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Thu, 03/23/2017 - 15:10
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Coalition air strikes ‘kill more than 200 people’ in Mosul

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 14:51

from the Telegraph

More than 200 civilians are reported to have been killed in a single US-led coalition raid on Mosul, as the United Nations warned yesterday the worst was yet to come for those still trapped in the Iraqi city.

Some 230 bodies of mostly women and children were pulled from three adjoining houses in the Jadida neighbourhood of west Mosul overnight Wednesday and into Thursday morning, according to witnesses…

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Khalid Masood named as London Terrorist – been “arrested with a knife” once

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 11:06

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: New York Times just published the ultimate run-down of the life and times of Khalid Masood... not once showing a single photo of the man from before the attack. Not a single solitary one. This is now becoming unprecedented. They have run ops with patsies before but they have NEVER refused to publish a picture of the suspect from before the false flag attack. Never. It’s like all they have to do is make up a name and there it is.

UPDATE: Khalid “was a nice guy who used to enjoy working in his garden

UPDATE: It’s 2:30pm and there is still no published photo that I can find of Khalid Masood. All these MSM stories about “what we know about Khalid Masood” and not a one of them offers either a photo of the guy… or a possible motive. He went from being a dad to plowing over pedestrians for no apparent reason and not one single MSM source seems concerned about that highly improbable and unexplained behavior… and you can’t find a pic of him anywhere.

Officials have reported that the name of the Westminster terror suspect is Khalid Masood.

THE KILLER behind the Westminster terror attack has been named by police as 52-year-old Khalid Masood.

Police said the attacker, who killed three people including a police officer and injured 29 when he stormed Westminster yesterday, was born in Kent but moved to the West Midlands.

Scotland Yard said Masood had previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences.

He has not been convicted of any terror offences, and was not subject to any investigations at the time of the atrocity.

Masood’s first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage and his last conviction was in December 2003 for possession of a knife.

The Met police said there was “no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack”. The Sun

Ironically, there is a fat Muslim named Khalid Masood who apparently works for the BBC who is currently tweeting a lot right now, so I guess that’s not him.

And there was a Muhammad Khalid Masood who died in that Pakistani plane crash a couple months ago.

Theresa May said their suspect “some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism” but I don’t see that potential in this guy. But then again.. he had a knife 14 years ago, so I guess that cinches it.

I have yet to see a photo of Khalid Masood included in a single one of these articles. When I do, I will add it to this one.

UPDATE: Some are saying it’s the BBC dude or at least using his image on social media. His Twitter feed is still posting as Khalid Masood.

So that isn’t the same guy.

UPDATE: They now say he was an English teacher and a married father of 3. Hmmm. another guy who just “flipped the fuck out” and decided to attack the infidels for no apparent reason, huh?

Sky sources: Westminster attacker Khalid Masood was a married father of three, who worked as an English teacher and was into bodybuilding.

— Andy Hughes (@SkyAndyHughes) March 23, 2017

And let me ask you… that fat guy on the gurney… does he look like a body builder to you?

“Masood was not born a Muslim but converted to Islam. He was said to be a “fitness freak” and bodybuilder.”

Does that fat dude look like a “fitness freak” to you?


Israel police arrest Israeli Jewish man in threats on US Jewish targets

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 10:13

(Didn’t the complicit press demonize Trump for suggesting some of the recent hoax bomb threats could have been a “false flag”? Yes, yes they did)

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has now posted an article that fails to mention this arrest or the guy who spray painted swastikas on his own house and asks readers to register hate crimes committed against them since Trump took office.

Since Nov. 8, people have been shot, synagogues have been threatened, and even children aren’t spared from bigotry. But how much are these acts of hate on the rise?” Huffington Post

And no, that link to “synagogues (that) have been threatened” does not go to the article which states this Jewish guy from Israel is the one who made them.

from the AP

Israeli police on Thursday arrested a 19-year-old Israeli Jewish man as the primary suspect in a string of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers and other institutions in the U.S., marking a potential breakthrough in the case.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld described the suspect as a hacker, but said his motives were still unclear. Israeli media identified him as an American-Israeli dual citizen and said he had been found unfit for compulsory service in the Israeli military.

He’s the guy who was behind the JCC threats,” Rosenfeld said, referring to the dozens of anonymous threats phoned in to Jewish community centers in the U.S. over the past two months.

The FBI, which had taken part in the investigation, confirmed the arrest but had no other comment…

[read more here]


Yesterday’s Very Odd, Fast Paced Events: Question – Was Judge Nap Right? Are the 5 Eyes Now Spying on Devin?

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 09:17

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: There was a counter-terrorism drill held on the Thames river in East London on this past Sunday which involved simulating a “marauding” terrorist attack. See here and here. Reports said it was “terrifyingly realistic”

(This is just a “what if” theory here, so don’t kill me you 5 Eyes intel fascists out there…)

How often are there terrorist attacks in Britain? I’m not talking about the financial terrorism London conducts on the rest of the world, I’m talking “Global War OF Terror” stuff. You know, “ISIS” inspired things conducted by folks ALWAYS known to intelligence agencies, ALWAYS with little or no motive and ALWAYS happen at a time that is very beneficial for various deep state institutions. You know.. terrorism.

How often?

In 2013 Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich. In Dec. of 2015 there was a stabbing event on a subway or something. Last year Labor MP Jo Cox was killed by someone yelling “Britain first” in order to demonize Brexit. But that’s about it, right? Of course there was 7/7 where some locations were bombed that just happened to be the exact same locations where they were having “counter terrorism” drills. But that’s about it, right? Doesn’t happen very often.

So yesterday’s seemingly hastily constructed terror attack at Westminster is not a regular occurrence by any stretch of the imagination. And as it just so happened, it took place on the very same day Devin Nunes found out there was a lot more to this “Trump surveillance” story that he and we have been told.

Nunes said he had been approached by someone with clearance and provided access to “dozens” of files regarding surveillance of the Trump transition team. He said someone watched the congressional hearings on Monday and felt compelled to come forward with this information.

Nunes held two press conferences, one at 3:00pm yesterday afternoon and one earlier I’m not sure at what time.

Important to this story is something Nunes said but the complicit media seems to be refusing to mention and that is he said he “first went to the heads of the NSA and the CIA with this information and he tried to communicate with the FBI but was unsuccessful and THEN he went to the Speaker of the House who told him to take this information directly to the White House” or something to that effect.

It was then that Nunes spoke to the president at the White House and afterward he held two press conferences. He said he did that because information he saw with his own two eyes involved conversations the then president-elect had conducted with unnamed individuals.

He had to tell the president at that time because he was in possession of information that made the president the victim of a crime. Nunes also said the recordings had nothing to do with Russia and were therefore outside the scope of his current House Intelligence Committee investigation.. inspite of what the desperate Mockingbirds at CNN and MSNBC are screeching about this morning.

Here are his two pressers for you to judge for yourself what he actually said and how he said it because that is important.

Notice that the last press conference took place at 3:05pm Eastern time. That means all of this other stuff happened before that.

  • He was contacted and met with the whistle-blower.
  • He contacted and talked with the head of the NSA.
  • He contacted and talked with the head of the CIA.
  • He tried to make contact with the head of the FBI.
  • He contacted and talked with the Speaker of the House.
  • He contacted and talked with the president at the White House.
  • He held press conferences to inform the press that something new had been discovered in the investigation.

All of that took place prior to 3:05pm yesterday. What time in the morning he spoke with the whistle-blower and what time he made contact with all the heads of the various agencies, we do not know.

But this groundbreaking story took a back seat and that was only because a bigger, hotter story took over the international airwaves. And that may not have been by accident.

At 2:55pm Greenwich Mean Time, shots rang out just outside of Parliament. The shots were the last stage of a terrorist attack which we know was conducted by someone “known to MI5” and someone who was of British heritage.

The entire attack probably took less than 2 minutes. The assailant drove down the street across Westernization Bridge running over some people along the way. His rented car crashed into the fence at Westminster and a couple seconds later the assailant lay dead on the ground after stabbing an officer.

Very quick. Very hasty. Not much “terrorism” planning involved in this attack at all which stands in stark contrast to the attacks of 7/7 that is for sure.

Anyway, 2:55pm GMT translates to 10:55am Eastern.

