the town of Qayyarah, is expected to be a key infrastructure point in the upcoming offensive for Mosul, a crucial test for Iraqi forces and their Western backers.But the small team of American engineers, in a departure from the longer-term advisory missions that characterized earlier campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, has spent only a limited number of hours a day with the Iraqi army battalion before falling back to its more fortified position near Makhmour for the night. The engineers’ work is now mostly complete.“It was short-duration, high-payoff,” said Col. Chris Garver, a spokesman for the U.S.-led military coalition.

The narrowly targeted mission, with limited battlefield exposure, is an illustration of the restricted role that American commanders are planning for U.S. ground forces in the Mosul operation.According to senior commanders, U.S. advisers will make short visits to Iraqi battalion headquarters, sometimes for only a few hours, rather than embedding with the local troops for extended periods.The planned ground role is a recognition of the difficult course U.S. commanders must navigate as they seek to provide Iraq’s military with needed support without inflaming tensions with Shiite militias or fueling perceptions that the already fragile Iraqi government is reliant on foreign power.It is also borne out of a desire to avoid additional U.S. casualties. Already, three Americans have died in combat in Iraq since 2014. (Embedded with the kurds)

If Iraqi troops succeed in swiftly smashing the militants’ grip on the city, it would bolster Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who is grappling with a fiscal crisis and pressure from Shiite allies, and would also deliver a needed victory to President Obama before he steps down.* There are definitely parties that don't want the Iraqi troops to smash the 'militants grip' in Mosul
* There are parties that don't want PM al Abadi to be bolstered
* And the US is one of those parties.

As I've stated & has been reported here a plenty! The US has been doing way more the advising the Kurdish thugs
While U.S. Special Operations forces have already been advising elite counterterrorism troops and Kurdish peshmerga forces at their lower levels, the Qayyarah mission marks the first time since 2014 that U.S. forces have advised Iraqi army battalions in the field.
While the Pentagon has not announced a timeline for launching an assault on the city, officials have hinted that it could begin in the late fall. By that time, MacFarland’s replacement, Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, is expected to be in command in Baghdad.

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Israel: Annexing More of Syria's Golan Territory For a "Safe Zone"- History Repeats

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 07/26/2016 - 18:02
 Saved all the information below last night- I feel compelled to post  and hope you feel compelled to read!

Very Important UPDATE- Scroll Down

General command of the army and armed forces announced on Monday that the Zionist enemy launched two missiles, at 7.30 P.M from two drone planes which targeted one of the residential buildings in the workers’ neighborhood in al-Baath city in Qunaitera, causing material damages to the place.

“This flagrant aggression comes in the framework of the direct, clear support by Israel to the terrorist organizations and a desperate attempt to raise their collapsed morals due to the big losses they receive at the hands of the Syrian army soldiers and popular defense groups,” the army’s general command said in a statement.Israel has repeatedly struck Syria in this same location- As they support their Islamic Terrorists- Cause Israel loves Islamic Terrorists and Islamic Terrorists, especially alphabet Kurdish militias, love Israel!

Will Israel create safe zone in southern Syria?" It began in May with the announcement of an Israeli liaison unit to coordinate with Syrian residents living in opposition-held territory in southern Syria, followed by the distribution of Israeli aid during Ramadan across 35 villages in the same area. Then on July 11, the Israeli army deployed several bulldozers and a tank 300 meters (328 yards) inside Syrian territory in Quneitra and began digging, threatening to shoot anyone who approached them"The bulldozer annexation is the exact tactic employed by the PKK in Turkey-  Not a surprise. But no less despicableSome Syrian opposition figures with strong ties to Israeli officials confirmed to Al-Monitor an increased interest in the creation of a safe zone in southern Syria. Actions on the ground are proving that such a project may be underway. From the beginning of the Syrian destabilization, Israel has had it's Islamic terrorist whores embedded in the opposition- Doing the bidding of Israel, always. Way back in 2011 the sickening talk from Israel's islamists was pointed out here, repeatedly- Flashback: April 26/2011 _Syria's Infiltration: Can it get more obvious?   
 'Let Israel come and take Syria' As Syrian security forces step up crackdown against demonstrators, desperate citizens plead for international intervention. 'Let the Jews come – anything is better than Bashar Assad,' says Daraa resident Israel's claim of non-involvement has been ONE  BIG LIE. And the Americans are fully on board! Same as with the Kurdish terrorist militias
 Kamal Al-Labwani, a Syrian opposition figure and strong advocate of the safe zone in southern Syria, has visited officials in Israel over the last two years.

“I was surprised that, at the Knesset, they said OK for the safe zone, and that if we asked for it, they are ready to help,” Labwani told Al-Monitor, adding that he met with several top-level officials and foreign diplomats to push forward the idea of safe zone. Accordingly, in a meeting with the US ambassador to Israel, “He told me the Americans wouldn’t say no,” Labwani said, adding that when the proposal was presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he “didn’t say no.”According to Labwani, the proposed safe zone, approved by the Israelis, is supposed to run 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) deep into Syrian territory and approximately 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) along the border, starting just south of Hadar (a pro-government Druze village) to southern Quneitra, spanning over 17 villages, with a population of around 15,000 people.He explained, “[The Israelis] said they would use their national security as a reason in front of the international community and that they want to protect their borders. Then the Jordanians and the Turks can do [their own safe zones], after the Israelis start it. The liaison unit first came to light in May 2016, with the purpose of coordinating humanitarian and medical aid for residents in southern Syria, in an effort to win over hearts and minds. The unit is reportedly based on Yakal, which was the Israeli unit created for south Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war as a mechanism to interact with Lebanese citizens and militias.In 1975, at the start of Lebanon’s civil war, Israel began connecting with residents under what was dubbed the Good Fence Policy. According to Lebanese residents, Israel set up a network of collaborators and played up sectarian fears against the Palestinians. Within months, Israel created the Free Lebanon Army under dismissed Lebanese commander Saad Haddad. In 1980, when Haddad was old and sick, this force became the South Lebanon Army under Antoine Lahd. Its task was to target Israel’s enemies, Palestinians and Lebanese, and to pave the way for Israel’s invasion and subsequent occupation of south Lebanon.A similar scenario seems to be taking shape in southern Syria 40 years later.
“Given its long history of relationships along and across its northern border, Israel is a perennial player and sees the southern Syria situation within its strategic parameters,” Robert Rook, the chair of the history department at Towson University in the United States, told Al-Monitor. Rook, who specializes in Israel and Syria, added, “Something akin to the ‘Good Fence’ arrangement is in place, and beyond the humanitarian and good PR, there certainly is intelligence to be gleaned in the process.”The forced withdrawal of the Syrian government as well as the United Nations peacekeepers has left the area under the control of a variety of opposition factions and extremist groups. Adding further strain to the residents is the influx of internally displaced people fleeing clashes between government forces and opposition factions and between rival opposition factions.
According to Labwani, “When Israel helps the Syrian people in the south with aid and medication, they stop looking at Israel as the enemy and a threat. Today the atmosphere is very appropriate to do this.” He added that Israel operates a comprehensive intelligence-gathering and communication network across the south.
“People are poor now and hungry, so would work for anyone for a little money,” he said. “[Israel] has access everywhere and to a lot of information.” So after Israel has made the lives of these Syrians a living hell- they present themselves as their saviours- I spit!

Moti Kahana is the Israeli-American founder of the US-based nongovernmental organization (NGO) Amaliah advocating for the safe zone. Kahana, who works closely with Labwani, said the Israeli government has given him the green light to operate within the designated safe zone.NO GOOD ORGANIZATION- They should be shunned- By everyone. Everywhere.

“We started working already,” Kahana told Al-Monitor from his office in New York. “So in the next few weeks, we will be bringing supplies into the safe zone of Syria.” He went on, “The Israeli government will allow us to bring humanitarian supplies to the Syrian people,” adding that Israel is “willing to allow an American NGO — which is us — to expand and bring in supplies.”Kahana explained that the first stage is to bring in medicine and equipment, the second stage is to open schools and focus on education, and the third stage is to help create and equip a local police force. “We have identified which towns and villages we will be working in, but I cannot yet share their exact locations,” he said. He also declined to identify the opposition groups the organization is coordinating withAnd sure enough, following the establishment of the liaison unit, Israeli aid suddenly appeared in opposition-held areas. Abu Omar al-Joulani, spokesman for the Revolutionary Command Council for Quneitra and Golan, told Al-Monitor, “A network of collaborators working with the Israelis enabled this aid to come through from the occupied Golan Heights.”
He added, “We don’t know who they are, but they operated in the dead of the night and distributed the aid to 35 villages, including Saida el-Golan, Saida el-Hanout, Ghadir el-Bustan and El-Hisha,” which he said indicates a systematic distribution system with a wide reach across the territory.There are around 14 brigades in the area, from the Free Syrian Army (Kurds in FSA)  to Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State (Kurds in ISIS) affiliate Shuhada al-Yarmouk. “None of these groups have a problem with Israel, and Israel doesn’t have a problem with them either,”  Not one person  who reads here will be surprised to read that admission
Labwani said. “The problems are internal, between the different groups themselves.”
Issam Zeitoun, another Syrian opposition figure with ties to Israel, also confirmed a covert relationship between Israel and several brigade commanders, specifically those involved in the Jordan-based Military Operations Center. Zeitoun, the only Syrian invited by Israel to attend the annual security conference at Herzliya, is also pushing for an Israeli-sanctioned safe zone. “I have worked for the last five years to open this closed window,” Zeitoun told Al-Monitor, referring to a partnership with Israel. “We have been brainwashed for decades that Israel is our enemy. It is not. Israel is not the enemy says Zeitoun the traitor who is assisting Israel in the theft of Syria`s territory  water and mineral wealth, not to mention energy resources all the while guaranteeing a miserable future for the residents of the area- How many shekels fill this man's pockets?
According to Zeitoun, the proposed safe zone “starts from Jbeta al-Khashab [south Hadar] and runs to Saida al-Golan and Tal Hara,” expanding it beyond the coordinates provided by Labwani and highlighting the areas in which aid from Israel was recently distributed.
For Israel, a safe zone in the area would be hugely advantageous. By creating a buffer where the Syrian air force cannot fly close to the border and Hezbollah cannot launch attacks on the occupied Golan, Israel is cementing its grip on territory its leaders claim belongs to them and should be internationally recognized as such.That just makes me sick- All of it. 


Jerusalem Post- July 27/2016: For first time during Syria war, Israel opens border for humanitarian aid 

Same NGO as mentioned in the above post from yesterday! First and second stage at play.
For the first time since the Syrian civil war began, Israel’s government authorized the delivery of humanitarian aid into Syrian territory near its border, an American-Israeli businessman and philanthropist leading the project, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

“Israel finally agreed to allow in three types of aid: medical, educational, and food,” said Moti Kahana, a businessman and founder of the NGO Amaliah, who sold his company in 2010 and since then has been using his own money to aid the Syrian rebels.Next stage train a suitable police force, for Israel's benefit that is! (Read above)
 The aid is being transferred into what Kahana calls a “Safe Zone” adjacent to the Israeli border  (stolen Syrian territory) and comprised of the town of Quneitra and its surrounding area.

Kahana ( Israel's islamists hold the territory) has been pushing the Israeli government to allow such aid flows and the deliveries are being coordinated with Amaliah.

One of the first goals is to provide urgently needed medical supplies in order to construct a field hospital so that Syrians can be treated there without have to leave the country.

Asked how the aid is going to be transferred into Syria and if the IDF is going to insure security for the delivery, Kahana responded, “the IDF knows who to trust.”
Of course the Israeli's know who to trust- Their Islamic terrorists they supported and nurtured and armed and fed etc., etc., etc.......
 Sources in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) coalition active in the area tell Kahana that the area is fairly calm and the locals are trying to uphold a safe zone. “This is a good opportunity to help and show them that their neighbors are wonderful people,” he said. FSA says what a good opportunity to show what wonderful neighbours Israel is- barf
Kahana called on the “world to join us. What we are doing by creating this safe zone is preventing the departure of more refuges.” He noted that the population in the Quneitra area is currently around 200,000 people compared to one million previously.
Ignoring the fact of 800,000 expelled by Israel. Making it easier for Israel to walk on in.
Deputy Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud) told the Post, “I fully support sending humanitarian aid to the Quneitra area.”  Israel agrees to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid, but does not want to accept refugees, the Druse deputy minister explained.

“Civilians are in a difficult situation and we want to help them and not wait for others,” he added.

Asked how the aid would be delivered, Kara was vague, but said the aid would be brought to the border and the IDF would take over from there. Israel does not want to take refugees, though, they are very, very happy to make refugees by the millions so they can steal land a resources!

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US Commander Campbell: The man behind the failed coup in Turkey- Named ahead of fire

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 07/25/2016 - 08:44
The plot thickens... Fire breaks out near NATO/American base in Turkey
hattip ally:Fire breaks out near NATO base in Turkeythanks!MMMJuly 25, 2016 at 5:39 AMUS Airbase in Turkey engulfed in Fire after Media IDs US General as Coup Leader"Update: The Fire was started just two hours after Turkish paper Yeni Safak identified US Army General and NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander John F. Campbell as the leader of the coup!" Link

I wouldn't think Turkey would make this type of accusation, unless they had substantial information. Would you?

 A former U.S. commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan, was the organizer of the July 15 military coup attempt in Turkey, sources said.

The US and NATO are hand in glove.

General John F. Campbell was one of the top figures who organized and managed the soldiers behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey, sources close to ongoing legal process of pro-coup detainees said.

Campbell also managed more than $2 billion money transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey.

The ongoing investigation unveiled that Campbell had paid at least two secret visits to Turkey since May, until the day of the coup attempt.

The coup plot that was foiled by the comprehensive effort of Turkish Nation, including its citizens, politicians, media and police forces, was organized by the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) led-by so-called cleric Fethullah Gülen who has been living in self-exile in America for several years.

American Intelligence, Military and other institutions are accused of supporting the FETO leader Gülen and his gangs for the military coup. Sputnik- while engaging in shoot the messenger and a bit of sensationalism regarding American nukes stored in Turkey
  Hours after the publication of the article, the NATO military base in Izmir became victim of a mass fire that continues to rage on. NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander Army General John F. Campbell accusing the US military official Link- (tied to Egypt)

Engaging in some obfuscation
 Turkish political analyst Ilhan Tanir tweeted an image of the front page of pro-AKP newspaper Yeni Safak on Sunday, which names retired US General John F. Campbell as one of the leaders of Turkey’s failed coup. Gen. Campbell does not appear to have served for any period of time at the US’ only military base in Turkey, Incirlik Air Base.RT
 The Turkish daily reported that Campbell had top secret meetings at the Erzurum military base and Incirlik air base in Turkey, adding that the US general "directed the process of trending / blacklisting the military officers in the base." 
 The US's ONLY Military base in Turkey-LOL- from an Egyptian publication.
What's with the lying? What's with the attempts to mislead? Couldn't General Campbell have served at any of the NATO bases? Of course he could have. How about at Izmir? 
The place with the fire!
Izmir Air Station is a United States Air Force facility in Izmir, Turkey. It is located 320 km (200 mi) SSW of Istanbul, on the western coast of Turkey.This base sounds so familiar to me- As if there is another post here that has something to do with that base

Aha!!!! Janes- US arms shipment to Syrian rebels detailed: Infantry Weapons
 The solicitation was subsequently updated with a detailed packing list that showed the cargo had a total weight of 994 tonnes, a little under half of which was to be unloaded at Agalar, a military pier near the Turkish town of Tasucu,

From Sputnik: The fire threatens US munitions stockpiles at the base which could result in a severe exacerbation of the fire, loss of expensive weaponry, and safety dangers.
It would seem some, many, or all of the weapons the US brought in at the pier would have made their way to Izmir? 

