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Ludicrouser And Ludicrouser: The Alleged Liquid Bombing Plot, Revisited Again

In the UK, the prosecution has laid out its case against the alleged terrorist plotters who have come to be known as the "Liquid Bombers", and it's much different than the stories that were leaked just after the suspects were arrested, two years ago this weekend.

Those stories sparked considerable interest at my blog, where chemistry is no barrier. And the previous leaked versions of the alleged plot were utterly preposterous, as I've pointed out several times since they were leaked.

But the new alleged plot -- the one testified to in court by British authorities -- is even more ludicrous than the alleged plots in any of the previously leaked stories.

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Still Here But Still Struggling

I haven't been able to contribute much lately ... but I'm still here ... glad this space is still here, too ... and I'm hoping that when I get some injuries healed, and get a bit caught up on work, I may be able to post more, here and elsewhere ... sometimes life really does get in the way, doesn't it?

Thanks again to NJT and best wishes to all my online friends.

Leveraging whatever it is ...

I've been thinking about ways in which we can use this site to leverage whatever it is that we have going for us. Here's one possibility:

I've got research for half a dozen stories partially finished, but not getting anywhere. For reasons I can't get into here, nothing will happen with any of them unless I can recruit some assistance. So here's your chance!

If you're interested in throwing some time and energy into one or more of these projects, any of which could wind up being really depressing, speak up.


Hey!! I'm in! I'm a member! I'm number 6!! Rock ON!! That's so cool!!

Many thanks to NJT for setting up this site -- which opens up some really interesting possibilities! -- and for all his support, here and elsewhere. And thanks to everybody else who has been supportive in one way or another -- helping me to hang tough in difficult times.

But number 6 is so cool! That was my number when I was in spy-school. As you probably know (but may not realize), I could have been famous; but I got there too soon. Yes, yes, it's a little-known fact: I was in line just before Bond -- James Bond! And I was depressed about this for a while (many years, in fact), but it turned out that some things are more valuable than fame and fortune! Who would have guessed? Anyway, I am thrilled to be number 6 here. How about that? Will miracles never cease??

Bring on the evil creeps so we can flay them! And best wishes to everybody else.

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