If Nunes’ morning started off with meeting the whistle-blower prior to 11am, depending on just how long prior to 11am it was, I wonder if the timing of this hasty attack isn’t a clue in and of itself.

Lets not forget:

Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command,” Napolitano said. “He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice.”

Instead, Napolitano said, Obama used GCHQ, a British intelligence and security organization that has 24-7 access to the NSA database.

“There’s no American fingerprints on this,” Napolitano said. “What happened to the guy who ordered this? Resigned three days after Donald Trump was inaugurated.” Fox News Mar. 14th

We know that Obama, after his hand-picked successor Hillary Clinton lost in November, changed the law to allow many other agencies access to raw data that had been picked up in various intelligence operations.

But in terms of the 5 Eyes and our ‘special relationship” with British intelligence, Obama didn’t really have to change the rules for that one, did he?

“Another allegation, reported by The Guardian newspaper, is that the Government Communications Headquarters, the British surveillance center, tapped fiber-optic cables carrying international telephone and Internet traffic, then shared the information with the N.S.A. This program, known as Tempora, involved attaching intercept probes to trans-Atlantic cables when they land on British shores from North America, the report said.” New York Times, 2013

What if the 5 Eyes were focused clearly on Nunes because he was the head of a congressional investigation into potential spying on Trump’s campaign and they got wind of some new whistle-blower getting involved yesterday morning with “dozens” of files showing how “someone” was tapping the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team on behalf of the then US government’s established power structure?

What if those calls took place in the early morning, say at 8 or 7am and GCHQ knew that perhaps one or more of Judge Napolitano’s sources had decided to go to Nunes this time instead of the press?

What if someone figured out quickly that if it gets out that Britain, via the 5 Eyes agreement, spied on Trump before and AFTER the election on behalf of the same establishment the majority of Americans rejected this past November. How would that play out in terms  of public opinion you think? You think our “special relationship” would be over? You think the Trumpsters would be all over the streets raging against the Brits and ready for a second revolutionary war?

Nunes said he wasn’t going to say it was “one person” who gave him the information. What if it wasn’t? What if it was three? And, according to Nunes, the wiretapping was “legal”… and yes, the 5 Eyes agreement is “legal”. Not moral. Not right. But “legal” and I think that is also what Nunes spoke to yesterday.

What if someone contacted one of their assets in London, told him to get down to Westminister for a big event, hijacked his rental car and steamrolled over a bunch of pedestrians on the bridge, wrecked his car right there and then had a couple local police assets ready and waiting to shoot him and throw themselves on the ground claiming they were stabbed then an asset in an ambulance to scoop him up and whisk him off to early retirement.

How long would that take to organize you think?

Of course, the problem is, the asset they had available to them was supposed to be in prison. Maybe he was in prison.

Of course, they got someone to cobble together a quick story about prisoners being released. Did that on the fly as well.

You have to understand, the 5 Eyes program is key to London maintaining control over our government and by extension, this country. It’s a key part of fascist globalization. And if all those Trump supporters found out the Brits were spying on their hero before and after the election.. there would be hell too pay, wouldn’t there?

They couldn’t allow the 5 Eyes to be poked out because some whistle-blower exposed their dirty little dealings so they cobbled some crappy “terrorism” together and stole the headlines until they could find a way to fix the intel Nunes had seen.

All of this is just hypothetical of course. But the timing is very odd isn’t it?


London Car/Knife Attack UPDATES – Was It “Abu Izzadeen” After All? Looks a Lot Like Him and May Says He Was Born in Britain and Known to MI5

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 06:52

by Scott Creighton

This morning we are told there were 8 arrests made last night in relation to the Westminster Bridge car/knife attack that reportedly killed 4 people, including the assailant, and injured 40 (that number started off yesterday at 20) but we have not been told the name of the attacker.

It was first reported by Channel 4 by Simon Israel that it was “Abu Izzadeen”, a “hate preacher”/ fake Muslim born in Britain as Trevor Brooks. But after a quick search of his name, I and others pointed out that Trevor should still be in prison as he was sentenced to two years one year ago. Trevor’s brother and his lawyer quickly stated Brooks couldn’t be the assailant because he was still in prison and Channel 4 retracted their statement that it was him.


Almost immediately after the attack, an online news service ran a story about how 70+ prisoners were released in Sept. of last year. They did not mention Trevor Brooks but they did say specifically that they released people convicted of terrorism related offenses who had been sentenced to terms of 4 years or less. Trevor of course had been sentenced to two.

Also, Theresa May said this in Parliament this morning:

“…I can confirm police have searched six addresses and made eight arrests in Birmingham and London. It is still believed this attacker acted alone and police have no reason to believe there are imminent further attacks on the public. His identity is known to the police and MI5.

When operational considerations allow he will be publicly identified.

What I can confirm is the man was British born and that some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism…”  Theresa May

The article that I just referenced about them releasing 72 or so prisoners that was clearly posted yesterday because I wrote about it and linked to it yesterday, today has a stamp on it that says it was written today, the 23rd of March.

When I re-read that article, it seems they added something that I don’t remember being in it the first time:

Offenders given sentences of around four years will have been found guilty of offences like hate preaching and inciting people to support brutal regimes such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.”

The Express article is the only one I can find that mentions this purge of terrorists back in Sept. so I am very suspicious of it’s validity. Also the fact that it appeared just as there were issues with “Abu’s” incarceration leads one to wonder about the convenient timing of it all.

As of the time of publishing this article, I have found no one who claims to have actually spoken to Trevor Brooks in prison and he, nor any official has come out to definitively say it wasn’t him. What we do have is Theresa May saying the suspect was born in Britain and was on MI5’s radar.

Then there is the little issue of the assailant himself who looks a lot like Trevor Brooks a.k.a. “Abu Izzadeen”. Check out this comparison photo. The pic of “Abu” on the left is right after he left prison the first time for terrorism related charges.

“Abu” is typically a heavyset guy. A fat Muslim if you will.

The guy laying on the gurney yesterday who was described as the attacker was a little heavyset himself.

As you can tell by comparing him to the medical team who were attending to him, the assailant was a big guy. Not just overweight, but also tall by comparison. Turns out, he has that in common with “Abut” as well.

How many tall, overweight, bearded, locally born “radicalized” Muslims do you think there are in England who say they want to go out in a blaze of Jihadi glory are on MI5’s radar you think?

I will tell you the truth. I don’t blame Simon Israel for running with the story when someone on the inside leaked Trevor’s name to him yesterday. Lot of coincidences point to Mr. Brooks, now don’t they?

The only problem is that little sticking point that he SHOULD have been in prison at the time.

But then again, there is that story from the Express… now isn’t there?

I wonder how long it will take them to announce the real name of the assailant. I wonder how many other “known to MI5” fat angry locally born Muslims there are in London for them to choose from when it comes to finding a body double. Cus I will tell you one thing, it’s gonna be hard finding one that looks like that guy on the gurney.

I don’t know what is taking so long. Finding someone who looks like this with a MI5 background or finding some way to explain he was released from prison and even his brother and lawyer didn’t know about it.

We will see what develops. But it is damn odd, ain’t it?

Also, of all the CCTV cameras in that area (you know London is the most survielled city in the world, right?) the only video they released of the attack is from way down the river on another bridge showing a car speeding across the bridge and what appears to be a person jumping in the river. You can’t see who is driving, you can’s see him wreck or hop out of the car. It would be kind of dramatic wouldn’t it, watching this fat fuck jump out of his wrecked car and leap into action?

But you wont see that. Instead, you get far away fuzzy images and you think you saw something.


Democrats Embrace Conservative Conspiracy Theorist to Lead Russia Hysteria

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 18:01

by M. Sainato, The Observer

Since her short-lived political career, Louise Mensch has developed a reputation among Clinton partisans as a constant purveyor of Russian election interference allegations and conspiracy theories. Like several Clinton partisans, her Twitter feed is completely focused on the anti-Russia narrative.

On November 2016, the pro-Brexit former Conservative member of Parliament managed to transmogrify a tweet about the passing of Leonard Cohen—who is Canadian—into a pro-America, anti-Russia attack. In January 2017, she claimed without any evidence that a terrorist attack at a nightclub in Istanbul was a false-flag Russian operation.