UPDATE: Geraldo Rivera Vouches for General John F. Campbell's Whereabouts the Day of the Coup- They were having a beer. Together.

Seriously- You just can't make this stuff up! I laughed at an absurdity that is passed off as  credible.
"In fact, on the day of the coup I think I was in New York City  with Geraldo having a beer," he added.
The newsman corroborated the general's claim.Or so Fox News Claims? Because they offer up no quoted verification from Geraldo Rivera. No bar. No time. Nothing-  Only hearsay from Fox News. "The newsman corroborated the general's claim." Fox News says but Geraldo Rivera didn't!

Don't Miss:
Canadian/Gulen Connection To Turkey's Coup & Turkey releases 1200 Yup, Turkey has released 1200 grunts and you can bet you will read that nowhere else. As for the Canadian man arrested- There are images of him with Gulen.
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The Right to Resist and the Vindication of Julius Holmes

freedominourtime - Mon, 07/25/2016 - 00:16

Julius Holmes was in his Macon, Georgia apartment cooking dinner when Officer Rogers arrived to arrest him. 
“I’ll be damned if you will,” Holmes hissed, making a furtive move toward a handgun he had placed on a nearby bed. 
Miraculously, Holmes wasn’t gunned down by Officer Rogers, who simply shoved him aside and seized the gun.
“I’ve come for you, and I am going to carry you even if it takes the whole police force,” Rogers growled.
“It probably will,” Holmes defiantly replied. “Go ahead and call them. I’ll die before I’ll be arrested.”
In many situations of this kind, a Mundane who made such a declaration would be killed, and the incident would be treated as a “suicide-by-cop.” Again, Rogers refrained from the use of deadly force. 
Not taking his eyes away from the non-compliant suspect, Rogers turned to the woman who shared the house with Holmes – who had filed a complaint against him after an argument the previous day – and directed her to call for backup. 
“Give me a summons,” Holmes told Rogers as the officer waited for reinforcements. “I promise to show up in court tomorrow.” 
Rogers grimly shook his head and moved to block the exit. About twenty minutes later he was joined by Officer Jobson, and the two grabbed Holmes by his arms to drag him from the house. 
Somehow Holmes had procured a knife by the time the officers went hands-on with him. Exercising preternatural self-restraint in dealing with armed abductors, Holmes discarded the weapon, rather than using it. Instead, he shrugged off the policemen and dashed back into the house – where he grabbed a shotgun. Once again, he declined to use lethal force. Instead of opening fire, Holmes took flight.
Summoned by the commotion in their neighborhood, a small crowd had congealed outside of the home. 
“Get him! Shoot him!” exclaimed a voice from inside the thickening mob. Concerned that the officers might act on that exhortation, Holmes pivoted in the direction of Officer Jobson, who unloaded four shots in his direction. Two of the bullets fired by the officer wounded Holmes in the extremities, and he was bleeding as he made a desperate dash toward the nearby woods. 
At this point, one member of the crowd, a Mr. Wimberly, decided to deputize himself, peeling off from the group in pursuit of Holmes. Jobson barked a warning about the shotgun – just as the weapon itself spoke. Wimberly, who was about twenty-five feet behind Holmes, fell to the ground, mortally wounded. If he hadn't failed the Tom Joad Test, Wimberly might have lived a long and rewarding life.
When did this become normal? The gunshot wounds Holmes had suffered were not life-threatening, but they slowed him down long enough for the Macon Police to find and arrest him.

Charged with the murder of Mr. Wimberly, Holmes was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to twenty years in the Georgia State Prison. That sentence was imposed in July.
By November, the case was before the Georgia Court of Appeals -- which overturned the conviction, ruling that Holmes acted lawfully in using lethal force to prevent an unlawful arrest.  “This court fully understands and appreciates the delicate, difficult, and sometimes dangerous duties which police officers are called upon to perform, and it will uphold and protect them in the legal discharge of their duties,” explained the opinion by appellate Judge C.J. Hill. “But to approve the verdict in this case would be in our opinion a violation of the sacred right of personal liberty, and a disregard of the right to self-defense, which the law guarantees to every citizen….”
During the trial, Holmes did not testify in his own defense, nor did his attorney present a case of any kind. On the facts as presented by the prosecution, Judge Hill declared, “the arrest or attempted arrest was illegal. There was no warrant. The defendant was not `wanted for a state offense, felony or misdemeanor.’ The offense for which he was wanted was a trivial violation of a municipal ordinance. This trivial offense was not committed in the presence of the arresting officers, but the day before a complaint was filed by the [landlady] that the defendant had cursed her” – an act that was described as “disturbing the peace.”
The officers had every opportunity to seek an arrest warrant, if an arrest would have been justified. A bench warrant could have been issued, as Holmes correctly pointed out. 
“A policeman under these circumstances cannot be allowed to dispense with a warrant when making or attempting an arrest any more than other officers of the law,” continued the appellate court’s ruling. When the policemen went into the defendant’s house to arrest him without a warrant, they were trespassers in a double sense – trespassing upon the sacred right of personal liberty, and trespassers upon the right of domicile. The defendant had a legal right to resist both trespasses, and to use in resistance as much force as necessary to make that resistance effective.” (Emphasis added.)
As armed intruders, the officers had no right to threaten Holmes with violence, or to lay hands on him: “When the officers attempting to make the illegal arrest of the defendant forcibly pulled him from his house and endeavored to handcuff him, they were guilty of an assault and battery. The defendant, thus wrongfully and illegally deprived of his liberty, had the right to regain it, and to use all force necessary for that purpose.” 
“The law values human life too highly to give an officer the right to proceed to the extremity of shooting one whom he is attempting to arrest for a violation of a municipal ordinance in order to prevent his escape, even though the offender cannot be taken otherwise,” Judge Hill pointed out. Had Holmes killed one of the officers, the court observed, that would have been an act of justifiable homicide. If Jobson or Rogers had succeeded in fatally shooting Holmes, “such killing would be felonious. Even with a warrant an officer cannot legally kill one who flees from him to avoid arrest for a misdemeanor.” On the same principle, the killing of the self-deputized Mr. Wimberly was “entirely justifiable.” 
“The principles of law which we have announced in the foregoing opinion are not new,” summarized Judge Hill. “They come down to us from the common law. They are well-settled both by the statutes and the decisions of the Supreme Court of this state.” The guilty verdict was “wholly unsupported by any evidence,” and incompatible with the law. 
“Every person has the right to resist an illegal arrest, whether attempted by an officer, or by a private individual, and, in resistance, may use as much force as necessary for the purpose,” Hill emphasized. This right inheres in every individual, “whatever his color or condition.”
Thus it was that Julius Holmes, a black resident of heavily segregated Georgia who had killed a white man while resisting the efforts of two white police officers to arrest him, was set free on November 10, 1908. 

To understand the tenor of the times in which that ruling was handed down, it must be remembered that just two years earlier, Georgia’s capital city had descended into a race riot in which hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed, middle-class black men and women were dragged from trolley cars and beaten in the streets, and several dozen of them were killed. The state militia was deployed to reinforce the police, which did nothing whatsoever to protect the property of people living in black neighborhoods. 
Like citizens of every color and description in such circumstances, black Atlanta residents took up arms in their own defense
The riot began on a Saturday night, and the violence abated by Sunday morning. The following Monday, “the riot was revived when state troops were informed that Negroes located in the outer city limits were holding a meeting in which community leaders appealed to Negro citizens to defend themselves,” recalled a 1984 Master’s thesis by historian Barbara A. Tagger. The state troops invaded Brownsville, a section of Atlanta where Clark University and Gammon Theological Seminary were located, and where many black residents had fled during the riot. Not surprisingly, they weren’t willing to surrender their guns when the police, backed by the state militia, demanded them. 
After the police opened fire, black citizens shot back. One officer was killed, three others wounded. At least four black citizens were killed as well. Nearly three hundred black residents were arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder police officers. Several of them were murdered in ambushes as they were taken to jail. Meanwhile, the Atlanta police, several hundred newly minted Fulton County Sheriff’s deputies, and roughly 3,000 troops fanned out across Atlanta and the suburbs, conducting door-to-door gun confiscation. 

“In the effort to restore order the military authorities have begun to raid the negro settlements and disarm the negroes,” reported a September 25 New York Times dispatch. “This policy was inaugurated this morning and will continue until every negro in Atlanta and the suburbs is disarmed.” 
A few weeks later a Fulton County Grand Jury was convened to investigate the riot and the criminal charges arising from it. That body, composed of white citizens in a resolutely segregated southern city, lambasted the Atlanta Police Department for displaying “cowardice or active sympathy with the rioters,” describing its actions as “a blot on the fair name and face of Atlanta.”
“When innocent persons were being maimed and murdered no measure was too extreme for their protection,” intoned the panel. As the Georgia State Court of Appeals would recognize two years later, that principle applies to the use of righteous lethal force against police officers who unlawfully threaten the physical liberty of individual citizens, irrespective of “color or condition.” 

More than a century later, Vernon Riddick, a black police chief, in an address to a community gathering at a church in Waterbury, Connecticut, would exhort his largely African-American audience to submit with docility to whatever demand a police officer makes of them. If they are detained without cause, or their homes invaded without a warrant, they should comply with the officers and then “complain later to the department’s internal affairs office” if they “feel” their rights have been violated. 
Chief Riddick’s advice would have caused Julius Holmes to knit his brows in disgusted incredulity – and probably have provoked the same reaction from the arch-segregationist appellate judge who recognized that Holmes had a right to kill a police officer who tried to arrest him without cause. 
This week's Freedom Zealot Podcast examines Hillary Clinton's attempt to frighten people into believing that Trump is Goldwater revisited -- and why we can only wish that this were so:

Dum spiro, pugno!
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Fire breaks out near NATO/American base in Turkey

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sun, 07/24/2016 - 19:31
hattip ally:Fire breaks out near NATO base in Turkey  TURKEY: A massive fire erupted near a NATO base within the Buca district, Izmir, western Turkey on Sunday, RT reported.
BREAKING: Huge fire breaks out near #NATO base in #Turkey— RT (@RT_com) July 24, 2016The inferno started in the evening on the border of the Sahintepe and Mevkiinde districts. It engulfed the grassy wooded area and was spreading closer to NATO’s military base because of strong winds.
Despite efforts by NATO-stationed troops to stop the fire, the rapidly-spreading flames were moving closer to the Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) base at Şirinyer (Buca) in İzmir, Turkey.
LANDCOM is charged with improving the effectiveness and reaction time of the alliance’s land forces that when needed could respond to an international crisis.
The fire could be due to weather conditions. So, I won't jump to conclusions. Though I can't say the same for the reaction or over reaction of others. The making of lemonade from lemons? (Never let a good crisis go to waste)  If weather conditions there are anything like Southern Ontario right now, all it would take is a smoldering cigarette tossed carelessly away and some help from the wind.
Judging by the video below- there is lot's of wind to encourage the fire to grow and spread.

From Ally 

The inferno started on Sunday evening in western Turkey. The fire blew through the grassy wooded area and is now perilously near NATO’s military base pushed forward by strong winds.
 Canadian/Gulen Connection To Turkey's Coup & Turkey releases 1200
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Canadian/Gulen Connection To Turkey's Coup & Turkey releases 1200

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sun, 07/24/2016 - 16:44
Two quick items of interest!

Canadian/ Gulen Imam arrested in Turkey

First up, we have a dual national-  Turkish/Canadian/American?- Employed by Corrections Canada as a prison Imam (think recruiter) Arrested in Turkey- Who happened to be there on vacation? Or to visit his father? Visiting an ailing parent can hardly be described as a vacation.
- A family friend says a Canadian man is being held in Turkey on accusations he was a leader of the failed July 15 military coup in that country.

-Davud Hanci, who lives in Calgary and works as an imam for Correctional Service Canada and Alberta correctional services, went to Turkey for a holiday on July 7.
-Malik Muradov says Hanci and his family went to Turkey to visit his ailing father.

-Muradov says the reports claim Hanci -- who he says is a dual citizen of Canada and Turkey -- is from Pennsylvania and was working for U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, a critic and former ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Muradov says that Hanci is from Pennsylvania and was working for Fethullah Gulen (the ctv sentence is not clear at all, I would say, intentionally muddy)

The Globe and Mail states the wife is a dual national Turkish Canadian citizen
Selman Durmus, the brother of Hanci’s wife Rumeysa Hanci, says she called her family in Toronto as her husband was being arrested.

Durmus last spoke to his sister Sunday morning and says she isn’t being held, but he and his family are concerned for her and her two young sons’ safety, and want to bring them back to Canada.

 Durmus says the family travelled to the Turkish city of Trabzon to visit Hanci’s ailing father. He says his sister is a dual Canadian-Turkish citizen, and the couple’s sons were born in Canada. Notice the brother in law does not mention the citizenship of David Hanuci? If the question was asked at all? Instead we get this same obfuscation- David Hanuci is from Pennsylvania, is working for Gulen, and is a dual Canadian/Turkish citizen- from Pennsylvania..

-Turkish media reports claim Hanci — who a family friend says is a dual citizen of Canada and Turkey — is from Pennsylvania and was working for U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.
So if he is from Pennsylvania?  Was/is he an American citizen? Did he live there for a time? How long? Doing what? Why did the brother in law mention only mention the citizenship of his sister and the two children? A glaring omission.

Turkey has freed 1200 soldiers detained after the coup attempt

I posted this for the obvious reason that we will never get this news from NATO media.
PanARMENIAN.Net - Turkey has freed 1,200 soldiers detained after the failed military coup, a top prosecutor said on Saturday, in its first major release of suspects amid global criticism of the crackdown, AFP reports.

Those released were privates, Ankara's chief prosecutor Harun Kodalak was quoted as saying by Turkish media, adding that the authorities were seeking to swiftly sort out those who had fired on the people from those who did not.
There have been fears that many of the over 7,400 soldiers detained in the wake of the coup were young conscripts who had no idea what was going on.

"We are committed to moving forward with the legal process diligently," said a Turkish official, confirming the prosecutor's comments on the release.Well, well, well- Unlike the US military, where the blame is placed firmly on the grunts, rather then those in charge- Thinking of Abu Ghraib- and their 'few bad apples' at the bottom of the heap of rot

Be all you (twisted sicko) can be! In the US Army.
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Germany’s Mall “Killer” Rehashes Anders Brevik on the 5th Year Anniversary Date

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 07/23/2016 - 17:09
So reminiscent of what always takes place when a 9/11 anniversary is upon us- A rehash: to discuss something, again and again and again. Very strongly linked to trauma based perception management - stress and fear- equals dumb and controllable: From June 02/2010: Using Stress to dumb you down and control population?
What I can hopefully do is get you thinking about stress and how it affects your brain. How it is detrimental to yourself and to society as a whole and let's face it, how stress is used against you, wielded like a weapon.

