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"The Future is not inherited, it is Achieved" JFK
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Betsy DeVos- New Education Secretary-KNOWS NOTHING!

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 10:57


Cory Booker Defends Criticism Against Betsy DeVos

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 10:52


The Trumpening: Rather Than Killing ObamaCare On His First Day as Promised, The Donald Kills Regulation Instead (how populist of him ಠ_ಠ )

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 07:20

by Scott Creighton

No. President Trump did not repeal ObamaCare with an executive order on his first day in office like he promised many times over during the campaign. He did, however, sign an order that dealt with the “Affordable Care Act” which some are saying “may or may not be a bad thing”


The Trumpening: Welcome to the Wasteland in 3… 2…1…

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 08:39

Church and I are making ready


The Trumpening: Trump prepares to slash federal budget by $10.5 trillion over next decade

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 05:22

(Meanwhile the fake Dems are focused entirely on whether or not Donald Trump was mean to “hero” John Lewis and the threat posed by the Red Menace of Vladamir Putin. Brilliant isn’t it?)

by Niles Niemuth from the WSWS

The Trump transition team is developing a federal budget based on a blueprint drawn up by the right-wing Heritage Foundation that will slash $10.5 trillion from government spending over the next decade, according to a report Thursday in the Hill.

The main budget priorities of the Trump administration are to be published within 45 days of the inauguration and the full budget proposal is expected sometime in April.

According to the Hill, the Trump administration’s budget proposal is being drawn up by Russ Vought and John Gray, former Heritage Foundation employees and one-time aides to Vice President Mike Pence. Vought was also the executive direction of the Republican Study Group, which has proposed similar cuts in recent years, while Gray served as an aide to Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan when he led the House Budget Committee.

The implementation of the reported budget cuts would mark a massive escalation in the social counterrevolution and attack on the living standards of the working class carried out by the Democrats and the Obama administration over the last eight years.

Among the “dramatic” reductions that are being prepared are significant cuts to funding for the Commerce Department and the Department of Energy, with programs currently under their jurisdiction either eliminated entirely or transferred to other departments (Morning Joe was talking about transferring part of the Department of Energy to Defense just yesterday morning).

Other federal departments that will reportedly be significantly impacted by cuts and program elimination include the Department of Transportation, Justice Department and State Department.

Under the Heritage Foundation plan, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which oversees the operations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR), would be entirely privatized. While the CPB still relies on the federal government for a portion of its funding, it has increasingly relied on donations from large corporate sponsors and from the wealthy.

The Heritage Foundation’s budget blueprint is a litany of attacks on benefits and social programs which benefit the poor, as well as an assault on scientific research.

Under the guise of “reducing fraud,” the foundation calls for new restrictions on the Earned Income Tax Credit, which benefits millions of single mothers and low-wage workers. Other reactionary measures under consideration are new work requirements for adult Food Stamp recipients and eliminating Social Security payments for disabled children

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Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters says Putin came up with “Crooked Hillary” nickname and ordered Trump to use it

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 09:35

(Does the great and wise Waters think Putin also came up with “Little Marco”, “Lyin Ted”, “low Energy Jeb”, “Crazy Bernie” and “Goofy” Elizabeth Warren? This is absurdly stupid. We got Betsy DeVos rolling into her confirmation hearing with a gaggle of variously colored poor kids in tow to use as props and now this? It’s a fucking freak show in congress these days. Just a fucking freak show)

from The Duran

Maxine Waters says if Russia is found to have helped Donald Trump craft strategy to brand Hillary as crooked he should be impeached.

Impeach Donald Trump because he was working with Russian President Vladimir Putin to brand Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary”, and thus propel Trump to the White House.

This is how crazy the Democrat party’s “Russia did it” narrative is becoming. We now have Putin in the role of “marketing and branding guru.”

MSNBC and other “fake news” main stream media channels are eating this sh** up.

Maxine Moore Waters is the U.S. Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district, and previously the 35th and 29th districts, serving since 1991.

She is a member of the Democratic Party…and absolutely nuts if she actually believes the crap she is telling MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

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Obama Parting Shot Aims At Brennan, Clapper, Clinton: “The DNC Emails Were Leaked”

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 09:21

from Moon of Alabama

Three U.S. Intelligence Agencies (CIA, NSA and FBI) claim that IT-Systems of the Democratic National Committee were “hacked” in an operation related to the Russian government. They assert that emails copied during the “hack” were transferred by Russian government related hackers to Wikileaks which then published them.

President Obama disagrees. He says those emails were “leaked”…

Here is President Obama in his final press conference yesterday (vid @8:31):

First of all, I haven’t commented on WikiLeaks, generally. The conclusions of the intelligence community with respect to the Russian hacking were not conclusive as to whether Wikileaks was witting or not in being the conduit through which we heard about the DNC emails that were leaked.

The DNC emails “that were leaked” – not “hacked” or “stolen” but “leaked”…

[read more here]


FSA Terrorist and Kurdish Apologist Hang Out With Zionist in Israel: Terrorist Says Palestinians “living in paradise” and Wants Israel to Push Trump to War

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 09:06

by Scott Creighton

Issam Zeitoun (FSA terrorist), Sirwan Kajjo (Syrian land-grabbing Kurd) and Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union)

This past Tuesday at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a spokesman for FSA terrorists, Issam Zeitoun, attended yet another conference in Israel. He attended 3 last year in the course of a month trying to bolster support of the ultra-Zionist Likudniks in Tel Aviv. What he wants is a “safe zone” in southern Syria for his terrorist friends to be able to launch their terrorist attacks without fear of being attacked by the Syrian government.