On March 20, Mensch retweeted a tweet claiming, “We are at war with Russia.” Mensch has previously called for all out war on Russia, with “precision bombing raids. Bank hacks. Massive cyber war.” This war mongering hysteria from Mensch has lead her to claim that anything she disagrees with is a Russian plot, including her insistence that disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner was sexting a Russian hacker instead of a 15 year-old girl—despite the teen being interviewed in person. When Newsweek‘s Kurt Eichenwald was sent a gif by a Twitter user to trigger his epilepsy, Mensch claimed that a Russian did it, though the FBI recently arrested an American for the attack…

[read more here]


Devin Nunes Press Conference on the Surveillance of President-elect Trump

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 16:14

by Scott Creighton


BREAKING: U.S. House Intelligence Committee confirms U.S. spies intercepted Trump team communications "on numerous occasions" #Vault7

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) March 22, 2017

Apparently Nunes saw reports (transcripts?) and other documents which show there was surveillance on Trump’s people as well as Trump himself and it had nothing to do with Russia. At least that’s what he said in a statement today. Were they spying on him before the election or just afterwards on his transition team? Whatever it was, Nunes felt the need to go directly to the White House and let Trump know what he saw.

When asked by a reporter if Trump’s own communications were shown to be in the report, Nunes responded “yes”

Apparently there was something Trump himself said that had been recorded that Nunes felt he had to inform the president about immediately.

At the end of the interview Nunes makes it clear this information was brought forward by a whistle-blower. Someone he said had the proper clearance and went through the proper channels. So, the FBI who has yet to respond to congress’ Mar. 15th letter, did not provide this officially nor did NSA.

He also says he spoke with the heads of the NSA and the CIA and the Speaker of the House before taking it to the White House. He tried to contact the FBI about it, but was not able to get them to talk with him about it. Looks like the FBI and Justice did the wiretapping.

In the end he says it looks “very similar” to when congressmen were spied on by the CIA a year or so ago (and Brennan lied about it)

CIA worshiping, red-baiting neo-McCarthyites like Rachel Maddow are frothing at the mouth.


Phony “Islamist” London Car Attack Suspect Should Have Been in Jail

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 14:48

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Now there is a report out that says 72 people arrested and convicted on terrorism related charges were release from UK prisons back in Sept. of 2016. Trevor was not mentioned by name in the article but they said 28 people were released who had been sentenced to less than 4 years. Abu would certainly have fit in that description. This article was published today. Are they making ready a narrative that Trevor was released a couple months ago?

UPDATE: BBC says it’s not Abu Izzadeen because Abu is supposed to be in jail.

Omar Brooks , 40, told the court he was travelling to Turkey to help Keeler find his wife and children.

The name of the suspect involved in the London car attack (what else would you call it?) is being reported as Abu Izzadeen.

Abu is actually Trevor Brooks, born in the UK on 18 April 1975. Trevor. Yeah, that’s the name of a terrorist… ಠ_ಠ

Trevor changed his name to Omar when he “radicalized” himself somewhere around his 18th birthday. So then he was Omar Brooks.

Omar used to hang around a phony “angry Islamist” named Anjem Choudary . He and Choudary pulled a PR stunt back in 2006 by publicly disrupting Home Secretary John Reid’s meeting with some Muslims. It was all very public and done to make the average Brit hate Muslims. Choudary has been shown time and time again as a fake Muslim and an asset of various intel agencies.

Both he and Choudary continued pulling little hearts and minds stunts over the years.

He described the 7/7 suicide bombers in London as “completely praiseworthy”.[8]

On the eve of the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks in London, he was filmed preaching to a group of Muslims in Birmingham mocking and laughing at those who believe in the war on terror and who feel a need to resist Islamic terrorism. He also mocked the courage of journalists who were captured by insurgents.[9]

He has openly stated that he wishes to die as a suicide bomber.[10]

Interestingly enough, London’s “car driver… killer… terrorist” should have been in prison.

Two convicted terrorists have been sentenced to two years in jail after they were discovered on a train in Hungary in breach of a travel ban imposed as a result of their crimes in Britain.

Omar Brooks, 40, and Simon Keeler, 44, who were jailed for terror-related offences in 2008, were detained by Hungarian police in November when they were found on a train without passports…

Brooks, known as Abu Izzadeen, is an al-Qaida disciple who famously heckled former home secretary John Reid in 2006. He also found notoriety for his speeches calling on followers to fund a war against the British and Americans in Iraq.” Guardian Jan. 8th, 2016

Brooks was jailed previously for terrorism-related charges… he runs around being the poster-boy for more terrorism, gets arrested by Turkish officials (Hungarian?) trying to get into Turkey to do some more terrorism and is sent back to the Brits to stand trial and is only sentenced to two years (????) and doesn’t even apparently do that? Really?

I’m not really a whiz at math but I can add 16 to 2 and it doesn’t come up 17.

Yeah. I’m calling shenanigans on this one.


Dozens of Mosul civilians killed by overnight US, Iraq airstrikes

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 09:57

from Middle East Monitor

Iraqi local and security sources have said today that dozens of civilians have been killed with dozens more wounded after airstrikes conducted by the Iraqi government and the US-led coalition against neighborhoods in western Mosul.

According to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, the aerial bombardment lasted for most of last night in an attempt to facilitate further Iraqi government advances in areas of western Mosul…

[read more here]


Will of Crimea people is not the issue as Russia should respect Ukrainian borders – Gerald Howarth

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 12:56

Watch this British clown lie like Nunes lied yesterday about Russia invading Crimea and Georgia. Total BS on both parts.


Above the Law: What Did James Comey’s House Intelligence Committee Hearing Really Tell Us?

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 08:24

by Scott Creighton

This morning all the corporatist talking heads in the MSM are screeching about how FBI Director James Comey said there was no evidence anyone in the Obama administration “wiretapped” the Trump campaign before the election and that the big news from yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing was that there is in fact an ongoing investigation into the possible collusion between the Russians and Trump’s campaign during the election.

The complicit media therefore demands an apology from “lying” Donald Trump about the Obama accusation while coming to an even more breathless and premature conclusion from them that our new president is actually a Manchurian puppet of Vlad the Impaler himself.

Of course, all of the media outlets jumping to these false conclusions were heavily embedded with the Clinton campaign back then, heavily invested in her victory and duly devastated when she lost the election.

The level of avarice unleashed at Trump by these same institutions during the election was so spectacular and unprecedented in modern U.S. history it left much of the country with a profound distrust of the corporate media in general. This is a trend that we have been seeing develop for nearly a year. So much so they had to start the “fake news” campaign to try to discredit the other news sources viewers are investigating and gravitating to as they flock out of the MSM propaganda bubble en mass.

It never occurs to anyone that the real attempt to influence our elections are homegrown projects cooked up in the various instruments of power on behalf of the real leaders of our country and then sold as “news” via dissemination agents like the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, Fox, CNN and others. These are the folks who hated the results of the election and thus, hate our form of “democracy” because the people of this country, the deplorables, “voted the wrong way”

As much as some would have you believe Vladamir Putin hates Hillary Clinton and wanted to see her lose, can any of them say the complicit MSM didn’t hate Donald Trump and want to see him lose? It was NBC after all who held the “grab her by the p–y” video and held it til right before the election in order to maximize it’s destabilizing October Surprise effect.

And ultimately, what is the charge here? That real information about the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the COLLUSION between her campaign and the DNC against a populist candidate, Bernie Sanders, was “hacked” and leaked to various sources where it was released to the public so they could make a more informed decision about their choice on election day?

If you take a breath, step back and look at it with nonpartisan eyes, what you see is that this is what they call “undermining our democracy” these days. How is exposing the real nature of a candidate, taking off her mask and showing her for what she really is, how is that possibly considered “undermining democracy” in a constitutional republic?

Yet that is ultimately what is at the core of this topic. The establishment’s deeply flawed candidate of choice failed to be allowed to attend her scheduled coronation so they must fabricate an after action report that white washes the history of that historic failure (and Clinton’s criminality and corruption that were exposed)

So we have that going on coupled with a destabilization campaign being run by the media targeting the new administration just like all the destabilization campaigns run by media in countries the CIA and State Department selected for regime change over the past couple of decades.