Thinking here about the constant state of stress, through fear, manufactured by the governments and other institutions that rule over the masses.

In the case of governments, world-wide who abuse us daily with stress inducing thoughts of terror, terrorism and even the war on terror. It is terror all the time with this bunch”
UPDATE: Of course the gunman planned the attack for a year and there was a manifesto-
The Bavarian crime office has carried out a search of Munich shooter’s home, and found materials consistent with the theory that he had been planning the attack for a whole year prior to the act. Police also say a manifesto was left at the site of the shooting. There always seems to be a manifesto- that's so convenient for narrative creation
- It added that the victims in the shooting were not classmates of the shooter. That was obvious enough- the whole bullying meme was a scam

So, on the 5th anniversary of the Anders Brevik attack we get a shooter who channels Anders Brevik, including having some sort of Anders Brevik app on his stupid phone, and being obsessed with mass shootings. Allegedly

The alleged killer lured his victims on facebook- Seriously that’s the story- LOL

“A DERANGED gunman who slaughtered four adults and five children in a handgun massacre allegedly hacked a pretty girl’s Facebook account to lure kids to their death”

The posting, sent from a young woman's account, urged people to come to the mall at 4 p.m., saying: "I'll give you something if you want, but not too expensive."

Heimberger says: "It appears it was prepared by the suspect and then sent out."

Some reports suggest the Facebook post claimed that free food would be given away at McDonald's.
Making this planned, not random. Also facebook? Really a post on facebook? So how do we know that the alleged shooter was the same individual who posted the lure on facebook. How do we know the lure was food? Pretty girl and a bunch of guys... I would expect the lure would have been something other then food, but, story for another day. The so called pretty girl’s facebook account that was used? Who is she? How is it that she is  face book friends with all these persons that appeared at the McDonalds- What's their connection? I saw no mention of that relevant information. And btw: Good brand association If the food don’t kill ya, a crazed gunman will...

And what an interesting bunch of friends this ‘pretty girl’ had. Besides the patsy:
Quite an international crowd- He being an Iranian/German. 3 victims being Turkish citizens. One Greek citizen. And three Kosovars- 3 with citizenship from Kosovo.Three Turkish citizens were among the nine people killed in Germany's Munich mall shooting.
Greece said one of its citizens had also been killed, and three Kosovans were confirmed dead in the attack by their country's foreign ministry. Most of the casualties were young people aged 15 to 21"pretty girl on facebook" had some interesting friends.. I don't believe this has anything what so ever to do with bullying- The patsy is supposed to be 18 years old- An adult. The bullying meme is infantile.

Countless stories mention this 18 year old was Anders Brevik obsessed- Was he? So it’s claimed.
The “Anders Breivik-obsessed” (you've got your mind virus)  loner son of a tax driver has been named as Ali David Sonboly  – a depressed 18-year-old receiving psychiatric care – who fired at helpless children in a McDonald’s, marauded through a shopping mall in a killing spree, before turning the gun on himself and ending his life.All the depression stuff is alleged. It's not been validated. But that won't matter, because what's most important is to fill the heads of the masses with tawdry nonsense
Sonboly, who had far-right terrorist Anders Breivik as his WhatsApp profile image, was armed with a 9mm Glock handgun and was carrying 300 rounds.
“Cops also said he was interested in violent computer games”Interested in violent computer games?? How many millions of people play violent video games? Not me, I don't do video games at all- But watch out all you virtual reality killers!

In my opinion it’s way more likely that Sonboly was a victim not the perp. And who the shooter or shooters were, I haven’t a clue. A 9 mm glock and 300 hundred rounds of ammo? I saw the pictures the media is throwing around- I don’t see no stinkin’ glock!
I don't see a Gloch. Nor can I identify the person pictured as Sonboly. Can you?The alleged killer was pictured on the rooftop of the Olympia shopping mall and appeared to be staggering around. I can’t identify the person in this image as Sonboly. Can you?
Sonboly? On the rooftop of the mall? Before or after?

Close up of roof shot

The gunman's body has been found half a mile from the scene after he reportedly turned the gun on himself. Police now believe he may have acted alone, after they initially went in search of three gunmen

That's right! Initial reports had eye witness reporting 3 gunmen.
Short on first hand eye witness accounts. Very short. Lots of hearsay, though.
Including, but, not limited to this twitter feed

Some journalist giving all kinds of second hand information

9h9 hours ago do you find it at all odd that eye witnesses said their were 3 gun men with long rifles & now it's a lone gunman with pistol ..First there were three and then there was one- San Bernadino anybody?

“As the first confused reports began to filter out of the area, police believed up to three gunmen were involved and were carrying 'long rifles' in an echo of Islamist attacks in Mumbai and Paris”
Confused reports? So if an eyewitness or several eye witnesses saw three gunmen those would be “confused reports” I doubt it.

And it took police two and a half hours to find the ‘lone crazy gunman”

The gunman's body wasn't discovered until 8:30pm, leaving two-and-a-half tense hours with the city's transport networks closed and residents put on lockdown and told to stay indoors.
You can guess, quite easily so, that I don’t believe the official narrative one bit!
But, wait there is more:
hatip gallier

gallier2July 23, 2016 at 2:20 AMI have an interesting information about Munich shooting
look who is the first witness on German TV
Richard Gutjahr!
who is Richard Gutjahr? He's the first witness of the Nice crushing.
What an unlucky guy to be in so short a time witness of these horrible events. He who has suffered, being the husband of a holocaust survivor

He's married to Einat Wilf, Knesset member and known as a NuttyYahoo groupie and military intelligence asset.
But this are only coincidences, aren't they?

gallier2July 23, 2016 at 2:21 AM
The sentence with holocaust survivor was sarcasm, of course.Thanks Gallier! So the first 'witness on German TV for the Munich shooting is the same man who is the first witness in Nice, France. A man who has apparently 'suffered' greatly. What are the odds that he is at both of these events? Pretty amazing, no?

Before ending this I'll summarize briefly: I don't believe the lone wolf shooter nonsense.
I can't confirm anyone died- However, if persons were killed,  I see this more as crime related. Organized crime related- Perhaps some unreliables or useless individuals were gotten rid of by some smugglers/ drug runners- Noting the interesting mix of citizens gunned down. What this incident has  nothing to do with is Anders Brevik- other then in your stressed out, perception managed mind- As I say, often, don't give in to run away fear.

 Jay's Analysis:

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Russia Bombed Base in Syria Used by US & UK Special Forces

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Fri, 07/22/2016 - 19:11
The shooting at the mall in Munich, Germany, made me think about the Kenya mall shooting?
  If anyone wants to share thoughts on that do so in the comment section-

I'm not feeling well enough to dig into Munich- Dental pain- ouch!  I look like a chipmunk, one side pouch full, with bruises. Making jokes at my own expense :)

That said, the news item below certainly piqued my interest! Last month, Russia, it's being claimed, bombed a base used by US/US special forces in Syria- This occurred around the time there was that big kerfuffle about Russia striking the locale of the so called "New Syrian Army"

The earliest reporting on the strikes on the NSA were June 17th at LATimes
The strikes hit a base near the Jordanian border, far from areas where the Russians were previously active, and targeted U.S.-backed forces battling the Islamic State militants.So, at the time we were supposed to believe that the NSA was battling ISIS and Russia struck the NSA? And this caused the US to send fighter jets to confront Russian jets?  I'm now left wondering if the news of strikes on the NSA, yes, the NSA, were claimed, perhaps even contrived, to obfuscate/hide the existence of this base and the presence of US/UK special forces. 
It seems much more likely to me that the US would confront Russia if their specials ops persons and base was being targeted. After all what is the value a few useless idiots to NATO? Not much. 

When you read the two news items you really get that these are the same incidents- At the time Russia made the strikes the claim was all about the New Syrian Army- no mention of a base or the presence of special forces- Today a little more truth leaks out.

 It's also interesting to note that no one is paying attention to this telling news item- thanks to the news of the mall shooting in Germany.

Here's what's being reported today by WSJ: Russia Bombed Base in Syria Used by U.S.
-An outpost near the Jordanian border that is used by U.S. and British special forces was hit by the airstrikes last month  When Russian aircraft bombed a remote garrison in southeastern Syria last month, alarm bells sounded at the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defense in London.
The Russians weren’t bombarding a run-of-the-mill rebel outpost, according to U.S. officials. Their target was a secret base of operations for elite American and British forces. In fact, a contingent of about 20 British special forces had pulled out of the garrison 24 hours earlier. British officials declined to comment. U.S. military and intelligence officials say the previously unreported close call for Western forces on June 16, and a subsequent Russian strike on a site linked to the Central Intelligence Agency, were part of a campaign by Moscow to pressure the Obama administration to agree to closer cooperation in the skies over Syria. The risk that U.S. and British forces could have been killed at the border garrison hardened opposition at the Pentagon and the CIA to accommodating the Russians.  Certainly lots of money/time/effort is poured into special forces units- So, it would definitely be a concern for the US and UK.
But White House and State Department officials, wary of an escalation in U.S. military involvement in Syria, decided to pursue a compromise.
Yury Melnik, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Washington, referred questions about the incidents to the Russian Defense Ministry, which didn't respond to a request for comment.
A provisional agreement reached by Secretary of State John Kerry in Moscow last week—over Pentagon and CIA objections—calls for the former Cold War adversaries to join forces in strikes against the Nusra Front, Syria’s al Qaeda affiliate. In exchange for the U.S. easing Moscow’s international isolation, Russia would halt airstrikes on the U.S.-backed rebels and restrain the Syrian air force. Talks are still under way between U.S. and Russian experts over the designated areas where the Russians would have to get Washington’s approval before conducting strikes.
Proponents of the deal in the White House and the State Department say it will allow the U.S. to target Nusra in areas which have been off limits to American attack aircraft for months because of Russian deployments, and will provide a measure of protection to U.S. allies on the ground in Syria whom the Russians and Syrians were targeting in their air campaigns. Critics of the deal at the Pentagon and the CIA say the White House gave in to Russian bullying and voiced doubt that Moscow would abide by the terms of the agreement. They say the U.S. needs to confront the Russians more squarely. White House and State Department officials are wary of intensifying a costly proxy fight that could exacerbate the level of violence in Syria.
Since its armed intervention on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad last September, the Russian air force has conducted hundreds of sorties against CIA-backed rebels fighting his government, fueling U.S. anger. Mr. Melnik, the Russian embassy spokesman, said, “In reality, the only objective Russia pursues in Syria is fighting terrorism. And we believe that better coordination of Russian and American efforts would contribute to effective pursuit of this objective, as well as to a diplomatic solution of the Syrian crisis.” Officials close to Mr. Kerry said he shares the skepticism of military and intelligence officials about Russian intentions, which was why he inserted a clause during the negotiations to allow the U.S. to unilaterally suspend cooperation with the Russians if they started bombing U.S. allies again. U.S. and British special forces based in Jordan cross the border into Syria on missions, helping maintain an unofficial buffer zone on Syrian soil to protect Jordan from Islamic State, U.S. officials said. The special forces would rendezvous with their rebel allies at the garrison, initially used by the CIA. For security reasons, the forces wouldn’t spend the night.
A contingent of about 20 British special forces pulled out of the facility less than 24 hours before the U.S. tracked Russian aircraft on June 16 flying across Syria to the garrison, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials briefed on the strike. The aircraft dropped cluster munitions on the target, according to U.S. officials and rebel commanders.
After that first Russian strike, officers with the U.S. military’s Central Command air operations center in Qatar called their counterparts in Russia’s air campaign headquarters in Latakia, Syria, U.S. officials said. The American officers told the Russians that the garrison was part of the U.S. campaign against Islamic State and shouldn’t be attacked.
Roughly 90 minutes after the U.S. warning was delivered, U.S. aircraft circling nearby watched as the Russians launched a second wave of strikes against the garrison. A U.S. military surveillance aircraft overhead tried to hail the Russian pilots directly using the frequencies which the U.S. and Russian governments had agreed to use in emergencies.
The Russian pilots didn’t respond.
U.S. officials said four rebels were killed in the Russian strikes.
After the Russian aircraft returned to base in western Syria, the Pentagon demanded that Moscow explain what happened.
Russian military officials initially told their Pentagon counterparts that Russian pilots intentionally struck the garrison, but thought it was an Islamic State facility, according to the U.S. officials briefed on the incident. U.S. military and intelligence officials rejected that explanation and said the Russian pilots would have been able to tell from the air that the garrison wasn’t an Islamic State facility because of the unique ways in which it was fortified. Among the protective measures surrounding At-Tanf were interlocking sandbag walls that are a signature characteristic of U.S. and British bases in the region. The Russians then told the Americans that the Jordanians had approved of the strikes in advance. U.S. officials said they checked with Amman and were told by their Jordanian counterparts that they had never given Moscow a green light. The Russians later told the Americans that their air command headquarters in Syria wasn’t in a position to call off the strikes because officers with U.S. Central Command didn’t provide Moscow with the precise coordinates for the garrison.U.S. officials said the Pentagon had never specifically asked the Russians to steer clear of the area around the At-Tanf garrison because it wasn’t close to any of the front lines between the Assad regime and opposing forces and because Russian aircraft didn’t operate in that part of Syria. Moreover, distrust of Russian intentions ran so deep within the U.S. military and the CIA that U.S. officials didn’t want to tell the Russians any more than they had to, officials said. So the US didn't inform Russia about the presence of their base. Russia thought it was an ISIS base, which of course it is- and struck it
The strike sharpened divisions within the administration. Military and intelligence officials said it showed why Moscow couldn't be trusted. Administration officials in favor of the deal said the strike illustrated why refusing to cooperate with the Russians carried risks. Following the strike, the U.S. gave the Russians some additional information about U.S. operations along the Jordanian border. U.S. officials said they told Moscow to steer clear of the border area. But on July 12, as Mr. Kerry was preparing to fly to Moscow to complete the agreement to increase U.S.-Russian coordination, Russian aircraft targeted another base near the Jordanian border, about 50 miles from At-Tanf, used by family members of CIA-backed fighters and other displaced Syrians, according to U.S. officials briefed on the strike and rebel commanders.
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The Puzzle of the US Multi-Base Deal with Iraq's Kurds- One On Iran’s Border

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Thu, 07/21/2016 - 19:33

It’s not a puzzle! None of the news contained below will come as a surprise to my readers- All of whom already know the US did not view Iraq’s territorial integrity as sacrosanct (above or beyond criticism, change, or interference).  Any more then it views Syria’s or Turkey’s territorial integrity as beyond interference. All of my readers already know the destabilization of Iran has begun with the Kurds having launched multiple attacks in Iran

Flashback: November 14/2014: Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?
If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal Sibel Edmonds 'eat my dust' ! (no offense intended to Sibel)- All my attackers and detractors, ditto (offense intended) All these new bases in Iraq, along with the annexed territory, and multiple bases in Syria, makes very obvious what was stated here, by me, nearly 2 years ago was correct.