Zeitoun was joined by a Kurdish propaganda expert, Sirwan Kajjo, who now lives in Washington (of course) and who works for Voice of America, the US military propaganda outlet. Hailing from Syria, Kajjo is a big proponent of the Greater Kurdistan project and claims he comes from “Western Kurdistan” or “Rojava”, not Syria. In this article he laments the fact that the vicious infighting among the various Kurdish terror factions are causing great harm to their ultimate goal (of ethnically cleansing parts of Syria and Turkey so they can bust off a piece for themselves to rule)

Also at the meeting was Zionist Union member Ksenia Svetlova. She serves as chair of Lobby for Strengthening Relations between the State of Israel and the Kurdish people. Though the Zionist Union appears on the surface to be a sort of “progressive center left” party trying to push for a negotiated peace with Palestine, it’s headed by Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog . We all know Tzipi Livni’s roll as state apologist and Foreign Minister during Operation Cast Lead (she was formerly a Likud party member until that name became a detriment to her political brand) and Isaac’s opposition to the Iran nuclear deal saying it would be a disaster for Israel. This is what passes for “center left” in Israel these days.

Ironically, the meeting of Zionists, terrorists and Kurdish thugs took place as the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the university.

Zeitoun was protested at the meeting by Palestinians who thought it was shameful for a Syrian Muslim to be so sycophantic to the current Israeli government. Issam responded in his usual way by telling them “You are living in a paradise compared to Syria,”

This is his standard reply to such charges. He often diminishes the suffering of the Palestinian people while making up lies about the suffering of the Syrian people at the hands of Bashar al-Assad.

Back in Aug. of 2016 Zeitoun said the same thing in an interview with something called Breitbart Jerusalem (as if we needed any more evidence that Breitbart is nothing more than a hasbara outlet)

Palestinians don’t even realize they live in paradise,” Zeitoun said. “Even Gaza is better than Syria ever was. We would love to have an enemy like Israel. Instead, the regime is raping girls in front of their parents or slaughtering children in front of their parents or killing with chemical weapons.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Zeitoun commented, in its wars against Hamas in Gaza, “Israel gives humanitarian ceasefires every day and sends in trucks with humanitarian aid.”…

Obama is responsible for killing one million people in Syria and Iraq. Doing nothing is a dangerous policy,” said Zeitoun. “When you see someone raping a little girl and you do nothing, you are helping the rapist.” Brietbart Jerusalem Aug. 12, 2016

Clearly Israel has yet to give up on their Greater Kurdistan project. It’s suffered major set backs as of late but the zealots are still determined to bust off a piece of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran to form a major Middle East power player on behalf of US, British and Israeli “national interests”

Zeitoun is reported to be the “go-to” expert on all things Syria for Israeli media outlets. With lies like those he spouted for Breitbart Hasbara, you can understand why.

Well, lies and sort of half-truths. Obama is responsible for the decimation that has occurred in Syria… only its because he sent in Takfari and Salafist thugs under cover of the Free Syrian Army (“ISIS” and al-Qaeda (a.k.a. “al Nusra”)), not because he didn’t bomb the legitimate government of the country into the stone ages like he let Hillary Clinton do in Libya.

No folks, the Greater Kurdistan project is still rolling along as the neocons and the Zionists still want Assad regime changed and Erdogan to head out the door in Turkey right along with him. You can understand why when you take a look at recent statements coming from both leaders:

“They want to found a new state in northern Syria,” Erdogan said. “Let this be known; we will not allow the creation of such a state.”… Turkey’s leaders have previously called Rojava a “terror corridor.” Dec. 24, 2016

“Our mission, according to the constitution and laws, is to liberate every inch of the Syrian territory,” SANA quoted the president as telling several French reporters Sunday. “This is, undoubtedly, not a subject for debate,” Assad said. Jan. 9, 2017

With his Zionist son-in-law serving as his top advisor, Donald Trump is lining his cabinet with Israel apologists and sympathizers. His choice to server as ambassador to Israel wants to put the new U.S. embassy in East Jerusalem, which is currently considered Palestine by international law.

Trump said the right things about U.S. adventurism in the Middle East and even suggested we leave Syria the heck alone. But he also said he wanted to keep hands off Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as he now hires reactionary CEO-thugs in various Secretary positions who advocate privatization of everything including those “entitlement” programs Trump promised to leave alone (not a coincidence that Trump was the ONLY republican candidate too say such things and he won BECAUSE of that, not in spite of it)

The Zionist land-grabbers in Israel with their eyes on chunks of Palestine and Syria (Golan Heights for example) meeting with FSA terrorists and Kurdish land-grabbers this week implies someone over there understands what few here in the States do and that is The Donald promises to be a boon for All Things Israel. You can’t blame The Donald. He is crippled by his unwillingness to separate himself from his brand and his businesses which makes it a very simple thing for the Zionists with their extensive influence across the globe to pressure him into doing their bidding.

The FSA terrorist’s spokesman, Zeitoun, made it clear he was heading over to Israel these past few times in order to get them to put pressure on the Americans and the Russians to get this land-grabbing party started.

For those of you who were thinking the regime change demolition of Syria was over… it ain’t over. I wonder how many times the idea of big false flag attacks were brought up in that meeting between those three behind closed doors.


Behold the Mask of the Free Market Sociopath: Betsy DeVos on Capitol Hill

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 06:21

by Scott Creighton

The Mask of the Sociopath as coached by her personal publicist

She sits there with a disingenuous smile painted on her face, expressing a deep seated contempt for the process that’s unfolding before her and exposing her many hours of training with a publicist/acting coach who obviously schooled her in how to get through the confirmation process and come out at the end looking somewhat human.

At one point she flubbed her lines saying “I have worked very hard on behalf of parents and children for the last almost 30 years to be a voice for parents… uh… uh.. uh voice for STUDENTS and to empower parents on behalf of their children… primarily low income children (smile)”

She should get her money back for that little bit of for-profit “education” she received from her coach.

Betsy DeVos:

DeVos is a prominent member of the Republican Party known for her advocacy of school choice, voucher programs, and ties to the Reformed Christian community.[2][3][4] She was Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan from 1992 to 1997 and served as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000, with reelection to the post in 2003. DeVos was one of the architects of the Detroit charter school system and she is a member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She has served as chairwoman of the board of Alliance for School Choice and heads the All Children Matter PAC. DeVos is married to Dick DeVos and is the daughter-in-law of billionaire Richard DeVos, the co-founder of Amway.[5][6] Her brother, Erik Prince, a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer, is the founder of Academi, formerly Blackwater USA.[7][8] DeVos is the daughter of Edgar Prince, founder of the Prince Corporation.[9][10]

Betsy’s father made a bit of money the old fashioned way: he worked for it. She, on the other hand, was born into it.