In spite of the breathless and baseless conclusions being parroted by the complicit talking heads this morning, let’s keep five things in mind as we talk about the Comey/Rogers hearing yesterday:

  1. The war-mongering republicans promote disinformation/propaganda about Russia just like the New McCarthyite Dems do these days
  2. Just because Clinton DID try to influence Russia’s election, that does not mean Russia tried to influence ours
  3. James Comey did not say there was no evidence that someone in the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign
  4. An investigation is not proof of guilt
  5. James Comey refused to promise an investigation into who those “high ranking” intelligence agency professionals were who committed felonies by leaking anti-Trump intel to the complicit media.

1. The war-mongering republicans promote disinformation/propaganda about Russia just like the New McCarthyite Dems do these days

The hearing started off yesterday with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (republican neoliberal) spouting numberous lies about recent Russian “aggression” throughout the world.

“The Putin regime has a long history of aggressive actions against other countries, including the outright invasion of two of its neighbors in recent years, as well as its brutal military action in Syria to defend the Assad regime. But it’s hostile acts take many forms, aside from direct military assaults” Nunes

Putin did not “invade” Georgia or Crimea. These are flat out lies and distortions of historical fact.

Russia responded when our puppet in Georgia tried to invade and take over South Ossetia since they kicked off their aggression by attacking UN Peace Keepers who were stationed there and who just happened to be Russian.

“Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili had long planned a military strike to seize back the breakaway region of South Ossetia but executed it poorly, making it easy for Russia to retaliate, Saakashvili’s former defense minister said” Reuters

The resulting reaction by the Russians was to retake and hold South Ossetia. Many of the so-called “Russian war-crimes” that were reported at the time had been staged by institutions dedicated to helping the military win the hearts and minds of U.S. citizens regarding the conflict.

Similarly, the prevailing propaganda surrounding the “Russia invaded Crimea” disinformation follows yet another U.S.-backed act of aggression and that was our color revolution we stated and ran in Ukraine.

The people of Crimea voted in a referendum to return to the Russian state in the wake of the brutal neo-Nazi color revolution in Ukraine. It’s understandable considering how many Crimeans are of Russian decent. There was no “invasion”. The Russian base on the island had been there for many decades and the photographs shown to the American public were misleading… much like the “Russian war-crimes” images we saw from South Ossetia.

Throughout the entire hearing yesterday, there was one outright lie about Russia told after another. Most came from Democratic Party members trying their best to convict Trump in absentia via circumstantial evidence but the Republicans did inject some McCarthyism of their own. This kind of barrage of disinformation continued all day long. It was one lie after another inference after another absurd 6-degrees-of-seperation conclusion.

Honestly speaking, to watch the whole thing takes one back to the fall of 2002 and early spring of 2003 when the congress was doing much the same thing with regard to Iraq, WMDs and their supposed collusion with al-Qaeda. When that realization hits you, it’s a chilling moment to be sure especially when Nunes said this: “In recent years, committee members have issued repeated and forceful pleas for stronger action against Russian belligerents.”

Let’s be clear, the claim that Russia “hacked” our election is entirely baseless. All of it. On several occasions during the hearing, they referred back to the DNI/FBI report they released in early January of this year, the one that they claim 17 intelligence agencies agree with regarding their conclusions about Russian hacking in order to influence our election process. What no one mentioned about that declassified report was this little disclaimer:

this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

No warranties of ANY kind regarding ANY information contained in the report. Is that unclear to ANYone?

Also, they mention the specifics on HOW many of the conclusions were agreed upon:

“When Intelligence Community analysts use words such as “we assess” or “we judge,” they are conveying an analytic assessment or judgment. Some analytic judgments are based directly on collected information; others rest on previous judgments, which serve as building blocks in rigorous analysis

What they are saying, they take previous baseless conclusions and start from there with those in order to “assess” or “judge” the relative validity of their new conclusions. Not on evidence sometimes, but on previous building blocks of propaganda.

New lies based on old lies. That’s what they call “rigorous analysis” in the intel communities that produced this report and this report is part of the basis of yesterday’s testimony which is being used this morning as the foundation for baseless claims being made by the complicit media.

Lies upon lies upon lies upon lies. Not just from the Dems though. Our Republican war-mongers are just as complicit in the current transition to the New McCarthyism in America.

2. Just because Clinton DID try to influence Russia’s election, that does not mean Russia tried to influence ours

James Comey said yesterday that Russia wanted to influence our election because Putin hated Hillary because she tried to influence theirs years ago and though this might seem like some nice water cooler “deep state” talking point you could parrot today and feel like your co-workers will be impressed by your knowledge of such things, you need to be careful.

James Comey also did not offer one shred of evidence to support that claim. Not one. Nor has a single official briefed on the classified version of any of these reports. Sans evidence, what Comey is suggesting is a POTENTIAL MOTIVE… not a proven one.

Though it makes sense that Putin would not be particularly happy with Clinton after she attempted to incite violence and revolution in Russia, the fact is, the Clintons were very good for Russia and that ladies and gentlemen is not just a “conspiracy theory” but rather, it’s a fact.

“As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.” New York Times

Putin is smart and the Clintons are pragmatic, greedy and their slush fund, the Clinton Foundation, was always open for business even if that meant selling a strategic nuclear asset to “our greatest enemy” the Russians.

And let’s be honest… even though he promised to “lock her up”, President Trump just sent a lawyer last week to keep some of those missing emails from Hillary’s illegal server from falling into the hands of Judicial Watch, a group who would definitely publish them in an effort to see Trump’s promise fulfilled.

The mistake Comey makes is one of convenience. He needed a plausible motive for this baseless accusation to remain a destabilizing story in the media and he landed on the only thing they have, OUR REAL ATTEMPT TO DESTABILIZE RUSSIAN DEMOCRACY

But history does not lie and the history of the Clintons speaks for itself. They are corrupt, they are vulnerable and they are soulless. So for Comey to conclude Vladamir Putin is motivated by something as petty and selfish as revenge is a nearly cartoonish oversimplification of the real deep state of Geo-politics which, upon further review, doesn’t hold up to the smell test.

3. James Comey did not say there was no evidence that someone in the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign

This is a big one and probably the easiest of the MSM propaganda to debunk.

What Comey said was:

“With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the FBI. The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the Department of Justice and all its components. The department has no information that supports those tweets.” James Comey

This is legalese. It is not a definitive statement that absolves the previous president by any stretch of the imagination.

First of all he says “he” has no information that ‘supports the tweets”. He doesn’t say it doesn’t exist. He doesn’t say the CIA didn’t do it or anyone else didn’t do it for that matter (Verizon? Google? AT&T perhaps?). What he says is “he” doesn’t have any information and that is a far cry from saying nothing happened.

For instance, I don’t have any information that there aren’t other life forms on other planets in the universe. But for anyone to conclude that means we are God’s chosen species and the universe revolves around us based on my statement is not only foolish, it’s ridiculous.

Just because Comey doesn’t have information about wiretapping doesn’t mean someone else didn’t do it. Did Comey have information when the CIA wiretapped congress a couple years ago when they were investigating the CIA? No, he did not. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We all know for a fact it did. We also know the head of the CIA lied to congress about it just as James Clapper lied about them spying on millions of American citizens.

The other legalese aspect of his answer lies in his statement as it is entirely based on “those tweets”

The Trump tweets refer to Obama “wiretapping” his phones. It could have been done by an Obama administration official, it could have been done by someone on behalf of the Obama administration or it could have been done by an agency acting on behalf of an off-the-record request by Obama… none of that would have produced information that supported those tweets.

Specifically, the need for plausible deniability would mandate anyone thinking of tapping Trump Tower prior to the election would do so while putting as much distance as they could between the act and the office of the president. There is the whole Watergate thing to consider.

Under those circumstances, would they follow the prescribed FISA court request process leaving a paper trail in their wake? Of course not.

So of course, if you don’t dig too deeply you aren’t going to find what was intentionally hidden to start with. And since we all know Comey did everything he could to shield a former Obama administration official from prosecution and exposure for her criminal activity while serving him, my guess is, Comey could simply also be up to his old tricks, so to speak.

So no. James Comey coming out yesterday with that carefully worded statement DOES NOT MEAN Trump’s campaign wasn’t spied on during the election when it was getting way to close for comfort and Hillary was being exposed everyday for being a corrupt, criminal candidate who should be in jail, not running for office.

Plus lets keep in mind, Obama himself said “if you value my legacy, vote for Hillary” so we know he had motive… Putin didn’t. But Obama sure did.