Flashback ended! 
 In a surprise move, the United States last week signed a military agreement with the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) in northern Iraq which would allow Washington to establish close military and security ties with the region which is seeking independence from Iraq.

The pact, signed by Elissa Slotkin, US acting assistant secretary of defence for international security affairs and the KRG’s interior minister, is unprecedented and breaks new ground in US relations with the Iraqi Kurds.

By and large, the little-publicised but critical partnership deal will have far-reaching implications for Iraq’s fragile ties with its self-ruled Kurdish community.

It is the first time the government of Iraq’s northern autonomous enclave has signed a political, military and financial cooperation pact with a foreign country bypassing the central government in Baghdad.The pact is a clear violation of Iraq’s 2005 Constitution, ironically drafted under the supervision of the US Occupying Authority. The constitution gives the central government the exclusive power to sign agreements with foreign countries. The deal is also in breach of the 2008 US-Iraq Agreement which paved the way for the United States to pull its troops out from Iraq and set the terms for future bilateral relations.As has been stated repeatedly here- The US don't care about Iraq's constitution or territorial integrity
Sykes Picot 2- Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0
Announcing the deal on 12 July, a spokesman for the KRG said the agreement would allow the United States to provide the Iraqi Kurds with further military and financial support in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) group.Omid Sabah said the main purpose of the agreement was to shore up Kurdish Peshmerga capabilities in preparation for the long-awaited offensive to retake Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul from IS militants.

Iraqi security forces have launched an operation against IS in Mosul and succeeded in retaking some villages south of the city. The US expects Kurdish Peshmergas to take part in the assault by opening another front east and north of Mosul.Neither the KRG nor the Pentagon released details about the military agreement, but Kurdish officials hailed it as a historic breakthrough for the Iraqi Kurds.
It is “a recognition and appreciation of the value of the Peshmergas’ sacrifices and a contribution to stability and the defense of liberty, democracy and humanity,” KRG spokesman Safeen Dizayee was quoted as saying by ARA News. - blah, blah, blah..

Fishar News, an outlet close to Masoud Barzani, the de facto leader of the KRG, reported that under the agreement the US army would establish five military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Fishar News reported that one US air base would be built in Harir some 70 km north of Erbil, the KRG provincial capital. The base would be used to host American jet fighters and helicopters as well as military advisers.

Another military base will be established in Alton Kopri south of Erbil and will be used to store light weapons, while two other bases will be built in KRG-controlled areas in Mosul, the media outlet said.

A stunning surprise is that the US will be allowed to build the fifth military base in Halabja on the border with neighbouring Iran, according to the Fishar News report.
Stunning because that's PKK turf! Stunning because the US will reprise it's support to the 'beleagured kurds' yet again.  Surprise the US has been supporting terrorists. Always
The outlet said the deal had a term of 20 years and could be renewed upon agreement by the two, a Kurdish-language television network owned by the KRG, said Kurdistan would receive some $450 million in financial assistance in addition to unspecified military assistance from the US.
The Iraqi government has remained tight-lipped on the controversial deal which came on the heels of a previously unannounced visit by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to Baghdad.

Baghdad’s silence has prompted speculation about pressure being put on it by Washington, which is helping the Iraqi security forces and the Kurdish Peshmergas to retake Mosul from IS.But the deal drew criticism from Iraqi Shia lawmakers who said it violated Iraq’s sovereignty and constitution. “Our government is [functioning like] a scarecrow that is not respected by either Kurdistan or America,” said Shia MP Hanan Al-Fatlawi in a statement.Another Shia lawmaker, Iskandar Witwit, said an agreement that was not endorsed by the government and the parliament was “in clear breach of the constitution”.

While this could provide a summary of the thinking behind the US mission in Iraq, the question remains of how the US-KRG deal could affect the larger picture, including Kurdish aspirations to leave Iraq.
Ultimately, the move will put Washington’s mark on the struggle between the KRG and the Baghdad government, and it highlights how Washington is siding with the Kurds in a long-simmering dispute.Thus, a primary reason for concern about Washington’s motives behind the deal is its detrimental effect on the central Iraqi government’s authority and the balance of power between Baghdad and Erbil enshrined in the constitution.
Iraq’s Constitution makes it clear that “the federal government shall have exclusive authority” in “formulating foreign policy and diplomatic representation; negotiating, signing and ratifying international treaties and agreements; negotiating, signing and ratifying debt policies; and formulating foreign sovereign economic and trade policy.”

The greatest irony is that Washington has infringed on the same document it signed to ensure its respect of Iraq’s integrity and unity following its exit from the country.

Under the 2008 “Strategic Framework Agreement for a Relationship of Friendship and Cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq,” Washington pledged “full respect for the sovereignty of Iraq”.

The United States also undertook that it “shall not use Iraqi land, sea and air as a launching or transit point for attacks against other countries; nor seek or request permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq.”
Washington may argue that the military deal does not translate into backing for Kurdish independence from Iraq, yet it could certainly spell trouble for efforts to keep the country together.Washington lies. Ok. Washington LIES

Barzani has been seeking to secede from Iraq, and he has declared his intention to hold a referendum on separation “before the US elections” in November.Getting it out of the way for Hillary- nice

While the United States has supported Kurdish autonomy within a unified Iraq, it has refrained from expressing public support for Kurdistan’s statehood.

Last month, the US reiterated its support for “a whole [and] unified Iraq”. “We believe that a strong, pluralistic, unified Iraq is good for the region,” State Department Spokesman John Kirby said in response to Barzani’s independence plans.

But Washington’s military agreement with the KRG has cast doubt, if not eliminated, that commitment altogether. With this deal, the political influence of Baghdad in Kurdistan is now expected to wane in favour of increasing Kurdish separatist tendencies. Yup, Kurdistan in Iraq can connect up with Rojova and.... well, you guys all know where I'm going with this
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Turkey’s Destabilization, called Here, Months Ahead of Sibel Edmonds Coup Talk

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 15:47
 Which is why the coup attempt, while a surprise, wasn’t.

I laid out on November 19 and November 21/ 2014- With some necessary background the reason it seemed obvious to me that Turkey was being destabilized and it was only going to get worse.
 From that time forward I wrote consistently about the destabilization of Turkey as it was ongoing- This most recent attack, the coup, is one of many strikes against Turkey. 

 I realize Sibel Edmonds has a way higher profile then this lowly blogger- and I also realize there are many newer readers here who haven’t been around as long as others.

Below are just a fraction of article researched and written by yours truly before Sibel Edmonds talked coup, finally, in December of 2015.

And by the way, I was so darn HAPPY that someone else, either then myself was talking about Turkey being targeted!!!

 For stating the obvious. I was harassed. Called an “erdogan lover” Blocked from certain sites for making my claim regarding the obvious freakin’ destabilization of Turkey. Commenters at Syper couldn’t attack me, call me names and demonize me enough. For stating the obvious.
I stopped going to Sakers. Then some of the name callers showed up at the blog... I can’t recall how many times I mentioned a coup as a possibility, including just a few days before this one happened.

Posting to show dates when I put this information out:
Could ISIS Take Over Turkey
1:19: "Turkey has also been implicated in contributing funds and fighters to ISIS, although no direct connection has been proven"

2:37: "But should ISIS actually depose the Turkish government from within, as unlikely as that may be, they will still be protected under the NATO mutual defense clause" That's likely the goal- for ISIS to take over Turkey.
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Russian & Turkish President to Meet Early August- Compilation Video CCTV Turkish Coup

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Wed, 07/20/2016 - 13:27
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will meet in early August, in a city in Russia. 

Dmitry Peskov, the Russian presidential spokesperson, informed about the above-said, reported RIA Novosti news agency of Russia.  “The Putin-Erdoğan meeting is being prepared through diplomatic channels,” said Peskov. “We agreed that this meeting will take place in the first ten days of August, in the Russian Federation, but the [host] city and date are yet unknown.”Will it be Sochi as earlier reporting indicated?

Compilation video from cctv at time of Turkish coup attempt:

I have to say those men on the tank.... with the tank operator looking to shake them off...Frightening! ;Perhaps Ally can assist me with this question?
According to the mockingbird/ NATO/ war making media the coup started at 10pm Turkish time.

According to an early timeline that I had posted it appeared to have began in the daylight hours.

 The CCTV video footage appears to confirm the attacks began in the daylight hours.
 Which appears to correlate with the time line in this post. And contradict the main stream narrative that looks to have begun to alter real history.

 Military Coup in Turkey- Destabilization to Coup - No surprise here 
11.05am Turkey's state-run Anadolu agency has reported 17 police killed at Ankara Special Forces headquarters, this is yet to be confirmed.  11.03am A Turkish fighter jet has shot down a military helicopter used by coup plotters in Ankara, broadcaster NTV has reported. 10.51am Turkish news agency Dogan has reported that soldiers have opened fired on people trying to cross Istanbul's Bosporus bridge in protest of the attempted coup, and some have been wounded. 
 10.36am There are reports of clashes in Istanbul's Taksim Square as Edrogan supporters headed to the area, reports BBC. A protest has also formed near the parliament building in Ankara.  10.32am A senior Turkish official says they believe insecurity will continue for the next 24 hours but will be contained. 10.29am Army vehicles were seen at the entrance to Istanbul Ataturk Airport after the military said it seized full control of Turkey, reports AP By Saturday as I had noted in the post of the day the media was reporting the coup began in the late afternoon: Turkey’s Thwarted Coup: No Popular Support for Coup. Dead Erdogan desired? Did Russia Provide Intelligence?

 The media is claiming today the coup began late in the afternoon in Turkey- Based on the reports from yesterday- the coup got started in the morning
Reuters earliest time is 19:29 GMT or is it BST?

Which would have made the time the coup beginning time, according to Reuters, about 
7:30 pm  Istanbul time??
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We Have a "Duty" to Submit; They Have No Duty to Protect

freedominourtime - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 21:58

“Somebody is going to die tonight,” a visibly agitated Anthony Lord told a close friend on July 16, 2015. Lord, a resident of Benedicta, Maine, was a registered sex offender who displayed symptoms of violent derangement. His anger had been kindled by a voice mail message from the Maine State Police reporting that a woman named Brittany Irish had accused him of sexually assaulting her, and asking him to visit a local barracks to be interviewed about the matter.
Lord’s entirely plausible threat was reported to Jaime Irish, Brittany’s brother. His frantic phone call to Brittany interrupted a conversation in her home with two Maine state troopers. They were discussing both Irish’s sexual assault complaint and her report that the barn at her parents’ home had been set on fire – most likely by Lord, who knew the family well. 
Brittany’s initial relief at the presence of two officers sworn to “serve and protect” her was quickly transmuted into incredulity when the troopers refused a request to deploy officers to watch her and her two small children (who were visiting relatives at another location). Protecting a rape victim and her family against a credible murder threat from an assailant who was also suspected of carrying out a retaliatory arson attack was not a priority worthy of the man-hours it would entail. 
Frantically grasping for whatever reassurance they could get, Brittany and her mother, Kimberly, asked if the police could leave a marked vehicle parked outside the home as a bluff. Even that was seen as an unacceptable expenditure of precious department resources that could be used for more important undertakings, such as traffic enforcement. Indifferently assuring Brittany that they would “keep an eye on the situation,” the troopers drove away.The fire that destroyed the Irish family’s barn was not the beginning of Lord’s depredations. A few hours earlier he broke into the home of a Silver Ridge man named Kary Mayo, beat him, tied him to a chair, and stole his guns and pickup truck.  
Early the following morning, Lord shot his way into the Irish home, killing Brittany’s boyfriend Kyle Hewitt and wounding her mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Brittany, who suffered a superficial gunshot wound to her arm, exited through a bathroom window and tried to escape, but she was chased down by Lord. When a 60-year-old local resident named Carlton Eddy happened by in a truck, Lord flagged him down -- then shot the driver and stole his vehicle. After strangling her into submission, Lord tied the victim up with a seatbelt and sped away
Future murder victim Kyle Hewitt. For reasons yet to be explained, Lord drove to a nearby lumber yard, where he shot two more men – Clayton McCarthy, who survived, and Kevin Tozier, who did not. As he drove away from the scene, Brittany pleaded with him to take her to the home of his uncle Carl, who was a mutual acquaintance. That Lord did so is another mystifying decision on his part. Displaying a flat affect and saying not a word about his actions, Lord “unloaded the gun like it was something that he was bound and determined to do,” his uncle later recalled.  Shortly thereafter, fourteen police vehicles surrounded the home and took Lord into custody. It is important to recognize that the police didn’t actually arrest the offender: That was accomplished by the victim and the suspect’s uncle. There was no official competence displayed in clearing this case, and just as little valor. All of the risks were borne by the victims, at fatal expense to two of them. Once the danger had abated, the police were eager to take credit for delivering the suspect into the care of the criminal “justice” system. 
It is a long-established principle that police officers and the agencies employing them face no specific or institutional liability when they fail to protect individuals from acts of criminal violence. Brittany Irish’s ordeal resembles that of the victims in the pivotal 1981 decision Warren v. District of Columbiain which the D.C Court of Appeals ruled that it is a “fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen.” (Emphasis added.)
In the earlier case, two women contacted police to report an assault on a mutual friend. Officers were dispatched to the address, but – in the interest of that holiest of all considerations, officer safety -- declined to enter the apartment building. The desperate women called again, and this time the department didn't even bother to respond. Acting in the misplaced hope that help was nigh upon arrival, the women opened an apartment window and called out for assistance. This alerted the assailants, who abducted the women at knifepoint.
“For the next fourteen hours,” the court recounts in a clinical summary, “the women were held captive, raped, robbed, beaten, forced to commit sexual acts upon each other, and made to submit to the sexual demands” of their captors. 
The victims were not entitled to civil redress, the court insisted, because “The duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.” 
Brittany Irish, with brother Jaime, displays some of her wounds. Brittany Irish’s case differs from the one described in that ruling in two significant ways. First, Andrew Lord not only shot, tortured, and sexually assaulted her, he assaulted several other people and murdered two victims after the police had been given detailed, specific advance warning regarding what was about to transpire – and they were in a position to help, but simply could not be bothered to do so.
Secondly, and most importantly, “We contend that the Maine State Police had established a `special relationship’ with Brittany,” attorney Dave Van Dyke told Pro Libertate. “In addition, it is clear that she was seriously harmed as a result of what the case law calls `State-created danger.’”
By contacting Lord and informing him of the sexual assault complaint, and then refusing to provide protection to Brittany, the State Police “acted to increase the threat which existed to Plaintiffs beyond that which otherwise existed,” the lawsuit contends. “Defendants made an implicit and/or express promise to protect Plaintiffs, Plaintiffs relied upon such promise, Defendants failed to fulfill such promise and Plaintiffs were injured thereby, such unfulfilled promise creating a special duty” to protect Brittany and her family. 
It should be pointed out that the conflict that led to Lord’s murder rampage had existed for several years, and Brittany had obtained two restraining orders against him. Following the initial July 14, 2015 sexual assault, Brittany received no assistance whatsoever from the police. She went to a hospital to undergo a rape kit examination; she carefully preserved the clothes she had been wearing as evidence. When she reported the rape on July 15, she was told by the State Police to come in the following morning and file a written complaint. Attorney Van Dyke. A few hours after the assault, Brittany had received a text message from Lord asking her to meet him to “talk about what had happened.” This prompted her to suggest to the police that she meet him and elicit a recorded confession from him – if an officer would maintain a discreet distance to ensure her safety. 
“That’s not the way we do it,” an officer explained to her. The preferred approach in such situations, apparently, is to inform a registered violent sex offender with psychotic tendencies that he had been accused of rape, and suggest that he volunteer to talk about it with the police at his leisure. 
After enduring a second rape and witnessing two murders, Brittany delivered the offender to the State Police. The department held a press conference to express perfunctory condolences to the people whom they had failed to protect – and then slammed down the portcullis to prevent critical scrutiny of its actions.
“We made a FOIA request for the official reports and other documents on this case,” Van Dyke told me. “It was denied on the grounds that they are part of an `ongoing investigation.’” Lord’s trial isn’t scheduled until August of 2017, which would give the State Police more than a year to keep those documents from the public. Accordingly, “we decided to file suit and get the documents through discovery,” Van Dyke explained. He is guardedly optimistic that Brittany’s case is strong enough to overcome “the cottage industry in `qualified immunity’” that constantly devises ever more elaborate rationales for failing to hold police officers accountable for their actions – and their derelictions. 
If Brittany Irish had been pulled over by a state trooper who demanded to search her vehicle and person for drugs or cash, she would have been under a state-prescribed duty to submit. This is the kind of “general public service” the police are expected to provide – or, more accurately, to inflict. She cannot opt-out of that “service” without being arrested and possibly killed by those providing it. Those same agents of state-authorized violence, however, opted out of helping Brittany when she and her family needed protection.
Over the past century, the state’s “justice” system has created a lengthy series of judicial precedents intended to discourage “self-help” on the part of people experiencing, or threatened by, criminal violence – whether official or private. Self-help was the only kind available to Brittany and her family, and it proved unavailing when the Maine State Police actively collaborated with a deranged man who tore a bloody swath through two counties.