Betsy’s father-in-law was a scumbag who crafted a billion-dollar pyramid scheme and took advantage of vapid, desperate housewives to craft his empire. Betsy’s husband was born into that.

Yesterday Darling Betsy found herself sitting in a senate confirmation hearing answering questions from the unwashed masses. Her family paid her passage to that particular destination, some estimating their donations to the Republican Party at around 200 million dollars over the years.

When asked by Sen. Sanders (see video below) about universal higher education Devos said in part:

“I think thats a really… interesting idea (meaning “that’s stupid” and then went on with a smug little condescending look on her face to say) but we have to remember that there is nothing in life that is truly free so somebody will have to pay for it…”

You mean like her daddy paid for her education and the millions of desperate house wives paid for her husbands?

Whenever silver spooners start talking about poor people (folks not born into billionaire families with their own neoliberal think-tanks and foundations) “taking personal responsibility” and “being self sufficient”, I tend to gloss over anything else that comes out of their mouths.

As side from making sure wealthy business owners get an opportunity to make a profit from the “education” of poor black kids (DeVos was all about that in Detroit) (and by “education” I mean they are schooled in how to accept their position in life and work for the man while keeping their big mouths shut) Betsy here is all about using this opportunity her family bought her to use the public education system to bring about “God’s Kingdom” in ‘Merika!

“Of the $100 million the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gave out from 199-2014, nearly half went to Christian organizations

While Dick and Betsy DeVos have donated large amounts to hospitals, health research, and arts organizations, these records show an overwhelming emphasis on funding Christian schools and evangelical missions and conservative, free-market think tanks, like the Acton Institute and the Mackinac Center, that want to shrink the public sector in every sphere, including education.” Mother Jones

Jebus and trickle-down corporate-friendly economic ideology that enslaves the masses on behalf of billionaires like… Betsy DeVos. Hell of a combination for the future Secretary of Education ain’t it?

Trump says he’s leading a “movement”? Yeah I guess he is.

Trump is leading a movement and Betsy is as well. Let’s take a look at Detroit as an example. There are a lot of poor black kids in Detroit who could use a solid dose of Betsy’s wisdom, don’t you think?

“Which brings us back to Michigan, “school choice,” charter schools, and vouchers. Betsy DeVos has spent at least two decades pushing vouchers—i.e., public funding to pay for private and religious schools—to the center of the Republican Party’s education agenda, thanks in large part to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Michigan-based think tank.

In the mid-’90s, Mackinac leadership suggested a long-term strategy on how to make the unpopular voucher policies more palatable for mainstream America. Its then-senior vice president, Joseph Overton, developed what became known as the Overton Window, a theory of how a policy initially considered extreme might over time be normalized through gradual shifts in public opinion

In Michigan, Detroit has been at the heart of the charter push, which began in the early ’90s. In 1996, former Metro Times reporter Curt Guyette showed how the Prince Foundation, as well as the foundation run by Dick DeVos’ parents, funded a carefully orchestrated campaign to label Detroit’s public schools as failing—and pushed for charters and “universal educational choice” as a better alternative. While Betsy DeVos has not called for an end to traditional public schools, she has written about the need to “retire” and “replace” Detroit’s public school system and pressed for aggressively expanding charter schools and vouchers.” Mother Jones

On multiple occasions Betsy’s apologists from the Republican side of the One Party System at the confirmation hearing laughed at the possibility that Betsy DeVos could be a Manchurian candidate sent by Trump to torpedo the public education system of America. Betsy laughed right along with them at the ridiculousness of that vast left wing conspiracy theory and smiled that same strained overly coached smile of the sociopath presented in the photo above.

She also denied sitting on the board of directors of her mother’s foundation. She said the years of tax filings that listed her as the Vice President of the not-for-profit foundation were “clerical errors”

“Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, billionaire Republican activist and megadonor Betsy DeVos, told Senators at a Tuesday evening confirmation hearing that years of tax forms listing her as “Vice President” of her mother’s non-profit foundation were a “clerical error.”

Having served as VP of a non-profit isn’t inherently problematic, but this non-profit was the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, which has given money to anti-LGBTQ causes, legislation, and groups. That includes Focus on the Family, which has been a vocal advocate for conversion therapy — a “treatment” for gay people that has been universally panned by relevant expert communities. The organization has also argued that anti-bullying education is part of a radical gay conspiracy.” VICE

Two senators stood out in my mind during the confirmation hearing in terms of their questions for the extremely unqualified billionaire silver-spooner Betsy DeVos and the videos of their questioning of her are posted below.

It’s my opinion that Betsy DeVos is a sociopath just like her Blackwater-owning crazed religious zealot of a brother Eric Prince.

She should no more be in charge of the Department of Education than the CEO of Exxon should be in charge of the department that sets foreign policy… but welcome to Trump’s “CHANGE” administration.

She is a religious zealot and a free market ideologue who apparently worships nothing really, except for Mammon, and I for one hope someone somewhere has the balls to filibuster her nomination. But you know that wont happen. Not when it’s the Amway of the Washington Consensus we’re talking about.

Sanders grills DeVos

Al Franken questions DeVos on proficiency verses growth as guidelines to education. DeVos has no idea of what he’s talking about.

On the contrary, here’s Little Entitled Randy (Rand Paul… NOT named after Ayn Rand, says his Sugar Daddy) getting on his knees and sucking up to Betsy and telling everyone just how great some of these private/religious schools are that get money from the Ebil Gubmint and how much good they are doing for those poor little darkies in places like Detroit.

Funny ain’t it how he shares the exact same philosophy as that other silver-spooner sitting across the room from him? Shocking coincidence isn’t it? It’s also funny isn’t it how his testimony mirrors perfectly the think-tank’s campaign to normalize the idea of “public/private” schools by subtly undercutting the legitimacy of the public education system while Rand says he likes public education. Pretty crafty huh? None of us plebes out here could possibly see through that little magic trick.