To sum this up, the talking heads saying the FBI and the NSA just said the president is a “liar” are lying to you. Either that or they’re just plain stupid.

4. An investigation is not proof of guilt

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The talking heads in the other room are currently screeching about the “revelation” that Comey is conducting an investigation about possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians who had nothing to do with the leaks that were sent to various online sources prior to the election.

They say this is proof that Trump is guilty and that kind of false narrative will hold up for a day or so before more rational thinkers have time to write in major publications that this kind of breathless conclusion is irresponsible and counter-productive to everything we say we stand for in this country. Once that happens, the narrative will change slightly, but the damage will be done. The damage to Trump’s credibility and to theirs as well.

But the truth is, an investigation into a candidate does not imply guilt. Not at all. Many times investigations are used to a political purpose and again, we all know Comey did his best to protect an Obama administration secretary, so we already know he politicized the process long before any investigation was supposed to have started.

What’s more… the investigation has been ongoing since July 2016 according to Comey. Don’t you think if there were anything concrete to merit concern, Mr. Comey would have let us know like he did with the Clinton investigation?

Or do you think he would have kept his mouth shut and let a Russian puppet assume the office of the president?

Here’s a quick thought… let’s marry the last two points… did Comey say he saw no evidence of ANYONE spying on Trump Tower or did he say he saw nothing to confirm the tweets about Obama doing it illegally?

And he was running an investigation on Trump and his administration since July?

Did Comey say whether or not the FBI wiretapped the Trump campaign as part of their investigation? Was he even asked?

Either way, an investigation does not imply guilt. In spite of the efforts by those who hate our president, our democracy and our “voting the wrong way”… we are still presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty in this country. At least for now we are.

5. James Comey refused to promise an investigation into who those “high ranking” intelligence agency professionals were who committed felonies by leaking anti-Trump intel to the complicit media.

Both James Comey and NSA Director Rogers spent a lot of time explaining just how criminal all of these leaks that exposed Flynn and all these others actually are.

They both said the act of leaking classified information about the identity of Flynn was a major felony and it undermined our nation security in a major way.

But when asked about an investigation into this crime, Comey said there was none. And then he went even further which speaks VOLUMES about all of this:

GOWDY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Director Comey, you and I were discussing the felonious dissemination of classified material during the last round. Is there an exception in the law for current or former U.S. officials who request anonymity?

COMEY: To release classified information?

GOWDY: Yes sir.


GOWDY: How would a reporter know about the existence of intercepted phone calls?

COMEY: Same thing. In a — in a legitimate way, through a appropriate proceeding where there’s been declassification. In any other way, in an illegitimate way.

GOWDY: How would reporters know if a transcript existed of an intercepted communication?

COMEY: Same answer. It — it — the only legitimate way would be through a proceeding — appropriate proceeding, the illegitimate way would be somebody told him who shouldn’t have told them…

GOWDY: Did you brief President Obama on — well, I’ll just ask you. Did you brief President Obama on any calls involving Michael Flynn?

COMEY: I’m not gonna get into either that particular case that matter, or any conversations I had with the president. So I can’t answer that…

GOWDY: … Is the investigation into the leak of classified information — has it begun yet?

COMEY: I can’t say because I don’t want to confirm that that was classified information…

GOWDY: … So I’m just simply asking you to assure the American people, you’ve already assured them you take it really seriously. Can you assure them that it is going to be investigated?

COMEY: I can’t..

(full transcript of hearing can be found here)

In one simple exchange we have a perfect understanding of this entire situation.

A major crime has been committed against the people of this country. A violation perpetrated on behalf of those who seek to undermine our democracy. Sound familiar? And the Director of the FBI REFUSES to promise there will be an investigation into it.


The reason is simple: because the perpetrators are seen by James Comey as being above the law. Just like he thought Hillary Clinton was.

This is a remarkable exchange between Gowdy and Comey. By all rights it should be on the front page of every paper and webzine out there. But it isn’t. Lies are.

Back when Hillary Clinton was under fire for using an illegal email server so she could keep records of her corruption from the State Department and the American people and she was lying about it and deleting emails and busting up cell phones and laptops outside on the sidewalk, James Comey came out and said anyone else doing something like this would be prosecuted by Hillary wouldn’t. She was in effect… above the law. And many journalists out there, even some on the left, thought his submission to the Clinton machine was deplorable.

Yesterday James Comey and Mike Rogers went on and on about how dangerous it was for someone to leak that classified information for political purposes and how it was a major felony punishable by up to ten years in prison… and yet Comey eventually refuses to promise the American people these perps will be punished or even investigated for doing what they did to destabilize our country.

That’s because who ever did it is well above the law like Hillary Clinton. They had to have been to have had access to the information in the first place.

Some might say that these hacks/leaks had little to do with our election. I beg to differ.

In spite of the fact that part of this Russian hacking narrative is to detour the election post mortem for the unDemocratic Party, many people still do remember what happened. They remember her criminality. They remember her Goldman Sachs speaking fees. They remember her refusal to release the transcripts of the speeches.

They remember how the MSM lied endlessly and breathlessly exaggerated anything Trump said that they could twist into a misogynistic or racist slur on her behalf.

They remember how they were ceaselessly demoralized by stories of there being no path to 271 every day all day.

And they remember James Comey bending the rules to give Hillary Clinton a pass so she could steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and assume the throne as the masters of the universe intended for to do.

Hillary Clinton was above the law. The media said so. The DNC said so. And James Comey said so.

And yesterday James Comey said the very same thing about the people doing their weasel work from within the establishment’s broken system trying to undermine the credibility and the administration of the seated president of the United States of America.

Russia didn’t do that. Roger Stone didn’t do that. Gen. Flynn didn’t do that. But someone did and James Comey has every intention of letting them get away with it which only ENSURES that it will continue to happen, probably with greater regularity, as the Trump administration moves forward.

My disclaimer is as it always has been. I do not, did not, support Trump. Nor Hillary. Nor Obama. Nor Bush. I support the rule of law and the constitution and I am dead set against anyone who says someone is above it. And that is exactly what James Comey said yesterday which says a lot about this ‘democracy” we pretend to be defending.

That should be your water-cooler talking points today. I hope you use them.

addendum: On a personal note, their histories aside, both Comey and Adm. Rogers seem to me to be honorable men trying their best to do their best in a difficult situation. James Comey as always to me to be a giant of a man diminished by the weight of the corruption he finds himself surrounded by. Yesterday he seemed shriveled. Not at every moment.. but rather, when it counted.  I imagine on a personal basis, one on one, he could be a good man. Someone interesting to speak with, with insight and dedication to something he used to believe in whole-heartedly. Both of these men seemed to me to be caught up in something much larger and something they probably justify as “the greater good”. How much damage has been done to the world by those justified by that I wonder. Regardless, I almost sympathize with him which explains the sympathetic photo I chose to accompany this article. Unlike Brennan or Clapper or Rumsfeld and the whole host of other leaders who have lied or misled us over the years I’ve been writing this blog, Comey seems like the odd man out. He seems like Jimmy Carter in that picture of living presidents taken at the White House all those years ago. Standing there, part of it, yet cast aside either by their choice… or his. I don’t think James Comey wants too see this country fail as so many of his colleagues do. Sitting there answering questions spouting half-truths and insinuations about Russians, he shrank a little. Became the reluctant debutante at his own coming out party all smiles on the outside and prematurely hollow within.

I almost sympathize with him because as he goes, so go we all.


Sunday’s Big Ankle News Brief

Sun, 03/19/2017 - 06:49

by Scott Creighton

Good morning.

On Friday evening I was looking at my phone crossing a parking lot when my left foot came across a mini-pothole. The edge was only about a half of an inch but that was enough to roll my ankle and send my goofy ass tumbling across the asphalt. Today my right knee is still skinned and stinging and my left ankle is swollen like Rachel Madcow’s ego (and bank account)

That’s why I didn’t post anything yesterday and why I’m just posting this today. It’s a good thing there’s not much happening in the neoliberalized world today.

related: my ankles are weak because way back when, I broke them, one after the other, playing pick-up and intramural basketball at VCU. Since I was poor back then, as I am now, I could not afford to get them looked after and I just sucked it up and they eventually “healed” on their own. But they were left weakened and these days (I sprained one and then broke the other a couple months ago) in their weakened state, I am always just a 1/2″ away from another embarrassing tumble.