This week's Freedom Zealot Podcast:  A citizen being unlawfully deprived of his liberty by a police officer has "the right to regain it, and to use all force necessary for that purpose," ruled the Georgia Court of Appeals. When, and in what context, that ruling was issued might surprise you:

I am deeply grateful for your generous help in keeping Pro Libertate online.

 Dum spiro, pugno!
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Pt 2- Turkey's "Keystone Coup": A Failure to Project Power

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Tue, 07/19/2016 - 14:06
  Turkey's Coup- Pt1: Contradictory Claims and Egypt's role

Perception: How an event is perceived can make the difference between success and failure.

I do not sit in the camp of the Mockingbird media, msm and alternative.  Those who are busying themselves with common appeals to ridicule and other mind games.  1- “keystone coup” to manage the readers perception.2-  The big boys at WSJ "Keystone Coup

1-“Following the ill-prepared and executed keystone cops’ coup I believe NYT’s used this term also.
2- "All of Turkey’s opposition parties joined Mr. Erdogan in denouncing the Keystone coup"

The use of ridicule is highly suggestive that the coup was western/nato backed. It failed. Necessitating the use of one of the most obvious propaganda tools- the use of ridicule, in order to distance one self from their mistake. 

But I think there is a bit more then just ridicule going on. Particularly with the use of  the term Keystone Coup! I mean why not a 'Police Academy coup'- LOL Or how about a "Car 54 where are you?" Everyone would have got the ridicule aspect- hahaha- Keystone Kops- is certainly not a phrase everyone would understand Considering the Keystone Kops were popular nearly 100 years ago!

Digression: Keystone: Interesting and relevant With ridicule on the most superficial level addressed, embedded within the use of the term keystone coup are two even more intriguing connotations: I’m going to list them both, they are acknowledgements of western involvement, that is flying over the heads of the gullible masses.

Let's talk about the use of the word KEYSTONE as in a Keystone Coup

Fettulah Gulen resides in Pennsylvania- The Keystone State

An obfuscated  acknowledgement that Gulen was behind the coup? 

Let's take the use of the word keystone just a bit further

“keystone" comes from architecture and refers to the central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place

The central stone which holds all the others in place.  

Like a central agency? Like the Central Intelligence Agency? Ah boys and girls, I think the powers that shouldn’t be are having an inside joke at the expense of the masses. Both acknowledging their involvement and yet distancing themselves from their failed coup-  
By using one word with multiples of meaning..   We've talked about this on a number of occasions... “Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings”

Brief but relevant digression ended-
  In the short time the coup attempt lasted nearly 300 people were killed- There seemed to be no lack of violence in those few hours. Obviously the whole country was not locked down and it was never going to be. Just not possible to secure every city, every airport, every bus and train station And it’s not realistic to expect that to happen.

What the coup plotters need was to project power- Plain and Simple. And they didn’t! 
Where did they fail?

1- They could not grab Erdogan:  There is evidence to suggest this was attempted and failed

2- The second failure came as a consequence of the first failure-  Once Erdogan was able to get a message out to the people- the coup plotters attempt to project power was a fail!

Not enough of the populace believed the coup plotters had the power- perception being the crucial necessity for a coup to succeed-  the people poured into the streets and it was pretty much over!

It is as straightforward and as obvious as that!

It seems sensible that Erdogan had foreknowledge of the coup plot. Had the Russians tipped him off? The Iranians? Had they all worked together?  The Russians surely had much to gain by tipping off Erdogan Pulling the rug from under Kerry and his dangling carrots aka offers. Quashing the Black Sea NATO base- Covered here.

And something mentioned by Wiz Oz - A shared mutual distrust of Mr Gulen
WizOzJuly 17, 2016 at 6:43 AMDid the Russians provide intelligence? You bet they did! They knew much about Gulen since the 90s. 'Shuffling' through the press of 2014:

"Paradoxically, what today promotes the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey is Moscow’s extremely negative attitude toward the activities and ideas of Fethullah Gulen.Common enemies surely make good friends

hattip rouge k aka karin :)
rouge kJuly 17, 2016 at 7:12 PMHave to read comments in the morning but wanted to drop this off in case you hadn't read it yet
Pepe  "As over-excited former CIA ops were blaring on US networks – and they do know a thing or two about regime change — rule number one in a coup is to aim at, and isolate, the head of the snake. Yet the wily Turkish snake, in this case, was nowhere to be seen" Meanwhile, Erdogan’s Gulfstream 4, flight number TK8456, took off from Bodrum’s airport at 1:43 A.M. and flew for hours over Turkey’s northwest Why just over the northwest of Turkey? Other then knowing it was safe? What was going on in the rest of the Turkish skies that made them unsafe?
And yet the two key armies positioned in the Syrian and Iranian borders remained on “wait and see” mode. And then, at 2 A.M., the command of the also key 7th army based in Diyarbakir – in charge of fighting the PKK guerrillas – proclaimed his loyalty to Erdogan. That was the exact, crucial moment when Prime Minister Binali Yildırım announced a no-fly zone over Ankara.
That meant Erdogan controlled the skies. And the game was over So the number one eyebrow-raising possibility is a go; Erdogan’s intel services knew a coup was brewing; and the wily Sultan let it happen knowing it would fail as the plotters had very limited support. If there is an Empire of Chaos hidden hand in the coup – no smoking gun yet — that certainly comes from the Beltway neocon/CIA axis
hattip rouge k aka karin, again:

AEI- Neocon Central- March 21/2016: Could there be a coup in Turkey
 "So if the Turkish military moves to oust Erdoğan and place his inner circle behind bars, could they get away with it? In the realm of analysis rather than advocacy, the answer is yes. At this point in election season, it is doubtful that the Obama administration would do more than castigate any coup leaders, especially if they immediately laid out a clear path to the restoration of democracy.  Turkey’s NATO membership is no deterrent to action"Turkey's NATO membership was never a deterrent to a coup, or destabilizing Turkey via stay behind proxies the PKKOf course the coup plotters ,who have not been castigated by Obama, did state they were going to restore democracy.

Coincidentally Pepe is speaking my language "His order of the day is to prevent by all means an autonomous state entity in northeast Syria – a "Kurdistan" set up like a second Israel supported by the US."

Yup! How long has that been stated here? Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

 Gallier raised the LIHOP scenario, in a comment from a few days ago:
Same as I had mentioned on Saturday- 

gallier2July 17, 2016 at 2:37 PMIn a comment on E&R where they presented a scenario compatible with yours, there floated an idea that I found interesting. They noticed that the coup attempt was quite ill conceived and poorly implemented, a lot of people conclude (wrongly imho) from it that Erdogan has done on purpose (false flagging). I tend more to think that it was more a lihop operation (probably with Russian inteligence as you noted). The original idea of that comment was that the announcement of warming relations between Russia and Turkey last week that had us all puzzled, was in fact the bait that forced the hand of USrael/NATO to handle, and handle quickly or else they would lose completely the momentum.  And we're back to the Turkish/Russian relations warm up- Did this move force the hand of CIA/NATO? It's entirely possible. This was mentioned in Saturday's post. In my opinion the LIHOP aspect is further bolstered when Putin phones Erdogan immediately after the coup attempt
*President Putin Calls President Erdogan Immediately After Coup AttemptIran was openly supportive of the coup take down. Long time readers are aware that Turkey and Iran have good relations, thanks again to a common enemy.
Many of the images that had been passed around on Saturday have been shown to be misleading- I had a link here to another article, but, can't find it as of yet.
And finally from Ally- Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett:
Before I get to the most recent video I want to relink the post from 2015 which contained Sibel Edmonds commentary about the possibility of a coup & my statement at that time! ( of course the video is mia) Sibel Edmonds Explains the Erdogan Takedown Most important points: Erdogan is under the Gun. As has been mentioned here for well over a year now!  The Alt media is indeed singing from the same playbook as NATO- I've made note of that on any number of occasions-  "We talk about the hypocritical and nearly-unanimous coverage of Erdogan’s abuses and how and why this narrative is converging now to finish the US/NATO task of removing him from office to usher in a more pliable puppet"
James and Sibel lament the lack of diverse coverage regarding the obvious and impending destruction of Turkey- Obviously they don't read my blog! Since I started talking this up and finally writing about it over a year ago! All the while taking a ton of flak for this theory.The signs were there to be seen, quite openly placed too. I wrote about the destruction of Turkey November 2014:
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Turkey's Coup- Pt 1: Contradictory Claims and Egypt's role

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Mon, 07/18/2016 - 15:04
I’ve spent the last few days reading and thinking. Then reading and thinking some more. Then reading and thinking some more about the coup attempt in Turkey:

I've noticed some interesting but  contradictory claims that don't correlate

Claim: Erdogan is an authoritarian dictator, strong man aka “the sultan”

Contradiction: Why does an iron fisted dictator,  autocrat aka strong man aka sultan need a coup to consolidate power? Power we’ve been repeatedly told, he already has.

Claim: Erdogan faked the coup

Contradiction: If Erdogan faked the coup then why would he need to round up anyone at all?
Wouldn’t they have been at his service anyway? See above regarding dictator, autocrat etc

Ah those pesky contradictions!

Claims: A false flag! Instigated by Erdogan?  Why is the media actually considering/promoting the false flag theory of Erdogan faking a coup?

Contradiction: A false flag narrative is absolutely contrary to the usual  msm discourse! Which would be to openly ridicule such claims as “conspiracy theory”

Those contradictions bother me. Quite a bit.

To support a false flag narrative you have to:

Ignore the wider geo- political happenings. 

Ignore the history of  military coups in Turkey
Ignore the destabilization on going within Turkey’s border.
Ignore the incessant media demonization of Erdogan
Ignore the rapprochement  with Russia
Ignore the conciliatory attitude of recent months toward Syria
Ignore the good relations between Turkey and Iran.

If I haven’t thought of them all, please, leave some suggestions

You can make a case for Erdogan being better then a coup government and that explaining the why of the people came out? Can’t say as I blame them if that is the case!

This is for all the coup supporters on the net and in the media!

Those who actually promote a coup as being necessary for Turkey aka the right thing.  And lament it’s failure..... You who moan and groan about the alleged excessive clamp down taking place present day.  Let’s talk excessive clampdown in the 1980 coup

The coup rounded up members of both the left and right for trial with military tribunals. Within a very short time, there were 250,000[8] to 650,000 people detained. Among the detainess, 230,000 were tried, 14,000 were stripped of citizenship, and 50 were executed.[16] In addition, hundreds of thousands of people were tortured, and thousands are still missing.  A total of 1,683,000 people were blacklisted.[17] Apart from the militants killed during shootings, at least four prisoners were legally executed immediately after the coup; the first ones since 1972, while in February 1982 there were 108 prisoners condemned to capital punishment.[9] Among the prosecuted were Ecevit, Demirel, Türkes, and Erbakan, who were incarcerated and temporarily suspended from politics. One notable victim of the hangings was a 17-year-old Erdal Eren, who said he looked forward to it in order to avoid thinking of the torture he had witnessed.[18]”
I had mentioned in yesterday's post,  Ally's Family in Turkey is Safe! Good news. Breaking News Updates! , that we were going to talk about Egypt's bizarre behaviour during and after the coup:

**Egypt's media openly promoted a successful Turkish coup in their media:

* Coup in Turkey succeeded and still ongoing
Despite confirmed news sources proving the failure of the military coup in Turkey, several private and state-owned Egyptian media outlets have insisted that the military coup attempt executed on Friday evening against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ended in success.
A number of privately owned media outlets and prominent media figures operating popular talk shows did not hesitate to show their support for the military coup in a way that clearly violates objective reporting.
Several reporters, instead of displaying real news in an unbiased way, convinced Egyptians that the coup succeeded and urged viewers and listeners to follow and believe only this news, and not any other media.*Egypt Media Jumps the Gun on Turkey Coup
Egyptians woke up today to find some newspapers announcing the Turkish military's ouster of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even as the strongman loathed by Cairo quashed a coup attempt.
"The Turkish army topples Erdogan," declared a red banner on the front page of the state's flagship Al-Ahram newspaper. "Recep Tayyip vanishes," said the subhead. "Army controls Turkey and deposes Erdogan," the private Al-Watan announced, labelling yesterday night's attempted coup by an army faction as "military disobedience".
Why did Egypt's media do that? Did they have inside information? Was Egypt's military involved?  It sure appears they had some insider/prior knowledge. Doesn't that make you think of 9/11 when BBC reported building # 7 had collapsed when it hadn't??  

*Afterwards Egypt blocked a UN resolution condemning the coup:

Egypt blocks UNSC condemnation of coup attempt in TurkeyThe United Nations Security Council failed on Saturday to condemn the coup attempt in Turkey after Egypt objected to a statement that called on all parties to "respect the democratically elected government of Turkey," diplomats said, APA reports quoting AA.

The U.S.-drafted statement also expressed grave concern over the situation in Turkey, urged the parties to show restraint, avoid any violence or bloodshed, and called for an urgent end to the crisis and return to rule of law.

Statements by the 15-member Security council have to be agreed by consensus.

Diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Egypt argued that the U.N. Security Council was not in a position to determine whether a government had been democratically elected.Not to mention France looking like they had prior knowledge mentioned  here:
AnonymousJuly 13, 2016 at 8:26 AMFrance on Wednesday said it had closed its embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara and its consulate in Istanbul until further notice for security reasons, after cancelling events to mark the July 14 Bastille Day holiday.Delete
gallier2July 16, 2016 at 2:23 AMWhat annoys me, is that I saw the news on the 13th of France closing its ambassy and recalling its personnel from TurkeyI'm working on a part 2 
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Ally's Family in Turkey is Safe! Good news. Breaking News Updates!

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sun, 07/17/2016 - 19:23
I'm working on a monstrosity of a post- Hopefully I'll have some of it up tomorrow? Since it didn't work out so much for today. And Ally updated us on the well being of family members living in Turkey; they are scared but safe as clashes continue in Ankara

PennyJuly 16, 2016 at 9:10 AMAlly: How's your family doing?


  1. AllyJuly 17, 2016 at 2:48 PMHi Penny, I have been panicking for a few days. My family in Istanbul and Ankara are afraid to come out of their homes. My Diyarbakir family are holidaying in Istanbul. Ankara is still seeing some clashes but things have generally calmed down. I think that you should continue to read Andrew Korybko's articles because he is really good. All opposition parties, from the Turkish fascist MHP all the way to the pro-Kurdish HDP have all denounced this coup. There has been many coups in Turkey and they have been quite bloody so it won't get much support from many, not even his fiercest opposition. The mainstream media is hinting that Erdogan's time is nearing to an end. They are calling for regime change in Turkey and it is going to get bloodier. Today my cousin in Istanbul said that she hopes things will get better. I said 'I hope so'. I feel like crying because things will only get worse. Many say that the coup has failed, I'd say it's just begun. But Erdogan himself is digging his grave himself. The first time in history a leader has cut of the US from its nukes in Incirlik. Erdogan's way of saying 'I am the Syltan of this country and if you support coups against my country, I will take my revenge'. The US is now trying to start a colour revolution in Turkey and get rid of Erdogan in even more extreme ways. Just want Erdogan to stop slamming the West as it will only encourage them even more and for the West to stay out of Turkey!! The Guardian now describe it as the Erdogan 'regime' as if the regime here is any better. Our Islamist/Shariah sympathising leader Theresa May wasn't even elected. I don't support Erdogan but the country and world is much safer with him in power. I would also like to note that Gulen owns many charter schools in the US, something that is obviously not going to be mentioned in the MSM news. Can't the world just see that what is happening to Erdogan is the same thing that has happened to Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad - another many who won't obey US orders. Feel so bad.
  2. AllyJuly 17, 2016 at 2:49 PMSorry for the rant
  3. PennyJuly 17, 2016 at 5:05 PMDon't be sorry Ally- I was thinking about you and your family this whole time and I can understand your panicked feeling, because believe it or not Ally, I felt absolutely panicked when you told me the news. You can even ask my husband- He thought my hair was standing on end! The risk of escalation endangers those far beyond the borders of Turkey and that's what makes this episode frightening to me too.

    Hugs from Canada- :)
Breaking news:

At least 42 helicopters have gone missing from Turkey's military inventory in the wake of the failed coup attempt on Friday evening causing concern that there may be another act to the attempted overthrow of Erdogan. Link:
Emergency measures have been taken in Turkey's Istanbul, as 1,800 additional police troops were deployed in the city and ordered to shoot down helicopters without prior warning, local media reported on Monday, citing a police source.Special operation troops are deployed in strategic locations of the city while military hardware is arriving to the city, Anadolu agency said. The emergency provisions are underway in response to at least three helicopters flying over Istanbul that have been hijacked away from the Erdogan government. Tomorrow we'll talk about Egypt's bizarre behaviour during the coup and afterwards- I would say Egypt was surely involved.
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President Putin Calls President Erdogan Immediately After Coup Attempt

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sun, 07/17/2016 - 08:44
If you've had your head buried in the sand you can get up to speed, minimally, by reading the two previous posts:

Did Russia provide intelligence that would have enabled the coup plot to be put down? By helping Turkey, Russia would have helped itself.
"In particular, these events would constitute a major setback to the US’s agenda to establish a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea to contain Russia"

Certainly Russia has no interest in seeing the establishment of a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea-  As Kerry was dangling offers to the Russians, like tossing a dog his bone, did Turkey with the assistance of Russia, pull the rug out from under Kerry?

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The telephone conversation took place on July 16 and was initiated by the Russian side.

Statement by Kremlin "Vladimir Putin stressed the principled Russian line on strict inadmissibility of actions against states' constitution and resorting to violence amid the violent attempt to overthrow the democratically elected Turkish authorities that took place overnight into July 16," the statement read”

The Kremlin added that Putin expressed to Erdogan his condolences over the number of victims among civilians and law enforcers that countered the coup attempt.Link
Putin stressed the "categorical unacceptability in the life of a state of anti-constitutional acts and violence" and passed on "wishes for a speedy restoration of strong constitutional order and stability in Turkey," the Kremlin said in a statement.

Putin also passed on his condolences over the "numerous deaths" during the coup during which 161 troops and civilians were killed as well as more than 100 coup plotters, according to the Turkish government and the military.

The leaders also confirmed plans for a personal meeting "in the nearest future," the Kremlin said.The two earlier discussed a meeting in a phone call in late June after Erdogan apologised to Putin for his forces downing a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border last year.So a phone call in June and a meeting in the nearest future- Which looks to be sometime next months- Now just two weeks away. In August.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on July 1 after meeting his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov that Erdogan could fly to Sochi in August for a face-to-face meeting with Putin.

The Turks hitting the streets en masse really reminds me of the Syrians coming out to support Assad.
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Fake Coup In Turkey Presented As Real By The Mainstream Media

bigdanblogger - Sat, 07/16/2016 - 09:10
Got ???

Not too many miles from that contractor's air base in Iraq
military coup = Mossad

Turkey coup: President Erdogan says military elements guilty of 'treason', as he tells nation government is in charge, after violent clashes in Ankara and Istanbul leave '161 dead'

Turkey coup: military attempt to seize power from Erdogan as low flying jets and gunfire heard...

Tell me that everbody in DC didn't know all of this was coming, just in time for Congress to go on its 6 week vacation, starting today. Legislation that got jammed through yesterday Re: Organic and non-GMO food - all financed by Monsanto - will be signed into law without the public knowing anything about it. It would have been all over the "news" today, but for the fake terror and real shooting war ramping up.

The Turkish military has seized control of the government in Ankara. Bridges closed across the Bosphorus and tanks on the streets and at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.
This may result in Erdogan being revealed as a Terror KingPin - in collusion with Israel and SA.

Imagine a headline like this in the US about the CIA being fired on by the military: Military helicopters 'open fire at National Intelligence Agency HQ'
The state run Anadolu agency has said that military helicopters have fired on the intelligence HQ in Ankara.

Under Erdogan, who is extremely conservative, religion had started to play a more important role in Turkey, which is a largely secular country. He was active in Islamist circles in the 1970s and 1980s.

in recent years he has alienated many Turks with his increasingly autocratic ways, cracking down on freedom of expression, imposing a significant role for religion in public life and renewing war with Kurdish militants in the country’s southeast.

Many secular Turks, no doubt, will welcome the military’s intervention, even as it was far from clear by early Saturday morning if it would be successful.

“The people tried to stand up against President Erdogan, but they couldn’t, they were crushed, so the military had no choice but to take over,” said Cem Yildiz, a taxi driver who said Friday night that he would spend the rest of the night car-pooling to make sure people got home safely.

'In a country once dominated by generals, the army sees itself as the guardian of Turkey's secular constitution'

Many officers regarded Mr Erdogan's brand of Islamism - although relatively mild by regional standards - as a direct threat to the republic created by Kemal Ataturk in 1923.

If the army has succeeded in taking power, the generals will have acted because their patience with Mr Erdogan finally cracked.

There will also be a desire for revenge. Since he was first elected as prime minister in 2002, Mr Erdogan has conducted purges of the army high command. In 2003 and again in 2004, he accused senior officers of plotting a coup and placed hundreds on trial in the so-called "sledgehammer" cases.

Coup Collapsing, Erdogan Returns to Istanbul

Coup underway; Turkish military in uprising against Erdogan; Istanbul in lockdown
We have suspected for some time that there was a great deal of discontent among the Turkish military due to the belligerent foreign policies and support of ISIS by Erdogan

reporting on the ground by the RIA news agency corroborated by the AFP indicates that the country’s President Erdogan is in a mad scramble to escape the country via the Ataturk International Airport.

This “Failed Military Coup” In Turkey Is Just Another False Flag Attack By Turkish President Erdogan To Consolidate His Power And Create A Neo-Ottoman Islamic Super State

The coup seems not to be successful. The military failed to control Erdogan and prevent him from compelling citizens to take to the streets, via his cell phone, and failed to control the broadcast media headquarters

The plotters also failed to control the police, who appear to be arresting military. While Erdogan has been censoring social media, it is ironic he relied on FaceTime to broadcast to the country

As CIA Agent Anderson Cooper stated: "Coup 101 includes arresting and silencing the existing leader." He ought to know.

In another coincidence (not) the coverage of the France nutcase, combined with the attempted coup, did not cause Hillary to have to reschedule any of her plans, while it stepped all over Trump' VP ANNOUNCEMENT, which could not be less relevant.
All just another version of a False Flag, designed to fail, solidifying NATO

Hillary and her controllers are the clear beneficiaries of the Turkey fiasco. Talking heads are doing her bidding: this is a time for steady Presidential leadership, and no time for beginners"

Erdogan's iPhone changed the course of history.

Erdogan was not away on vacation. He remains in a suit and tie in a safe location arranged in advance based on US intelligence and orchestration to let the coup attempt proceed, knowing they could cause it to fail, by breakfast.

FAKE COUP = Consolidation of NATO power = False Flag

Just imagine the VEEP Selection coming out party he had planned. Stuck with all that food and booze and all those balloons

He and his family are all sitting around watching the fake coup on the news, rightly blaming Hillary for it

Imagine Bernie is getting the big lesson about now in how DC REALLY works - seeing first hand how Hillary is already on the inside.

They are all parting with Potus in the White House residence - laughing their asses off about shutting Trump up....never saw it coming!

Trump knows by now they had this all planned to coincide with his VP announcement - and knows they've got something else planned that will interfere with coverage of his RNC Reality Show

If he calls it a conspiracy, they'll crucify him. Hillary's Vast Right Wing Conspiracy moment - returning the favor.
He had no idea - he's not getting any secret briefings - whereas HRC is helping to write the script
The Military Industrial Complex, AIPAC, The Media, The DNC, NSA, CIA, Saudi Arabia, NATO and Mossad - all in on it.

FAKE COUP: Starts after dinner, finished before breakfast. Donald Who?
Did you see the images of police parading soldiers past cameras, allegedly with the soldiers in custody, though not handcuffed?

This “Failed Military Coup” In Turkey Is Just Another False Flag Attack By Turkish President...

I have to give credit where it is due- this false flag military coup in Turkey was a brilliant move by the Sultan aspirant Turkish President Erdogan at consolidating his power and furthering his go…

Any bets that the f16s that were flying over Turkey last night were ours?

4,400 results for this specific quuery on Google News: "false flag" + coup

Shooting down the "Conspiracy Theory" early. Expect a bunch of these: Did Pres. Erdogan Himself Order the Coup in Turkey? Sure, Because he's Actually a Zionist

Conspiracy theory why the secret Jew staged coup against himself: To reconcile with Israel

Did Pres. Erdogan Himself Order the Coup in Turkey? Sure, Because he's Actually a Zionist

Did Pres. Erdogan himself Order the coup in Turkey? Sure, because he's really a Zionist

The Middle East is famous for the life of conspiracy theories. A majority of Arabs don't believe that the US ever went to the moon, and thinks that Israel is behind the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Nevertheless, president Recep Erdogan had been cracking down on the press, political opposit...

If none of this appeals to your sense of logic, it's because you didn't grow up in the Middle East. Ergün Poyraz, in his 2007 book Children of Moses, wrote that Turkey' Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and his wife, are crypto-Jews, who secretly work with Israeli intelligence. The Turkish public has turned against Israel generally in recent years, especially over the Gaza issue. The theory here is that Erdogan, being Jewish, wanted to distract the Turkish Public from "Zionist war crimes" committed in Gaza.

In 2007, Poyraz was arrested and eventually sentenced to 29 years in prison by the Erdogan government. Here's why: Poyraz claims that Erdoğan came to power as part of a Zionist conspiracy devised by Turkey's JİTEM, a secret government intelligence unit.

JİTEM is believed to be behind many bombings, attacks and assassinations, and is believed to be linked to Ergenekon, which was part of the CIA's Operation Gladio.

And if you believe all of this, I own a bridge across the Bosphorus that you might want to consider buying.

The Gülen movement has also been implicated in what both Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as well as the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) have said were illegal court decisions against members of the Turkish military, including many during the Ergenekon investigation

Ergenekon (allegation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ergenekon was the name given to an alleged clandestine, secularist ultra-nationalist organization in Turkey with possible ties to members of the country's military and security forces. The group is named after Ergenekon, a mythical place located in the inaccessible valleys of the Altay Mountains. Th...

part of the goal of the "coup" was to extradite the guy in Pennsylvania

A reclusive religious scholar in Pennsylvania may be behind the attempted coup in Turkey

Before Friday coup attempt, more than 2,000 Gulen supporters have been arrested in Turkey on various charges since their split in 2013. In March, Turkish authorities seized control of one of Turkey’s largest newspapers, Zaman, which was associated with Gulen.

Gulen has sheltered himself from the outside world on the grounds of an Islamic retreat owned by Turkish Americans in Saylorsburg, Pa., and rarely talks to the media. But his sermons appear online.

He preaches what many consider a moderate form of Islam. And he has regularly and stridently condemned jihadist terror attacks – much more so than Erdogan, say the president’s critics – and typically advocates interfaith dialogue.

Gulen’s movement is widely considered dangerous in Turkey. In Erdogan’s view, he is an arch-enemy of the state, whose followers represent a seditious “parallel-state” within Turkey.

Erdogan blames Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania for Turkish military coup attempt

Erdogan blames Muslim cleric living in Pennsylvania for Turkish military coup attempt | Fox News

A military coup attempt in Turkey has left at least 90 dead and more than 1,000 wounded and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pinned the blame on a Muslim cleric living in the U.S. for starting the attack.

Spotlight with Sibel & Spiro- Synthetic Terrorism: The Uncanny Parallels from 9/11 to Istanbul Airport Attack

Spotlight with Sibel & Spiro- Synthetic Terrorism: The Uncanny Parallels from 9/11 to Istanbul...

Istanbul Airport Attack Updates, Akhmed Chatayev, Parallels, Perception Management, Perpetual Wars & Police State Expansion Sibel & Spiro discuss the recent developments in the Istanbul Air...

Looking forward to Sibel's comments re: the "coup"

Gulen also faces espionage charges, and two trials are now being held in absentia.

He is the head of a faith-based social movement that boasts a global following, has deep roots in Turkish society, and cultivates notable influence in the U.S. education through a network of roughly 150 secular charter schools.

