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Rhymes With 'Democracy', Starts With An 'H'

Rhymes With 'Democracy', Starts With An 'H': NYT Laughs About One Hoax While Perpetrating Others

They're putting out ridiculous manure, selling millions of copies, and making a living; we're telling the truth whenever we can find it, for free, and counting our readers in the hundreds.

Maybe that's why the NYT laughs at the blogosphere!

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Pass The Cheese: Iraqi Soldier Kills Two American Soldiers

An Iraqi soldier shot and killed two American soldiers and wounded several others yesterday on the outskirts of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, according to various sources. Details are sketchy, except in Australia.

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Down and Out and Me

In comments and email over the years, my readers have mentioned Chris Floyd and Arthur Silber far more frequently than any other writers. And they've done so very favorably.

It's not hard to see what people like about Chris and Arthur; for me it's tougher to see why I'm mentioned in the same breath as either of them, let alone both. Such is life on the net these days -- who am I to argue? But for those who prefer to read the three of us, there hasn't been much going on lately.

Arthur Silber is having all sorts of problems, including very bad health, and he's down at the moment; he may be down for a while. Arthur writes with a unique and very powerful voice, and the blogosphere is far less interesting when he's not writing. I disagree with him on some things, but I agree with him more often than not. I have great respect for Arthur Silber and his work, and I wish him well. Arthur needs money and he may need technical assistance too; if you can help him, I urge you to do so. And even if you can't offer him any help, please spend some time reading at his site, Once Upon A Time. It's an essential education you can't get anywhere else.

Chris Floyd has been away for almost a week and will be entirely offline for another few days at least, according to a smidgeon of back-channel correspondence. Chris and I have become friends in the virtual way of the net, and that makes it tough for me to be objective. But on the other hand, even before we had exchanged a single word, I was saying Chris Floyd was the most literate truth-teller writing in the English language, and since then my respect for him has only increased. If you're not reading Empire Burlesque regularly, you're missing out on another essential education you can't get anywhere else. And even when Chris is out, as he has been lately, the archives are well worth the price of admission (and then some!)

Then there's me. I've been extremely busy lately, so much so that I've had to go offline myself, and now I'm pushing some limits in order not to have all three of our blogs dormant at the same time. Not that it matters much, I suppose, in the long run. But it sure seems dull when Arthur and Chris are Down and Out, respectively. I wouldn't want to be Off at the same time.

I'm not sure how much more blogging I will be able to do before reality gobbles me up. And in this case the reality is: Add up the number of hours a day I spend working, looking after the kids, washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, and doing all the other things that have to be done; now add the number of hours a day I spend reading and writing (when my blog is active). Here's the problem: we're already past 24, and I haven't even slept yet. So, as a matter of biological necessity, I can't go on like this much longer without a time machine. And as everybody knows, time machines are [poof!]


Oops! sorry about that! As I was about to say, the machine is kinda wonky.

Anyway, here's the plan: every day, around midnight, I'll stop what I'm doing and hit the net, spend four or five hours reading, and then I'll spend three or four hours writing a piece. Then I'll post it, get in the time machine, go back about 8 or 10 hours, grab a midnight snack and a quick shower, and go to bed. When I wake up, my piece will just be hitting the net, and it'll be time to get ready for another day's work, after which I will read, write, time-travel, eat, sleep, and do it all again. So that's the plan.

You got that? Good.

Take good care, and I'll see you again yesterday.

Beyond Sick: Canada Mourns A Fallen Psycho Warrior

The American way of war has come to Canada, and it's incredible what a dose of manure can do, even in the cold!

Here's a case study in the process by which a government can take a menace to society, put him in a uniform, and ship him halfway around the world where he can be a menace to some other society until he gets himself killed there and comes home a national hero.

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Come, Let Us Celebrate Our Monsters

Ninety years ago today, on November 11, 1918, World War I finally ended.

Of course it wasn't called that at the time; it was called The Great War.

How could anyone have known it would be the first of many?

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Obama's Promise: Change You Can Wait For!

Barack Obama, the most "transformative figure" who has floated to the top of our national cesspool in more than two generations, continues to show his hand, and it is not attractive -- or surprising.

The support it's been getting from the donkey party insiders is even less attractive, and less surprising. None of this is a surprise at all, except, apparently, to the vast majority of the allegedly dissident political bloggers of the supposedly angry somewhat left, who have a rude awakening ahead of them (if they ever wake up at all).

In other words, the bells of change are tolling, but they aren't tolling for you.

They're tolling against you.

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