Oh look. DeVos brought along a little black student with her to show how magnanimous her free-market ideology is.

And lookie there… the glorious vapid silver-spooner brought along yet another prop to show how great privatization is… this one’s also got brown skin. Is that a guy with Down Syndrome sitting behind her and a Jew next to her? Not one important demographic is missing, now is it?

It’s just a big fucking cornucopia of opportunity in free market land ain’t it?

Now that’s planning, huh? And not in the least bit obvious.

“Putting a face on it and meeting these kids.. is an amazing thing” says Little Entitled Randy.

Holy shit. How stupid are these people? Are they really that stupid or do they just think we are.

That is the mask of the free market sociopath. Tricks, coaching and think-tank ideology on display in the Senate yesterday. Remarkable.

Over the years I have pointed out much of ObamaGod’s neoliberal betrayal as he became the President of Privatization. What he and his administration did to the public school system was tragic. Nothing less than tragic.

What these clowns want though is worse. Worse than Arnie Duncan? Yeah, it will be worse. They have plans to make billions cheating poor kids out of their opportunity to get a real education in America and it breaks my heart to see it happening in real time right in front of our eyes.

The good news is, the fake left is now free to oppose such things. Silenced for the past eight years, they can now get back in touch with their moral centers and start standing up for humanity once again. At least they can till Michele Obama takes office four years from now.

Oh wait… I’m sorry. Is it too late to write “spoiler alert”?


The “Search” for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Finally Called Off… nothing found (because it’s in the South China Sea where it’s always been)

Tue, 01/17/2017 - 05:26

by Scott Creighton

Flight 370: Search in South China Sea Called Off – The Story of the Immaculate Aviation Takes Shape March 2014

As the story of the downed Flight MH370 developed, as the official mythology of the “ping path” unfolded taking it further and further south, well away from the location in the South China Sea where it suddenly dropped off the radar and where a witness said he saw a plane in the distance burning and crashing into the sea, I wrote repeatedly that they would never find Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and it would be the first time in history a commercial airliner disappeared without a trace.

That’s just officially happened.

“The deep-sea search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 ended on Tuesday without any trace being found of the plane that vanished in 2014 with 239 people on board, the three countries involved in the search said.

The location of Flight MH370 has become one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries since the plane disappeared en route to Beijing from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.” Reuters

That plane went down in the extremely shallow waters of the South China Sea that night and as it just so happens, two U.S. cruise missile destroyers were in the area conducting war-games at that same time. A mysterious radar blip was also seen in the area making a bee-line for RMAF Butterworth Air Force Base  right after the flight went off the radar which led some to believe it was taken out by an air-to-air missile fired by that fighter. Either theory is 100 times more probable than the stealth airliner piloted by a suicidal co-pilot turning off all tracking devices on the plane (which is impossible) and vanishing without a trace in the Indian Ocean.

Sunda Shelf, stable continental shelf, or platform, a southward extension of mainland Southeast Asia. Most of the platform is covered by shallow seas—including the southern South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, and the Java Sea—with depths averaging less than 330 feet (100 metres). source

That’s where MH370 is. The narratives of suicidal pilots and British companies and their “ping path” were crafted to avoid creating more hostilities toward the U.S. in the region as President Peace Prize “Pivot(ed) to Asia”

All too often there are people who end up as collateral damage in the globalist’s rush for hegemony across the world. As far as the victims on the flight are concerned, in this case I believe we are talking about an accident pure and simple. Something like TWA Flight 800 for example. They were only “victims” in the sense that a military force was there training in the first place as opposed to some malicious decision to harm civilians on that plane.

Their surviving family members however are not in the same category. They are victims of a deliberate decision to leave them without closure in perpetuity because it serves the “greater good” of our globalist “national interests”

In July of 2016 when they announced they would call off the search sometime last year, I wrote about my prediction that they would never find the plane “(b)eing right has never left me feeling so empty inside,” and I think I couldn’t put it any better right now if I tried.

On March 19th of 2014 I wrote this:

The “We Will Never Find Flight 370” Meme Has Begun

“Yeah, they’ve already started with the “what if” we don’t find Flight 370. Notice the scribe who penned this little offering tries to normalize the possibility by mentioning Amelia Earhart, the Bermuda Triangle and that Argentine military plane from 1965.

Never once does he mention the FACT that no commercial airliner has ever gone missing for as long as Flight 370 has and NEVER gone missing forever.

But that won’t stop the official conspiracy theory…”

They were never going to find Flight 370 because they couldn’t. Too many Chinese citizens on board for China to be denied a peek at the wreckage which would undoubtedly contain evidence of what actually brought it down. Not only would our military presence in the area be called into question by citizens from all the nations surrounding the South China Sea, but our dishonesty would have been exposed as well and in the battle for the “hearts and minds” of the average Asian in the area, China would have immediately benefited tremendously.

So, Flight MH370’s fate was sealed the moment that trigger was pulled as were those of the victims and those who cared for them.

The search in the wrong place was originally estimated to cost $60 million but ended up costing $145 million. It was privatized of course and they used ocean floor mapping equipment, I believe in order to map uncharted depths off the coast of Australia so they could give that data to Big Oil so they could use it to search for resources.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

Does anyone remember when CNN showed a picture of what they said “might” be a part of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 floating in the Indian Ocean garbage patch?

Anyone ever seen flammable, oil-stained pallets like this one loaded onto a modern passenger airliner? No? Me neither. But that’s CNN for you. They ran fake news stories about this missing flight non-stop for 5 months.

“May you live in interesting times” the saying goes and we live in some pretty interesting times don’t we? Skyscrapers collapse in heaps due to office fires, magic bullets change direction in mid-air and for the first time ever a commercial airliners disappears forever without a trace.

The term “fake news” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Below you will find some links to a few of the articles I wrote about it at the time while I was researching the event. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones on board that flight.

That’s just a sampling of the work I did covering this horrible tragedy. Again, my heart goes out to the family members of the victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. My hope is that one day some brave whistle-blower comes forward and provides you all with the closure you deserve.