FAKE COUP on Twitter

fake coup - Twitter Search

4h ago @DailySabah tweeted: "UPDATE — The coup announcement read on T.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.

Odds are high that Ergdogen was ALWAYS at the airport, and never left town. "News" reports had him away on vacation, albeit in a suit and tie relying on FaceTime to urge "the people" to flock to the airport. - where he was later said to have "arrived by plane" BULLSHIT. In the midst of an alleged military coup, with "F16s" said to be patrolling overhead, and a military in need of silencing him, we're to believe that the President's plane was allowed unfettered return to the airport in time for his media appearance to declare the coup over. PREPOSTEROUS

Show me the video of the President's plane arriving at the airport in the early morning hours. There were thousands of people there with their cell phones. Show me the video captured by hundreds of them of his plane arriving.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was greeted by large crowds as he emerged from a vehicle at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, according to the Associated Press.

Earlier, a spokesman for Erdogan had denied reports indicating the president had fled Turkey.

Spokesman Dogan Eskinet said Erdogan was in a "secure location, as per government protocol" and claimed that the civilian government was gradually restoring control.

Turkish president is greeted by supporters at Istanbul's airport

Turkish president is greeted by supporters at Istanbul's airport

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was greeted by large crowds as he emerged from a vehicle at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, accordin...

Earlier, military jets were heard flying over the capital, Ankara.

Media reports said ambulances were seen in front of the Turkey's military headquarters. FULL TIMELINE:

Turkey coup full timeline

Latest updates on the attempted coup in Turkey

Turkey's NTV television is quoting the prosecutor's office in Ankara saying at least 42 people have been killed in "attacks" in the capital.
2 a.m.

State-run Anadolu Agency says Turkish Air Force planes are flying above Ankara to strike at helicopters that are being used by those attempting the coup.

Private NTV television reported that F-16 jets have brought down a Sikorsky helicopter, but didn't provide any details.

AMAZINGLY - the Brave Flight back to the airport to retake control of his country is listed NOWHERE ON THE TIMELINE - because it NEVER HAPPENED! How much does this rhyme with the statement of Netanyahu within the first hours following HIS 9/11 attack on the US? Erdogan also called the coup a "gift from God" because it will help Turkey clean out the military from the "members of this gang." SO where is the record of this alleged return flight? Was it a harrowing experience? What time did it land? Is there satellite imagery of it?

Turkish PM Blames Coup Attempt on 'Terrorist Organization:' 161 Killed, 2,839 Detained

Turkish President Returns to Istanbul Amid Coup Attempt

A coup was attempted in Turkey Friday with a faction of the military taking over state TV, imposing martial law and a curfew and reportedly attacking the police headquarters in the capital of Ankara, according to American and foreign officials. There were also at least two blasts reported near the.....

EVIDENCE OF FALSE FLAG: Mr. Erdogan suggested that the plotters had tried to assassinate him, referring to a bombing in the Turkish Mediterranean resort town of Marmaris after he left on Friday. “It would appear that they thought I was there,” he said. Before he made his televised remarks from the airport, Mr. Erdogan was forced to use his iPhone’s FaceTime app from a secret location to broadcast messages beseeching the public to resist the coup attempt.

“There is no power higher than the power of the people,” he said amid contradictory accounts of who was in control. “Let them do what they will at public squares and airports.” Martial law was declared after the coup attempt in the country. THERE WAS NO FLIGHT BY ERDOGAN TO THE ATATURK AIRPORT. HE ARRIVED BY CAR!

Turkish President Returns To Istanbul In Sign Military Coup Is Faltering

President of Turkey Urges Resistance as Military Attempts Coup

The scramble for power in what already was one of the world’s most unstable regions plunged the crucial NATO member and American ally into chaos.

SEE HOW THEY CONFLATE FICTION WITH FACT? THE AIRPORT WAS TOTALLY UNSECURED, WITH THOUSAND ON THE TARMAC WITH THEIR CELL PHONE CAMERAS, YET THERE IS NO VIDEO OF ANY FLIGHT ARRIVING OR ERDOGAN EXITING A PLANE: "Erdogan, who had been holidaying on the southwest coast when the coup was launched, flew into Istanbul before dawn on Saturday and was shown on TV outside Ataturk Airport." THERE WAS NO FLIGHT!

Turkish forces try to crush last remnants of coup after Erdogan returns

Turkish forces fight to crush coup remnants after Erdogan returns

Forces loyal to the Turkish government fought on Saturday to crush the remnants of a military coup attempt which crumbled after crowds answered President Tayyip Erdogan's call to take to the streets and dozens of rebels abandoned their tanks.

Large crowds greet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he emerges from a vehicle at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport

Large crowds greet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he emerges from a vehicle at Istanbul's...

Large crowds greet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he emerges from a vehicle at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

Gen. Wesley Clark on CNN saying the coup plotters made "a lot of mistakes—not arresting the president, not shutting off the internet..." MISTAKES MY ASS - THE POLICE DEFEATED THE MILITARY? AS IF!

LIE - DEMAND EVIDENCE FROM THESE HUFFINGTON POST REPORTERS THAT A PLANE LANDED AT THE ATATURK AIRPORT MID-COUP CARRYING PRESIDENT ERDOGAN. IT NEVER HAPPENED:: ISTANBUL ―Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan landed at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport Saturday morning and declared the attempted coup against his government to be a failure, but also a “gift from God.”

After Bloody Coup Attempt, Erdogan Vows Retribution. Dozens are dead, over a thousand are injured, a crackdown is underway and Turkey is in chaos.

After Attempted Coup, Erdogan Vows Retribution

He called the military uprising a "gift from God."

WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE HE WAS UP IN HIS PRIVATE JET, MID-COUP, WITH THIS HAPPENING IN THE AIR? Military jets and helicopters buzzed over the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, sending car alarms wailing, as forces closed Istanbul’s two main bridges across the Bosphorus strait.

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan'dan ilk açıklamalar
Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan'dan darbe sonrasi ilk açıklamalar.


VERY CLEVERLY CRAFTED AND FALSE MEME: THE IMPLICATION IS THAT HE ARRIVED BY PLANE, BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT IT SAYS: Erdogan, who had been holidaying on the southwest coast when the coup was launched, flew into Istanbul before dawn on Saturday and was shown on TV outside Ataturk Airport.


Turkey coup: Conspiracy theorists claim attempt was faked by Erdogan. Social media users claim Erdogan will use the attempted coup in the same way Hitler used the Reichstag Fire to suppress all opposition

The popular conspiracy theory about Erdogan and the attempted coup in Turkey
Conspiracy theorists are saying the attempted military coup in Turkey was faked, after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly called it “a gift from Allah”.

Turkey coup: 2,700 judges removed from duty following failed overthrow attempt. Turkey’s highest judiciary council suspends judges and members of its own board for links to reformist Muslim leader Fethullah Gülen

Turkish authorities remove 2,700 judges after failed coup
The Turkish government has removed 2,745 judges from duty in the wake of a failed military coup in which over 161 people were killed. The decision followed an emergency meeting of Turkey’s Judges and Prosecutors High Council which was called to discuss members’ links to US-based cleric Fethullah Gül...

Natalie Martin, politics and international relations lecturer at Nottingham Trent University in Britain, said it appeared "almost meant to fail", something which created suspicions.

"It is entirely possible it's a false flag coup," she said.
Erdogan, a consumate political tactician, will sense the failed coup has created opportunities to tighten his control over Turkey but faces a critical choice.

What pushed the coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and what next?

What pushed the coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and what next? - Times of India
He weathered anti-government protests that lasted for months in 2013. He escaped the flames that engulfed some of his ministers in a corruption investigation nearly three years ago.

Critics Raise False Flag After Failed Military Coup In Turkey. Some users on social media explained why they believed the Turkish president knew about Friday's failed military coup

fake coup = reason to do this without being questioned:

The Counter-Coup Begins: Erdogan Purges 2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds

Erdogan's Counter-Coup Begins: Turkey Purges 2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds | Zero...
Last night, a poorly organized, badly planned, quasi-coup took place in Turkey which led to Erdogan further retrenching his authoritarian position in the country. This morning, the president's own "counter-coup" began with the purdhing of 2,745 judges across the country, as well as the issuance of a...

Turkey: ‘Coup attempt’ is highly dubious and suspicious. We ain't buying it - is that the smell of a burning Reichstag?

Turkey: ‘Coup attempt’ is highly dubious and suspicious
Hitler had the Reichstag burned down to consolidate the Nazi grip on power; did Erdogan have Turkey’s parliament nuked to achieve the same result? Just what did and did not happen in Turkey yesterday is going to take some time to establish; however, the key thing to takeaway from the whole sorry deb...

Gordon and I were monitoring the Turkish news websites while all this drama was being played out; they continued to operate and the tone of their coverage did not alter one iota – it remained steadfastly pro-Erdogan. At the same time, Gordon was on Skype with the Kurdish security in Erbil and it is our impression that Kurdish leader Barzani had been warned in advance.

This was a very strange coup, there were no apparent leaders, no-one came forward to make statements to the public or to try to garner support; quite clearly, even during a coup, Erdogan’s ego would not allow any criticism of himself or his regime. Who lead this coup? We have no idea as no-one came forward. This is clear proof that the whole deal was a pantomime, a set-up designed to bolster Erdogan’s regime after it had suffered a series of foreign policy failures.

A real coup would have accused him of rigging elections, cosying up to Israel, accepting bribes from Saudi monarchists, peddling ISIS’s stolen oil in partnership with his son and Barzani, the Kurdish strongman and, most insidious of all; killing the ‘golden goose’ by losing the EU Visa deal due to Brexit.

UPDATE 7/19:

Turkey: ‘Coup attempt’ is highly dubious and suspicious. We ain't buying it - is that the smell of a burning Reichstag?

Failed Turkish coup led by ex-military attaché to Israel – surprise, surprise
By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Is anybody out there surprised that Israel was behind the coup attempt in Turkey? People hypnotized by the anti-Erdogan propaganda flooding the alternative media … people with zero knowledge of recent Turkish history, and/or zero sympathy for majority of the T...

By now only the most naive believe the official narrative behind Turkey's Friday coup.

Top Turkish Official In Charge Of Campaign Against ISIS Found Dead, Shot In The Neck

Top Turkish Official In Charge Of Campaign Against ISIS Found Dead, Shot In The Neck | Zero Hedge

"The top counter-terrorism official responsible for Turkey’s campaign against Islamic State did go to a “meeting” at the presidential palace in Ankara. He was later found with his hands tied behind his back, shot in the neck, according to a senior official."

What was the roll of RITA KATZ/SITE
in the fake coup?

Turkey coup attempt: Six fake images that are being shared

Turkey coup attempt: Six fake images that are being shared

Follow international news through our Observers' amateur images and eyewitness testimony. All the content is verified and explained by our journalists.

The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan as a Dictator and Has Sealed Turkey's Fate

The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan as a Dictator and Has Sealed Turkey's Fate
"Either this was the worst military coup in my entire lifetime, or it was staged."

Why The Failed Turkish Coup Attempt Wasn’t A “False Flag” Power Grab By Erdogan

Why The Failed Turkish Coup Attempt Wasn't A "False Flag" Power Grab By Erdogan
The failed coup attempt against Erdogan provoked a flurry of excited polemics in the alternative informational space, leading to the emergence of two competing hypotheses. The author already publis...

How often on world history have the media felt the need to prove a coup wasn't fake?

Israel Rising: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, False Flag Coup, and the Rise of the New Sultanate

Israel Rising: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, False Flag Coup, and the Rise of the New Sultanate
The coup attempt in Turkey was very weak, lending fuel that this was indeed a false flag attack devised by Turkish leader Erdogan

Erdogan has been accused of false flag attacks before. One such incident was uncovered last year and reported at “Twitter whistleblower Fuat Avni claimed on Monday that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ordered the intelligence agency head to stage a false assassination plot against his son Bilal Erdoğan in order to blame the Gülen movement.”

Others have reported that Erdogan himself has been quite open on the need to use a false flag operation to make an excuse for sending troops into Syria.


Questions Mount

Why didn’t the military shoot down Ergdogan’s plane when they had the chance?

Why did Turkey have the list of military and judicial judges prepared in advance?

What about fabricated stories about who was responsible?

False Flag Fears

The above questions hint at a “false flag” operation.

The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

EU Official Raises Possibility of 'False Flag'; Poll: Who is Behind Failed Coup?

EU Official Raises Possibility of 'False Flag'; Poll: Who is Behind Failed Coup?

Turkey in Wonderland To borrow a phrase from Alice in Wonderland, events and questions regarding the “rabbit hole” failed coup in Turkey get “curious

It is not your average conspiratorial blogger who asked question number two above, but rather the the EU commissioner dealing with Turkey’s membership bid

Sorth of exactly like having a list of 19 "hijackers" - with their photos - a day after 9/11?

THE REUTERS (NWO) FABRICATION: Rebel Jets had Erdogan’s Plane in their Sights

Reuters reports At Height of Turkish Coup Bid, Rebel Jets had Erdogan’s Plane in their Sights.

“At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan’s plane while it was in the air and en route to Istanbul. They locked their radars on his plane and on two other F-16s protecting him,” a former military officer with knowledge of the events told Reuters. “Why they didn’t fire is a mystery,” he said.

That plane flew on that day? PROVE IT!

On July 18, 11:02 AM the Wall Street Journal reported Turkish Cleric Urges U.S. to Refuse Extradition Request

On July 18, 11:28 AM Reuters reported Turkish cleric Gulen says Erdogan Behind Coup, Willing to be Extradited.
“I don’t believe that the world takes the accusations made by President Erdogan [against me] seriously,” Mr Gulen said through a translator. “There is a possibility that it could be a staged coup [by Mr Erdogan’s AK party] and it could be meant for further accusations.”

“False Flag Terrorism” to Sustain America’s “Humanitarian” Agenda. Sustaining the US Empire’s Killing Machine. The Modus Operandi of US Led Wars

"False Flag Terrorism" to Sustain America's "Humanitarian" Agenda
The CIA’s active involvement in staging terrorism, coups and assassinations around the world has been proven beyond a doubt despite the US government’s official policy to cover-up, lie and deny....


It’s WAR – France Just Attacked ISIS and Syria [VIDEO]

It's WAR - France Just Attacked ISIS and Syria [VIDEO]

After Nice attack, where 80 people died, France is really MAD! The French Ministry of Defense just confirmed the massive bombing of Raqqa, the “capital” of Syria, the headquarter of ISIS. From an Italian website (translated by Google) The operation was conducted in coordination with US forces. US in...



Was the coup in Turkey a false flag operation by the government to consolidate power over the military and courts?

Is the coup a false flag operation by the government to consolidate power over military?
Answer (1 of 6): The coup is TOO large to be a false flag. There is mobilization from SE to NW of the country. Jets are patroling over the assembly. All major institutions are either entered and taken over, or under siege. Some takeovers happened by gunfire. Within 2 hours, the coup was able ...

History of American False Flag Operations

History of American false flag operations
false flag operation,war pretexts,9/11


Erdogan Unleashes Unprecedented Crackdown: Fires All University Deans; Suspends 21,000 Private School Teachers

Erdogan Unleashes Unprecedented Crackdown: Fires All University Deans; Suspends 21,000 Private...