Maybe one day we’ll have real universal healthcare, not the FascistCare that we have now and even poor kids can avoid a life-time of suffering for no apparent reason. But it looks like Ryan/DonaldCare will make sure we have a long wait til those days are here.

Tomorrow James Comey is going to go before congress and tell ’em some BS about Russian hacking and Obama spying on the Trump campaign right before the election of 2016. If you expect Comey to tell the truth about either of these topics, you need to have your head examined. He will deal in nuance and the ever present “national security” cloak of invincibility and he wont say anything but will say enough to let the complicit media continue with their destabilization campaign they are running against the Trump administration.

I always laugh when the Mockingbird press says things like “If Trump had evidence, he would share it with us, ergo it didn’t happen”

I laugh because they are taking advantage of Trump’s position. Keep in mind, after leading “lock her up” chants for months on end during the general election, The Donald sent a lawyer to court this past Monday to keep Judicial Watch from getting access to some of those missing emails Killary tried to delete after she left the State Department. The Donald sent the same lawyer to defend Killary that Obama sent months ago. What’s the takeaway from that?

Just like all presidents before him, Donald Trump does not wish to prosecute the crimes of the previous administration.

So of course he’s not going to release detailed information about President Obama’s administration Watergating his campaign headquarters. If he did, he would have to prosecute.

He tossed that statement out there a couple Saturdays ago because he either wasn’t thinking about what he was doing or… because it was part of a negotiation. Something to do with his reactionary healthcare “fix” bill? A threat regarding the Obama faction’s use of CIA assets illegally releasing transcripts of phone calls? I don’t know.

But I do know, he wont give up what he has, if he has anything, because he wont prosecute the former administration just like Obama didn’t prosecute “W” and Cheney for war-crimes. And I know that because he’s already defending Killary.

This weekend the 5 Eyes were crying because Larry Johnson told Fox News that in all likelihood, it was Britan’s GCHQ that spied on the Trump campaign, not the CIA.

Of course… Larry Johnson is former CIA so you can take that for what it’s worth.

The lame-stream media went off on this like someone called their mothers crack whores. “Breathless screeching” doesn’t quite do it justice. Bob Baer, yet another CIA guy, said this kind of reckless accusation “would get people killed”

Why is it that anything bad you say about our glorious intelligence agencies, true or not, always ends up “getting people killed”?

Baer said because of this, Britain and the rest of the 5 Eyes countries would be “less inclined” to share intel with us and that would end up “getting people killed”

Does anyone here remember the scene in Blazing Saddles when the sheriff shows up and has to take himself hostage in order to keep from being lynched by the raving racists? “One step closer and the n—-r gets it! … He means it”

That’s what Bob Baer is doing.

Of course GCHQ could have helped with the spying on the Trump campaign. That’s really what the 5 Eyes system is all about. Getting past constitutional protections so governments can spy on their own citizens without breaking the rules. They call it “information sharing” but we understand what that really means.

Larry Johnson is being raked over the coals today. They are talking about his claim that the former First Lady said something racist one time and that John Kerry raped some Vietnamese woman once a long time ago. Based on that they say he’s “crazy”

What they don’t tell you about Johnson is that a long time ago he was part of a group of former intelligence agents who opposed the manipulation of intel for political purposes. That group was called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

Johnson also called for Carl Rove to be fired by Bush in 2005.

He also condemned the outing of Valerie Plame when she exposed the “yellow cake from Niger” lie back before the invasion of Iraq.

Say what you will about Larry Johnson, hero or CIA plant, who knows. But he is right about this. He also says pretty much the same thing I said earlier and that is Trump has all the evidence he needs to bury the previous administration for this new Watergate scandal, but he wont use it. Or, more specifically, he wont expose it. You can check out his blog here and judge for yourself.

This week they are going to try to pass DonaldCare in the House. He met with leading reactionary neoliberals on Friday and promised them some rather Dicksonian changes such as making recipients work for Medicaid.

Nice huh? You want healthcare? Are you sick and living in poverty? OK then. Go work for free at Walmart so the billionaires who own that shit can make even more profits. Meanwhile, the Donald, his family, his family’s family and all those voting for DonaldCare this week enjoy platinum level socialist healthcare paid for by the taxpayers who will be forced to work at Walmart for nothing.

Funny how that shit works, aint it?

Also funny is how so many Trump supporters are starting to take a closer look at universal single payer healthcare and saying “wait a minute. that’s not a bad idea”

TOO LATE DICKHEADS. There isn’t another election coming up for another 2 years and by then they’ll have you back to hating on the dreaded sooOOooOooOocialists.

Savage capitalism for us, glorious socialism for them. That’s the way it goes.

Thanks Obama for setting the stage for all of this.

So my ankle hurts even more now and I got to run. well, crawl is more like it.

Have a good Sunday. Feed a squirrel a peanut. Hug a homeless guy. Or vise versa depending on how he smells.

Take care of yourselves and I should be back at it tomorrow.


Trump Officials Deny Hitting Mosque in Idlib but Admit it’s Only “50 feet” from the Target They Did Bomb

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 06:03

by Scott Creighton

So far, no Democrat in Congress has voiced a public objection.” hahahahahaha… yeah, because they’re all war-mongering Republicans just like King Donald the Rich.

Oh but RUSSIA!!!!!!! LOOK OVER THERE!!!!!” Rachel “Mad McCarthyite” Maddow

On Mar. 14th of this year, it was announced that King Donald the Rich was unleashing the CIA and the Pentagon in his war on “ISIS”. It was reported that he was going to allow them to make calls and drop bombs without his approval in 6 nations: Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

Effectively, this frees up the military to target whomever they wish, regardless of the potential of civilian casualties, because now our glorious leader has sufficient plausible deniability.

“The Trump administration is moving ahead with plans to make it easier for the CIA and the military to target terrorists with drone strikes, even if it means tolerating more civilian casualties, U.S. officials told NBC News…

That is part of a broad policy shift underway, U.S. officials say, to grant the CIA and the military more autonomy to target and kill al Qaeda and ISIS militants without presidential sign-off in countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.” NBC Mar. 14th

By claiming “some of the rules of the Obama administration got in the way of good strikes“, the military is becoming a cartoonish parody of itself. Nothing got in the way of President Drones Alot’s Hellfire missile foreign policy initiative.

What kind of Dr. Strangelove characters do we have in the CIA and military who could possibly think Obama’s wild west bombing policy was too restrictive? The fucker authorized the bombing of a 16-year-old American citizen because he just happened to be the son of another American citizen Obama bombed a year before that. What did they CIA want to do? Bomb their baby-sitter?

Like a starving dog let off the chain to a bacon cheeseburger, the CIA and the Pentagon wasted no time picking a target and wasting some more civilians. But hey… don’t worry Trumpsters. The Donald cant get any stank on him for this one. He’s washed his hands of the decision making process…

“U.S. forces struck an al Qaeda meeting in Syria, killing several suspected terrorists, and are investigating reports that civilians were killed or injured in a nearby mosque, military officials told NBC News on Thursday night.

The officials made the comments after the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a nonpartisan group based in Britain that catalogs military actions in Syria, said at least 42 people were killed in an airstrike on a mosque in the rebel-held village of al-Jinnah” NBC Mar. 17th

“Nearby”? It was 50 feet from the reported “target” the military admitted they hit that night. Not only that, but the mosque was actually part of the compound they attacked.

“But a senior U.S. military official told NBC News that while there was a mosque about 50 feet from the U.S. target… The official wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the mosque may have been struck or blown up later by someone else.” NBC Mar. 17th

The official also wouldn’t rule out the possibility that space aliens blew the thing up because Elvis’ ghost hated them for their freedom.

“But Bilal Abdul Kareem, a New York-born filmmaker covering the Syrian war, claimed the mosque was actually part of the same complex U.S. targeted… “You can see the destruction, so it’s not clear exactly how it’s possible that one part was hit, the other parts wasn’t them,” Kareem said in the video. “It’s not clear and we wish we could get some answers from the government.” Daily News, Mar. 17th

What is clear is The Donald has been adequately separated from the slaughter. He has plausible deniability. In other words, he’s outsourced his job as Commander in Chief to some cragly old Pentagon war-monger and a CIA asset of our “national interests”

So hey… don’t fret it. 40 or so more dead civilians who were guilty of nothing more than than worshiping God? Not a problem for Comb-over Donald the Slick. He was Tweeting about Arnold at the time. You know, doing the important stuff.

