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Watching The Defectives

... it's so cute ...

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Obama "Wins"

Enjoy this if you wish.

swamped again / open thread

I'm too busy to blog at the moment (boo!), but I will rejoin you as soon as I can (he threatened).

In the meantime, please feel free to discuss anything you like on this here thread. Wink

The Fix Is In!

Election Day approaches, with all the appeal of a multi-train collision.

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Stunning: What It Looks Like When A Political Candidate Tells The Truth

If you live in California's 14th Congressional district, you have an opportunity that is -- tragically -- unavailable to most other Americans. You can vote for a Congressional candidate who has the courage -- and the knowledge -- to say the things that Democrats would say if they really represented Change, or Hope, or even Audacity:

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Desperate Measures For Desperate Times: McCain Panders To Bush's Base

All systems of government redistribute wealth. It's inevitable. Every piece of legislation pertaining to tax law -- or any other aspect of the economy -- steals money from somebody and gives it to somebody else. What matters is the direction in which the money flows.

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