All Bound Up Again (Eclipseus Series Wont Ever Stop…)

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 17:17


The High-speed Train to Busan: Is South Korea Experiencing an Ideological Revolution Away from Neoliberalism?

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 07:48

by Scott Creighton

There is currently a captivating story taking place in South Korea which is getting little to no attention from the main-stream media.

South Korea is one of the most highly neoliberalised nations on the planet that still operates under the pretense of democracy.

The so-called “Miracle on the Han River“, like the “Miracle of Chile“, was born in dictatorship. In May of ’61, the extremely young democratically elected government of the country was overthrown in a coup and the generals set themselves up to serve the ultra-rich corporate families of South Korea known as the chaebols. It’s a fascist relationship with the government serving the interests of a select few major multinational corporations and the super-rich families who own them.

By mid-1962 a young Lt. General Park took over as acting president and in 1963 he was “elected” for the first time. According to the constitution at the time, he would allowed to serve only two 8-year terms in office. He was assassinated along with several other leading members of his dictatorship in 1979 by the KCIA (yes, same thing just with the word “Korean” added to it)

Lt. General Park was Park Chung-hee and he had been a highly decorated general in the employ of the former dictator who had been overthrown in South Korea in Aug. of 1960. He had also been trained in Fort Sill in the United States in the late 50s.

Ironically, it was Park himself who created the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) and used them to suppress dissent in the country for nearly two decades. Torture, curfews, spying… it was all necessary for Park to keep control of the citizenry as they unleashed the markets upon the people of South Korea.

“Between 1961 and 1979, Park Chung Hee ruled South Korea with an iron fist. Under his reign, criticizing the government could result in a visit from the secret police, and torture was extremely widespread. Opponents had a habit of disappearing, and it’s thought that Park personally murdered high-level dissenters in his own home. With that in mind, care to guess how South Koreans view this authoritarian madman today?” List Verse

Park was removed from power in ’79 by the CIA-linked KCIA because his country was falling apart and young people and workers were rioting en masse on an almost daily basis. There simply weren’t enough torturers to keep them all in line. But Park refused to give in, refused to step down. He had remade the constitution several times by presidential decree and was then positioned to remain dictator in chief for life and he didn’t want to step aside.

On Oct. 26th, 1979 the CIA got their boys in the KCIA to kill Park and several other members of his leadership. Kim Jae-gyu  was head of the KCIA at the time. He later said the US was behind the bloody coup.

Kim had frequent meetings with Robert G. Brewster, CIA chief in Seoul, and other American diplomats. He met with United States Ambassador William Gleysteen on the day of assassination, just five hours before the shootingPM Press

According to reports, there were two reasons for getting rid of Park:

  1. He refused to quit trying to acquire and nuclear weapon
  2. The people of South Korea were in open revolt against him

Asked about the murder, Kim said the following:

“I was such an idiot!… (I was thinking) If we’re too harsh in suppressing the demonstrators in Busan and Masan [calling for democracy], there will be a huge backlash from the people down there. But the ruling Republican Party isn’t giving President Park the right advice because it fears Cha Ji-cheol. I am going to get rid of him today.” Meng News

The evening’s events were described this way:

As the president sat down, he started lashing out at Kim Jae-gyu, his longtime confidant.

“Jae-gyu, my disappointment in you grows day by day. You are just utterly disappointing in your job. … How can you do nothing to quell the protests in Busan and Masan with all the money I have given you? What excuse do you have this time?”

Cha (Chief Presidential Security Officer Cha Ji-cheol) interrupted Park: “The situation has gotten worse due to the government’s inaction.” Meng News

Hours later, both Park and Cha would be dead at the hands of Kim. They wanted to hold onto power by crushing the dissent across the country with military might and Kim, perhaps under the direction of the State Department and the CIA, understood that it would not work and would only lead to more fury from the South Korean people and perhaps even his own personal demise.

Kim figured he could appease his Western friends and save the control they had over the country by getting rid of the problem from the top down rather than signing his own arrest (death) warrant by slaughtering thousands of civilians.. This was his solution.

The Bu-Ma Democratic Protests began on Oct. 16th on the campus of Busan University. By Oct. 26th, the dictator they opposed was dead.

Busan 1979

That dictator just happens to have been the father of the current president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, who is facing her own mass protests and an impeachment proceeding based on very similar circumstances.

In early Dec. of 2016, 1.7 million people showed up at a protest to demand Geun-hye resign from office. It was the largest protest in South Koreas history, barely beating a protest held the week before which reportedly saw 1.5 million people demanding the same thing.

Not ones to let history be forgotten, the South Koreans held massive rallies in Busan as well.

Busan, Nov. 2016, rally to remove president from office

Ironically, the preservation of history factors into this impeachment effort. Back in Oct. of last year, President Park set forth a mandate for all schools to quit using privately published textbooks of their choice in favor of some state published ones. It was reported that the state text-books glossed over the real history of her father’s dictatorship and treated the oligarch system in South Korea with kid gloves. Now that she has been impeached, her plan has been kicked to the curb. It wasn’t very popular among the South Korean people.

Various chaebols are also starting to feel the burn of this new uprising. Lee Jae-yong, Vice President of Samsung and family heir to that fortune, is being investigated for potential bribery, embezzlement and perjury charges in connection to favors granted him and his family-owned business by Geun-hye.

Arresting the chaebols for bribing and influencing South Korean politicians is like handing out assault charges at a UFC event. The message being sent to South Korean oligarchs is clear: she’s done, step away from her.

Geun-hye is waiting to see if the constitutional court upholds her impeachment. It might take half a year for them to render a verdict and folks assume she is deliberately waiting out the clock to see if she can either influence them or quell the uprising before she is forced to step down.

Frankly I wonder if that is wise considering the fate of her father.

After all, if you fail to recognize the mistakes of the past, you are doomed to repeat them.

Through it all, Busan stands as a symbol. And the South Korean people are rushing headlong back in time, straight to Busan and an opportunity to reclaim something lost so long ago.

A month ago, I watched a South Korean film called Train to Busan. It’s a zombie film with few peers in that it was openly and almost overtly a social statement more than it was an action movie.