When presented with this opportunity for America’s left to stand up and do what they are supposed to do, oppose endless wars and if not that, at least opposed a pile of dead civilians worshiping in a house of God, the Dems collectively said…. ”     ”

When Rachel “Kill the Damn Commies” Maddow (the new leader of the progressive movement mind you) was asked about this incident she replied:

Oh but RUSSIA!!!!!!! LOOK OVER THERE!!!!! Over THEEEEEERE!!!!!” Rachel “Mad McCarthyite” Maddow

She then hopped in a limo and sped off to some expense store to spend some of the $30,000 she made for last night’s episode on MSNBC.

And if you don’t like me mixing in humor with such depressing and shocking news… sorry… but the shit just writes itself these days, doesn’t it.


Israel Attacked Syrian Military Targets in Syria: One IDF Plane Shot Down Another Damaged

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 05:07

by Scott Creighton

Israel has been illegally attacking the Syrian Arab Army on behalf of the “ISIS” destabilization team for some time now.

“Last month, it was reported that Israeli military aircraft conducted an airstrike on the Syrian government forces stationed in the western countryside of Damascus near the Lebanese border.

Prior to that, Israel bombed a military airport near Damacus. A Syrian official told Sputnik that it was done “to encourage and support terrorists”. Damascus vowed repercussions.” Sputnik

Israel is on record as saying they prefer “ISIS” to Assad. Their military leaders have stated they fear if “ISIS” is defeated then the superpowers will leave and they will be left in a tough situation and so they should do what they can to see that “doesn’t happen”

We also have reports that Israel has been providing military and medical assistance directly to the “moderates” and “ISIS” alike. This is an undeniable fact, one that some media agencies have done their best to spin.

With President Trump reportedly readying to send another 1,000 U.S. troops into Syria illegally, Israel took the opportunity to target and attack military positions deep inside Syria, which, if any other country did it, would be considered an act of war.

“The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forced announced on Friday that the Syrian air defense downed one of four Israeli warplanes that violated the Syrian airspace and targeted a military site in the eastern countryside of Homs.

According to a statement by the Command, the four Israeli aircrafts violated the Syrian airspace in al-Breij area through the Lebanese territories at 2:40 am.

The Israeli warplanes targeted a military site near Palmyra in the eastern countryside of Homs, said the Army’s Command, confirming that the Syria air defense forces confronted the enemy’s aircrafts and shot down one of them inside the occupied territories, hit another and forced the other two to withdraw.” SANA Mar. 17th

This time the Israelis are admitting they attacked targets in this area. They don’t usually admit it when they illegally invade and attack another country. That might be because there is an Israeli plane lying on the ground over there which will eventually be photographed by the Syrians. Of course, the Israelis are trying their best to spin it to their advantage. In other words, they’re lying already and “fake news” outlet CNN is more than willing to help them do it.

The Israeli military has said it struck several targets inside Syria early Friday morning, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) statement said. Several anti-aircraft missiles were fired at the Israeli jets, the IDF said, including one missile that was shot down by an “aerial defense system.”…

Israel has reportedly struck Syria multiple times in the past, often targeting weapons shipments headed for Hezbollah. The IDF rarely acknowledges these strikes, however, making Friday’s statement very unusual.” CNN Mar. 17

If he takes the bait, this event will provide President Trump and his pack of wild Zionist advisers all the justification they need to put boots on the ground in Syria and potentially directly attack the Syrian army directly. No more need for Obama’s irregular warfare proxy army of “moderate” terrorists and “KurdISIS” mercenaries.


Thanks to Obama Doing Away with Habeas Corpus, Protesters Can Now Be Held Indefinitely Without Trial by King Donald the Rich

Thu, 03/16/2017 - 11:33

by Scott Creighton

They don’t call it “left cover” for nothing, do they?

These days, like the Brownshirts of days gone by, fake “alternative” gurus like Jeff Rense and Di$info Jone$ are squawking about attacking and locking up anti-Trump protesters. High on their Tangy Tangerine enemas and homosexually fortified juice boxes, these one-time pretend defenders of our constitutional rights screech endlessly about bashing the dirty commie lefty hipsters who dare oppose the wishes of King Donald the Rich.

Is it any surprise that they seem blissfully ignorant of the worrisome fact that their glorious neoliberal leader is in the process of having DHS categorize protesters as “domestic terrorists”?

“The United States government considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist until 2008. Mandela was a designated terrorist 18 years after he was released from prison, 15 years after he won the Nobel peace prize, and 14 years after he was elected president of South Africa…

Earlier this week, we learned that people in Portland organizing against police killings of Black men, white nationalist politicians, and the countless systems of racism throughout our local, state, and federal governments are now considered “domestic terrorists” by Department of Homeland Security. Why? Because the Portland Police Bureau labeled the November 10, 2016 protest a “riot.” ACLU March 2017

Too say this is a troubling development doesn’t go nearly far enough but remember, President Trump is only capable of doing this because of President Peace Prize and the magic of left cover.

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, President Obama signed the NDAA 2012 into law complete with a little section that did away with Habeas Corpus and opened up the entire world as the battle ground between the forces of good (the CIA) and the forces of evil (anyone opposed to our “national interests” liquidating their nation and ruining their lives for “the greater good”)

The key part of that little quiet piece of legislation was the part that said the entire world was the battle field because that meant the United States as well.

For the record, that is also the provision that allowed the CIA to propagandize citizens of the United States and to operate (do their dirty little deeds) on U.S. soil.

Some journos got worried and took the thing to court where they won easily… but President Strike a Pose did away with that little speed-bump on his way to fascism.

While many “truth speaking” pundits on Youtube are talking about this stuff today, few gave a shit back then. But I did.

Endless and boundless war unconstrained by constitutional protections didn’t seem like a good idea to me at the time and it seems like even less of a good idea now that a man with such little self confidence and a massive ego sits on his tiny little hands behind the desk in the Oval Office waiting for someone to tell him what he thinks.

King Donald the Rich, born with a platinum card up his ass, who just submitted a proposed budget with a 14% cut in Public Education so his billionaire Jesus-freak privatizing fan of an Education Secretary can privatize the whole kit and kabootle, can and will start talking about protesters in this country the same way Bush and Obama talked about them in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan: as terrorists.  The worse the neoliberal austerity he commits us to, the more protesters he will see and the more he will lock up, without trial and without limit.

President Trump’s Director of Homeland Security oversaw the occupation of sections of Iraq for many years before returning home. He feels the war against “the terrorists” will go on for many years and take on many new forms. That’s a promising thought for Homeland Security Director, huh?

This is troubling indeed. Here, watch Jimmy Dore chat about it for a few minutes. My leg hurts.

So does my head.


Accessory After the Fact James Comey Refuses to Answer Questions in Congress About Surveillance of Trump Campaign (as good as a confession at this point)

Thu, 03/16/2017 - 09:30

by Scott Creighton

When the story first broke via the dreaded “Saturday morning tweets” from President Trump (here’s an idea Donald: watch cartoons until your handlers wake from their alcohol induced commas) the complicit media launched into a breathless attack on the current administration because he dared to suggest his predecessor “wiretapped” Trump Tower in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Forgotten is the fact that then President Obama and First Lady Michelle were running around doing campaign events for Killary like their lives and his legacy depended on it. Her holiness didn’t show up for the events, but the seated president did, repeatedly, like he had nothing else to do other than make sure her coronation went off on schedule. It was an embarrassing segment of President Peace Prize’s reign and a historic one. Never before has a seated president spent so much of the people’s time campaigning for a candidate for his replacement. They did that because Killary was unwatchable at the time and folks simply didn’t show up for her events at all.

Is it so shocking that given that, the administration would do whatever they could to influence the outcome of the election and make sure Hillary Clinton took office? We know that the congress was illegally “wiretapped” and that millions upon millions of people in the country have been as well. We know journalists and government employees were spied on with regularity.

And we also know Clapper and Brennan lied about these things to congress and were exposed for doing so afterward.

I don’t even need to provide links to ANY of these claims I just made because it’s common knowledge in America these days. All of it is.

So after the president’s tweet, James Clapper came out and said his agency didn’t “wiretap” the Trump campaign and he was unaware if there were any programs at the time of any other agency doing so. The inference there being the FBI of course.