In an unprecedented move, Erdogan has taken his putsch to the next level, and after sacking 20,000 government workers, army, police and ministry workers, he has purged a mind-blowing 40,000 educators working for Turkey's private school and univeristy system.

Why is Erdogan doing all of this? Simple: he is doing everything in his power to undo the last traces of secularism in the Turkish state and to propel himself to the role of undisputed, "democratically elected" despot, without any internal opposition.

Somewhere, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is spinning in his graVe.

Turkey’s failed coup attempt was a staged operation for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to eliminate the opponents of his government, according to an American author and radio host.

Last weekend’s coup was a “false flag operation” and “Erdogan is taking full advantage of it,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV on Tuesday. The failed coup attempt was planned in advance by Erdogan or by elements in his government, he added.

“He admitted that he knew about what was to take place hours before it happened,” Lendman said.

Turkey's failed coup attempt was false flag operation: Analyst

Why there are so many conspiracy theories about the Turkish coup

Why there are so many conspiracy theories about the Turkish coup
Leadership victimization and false flag narratives are dominating Turkish politics post-unrest.

Recent research on coups suggests that regime change is unlikely after a failed coup, and when it does occur, the regime that emerges is more likely to be a dictatorship than a democracy. Perhaps most worryingly for Turkey — since regime change does not appear to be in the making — most coups, successful or failed, tend to be followed by greater repression against citizens.


The REAL goal of the Turkey FAKE COUP: Turkey formally requests extradition of cleric from U.S. as purge widens

With each passing day, more evidence emerges which seems to indicate that the recent “coup” was a staged event meant to enable Erdogan and his allies to eliminate their enemies and solidify their stranglehold over the nation.

Erdogan’s Staged Coup Has Resulted In A Purge Of 50,000 Teachers, Judges, Soldiers And Government Officials

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Turkey’s Thwarted Coup: No Popular Support for Coup. Dead Erdogan desired? Did Russia Provide Intelligence?

pennyforyourthoughts2 - Sat, 07/16/2016 - 08:39
 Did Russia provide intelligence? It's possible. It surely would have been beneficial to them to do so....

Following up on yesterday's info packed post:Military Coup in Turkey- Destabilization to Coup - No surprise here

IMPORTANT: Indicative of prior knowledge!

AnonymousJuly 13, 2016 at 8:26 AMFrance on Wednesday said it had closed its embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara and its consulate in Istanbul until further notice for security reasons, after cancelling events to mark the July 14 Bastille Day holiday.Delete
gallier2July 16, 2016 at 2:23 AMWhat annoys me, is that I saw the news on the 13th of France closing its ambassy and recalling its personnel from Turkey

I should have send you this link as it was a good indication that something was afoot.ReplyDeleteLooks as if France had prior knowledge of the coup.

The media is claiming today the coup began late in the afternoon in Turkey- Based on the reports from yesterday- the coup got started in the morning- By around dinner time here (est) the military had announced it was in control, instituting marital law and a curfew- this is when the news, here in Canada, began covering the coup.

It appears the media is taking the announcement of martial law and curfew as the beginning of the coup- That makes no sense. The military would only make a martial law/curfew type of announcement once they felt they had things under enough control to really get the entire government under their sway.   Prior to this announcement it was all Nice, France all day. Making the even in Nice a multi purpose distraction..

There are conflicting casualty counts- However it does seem well over 100 persons were killed.
Going by yesterday’s reporting and today’s this was not a move supported by all in the military and police. And certainly not a move supported by the Turkish people! Who defied the curfew and martial law. Most reports are claiming tens of thousands of people were out in the streets opposed to the coup. It was most probably a very substantial number of people outdoors. Very, very large numbers of people in the streets would make this coup to overthrow the elected gov a hard to sell occurrence. From a PR perspective- If you want to make the elected government look the bad guy and the military look the saviour you can’t have the coup plotters gunning down thousands of people who are opposed the the coup,

What’s next? Overall the western media is portraying exasperation and disappointment

According to Robert Fisk and the Independent: Another coup

Turkey's coup may have failed – but history shows that it won't be long before another one succeeds

He talks about Erdogan being unable to trust his army- which is correct. No Turkish leader can truth that military entirely- He then launches the usual diatribe against the elected leadership. Claiming a military junta/martial law is preferable to Erdogan’s alleged authoritarian ways. I’m missing the advantages to military junta and martial law?

Israeli media is implying the coup was an Erdogan plot! No doubt  much of the alt media is spinning this too. Without evidence. Everything is always an Erdogan plot. Every bombing is an Erdogan plot. This is an Erdogan plot. That is an Erdogan plot- Without proof. Crying wolf is a bore. Back the claims up for cripes sakes!
“Experts say  (appeal to authority) the coup attempt by a small number of the military could shore up the president’s power, and even speculate that this was a false flag operation that aimed to achieve that exact goal”Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks to the media Saturday, July 16, 2016 in Istanbul, after a military coup against his government failed. (screen capture: YouTube)According to Aykan Erdemir, senior fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, the coup was a result of many factors including the military’s fear of the new system.  (not sure what that means) Political parties do not have “fond memories” of the previous coup d’etats given their bitter experiences under military rulers, said Erdemir. Erdemir said the era of successful coups — as in 1960, 1971 and 1980 — is over with the public largely hostile to the prospect.That's what I'm seeing- the Turkish public is very hostile to the prospect of more coups!
Hence the large turnouts and the thwarting of the coup-  I will post a piece at the end by M.K. Bhadrakumar expanding on this.

A Turkish military helicopter has landed in northern Greece where its crew has requested political asylum.
Local reports suggest the crew are part of the faction of the Turkish military that attempted to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government in a coup on Friday night.

Greece’s defence ministry has confirmed seven military personnel and one civilian landed in a Blackhawk military helicopter in Alexandroupoli and requested asylum.More on the Coup plotters fleeing to Greece:
Greek authority's gave direct permission to the helicopters crew to approach the airport and provided all relevant meteorological information and the runway in use. At the same time, two Greek fighter jets took off to accompany the Black Hawk. Military escort to guarantee a safe landing for those involved with the coup!

Greece- another NATO nation, of course. Who were these people? 7 military and 1 civilian. We’re they all Turks? Curious
Iran supports the elected government of Turkey : They’ve good relations and a multiple common enemies:
Iran, Turkey's neighbour and regional rival, said on Saturday it fully supported the Turkish government against an attempted military coup and expressed concern about its implications.

President Hassan Rouhani chaired a meeting of the National Security Council on Saturday to discuss the latest developments in Turkey, where loyalist troops were fighting to crush the remnants of a coup attempt launched on Friday night.

"We support Turkey's legal government and oppose any type of coup - either initiated domestically or supported by foreigners," National Security Council secretary Ali Shamkhani said after the meeting, quoted by state news agency IRNA.
European Leaders Condemn Coup and Chastize the Turkish Government
Messages of support also followed by appeal to respect political freedoms rather than launch a crackdown
Would they respect political freedoms after surviving a coup? Do European leaders respect political freedoms now?

Turkey might re-introduce the death penalty to deal with coup plotters
If Turkey is an authoritarian state with an authoritarian leader-...Why don’t they have the death penalty? The US does. Wouldn’t that make the US vastly more authoritarian! Claims it might be reintroduced don’t wash- It won’t be
photo at sputnik
Turkish Frigate seized by Coup Supporters (why not use the word plotters?)

Why is Sputnik using the very neutral term of "supporters". Always thinking of language employed to create perceptions. It certainly lets the perps off easy, no?

Winners, losers in Turkey’s coup bid By on July 16, 2016
Read it entirely- I'll highlight some points of interestThe bloody coup attempt in Turkey by a section of the military has failed and the night of the long knives is about to begin. The geopolitics of the coup makes it inevitable that reverberations will be felt far and wide beyond Turkey. Was Erdogan thinking about sniper fire?

The narrative that this has been an eruption of disgruntled generals and colonels who rebelled against an authoritarian leader is far too simplistic. The target was undoubtedly Erdogan, but the agenda is more complicated than that.
The dramatic events are bound to impact Turkey’s regional and international role in all its dimensions.One thing can be said with absolute certainty at the outset: this was not a coup attempt by the ‘Kemalists’ who sought to make a desperate move to roll back the tide of political Islam and remove President Recep Erdogan from power. The two main opposition leaders of the principal Kemalist party and the nationalist party respectively have voiced strong solidarity with the democratic forces. That, in turn, means that the immensely popular Turkish leader at the moment enjoys the sympathy from a wider spectrum of Turkish opinion than the 51% mandate, which the ruling Justice & Development Party secured in the 2014 parliamentary poll.It seems that yes, Erdogan has the support of vastly more of the populace then our media ever portrays- However, that has been pointed out on a number of occasions here
The overwhelming majority of Turkish people do not want their country to relive its past history with the Pashas systematically subverting the supremacy of elected civilian leaderships.
Erdogan surely senses that he is on the right side of history and he can be expected to take advantage of it in the coming hours, days and weeks. This is one thing.
However, the most ominous thing is that the government has pointed the finger at the followers of the US-based Turkish Islamist leader Fetullah Gulen for staging the abortive coup. (Gulen, unsurprisingly, has rejected the allegation.)The state-run Anadolu news agency has pointedly named one Colonel Muharrem Kose who was dishonourably discharged from the Turkish military in March 2016 for his alleged links with Gulen, as the leader of the coup attempt.
The Justice Minister also said on the state television that Gulen’s supporters have staged the abortive coup.
It is 100% certain that the government will launch a massive purge against the followers of Gulen in the various agencies of the government and the armed forces and the judiciary.
Erdogan has been seeking the extradition of Gulen from the United States and this will now become a pressing demand, which Washington will have to contend with. And the US has not be willing to extradite their man to Turkey
And herein hangs a tale.
The point is, there has always been this suspicion in the Turkish mind that Gulen worked for the US intelligence.
A memoir by the former Turkish intelligence chief Osman Nuri Gundes (who served under Erdogan), published in 2011, actually alleged that Gulen’s world-wide Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania provided cover for the Central Intelligence Agency, especially in the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. Interestingly, Russia subsequently banned Gulen’s ‘Hizmet’ schools’. So did Uzbekistan. Although Gulen fled Turkey in 1998 for the US, he obtained a residence permit only in 2008 and Turks have insistently claimed that his application for ‘green card’ was recommended by two top CIA officials. (It must be noted Gulen never once traveled outside the US in the past 18 years since he landed on American soil, although his network has worldwide operations.) To be sure, against the backdrop of the abortive coup, Gulen’s role will cast a shadow on the Turkey-US relations, which have already suffered setbacks on various counts in the most recent years during Erdogan’s rule. The big question is how far the coup attempt would have been motivated by Erodgan’s foreign policies. That there could be such a dimension cannot be easily overlooked.
Gulen has voiced strong disapproval of many controversial aspects of Erdogan’s regional policies such as the decline in Turkey’s relations with Israel and his handling of the Kurdish problem or the Turkish intervention in Syria. Curiously, the coup attempt coincides with the nascent trends of a shift in the Turkish foreign policies – in particular, in the direction of a rapprochement with Russia and a possible rollback of Ankara’s interventionist policies in Syria.Did Russia provide Turkey with any intelligence regarding the coup?- We got Kerry dangling carrots in front of Russia presently- Did Russia up end the US.
The coup, had it succeeded, would have scuttled a possible meeting between Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the coming weeks that holds the potential to be a defining moment in the Syrian conflict.
Moscow factors in that the normalization with Turkey could have positive fall-outs on the situation in Syria. Ankara has also hinted at a readiness to re-establish ties with Syria. (Significantly, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif has used exceptionally strong language to condemn the coup attempt in Turkey – even before it was decisively crushed.)
All things taken into consideration, therefore, Turkey’s possible change of course is being anticipated in Moscow and Tehran as a geopolitical event of momentous consequence to the realignment in Middle East politics and the overall balance of forces.
Meanwhile, Turkey, a major NATO power, is a regional partner that the West also cannot do without for pursuing an effective Middle East strategy. Of course, Erdogan has not been an easy partner to deal with – and on his part, he also remains suspicious of the western intentions.
Conceivably, the newfound proximity between Turkey and Russia will necessitate a reset of the entire calculus of Western strategies as well. In fact, a reset becomes necessary as regards a host of issues – ranging from the regime change agenda in Syria and the fight against terrorism to the competing agendas of gas pipelines to feed the European market.
The bottom line is that if it is proved – rather, once it is proved beyond doubt – that ‘Gulenists’ have staged the abortive coup attempt, Erdogan may only see a hidden hand of western intelligence to send him packing from Turkish politics.
Clearly, Erdogan’s invocation of ‘people’s power’ to roll back the coup attempt has caught most US analysts by surprise. Howsoever unpalatable it might seem, the region and the ‘international community’ – especially the European Union and the US – will now have no option but to learn to live with an Erdogan who is in full cry.
Erdogan’s propensity to plough independent foreign policies will only get more pronounced after this searing experience where he has barely escaped by the skin of his teeth.
In particular, these events would constitute a major setback to the US’s agenda to establish a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea to contain Russia.Did Russia help Turkey in order to help themselves???
Had the coup been successful the result would have been a dead Erdogan
Last of the coup plotters rounded up this afternoon in Turkey- as I post this it is 11:35 am est but it is 6:35 pm in Turkey:

hiding their facesThe final group of pro-coup Turkish military personnel surrendered Saturday afternoon, a security source said. Around 150 plotters, who are suspected of being members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization, had been holding out at the headquarters of the General Staff and the nearby gendarmerie compound in central Ankara. Three prosecutors went to the headquarters to receive the surrender of the group, which included 13 high-ranking naval officers, the source said on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media. Two buses carried senior officers away while other ranks, many wearing just their underwear, were put on three buses to be taken to a sports hall in Baskent on the western edge of the capital. Riot police guarded the General Staff headquarters, which had been one of the focal points of Friday night’s coup attempt and where senior officers who refused to participate were held, including the Chief of the General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar. The source said counter-terrorism officers would make detailed search of the compound, where earlier Saturday around 700 coup troops surrendered to police The government has said the coup bid was organized by followers of U.S.-based preacher Fetullah Gulen, who is accused of a long-standing campaign to overthrow the government through supporters within the Turkish state, particularly the military, police and judiciary.
2 UPDATES: 1:38 PM EST :

 Barack Obama convenes National Security meeting 

 The US President Barack Obama convenes a National Security meeting, after a  military coup attempt in Turkey, reports Hurriyet, referring to the statement of the White House. According to the source, Obama will meet with the National Security and foreign policy team. Interesting tweet supporting the coup

11:03 p.m.
In the coup’s early hours, U.S. Representative Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, tweeted what seemed to be a message of support for those overthrowing the Turkish government.
Military takeover in Turkey will hopefully lead to real democracy - not Erdogan Authoritarianism— Brad Sherman (@BradSherman) July 15, 2016That tweet is still there! And it does not 'seem' to be a message of support- It is a message of support
Serdar Kilic, Turkey’s ambassador to the United States, fired back at Sherman a few hours later on Twitter.
Shame on you. You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting a coup attempt and expecting democracy out of it— Serdar Kilic (@serdarkilic9) July 16, 2016
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