It was quite brilliant in that regard and as I watched it, I knew it was about so much more than entertainment or zombies.

But I didn’t know the history of the reference and for that I am kind of ashamed. In ’79 I was too busy popping pimples to notice the affairs of anywhere else and since then, as my knowledge has grown regarding neoliberalism and the long, long struggle against it, unfortunately I have spent little time studying the growing protests sprouting up in South Korea.

I highly recommend the film to those interested in watching relevant art these days that goes beyond the neoliberal activism of folks like George Clooney.

Train to Busan is setting attendance records in South Korea and though Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 96 rating (out of 100) some say it’s “Snowpiercer with zombies”

Snowpiercer is also a strong anti-neoliberal film which was also produced in South Korea as well.

Without giving away the plot of the story, Train is more about empathy than zombies. And the fact that it deals with a collection of people representative of South Korean life on a run-away train rumbling through a cruel and out of control nation heading for redemption and a second chance in Busan is an unmistakable political allegory for the state of their union today.

Yes, South Korea is on a high-speed train to Busan. What they will find there, God only knows and how many will perish along the way, he wont tell. But if it’s true that the journey is often times more instructive than the destination to those seeking redemption, it seems the South Koreans have learned a lot about themselves over the past few decades and may be willing once more to put their trust in themselves and each other once again.

Let’s hope so anyway. One less neoliberalized nation in this world wouldn’t be such a bad thing when you think about it. A couple million people casting off the religion of selfishness that the Ayn Randians of the world practice cant help but advance the human condition just a little bit, don’t you think?

I wish em God speed on their trip to Busan.


Trump Recruits Another Goldman Sachs Bankster

Sun, 01/15/2017 - 16:11

from Another Day in the Empire

Donald Trump has announced another Goldman Sachs insider will join his administration.

Anthony Scaramucci, also know as “The Mooch,” will serve as Donald Trump’s liaison to the financial class. The former hedge fund ringmaster will likely occupy Valerie Jarrett’s Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Steve Bannon, Steven Mnuchin (who will head up the Treasury), Gary Cohn, and Jay Clayton worked for Goldman Sachs.

How is the anti-establishment establishment supposed to fulfill its promise to restore the economy if its top people are former banksters and hedge fund managers?

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The Clinton Foundation Shuts Down Clinton Global(ist) Initiative

Sun, 01/15/2017 - 16:07

The Observer

The Clinton Foundation’s long list of wealthy donors and foreign government contributors during the 2016 elections provoked critics to allege conflicts of interests. Clinton partisans defended the organization’s charitable work, and dismissed claims that it served as a means for the Clintons to sell off access, market themselves on the paid speech circuit, and elevate their brand as Hillary Clinton campaigned for the presidency.

But as soon as Clinton lost the election, many of the criticisms directed toward the Clinton Foundation were reaffirmed. Foreign governments began pulling out of annual donations, signaling the organization’s clout was predicated on donor access to the Clintons, rather than its philanthropic work. In November, the Australian government confirmed it “has not renewed any of its partnerships with the scandal-plagued Clinton Foundation, effectively ending 10 years of taxpayer-funded contributions worth more than $88 million.” The government of Norway also drastically reduced their annual donations, which reached $20 million a year in 2015.

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No more power, no more money. Slush fund “charity” Clinton Global(ist) Initiative laying off employees

Sun, 01/15/2017 - 16:02

from Duran

The Clinton Foundation has announced that it is laying off 22 staffers on the Clinton Global Initiative. The round of layoffs is said to keep in line with earlier plans to deal with the negative effects placed on the foundation, due to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Clinton Foundation, in a filing with the New York Department of Labor on Thursday, said that the layoffs will take effect April 15, citing the discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The real reason for the layoffs is simple. The Clinton Foundation has no more services to offer “donors” now that it has been locked out of government.

Since Hillary’s election loss to Trump, various state actors have cut back or completely stopped their donations towards the foundation. Australia has cut its donations to $0. Norway cut its donations by 87%.

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As the Fake Left Demands We Worship at the Alter of the CIA, Guccifer 2.0 Returns: Says CIA Intel is a “crude fake”

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 07:28

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on time. At the end of this article, see the quote from the Independent which cites yet another unnamed source who claims the British spook who fabricated the fake #TrumpPeePapers was worried a ‘cabal’ inside the FBI was protecting Trump and attacking Clinton.

Let me ask you a question. If the U.S. intelligence agencies hacked various people and institutions in order to derail the campaign of one of the candidates in a U.S. election (like they have done repeatedly in other nations) do you think they would go to any lengths in order to cast blame elsewhere? And do you think they would also try to tie that blame into another project of theirs since they have been taught since high school to never let a good manufactured crisis go to waste?

Keep that question in mind while reading the following.

The stories are so convoluted it’s hard to keep up with all the “hacks” and “leaks” and subpoenas surrounding Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid.

For the record while keeping in mind not ONE of the published leaked/hacked emails has been proven to be a fake or forgery. Not a single, solitary one of them…

– Guccifer, taxi-driver Marcel Lehel Lazar, supposedly hacked into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server, the one she used to keep incriminating records from public view while serving as Secretary of State. He was found out and caught in Romania. They extradited him to Virginia where he was tried in a kangaroo court and sentenced to 7 years in prison. It is likely that without his efforts (or those of whoever really did it) we may never have known of Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior while serving as Secretary. We certainly would never have known about her illegal use of a private email server as the State Department certainly wouldn’t have come forward with that information.

Guccifer 2.0 came to light when he set up his own WordPress page and started publishing his own hacked troves of emails from various sources. Round about June of 2016 he published some emails from the DNC hack. In July he (?) published donor lists and financial reports and their plans to destroy Trump and things of that nature. Nothing terribly ground-breaking. In Aug. of the same year he got into the DCCC and published some stuff on Pelosi, some info on the Pennsylvania congressional districts and disclosures from the Florida primary. Again, not very earth-shattering. 2.0’s biggest contribution which was the most damaging to Hillary’s campaign was the release he (?) did of some stuff he got from the Clinton Foundation in Oct. of 2016. That stuff made some waves.

