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Winter's blog

Nazi Hate-Monger Bites The Dust

The right-wing Austrian politician Jorg Haider has been killed in a car crash. Too bad.

You can read the rest here or comment below.

Ragged Threads And Loose Ends

... a collection of ragged threads and loose ends that have been in danger of being cut off ...

you can read about them here or comment below

A Formula For Endless War: The Wounded Shark, The Quest For Victory, And The Illusion Of Success

Yesterday, Chris Floyd posted one of his best pieces ever. It's called "The Wounded Shark: 'Good War' Lost, But the Imperial Project Goes On" and you must read the entire piece, if you haven't already done so. I can wait.

I respect and admire Chris Floyd's analysis -- especially in this case -- but I've also been having some mildly interesting thoughts of my own, about a few of the issues he touched on, and therefore I offer the following excerpts from his post, with extended comments.

I don't think I'm saying anything Chris hasn't already figured out. I think I'm saying things that he couldn't fit into his piece, which was already huge -- and brilliant! And therefore this commentary is not meant as a critique but rather as a companion piece to "The Wounded Shark".

You can read Chris Floyd's "The Wounded Shark" here ... and/or read my piece, "A Formula For Endless War" here ... and/or comment below:

All You Need To Know

The phones were ringing off the hook in the offices of "our" "Representatives", with public sentiment more or less equally divided between "NO!" and "HELL, NO!"

But the House passed the bill anyway.

This tells you all you need to know.

You can read the rest here or comment below.

She's Perfect! Palin For President!

Judgement? Experience? Humbug! I'm talking about the essential skills now, and Sarah Palin has what it takes. She'd be perfect as Vice President. She'd be even better as President.

You can read more here, or comment below.

What Nobody Wants To Know About Somalia And Why; And What That Means

A huge war crime -- a massive crime against humanity -- is going on right now in Somalia, courtesy of (but only indirectly traceable to) the Bush administration and Washington's bipartisan power elite. But, aside from Chris Floyd and a few other internet madmen, nobody knows -- or even wants to know -- much about it.

What's happening? And why doesn't anybody want to know? These are troubling questions for anyone who cares about the soul of America, and even more troubling for anyone who's beginning to suspect that America has no soul at all.

If you don't want to read any more, don't click here.

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