The media ran with that and demanded Trump stop “threatening the core of our democracy” and retract his Saturday morning tweet. That non-denial was enough for them to jump to a hasty conclusion apparently.

Then some “unnamed source” came out and told a “journalist” that Comey said they didn’t “wiretap” the Trump campaign and he wanted an investigation into the facts of the story. Aside from the fact that Comey himself didn’t actually go on record saying it, the complicit media was off and running with the secret source’s supposed statement (you like that?) and they again DEMANDED Trump apologize to poor little mistreated President Peace Prize who now lives 2 minutes from the White House in his 12 million dollar mansion in D.C. reports Barack Obama’s current net worth as $12.2 million and Michelle Obama’s net worth as $11.8 million. According to data collected by Analytics@American, the online business analytics degree from American University, the Obamas could make as much as $242 million post-presidency.” Mar 1, 2017

The Obamas were worth just over a million bucks before entering the White House. Now they are worth 24 million and bought one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in D.C. to prove it. Funny how that works, ain’t it?

Anyway, back to the story.

FBI Director Comey gave a little speech last week after avoiding the press and any discussion about the veracity of Trump’s tweet. In that speech he said Americans don’t have the right to the expectation of absolute privacy anywhere… anytime. He was absolutely wrong and I called him out on it. We do have a right to the expectation of privacy as American citizens. Our constitution gives us that right of expectation.

Comey also said he wouldn’t address any questions about the Trump tweet meaning, he wouldn’t say a single word about the possibility that the FBI ordered illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign just prior to the election.

Yesterday was the day congress gave Comey as a deadline to come before them and answer questions about whether or not there was in fact an investigation (if you want to call it that) that included any kind of surveillance of Trump Tower and the Trump campaign prior to the election in Nov.

James Comey did not show up and in fact he said he would be providing all the information that congress wants… sometime in the future… in a classified setting.

Graham said Wednesday afternoon that Comey has offered a classified briefing some time in the future in regards to information related to Trump Tower surveillance.” Raw Story

This is a remarkable moment isn’t it? The head of the FBI refusing to answer questions about his using illegal surveillance on a political candidate’s campaign in order to aid another candidate’s campaign. This is 3rd world tin-pot dictator kind of stuff when you think about it. I guess that’s why he refuses to go on the record with an answer.

At this point the only conclusion one can reasonably draw is that James Comey broke the law in favor of Barack Obama’s candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton and now he is doing everything he can to prevent that knowledge from going public. Of course, had Hillary won, he wouldn’t have had to worry about it.

FBI director Comey has a history of Killary support. One might actually make a case that he could be charged as an accessory after the fact, in fact, to her many crimes while serving as Secretary as State.

After all, it was Comey who took the unusual step to make an announcement during her campaign that he wasn’t going to pursue charges against her for 1. using an illegal private server to conduct official State Department business so she couldn’t be exposed for many of the illegal things she did while serving as Secretary and 2. destroying thousands of emails after being required by law to turn them over to the State Department. In that announcement he also made the statement that had anyone else done what she did, they would prosecute.

And folks often misinterpret that statement Comey made right before the election when he said he was considering reopening the case against Hillary. They believe, wrongly, that Comey did that in order to harm her chances at becoming president. This is a naive interpretation of the facts of what happened.

Anthony Weiner had finally been dumped by his wife Huma Abedin for sexting under-aged girls and showing them his weener. He was in deep trouble and Huma had finally had enough of the pedophile so he was going to get raked over the coals for this one. His connection to the glorious Clinton family had protected his thus far, but this final malfeasance looked like the end of his Killary life-line.

You see, Huma was Killary’s best friend and personal assistant so what hurt Weiner hurt Huma and Hillary couldn’t let that happen.

When Anthony got busted showing another child his junk with his phone (cus he’s a soulless piece of crap like all of em) Huma dumped him and thus his skinny little coke-sniffin ass was left hanging out in the wind to twist itself right to federal prison where he would have met many big individuals who don’t like little privileged assholes who diddle with little girls.

Weiner couldn’t let that happen so he produced something he thought the FBI would jump at. It was his “get out of ass-raping free” card.

What he gave the NYPD investigators was a laptop. Now everyone ties too say it was a laptop he was sexting on but that’s BS. This laptop contained emails from Hillary Clinton from way back when she was Secretary of State. It had THOUSANDS of emails on it and Comey said in his statement they had to commit dozens of agents to pour over all the emails to see what they were.

Do you really think Weiner would be using the same laptop Killary had while running around “humanitarian interventioning” the world? Do you think Huma would just hand over her personal laptop to Weiner after Anthony had ALREADY been caught sending dick pics to bimbos in the past? Don’t be stupid.

As I discovered a while ago, Hillary Clinton and Huma got their tech company that set up her illegal private server to burn a copy of ALL of her emails onto a device just after she left the State Department. The reason they gave was that Hillary wanted a record of her work so she could eventually write a book about her time as Secretary.

That device was a laptop which Huma took possession of before the shit hit the fan.

And that laptop is what pervert Weiner gave the investigators to keep his cowardly ass out of prison.

When Comey made his statement just prior to the election he said he might reopen the investigation because new evidence had presented itself.

Comey HAD to make that statement. He had no choice. He was looking at all the missing emails Hillary Clinton had deleted from her illegal server. He saw the big picture of her criminality. God knows what he saw but whatever it was, the story which should have been the biggest story since … ever… was pushed to the back burner and everyone focused instead on him undermining glorious Killary’s campaign.

In the end, James Comey turned out to be exactly what we already knew he was: an accessory after the fact.

He buried the case and probably the laptop as well. Somewhere in a deep hole in the sands outside of Vegas like all the other victims whacked out by the mob that runs our country these days.

Given this history is it really so surprising that FBI director Comey is ducking any questions about him using his access to surveillance apparatus to aid the Clinton campaign before the election? He had done everything he could, including tarnish his image and the image of the FBI, for Killary at that point. And in the end, he even covered up for her after looking himself directly at the holy grail of erased State Department emails… a crime, by the way.

Had Clinton’s people or Clinton herself come to him to ask him to do this looking for an October Surprise, maybe a phone call from a Russian someplace they could use to derail Trump’s candidacy, do you actually think Comey wouldn’t comply? Had the request come from Obama’s administration off the record, do you really think someone that far in the tank for Clinton’s continuation of Obama’s administration wouldn’t do it?

Don’t be absurd. Of course he did it. That’s why he wont comment publicly about the charge.

If James Comey didn’t “wiretap” the Trump campaign prior to the election, he would come right out and say it. The fact that he wont, that he ignored calls from congress to testify on the record about this subject, the fact that he promises to provide answers “sometime in the future” and “in a classified setting” tells you everything you need to know about James Comey.

Not only is he an accessory after the fact to Hillary’s crimes, not only did he violate his charge as Director of the FBI, but he also “Watergated” Trump Tower. At this point a refusal to answer the question has become a confession and there is no other way to look at it.

The media’s overblown reaction to this story has an explanation as well.

What Trump did was a violation of an unspoken rule for all new occupants of the Oval Office. You aren’t supposed to prosecute or even accuse previous presidents of criminal activity.

When Obama the sellout neoliberal fake “progressive” took office, with relation to the Bush/Cheney war crimes and crimes against humanity, Obama declared “we are looking forward not back” which would be great for any other criminal in history because all prosecutions look back and not forward.

This is the expected behavior of new presidents because they are expected to respect the golden rule so that it will be respected by whomever follows them to the White House four years later.

And you have to understand… immunity is a vital part of the presidency. The masters of the universe fully expect their American puppets to commit crimes at their bidding just like their puppets in other countries. If a president takes office and immediately starts tweeting about the previous administrations crimes it either means he isn’t bright enough to understand the nuance  of the golden rule… or… more troubling.. he doesn’t anticipate following orders and committing the crimes the masters of the universe expect him to.

I’m not saying it’s one or the other. You can judge for yourself.

What I am saying is this major faux pas from Trump has set the world of ladder-climbing Mockingbirds ablaze. They are demanding a mia culpa from the Trumpster and a promise that he will play nice (and dirty?) for the rest of his time in office. They are demanding this still today in spite of the fact that Comey just basically confessed to Watergating the Trump campaign.

And I’m the one on the “fake news” list.