– DC Leaks claims to be a collection of U.S. hackers who want a better future and present for the average U.S. citizen and are sick and tired of the “politics as usual” level of corruption of our system.

“The project was launched by the American hacktivists who respect and appreciate freedom of speech, human rights and government of the people. We believe that our politicians have forgotten that in a democracy the people are the highest form of political authority so our citizens have the right to participate in governing our nation. The authorities are just lobbying interests of Wall Street fat cats, industrial barons and multinational corporations’ representatives who swallow up all resources and subjugate all markets.”

They released files on the RNC, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell just to name a few. They got a lot of attention toward the end of the general election when their website was shut down and Twitter suspended their account after releasing some documents on George Soros. A week later they released some documents from Hillary Clinton’s statement days. They were probably more influential in the short term on Hillary’s election bid.

– Wikileaks, as many of you know, is a U.S. intelligence operation and it was crafted as such from the very first days of it’s inception. It’s a honey-pot trap designed to garner some respect among potential whistle-blowers who don’t know any better and get them to hand over their leaks so Wikileaks can essentially bury the ones they want to bury and publish the ones they want published. It also gives the intel agencies the chance to fabricate incriminating “evidence” against regimes they want demonized and publish them without anyone tracing the disinformation back to the intelligence agencies. Wikileaks did that MANY TIMES during the Obama administration by the way, helping set up a number of regime change operations in the process. Assange is a manufactured hero much like “Edward Snowden” was. That’s just a fact.

Take for example none other than their LATEST batch of “leaks”… some supposedly taken from the son-in-law of Recep Erdogan. It’s a carbon copy of the predictable batch of disinformation efforts they have used on many other targeted leaders in the past. Yes boys and girls, they want to regime change Turkey as well because they are standing with Assad and Syria and Russian and Iran in opposition to our Greater Kurdistan project over there. In July of 2016 they started their regime change propaganda against Erdogan and the AKP.

In July of 2012 they released the Syrian Files, which was nothing more than an intelligence agency operation making ready to regime change that nation.

Over the course of the past few years, they have garnered some street credibility by releasing bits and pieces of the TTIP , TiSA and the TPP none of which were ground-breaking and none of which did much to expand the global movement that already existed against these fascist “trade” deals.

Wikileaks got into the Clinton email business in March of 2016. None of these were hacked of course, they were the 30,000 or so that she turned over from her private server after being forced to a year after leaving office. They were given to Wikileaks by the State Department after a FOIA request. Hillary held back another 33,000 emails she claimed were of a personal basis.

In July of 2016 they got their hands on some hacked emails from the DNC server and released those. These are the ones that Assange suggests came from Seth Rich before he was found shot twice in the head in D.C. for no apparent reason. They had a significant effect on the election in that they exposed the DNC for colluding with the Clinton campaign against the other candidates for nomination, specifically Bernie Sanders. DWS had to resign from the head of the DNC for her efforts to that end and a lot of Dems never forgave them for that treachery.

In October of 2016, Wikileaks released the Podesta files which garnered most of the attention right before the election. John Podesta’s password was “password” and a simple fishing email hooked that idiot. The Podesta files were crippling to the Clinton campaign, so much so that other intel ops decided to try to derail it with the Pizzagate disinfo, but the damage was done.

– The FBI. Yes I know, seems strange that some of the most damaging “hacks/leaks” came directly from the FBI themselves. But it is a fact. They have been trickling out various emails recovered from Hillary’s private email server since early 2016. The steady drip-drip-drip has kept her criminality in the news cycle throughout the general election season. They just released YET ANOTHER 300 pages of stuff she tried to hide from the State Department 5 days ago for God’s sake and remarkably the fake left is still blaming Putin for all of this. Maybe that is the “big secret” as to why a bunch of neoliberal dems got mad at Comey yesterday and stormed out of a secret briefing they were holding with him in congress. No wonder the Clinton apologists in congress didn’t want to explain to the press why they were mad.

In Sept. of 2016 they took the highly unusual step of releasing the notes of their investigation into the criminality of Hillary Clinton. That probe referred to what they called the “shadow government” that was backing the Clinton regime.

They kicked 350 hidden Clinton emails out into the public light on Nov. 3rd, just days before the election.

And of course we all know what happened when Comey had to announce right before the election that they got their hands on Hillary’s back-up laptop obtained from Anthony Weiner as he tried to weasel his way out of prison. That was apparently the final straw as it looked like a video of Trump on a bus would be the final straw in her campaign of hatred and fear to push her unlikable ass over the top and usher her into the White House.

While the Clintonistas were trying their best to get EC voters to vote against the will of the people who sent them to congress to vote for Donald Trump, the FBI ended up releasing the search warrant they got for the Weiner laptop which further implicated Hillary Clinton in criminal behavior and put the final nail in the coffin of that effort to usurp American democracy by the previously mentioned “shadow government”

Talk about a tit-for-tat power struggle behind closed doors, yet being fought right out in the open for all too see, if they really wanted to.

Does anyone wish to try to suggest Vladamir Putin is running the FBI?


No takers?


Because, with the possible exception of the original Guccifer (the ONLY ONE in jail mind you), the FBI did more to expose Hillary Clinton’s corruption than did most of the “hackers/leakers” that came before them.  That’s undeniable. And that leads me to wonder, since the FBI got into the act and since Wikileaks was a U.S. intelligence operation (proven) and the other “hackers” at DC Leaks have never been identified much less arrested, that this ENTIRE THING was a construct of one or more tentacles of U.S. intelligence services.

Keep this in mind. Not only did Obama NOT fire James Comey for helping crush Killary’s campaign right before the election, he recently praised him for his work while the corporate Dems of congress walked out on Comey during that conference they just had.

With all of that in mind, try this on for size:

The U.S. intelligence agencies have published several reports of late claiming I have ties with Russia.

I’d like to make it clear enough that these accusations are unfounded. I have totally no relation to the Russian government. I’d like to tell you once again I was acting in accordance with my personal political views and beliefs.

The technical evidence contained in the reports doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. This is a crude fake.

Any IT professional can see that a malware sample mentioned in the Joint Analysis Report was taken from the web and was commonly available. A lot of hackers use it. I think it was inserted in the report to make it look a bit more plausible.

I already explained at The Future of Cyber Security Europe conference that took place in London in last September, I had used a different way to breach into the DNC network. I found a vulnerability in the NGP VAN software installed in the DNC system.” Guccifer 2.0

Does that sound like some hipster hacker to you or does it sound more like one intelligence industry asset taking a shot at another? “acting in accordance with my personal political views and beliefs”? A hacker writing that?

Motherboard says he’s bullshitting us since he doesn’t seem to speak Romanian. Guccifer 2.0 went dark right before the election which makes one wonder if his “political beliefs and views” were about nothing more than influencing the election, which isn’t much of a political view or belief in my book.

Guccifer 2.0 is still out there with his WordPress website, which is still up and running.

Wikileaks is still online with all their regime change propaganda still published online for anyone to read.

D.C. Leaks is still in D.C. and to my knowledge not a single one of them are serving time alongside the cab driver from Romania.

And of course, Obama still employs James Comey and his staff and still stands by his man while Clintonistas fume and throw tantrums outside congressional meeting rooms.

Meanwhile, at every turn, Dems are being conditioned to love our Big Brother intel agencies like the CIA and all the others. We are being told to “BELIEVE” in them no matter what unsubstantiated claims they make.

VP Biden just did a little stunt on The View yesterday morning and when he mentioned the “intel agencies” the gaggle of hens on-stage swooned at the mere mention of them and the audience, undoubtedly triggered by the “applause” sign, went WILD for them.

Fascinating isn’t it? In the wake of the fake intel of the Iraq WMDs and the illegal wars of aggression and all the lies our various intel chiefs told congress and the press about spying on congress and the rest of the country, the Dems are stupid enough to buy into this latest “GO BIG BROTHER!” propaganda coming out from the Mockingbird press and the puppet politicians.

Of course, in the context of what I have written above, it makes perfect sense:

BELIEVE all you ObamaBOTS how the ebil Roooskies stole Killary’s coronation from you no matter how thin our “evidence” and no matter how FUCKING OBVIOUS IT IS that WE actually sidelined the corrupt war-monger’s political ambitions on behalf of a different set of globalist American oligarchs.” Your friends at the CIA… worship us now… WORSHIP US…

There is certainly a war on for your mind. It’s not the ebil commies verses the Shining City on the Hill, but it is there and it is very, very real.

Yes, the last thing they want is for the average U.S. citizen to know there is a gang war taking place in post intel industry coup America. In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton was one of the first casualties. It had nothing to do with Russia or Donald Trump getting hookers to pee on a bed somewhere in Moscow. If you believe that, it’s because you want to believe it because, quite frankly, it’s about as dumb as the Magic Bullet theory or office fires bringing down skyscrapers.

Gee, when you think about it, the intel industry comes up with some mighty stupid shit don’t they?

UPDATE: from the Independent:

“However, say security sources, Mr Steele became increasingly frustrated that the FBI was failing to take action on the intelligence from others as well as him. He came to believe there was a cover-up, that a cabal within the Bureau blocked a thorough inquiry into Mr Trump, focusing instead on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It is believed that a colleague of Mr Steele in Washington, Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who runs the firm Fusion GPS, felt the same way and, at the end also continued with the Trump case without being paid.” Independent

What was I saying about gang war within the intelligence industry?

All of a sudden we have talk of ‘cabals‘ with their own agendas undermining democracy in America and John Lewis going on TV last night saying Trump was an ‘illegitimate president‘ because of a ‘massive Russian conspiracy‘ to harm Hillary Clinton…

Is it just me or are they all turning into tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists right before our eyes?

Just sayin…


Eclipseus Unbound (the movie?)

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 16:20

by Scott Creighton

All hail Hypnotoad the Merciful!

Praise him… PRAISE HIM!!! do it now

As some of you know, about two and a half years ago I started writing a little series called Eclipseus Bound. It’s about being poor and disabled and trying to keep my little ’91 Mitsubishi Eclipse on the road, which is no small feat.

I have done two head gasket jobs on it since then along with a shaved head, new timing belts, new water pump, new distributor, a new valve cover gasket and a new fuel pump which I had to have someone else do since I didn’t want to mess that much with stuff that might go “boom”

And in the end, the little green monster sat there for four months as I tried not to look at it when I went outside or came back in. It was depressing.

A couple days ago I got sick of giving up on it and decided I would tinker with it until I could at least figure out what the problem was, even if I couldn’t afford to fix it.

There’s a life lesson in here someplace.

Thanks to Steve across the street for his help and for Jan10 who dropped herself into the driver’s seat, huddled from the sun under a piece of cardboard and did her best to start the thing when I grumpily gave her the signal.

(For the record, the video was shaky and so I let Youtube “fix it” and they did but when they did, the caption is now shaky while the rest is just fine. Sorry bout that.)

It’s been a long hard road to this point. And in the end, it was an accident that fixed it. Steve wanted me to turn the fan off so he could try to figure out where that shorting out sound was coming from so I pulled the paper clip out of the fan connection to the temp sensor and suddenly the shorting out sound was gone and the car cranked up on the very next try.

“Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good” is my mantra.

Don’t mention the hair. Let us never speak about the hair…

If you want to read the first installment of the Eclipseus story, check it out here. The whole saga can be found here.


Kissinger’s Government – Mattis, Tillerson and Pompeo

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 08:41

from Aangirfan

General James Mattis says Russia is the main threat facing the USA.

Mattis calls for greater American support for European allies to counter Russia’s attempts to shatter NATO.

Mattis places Russia first among threats.

Mattis is Donald Trump’s pick to be the next U.S. defense secretary.

Until 2016, General James Mattis served alongside Henry Kissinger on the Board of Directors of Theranos…

Kissinger issued a strong recommendation of Tillerson.

ExxonMobil is the original core of the Rockefeller family wealth.

Both Tillerson and Kissinger are Trustees of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), along with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Leon Panetta…

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